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((Formatted by @Vanish167, written by @Void_Locke))

Trixxy Gamble
Player: @Void_Locke
Trixxy Gamble
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Trixxy Gamble
Known Aliases: Trix
Gender: Female
Species: Manimal
Ethnicity: Fox
Place of Birth: Ireland
Base of Operations: Trix of the Trade (Garage)
Relatives: Mary Gamble (Mother; Missing), Gwyn Gamble(Father; Missing), Felix Gamble (Brother; Missing), Tony Griffins (AKA Swift; Half Brother), Aki Gamble (Adopted daughter)
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange, gray, and white
Complexion: N/A
Physical Build: Athletic and well built
Physical Features: She usually has a oily smell to her due to how much time she spends around her garage. Her hands' fur is also stained with oil...but because they're already black, it's hard to tell where the fur stops and the stains begin.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: America
Occupation: Mechanic and Mercenary for Cerberus Tactical Solutions
Education: Vehicle/device repair, maintenance, and construction; Basic/specialized medical training; Pilot training; High school diploma}
Marital Status: In a poly & open relationship with Vicky Madd and Kinnian Ferrigan
Known Powers and Abilities
Nothing abnormal. Enhanced smell and hearing comes from her being a fox manimal and her martial arts comes from training.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Usually wears a bullet proof vest and durable clothing when she knows she'll be going into combat.
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She weighs about 180 lbs and is about 5'8" tall. ((More to come later.))



((NOTE: Not all of this information is publicly available. Will end sentences with a * if information is not widely known.))

Years: 0 - 10


-Spent eight years in Ireland

-Spent remaining years between 8.5 and 11 wandering Europe and, in the later months, parts of Africa*

Years: 11 - 20

-Moved from Africa after two years to Chicago.

-Family home attacked by unknown assailants. Trixxy (age 13) hid in air duct while attackers were busy with the rest of her family.* She spent the remainder of the night in the air duct until the next morning when she crawled out, found the place torn apart, and called 911.

-Spent remaining years up to 18 moving from foster home to foster home. During this time she constantly tinkered with everything she could get her hands on.*

-Moved out at the age of 18 and got a job at a garage. After saving up enough money, she bought her own clunker of a car and began the process of rebuilding it from the ground up.*

-Finished rebuilding her car at the age of 20 and quit her job. A few days later, she packed her bags and moved out to Millennium City.

-Bought a large plot of cheap land over an old mine, beginning the process of converting the large cave system into a garage

Years: 21 - 26

-Finally finished the garage's construction at 22, funding it with odd jobs here and there. Trix of the Trade finally opens with a decent profit coming in.

-Vehicle boom hits at 23, leading to large increase in profits.

-Vicky Madd and Trixxy meet on the streets of Millennium City. After a weeks of hanging out, they decide pretty damn quickly that dating sounded like a really good idea.*

-After the profits from the garage wasn't enough to keep the garage itself up and running, Trixxy finally finds a job with Cerberus Tactical Solutions, joining the few of the group specializing in vehicle based combat.

-Trixxy meets Aki, a girl from another dimension (which was hell in of itself) lost in this one. Finding out the girl was homeless, she quickly lets the girl move in.

-Head aches begin to plague her mind, seemingly at complete random. Doctors find nothing and magic users find no sort of curse hanging around. Realizing head aches are usually a bad thing, she begins to search for the cause of them.*

-Tony Griffins (AKA Swift) and Trixxy had met a while back and up to then had heard time and time again that they looked pretty damn similar. Realizing that they were right, Trixxy had to wonder if her brother's DNA may have been used to turn her brother into the fox-guy he was now. Sure enough, after a few DNA tests, it was found that Tony had esentially become her half brother. Trixxy happily accepted him into the Gamble family and vice versa.

-Attack by mercenary group working under Dr. Okita results in the destruction of Trix of the Trade. After A few weeks of recovery, Trix takes up the offer of a co-worker, Kinnian, to move her garage to his place. Excavation of the earth below Kinnian's house commence.

-The paperwork finally came through and Aki's status as being Trixxy's adopted daughter became official.

-After months of just being "Friends with Benefits" with Kinnian, he asks if they make it "facebook official". Trixxy happily accepts and Vicky wondered what took them so long.*

-After many months, she finally discovers what was causing those head aches. It would seem that a kitsune, likely a seven or eight tailed one (the irony was not lost on her) had infused the family's blood line. The number of generations was completely up for debate as the kind of deterioration that came from generations would be barely noticeable considering the amount of power that likely went in. It would seem that the head aches were small conditions being met before the power would be unlocked, likely just the means of getting back at her ancestor for...something. Trixxy wasn't too pleased with this news, as she wasn't too interested in that kind of power. Still, she continues her search, this time a more difficult one. WHY was this happening to her, exactly? What did her ancestor do?*

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"Trixxy! Yeh! She's my everythin'! LOVE YEH TRIX!" - Vicky Madd

"Trix's an awesome mechanic. She's always there for me an' I couldn' have asked for better. Hiya sis! " - Swift