Meeting Kr'anri The Prosythian

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As the rays of the sun rose above Millennium City bathing it in golden warmth, a sapphire hued time-space rift opened up in the sky high above the Renaissance Centre. The crack in reality briefly spurted small amounts of navy blue dimensional energies into the morning sky, staining it slightly before dissipating in a haze of purple. The rift pulsated and wobbled slightly as a figure appeared inside the rift; as it grew closer it forced its way through the portal and flew out of the rift surrounded by a storm of bright sapphire magical energy, the small wisps of energy around the figure calmed down revealing none other than CharmCaster. She looked forward, taking in her surroundings as the energy wisps continued to swirl around her form, settling into a ring of energy around her midsection. CharmCaster turned back around as a powerful beam of yellow and white light shone through the rift; the light seemed to overpower the sapphire rift, rapidly altering its hue. In amidst the light, a vaguely humanoid figure was barely visible, it turned towards CharmCaster;

“Anuuk sai mion, rest’iop dal’kara, Alaraios Den Gwuarda dla Illumi.” Bowed CharmCaster

“Sel sara, itlio des merida, Selatos Myst dla Nullae.”

CharmCaster smiled as the light entity brightened before fading, quickly disappearing into the portal. CharmCaster focused her energy as she began to seal the portal.


In the earlier hours of the morning, the skies above Millennium City were always clear, with the exception of a few heroes who occasionally bumped into each other. Vitality had always enjoyed the free feeling of flying and was soaring through the sky on a morning patrol of Millennium City and had so far covered Downtown and the City Centre. Vitality was entering the air space above Renaissance Centre as Defender flew in, briefly stopping to greet Vitality as he flew past, clad in his powered armour suit.

“Good morning! Vitality…right?” Grinned Defender

“Yep. Morning Defender.” Sighed Vitality

“I was thinking…maybe The Champions and your team could…you know get together and – ” Started Defender

“I’m…actually on patrol now, so I’ve got to go.” Vitality stated

“Oh…right. Of course, I’ll email you or something!” Defender mused

Vitality gave Defender a tight lipped smile before turning his attention back to the blue skies ahead. He narrowed his eyes as a vehicle with hovering in the sky in the distance came into view, upon closer inspection he recognized the vehicle as belonging to his team mate Crescentwave. Relieved to see someone he actually wanted to speak to he flew towards the vehicle;

“Morning Lara, I thought you were covering Westside with Cavalier. What brings you up here?” Vitality asked.

“Hello David, I was patrolling but then I sensed a powerful magical disturbance around here and I had to have a look.” replied Crescentwave

Vitality looked around at eye level, attempting to ascertain if anything was significantly wrong with the immediate area. Arriving at the conclusion that nothing in the immediate area was particularly weird, aside from the attempted invitation to a publicity event by Defender and Defender in general, he turned back to Crescentwave;

“Hmm, I see. That doesn’t sound too good, keep the comms channel open. Let’s fly a little higher and see if we can’t find anything.”

Vitality soared higher in the sky; he took in the new surroundings, scanning the sky for anything out of the ordinary. Crescentwave flew high above the cloudless blue sky. Her chariot-like vehicle hummed softly as she set it into hover mode; she held onto the white railings, peering up into the sky as the rays of the sun reflected off the golden engravings etched on the main body of her vehicle. Crescentwave looked up and quickly spotted a large sapphire rift in the sky which was slowly being sealed by an equally sapphire clad woman, surrounded by magical wisps of the same colour.

“Vit…I’ve spotted something. Contact Cavalier, we may have a problem.” Crescentwave announced via her com-link.

A few minutes later, Vitality hovered alongside Crescentwave, they both hovered a few feet from the oblivious sapphire clad woman. Cavalier soon joined his team mates as his Grav Cycle hovered nearby. Cavalier flew forwards slightly, nudging Vitality with the nose of his vehicle towards the woman in the sky, who seemed oblivious to their presence as she focused on sealing the rift. He trained his weapons on the woman just in case the situation deteriorated fast. Vitality frowned but turned towards the woman, hovering closer.

“Hello? Who are you and what are you doing here?” Vitality asked cautiously

The woman finished sealing the rift, with a low chanting of magical words and turned around. Her brilliantly blue eyes flashed as she observed the DE:LTA members, the sapphire wisps around her seemed to dissipate as she muttered a quick foreign world before she smiled at them. Vitality flew back slightly at the unsettling and shocking blue quality of her eyes.

“Greetings! I am CharmCaster of Nol, Mystos Guardian, Summerstone Sisterhood member and Liberator. Tis a pleasure to meet you in the flesh.” smiled CharmCaster.

“Nice to meet you CharmCaster. We are part of DELTA, I’m Vitality and these are two of my team mates, Crescentwave and Cavalier.”

“Sup. Meet us in the flesh? You heard about us before or something? Wait…Summerstone Sisterhood? You know Techy and Mentella?” Cavalier asked.

