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The Summerstone Sisterhood Members

Mentella -- Founder and "Head Mistress" of the chain of Summerstone Academies. (Works as a Psychology Lecturer and Chartered Clinical Psychologist)

ForceGirl -- Co-Founder of The Summerstone Academy and Head of Science Department, Founder of ForceTech Industries.

Techna Ology -- First Graduate of The Summerstone Academy and Head of Mechanics and Engineering, CEO of ForceTech Industries.

Black Diamond -- Combat Trainer, Head of Physical Education and Sports Science.

CharmCaster -- Student Relations Officer and History and Ancient Worlds Teacher.

Joule -- Exceptional Graduate and member, now working for Delta.

Bionic Bullet -- Human Languages Teacher, Combat Trainer specializing in Weapons and Martial Arts. Agent working for UNTIL


Founded by Mentella in January 2007, The Summerstone Sisterhood and by further extension The Summerstone Academy which went on to expand globally and on a universal scale, having several different academies on a number of other planets who operate under the G.A.A (Galactic Alliance Agreement).

The initial intention of the Sisterhood was to provide refuge for other alien beings (non hostile) who may arrive on Earth, providing them with a place to stay until they wished or were able to return to their home worlds. However as time went on and membership increased, Mentella saw that she was overseeing a number of particularly powerful beings whose abilities could be put to very good use within the world of Super Heroics. In that line of thinking, she decided to try and convince them, if they are capable and that way inclined, to train and study to become powerful superheroes assisting the seemingly never ending battle against evil.

And from there The Summerstone Academy program was brought to life, training many members to adhere to the rules and regulations on Earth, getting into contact with PRIMUS to sign ASPRA (American Super Powered Registration Act) and to also forge civilian identities for those who graduated with the Academy. The Academy and The Sisterhood also work alongside government sanctioned schools and super human sanctioned schools for super powered individuals, providing assistance where needed.

The Summerstone Sisterhood are, as the name implies, a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin.

Exceptional Graduates are offered a place within the actual Sisterhood itself, over the past few years out of 100 students who have graduated only one has been offered placement (Joule).

The Summerstone Academy's Alternative Placement Program

At the end of every term, students are assessed for aptitude and level of skill in both academic and the dubbed "meta-academic" programs the Academy offers. Students are tested and reassigned based on their scores to classes which will help them improve on certain areas whilst keeping them up to date with their subject areas of interest. Most years there are students who shine particularly well and would do well with experience working with other heroes outside the Academy, either on a short term basis or a permanent one. The first term was no exception, Joule was an exceptional candidate who went on to do an intensive course, priming her for working with a highly demanding work environment, working with the best UNTIL had to offer, namely DE:LTA. Joule then went on to join DE:LTA on the 21st of June 2013 and has signed to the team on a permanent basis. Psirus was one of the first students to graduate from The Summerstone Academy and has recently joined Delta.

Currently there are two students who have scored significantly well in their tests, after a full review they will be starting intensive course training and hopefully be placed into a new and adventurous environment. Their files are currently unavailable, however after their second set of assessments they will be placed on the PRIMUS Database and they will have signed the ASPRA.

Candidates for Alternative Placement are as follows:

PsychBlade -- A mutant with telekinetic abilities with strong emphasis on psychic blades, she has minor telepathic ability.

Solaris -- A Xenian with pyrokinetic abilities and younger sister to Black Diamond


Along the course of participating in the world of Super Heroics The Summerstone Sisterhood has worked with numerous heroes and gained powerful allies by doing so.

Delta - Previously an UNTIL Sanctioned Emergency Response Team, known as DE:LTA. Since the withdrawal of funding from UNTIL towards this initiative, the group of heroes have stuck together forming Delta; a group of powerful individuals helping to defend the world against the threat of evil.

The Liberators - Altruistic Fighting Force lead by Swift.

Alara The Light Guardian - Extra Dimensional Guardian of The Light and Mystos Guardian. Whilst not much is known about this being, it is clear from her actions they wish to assist, however do so in an almost covert manner. They do not seem to be tied to any Earthly Organization, however CharmCaster seems to be close to this entity.

Psion The Psinister -- Reformed Super Villain. Psion is working hard to right his many wrongs and has shown remarkable determination to achieve this despite opposition from his former villainous allies and from a few skeptical heroes.

Threat Watch

The Sisterhood and The Academy have gained powerful allies along the way as previously mentioned, however, as with any superhero group they have had clashes with powerful foes who are being monitored by The Sisterhood and have been tagged as dangerous to UNTIL and PRIMUS. Some of the most notorious ones being:

Doctor Annihilation -- Medium Class Threat. Currently in direct conflict with ForceGirl. See ForceGirl's file for more about this villain.

Punk'd Le Musique -- Medium Class Threat. Currently in direct conflict with Black Diamond. See Black Diamond's PRIMUS File for more information.

Istha'zaal "Ion" Eli'dahon -- High Class Threat. Currently in direct conflict with Joule. See Joule's file for more information on this villain.

OOC Note #1: Most of my toons on PRIMUS are part of an alien race known as Xenians. If you wish to know more or find out exactly what a Xenian is and more about their home world, I usually convey such information IC rather than on PRIMUS.

OOC Note #2: This at one stage was an actual SG but due to certain changes in my personal schedule, I no longer keep this SG active RP wise. However I may re-open it again in the near future.