Circuit Shock

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Circuit Shock
Player: @Hellion_31
Electro's got nothing on me!
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS (The Tempest)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ryan Ezekiel Canfield
Known Aliases: Shock, Circuit, Sparky, Electric guy, Shocky McGee
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mutant
Ethnicity: Half African American/Half Japanese
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Penthouse in Downtown Millennium City
Relatives: Bolt Man/Bruce Canfield Sr.(Father), Linda Canfield(Mother), Dr. Bruce Canfield Jr.(Older brother), Henry Canfield(Younger brother), Laura Canfield (Younger Sister)
Age: 24(At time of death)
Height: 6'
Weight: 162lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Light brown
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None noticable
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Neutral Evil

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2012-2014
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Deceased Supervillain
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
Marital Status: Single at time of death
Known Powers and Abilities
Electricity Manipulation, Telekinesis
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Power armor(rarely worn)
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Circuit Shock

Circuit Shock (Real name: Ryan Canfield) is an American superhero with the ability to control electricity with his bare hands. Born on June 19th 1989, he is the middle(and eldest living) son of Linda(nne Tanimura) and Bruce Canfield Sr.. His younger brother Henry is an apprentice of a repair technician. His older brother Bruce Canfield Jr. was an employee of Harmon Industries' Research and Development wing. Unlike his father, he has no endorsement deals and is generally dismissed by the media as trying to live up to his father's legacy but failing. He is said to be an omega level mutant.

Early life

Ryan Ezekiel Canfield was born June 19th 1989 to Bruce Obidiah Canfield Sr, better known as the legendary hero Bolt Man, and Linda(nne Tanimura), an accountant. Ryan and his older brother Bruce Obidiah Canfield Jr inherited their father's ability to create and control electricity. A mutant specialist studied Ryan and discovered that his potential was greater than even his father.

Bolt Man had become extremely wealthy from an endorsement deal by several major multimedia corporations. The corporations had not only made Bolt Man merchandise but Bolt Man appeared in a few commercials for various products. Because of this, Bolt Man was able to retire from hero work and focus on his family.

Ryan's parents sent him to Stoolfern Academy for Youngsters at an early age because they doubted the public school system. Early in Ryan's school years, he was always bullied and often ate alone during lunch. He was sure the feeling of isolation he felt was because he was a minority at the academy, but his peers were actually afraid of his powers. When he turned twelve, he requested his parents send him to Crosstree Academy for the Gifted. And from that day, his life changed forever as the peers at Crosstree accepted him. Soon, he became one of the most popular students and most peers would gravitate towards him.

After graduating from Crosstree Academy, Ryan was accepted into University of Michigan and studied to get a bachelors in Integrated Technology. Unfortunately, he would spend more time playing MMORPGs and Dungeons and Dragons than actually studying. His father eventually decided to cut off his trust fund temporarily until Ryan shaped up and improved his GPA. Eventually, Ryan graduated (Just barely) with his bachelors in IT.

Early hero work

Ryan felt he was nothing more than a rich kid on easy street. Despite his internship at Harmon Industries, he felt something was lacking in his life and no amount of work or any distraction could quell the feeling. His older brother, Dr. Bruce Canfield, was a member of the Research and Development team and was content. However, Ryan always looked at his father's merchandise and felt a sense of longing to live up to his father's legacy. However, his father refused to let him take on the mantle of Bolt Man.

One day, Dr. Canfield built Ryan a suit of power armor to amplify his already powerful electrical abilities. Ryan then decided to patrol the streets of Westside to prevent the New Purple Gang from extorting store owners. Soon, he moved on to stopping the operations of the Cobra Lords and The Cult of the Red Banner. Many gangs of Westside took notice as well as a female mercenary. One day, he encountered Foxbat at the WCOC building. After easily defeating Foxbat, the female mercenary pierced through the knee of his power armor with a questionite bullet resulting in the loss of movement of his left leg due to the destruction of the kneecap. After being taken to the hospital, he discovered a new ability. He absorbed the electricity of the medical equipment monitoring him and regenerated his previously destroyed kneecap.

The Liberators

After joining the Liberators with Swift, he was often teamed with Tielrah Ser'ai, Brawn, and Blast-Beetle. The four generally got along well and worked as a team together.


Friends or Foe




Okita Technologies

  • Okita Technologies is responsible for the death of his older brother Dr. Canfield. Once any security officers of Okita Technologies are present, he will terminate with extreme prejudice. He went as far as to attempt to torture Dr. Saito Okita.

Kill Shot(Female)

  • Kill Shot is a female mercenary with a vendetta against meta-humans ever since Bolt Man accidentally killed her father. Now she will stop at nothing to eliminate all meta-humans. Especially Circuit Shock and Bolt Man.

Hellion Mk. II

  • Despite the fact that they are on the same side and currently part of The Liberators, Ryan and Hellion have very little respect for one another. Hellion sees Ryan as a spoiled rich kid and Ryan views Hellion as a "sarcastic, worthless, malfunctioning tin-can".


  • Ryan once had a great respect and admiration for Swift as he lead the Liberators. Ryan also communicated with Swift the most out of the Liberators and they have a somewhat informal friendship. Swift also introduced Ryan to Erika Cambridge, the sister of Swift's wife. However, things started to fall apart once Red Lightning took control of him. He and his former ally became enemies.


  • Ryan and Beetle were also good friends. Eventually, Blast-Beetle would learn of Ryan's evil deeds.


In late 2017, plagued by lawsuit troubles, the Coalition dissolved. A deal was made for PRIMUS to take the heat and clear members of civil suits so that individuals would not be affected... but the price was that the organization was to disband. The Coalition was dissolved, the facilities shut down, and the organization became defunct. The Orb of Eternity was disposed of, and the Citadel was destroyed in a controlled demolition. The Phoenix Complex itself was also similarly decommissioned and rebuilt into a new headquarters for Vlocke Aerospace Industries and Frost Futuretech.

The Liberators parted ways, but remaining friends and wishing each other luck in their future endeavors. The Phoenix went up in ash... though because PRIMUS only ordered the current members to dissolve and never reform, and not outsider non-members, the Phoenix may one day rise again from the ashes when the ban on the team name "Liberators' expires in ten years.

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