“Indeed I do and yes I have heard much about DELTA.” Replied CharmCaster

“Nothing but good things I hope?” Vitality inquired

“Of course, I was unable to aid with the situation regarding Ultimate, but I was informed of DELTA’s heroics and might when defeating him.”

“Thanks for the reminder. Anyway mind telling us what the situation was with that rift? Whoever opened it was using some powerful magic.” Crescentwave asked.

“Ah, yes. I merely opened this portal to travel back to this world, from the dimension I previously visited. I had recently terminated some business within that dimension and wished to return to this one. As a My-” CharmCaster started.

CharmCaster seemed to stop mid-sentence, her features twisted showing some level of pain. Vitality flew a little closer, concern showing on his face at CharmCaster’s sudden and clear change in emotional state.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Forgive me, I-I am somewhat attuned to the feelings of others, I am sensing extreme despair and anger, from afar. By the Mystos it is strong…I must seek out the source of this feeling, tis something I cannot ignore, apologies.” She replied; her voice strained as if fighting through the pain.

CharmCaster began heading down in rapid descent towards Westside, a trail of sapphire magic shimmering in the sky in her wake. Vitality, Crescentwave and Cavalier quickly followed her as she continued flying. CharmCaster stopped above an alley way, she pointed down towards a few bordered up apartments, where a few gang members were running out from down the alley to a fight. Cavalier set his Grav Cycle to hover and teleported off the transport, joining Vitality and CharmCaster on the ground, Crescentwave’s vehicle rose into the sky as she stepped off, appearing to dissolve in an orb of water.

“Territorial idiots…Red Banner and Cobra Lords are at it again...” Cavalier scoffed.

“Was this the source of the emotions you were picking up?” Vitality asked as he looked towards the mob at the end of the alley way.

CharmCaster shook her head as she lowered herself down to the ground, sapphire wisps swirling around her before vanishing slowly. She pointed towards a nearby dumpster, CharmCaster sighed heavily as the wave of emotions were relayed again, intensifying with each passing second.

“Nay, these were not the source. I cannot see this entity, they are somewhat shielded, but I know they are in here somewhere.” CharmCaster replied, sounding somewhat despondent.

Cavalier walked over to the dumpster and peered inside it quickly, his mask thankfully stopping the low level stench from reaching his nose. He looked up at the sound of something scraping along the floor nearby; a Cobra Lord gang member had landed in a heap, inches from hitting the back of the dumpster. Vitality looked in the direction the unfortunate gangster had been launched from only to see a Red Banner Cultist with his right leg stretched out from the kick he had delivered. Sighing Vitality frowned at the Red Banner Cultist, who quickly left the scene, running back round the corner.

Moments later the Cobra Lord gangster came to and lent against the dumpster attempting to get his bearings, hardly noticing the group of heroes nearby. Cavalier had since returned his attention to looking through the dumpster. Crescentwave regarded the gangster as he slowly got his bearings, pocketing a slightly rusted throwing knife. He looked up to be faced with CharmCaster, Crescentwave and Vitality hovering nearby.

“Aw shit… capes!” He exclaimed

“Mortal…what do you know of this disposal unit? You have had some experience with it, I am aware of this much.” Asked CharmCaster

The gangster wrung his hands, deciding whether to run or attempt to stab one of the heroes in front of him, his hand hovered over where he had previously pocketed his knife. Crescentwave stood shaking out her hair slightly as it flowed in the occasional wind. He frowned at her and whipped out the rusty knife, pointing it at CharmCaster:

“You can’t make me talk! Touch me and I’ll take you down!!” He threatened.

Vitality sighed, placing his palm on his face momentarily before descending slightly, the gangster whipped round pointing the knife at him. Vitality landed and looked blankly at the mobster, he walked up to the mobster who backed up slightly and calmly reached out and plucked the knife out of the mobster’s grip. Cavalier smirked behind his mask as he nudged CharmCaster;

“The look on their faces is always priceless.” He whispered

Vitality turned the knife in his right hand sideways and held up his left hand, exposing his palm. The gangster looked on, colour draining from his face as he watched Vitality push the knife into his palm, the knife bending and curving away from Vitality’s palm as it was pushed into his skin. Crescentwave stepped up to CharmCaster’s side, her hair flowing elegantly in the wind:

“Look. You have very limited options at this point. It’ll be a lot easier if you just talk.” She sighed

“Aww cripes…I-I, I uh…wouldn’t go near that thing too much. That dumpster right there is haunted. Throws out whateva garbage you try ta put in it! Mo looked in der last time and somethin’ cut him. I ain’t stuperstish-or whateva but I reckons Red Banner mooks did this.” The mobster divulged.

As the heroes digested the information, the Cobra Lord saw an opening and quickly ran off to join his fellow gangsters a few streets away, CharmCaster shook her head, fighting against the new anxiety which had flooded her system. Cavalier slapped the dumpster lightly;

“I can’t see anything in this thing either and I’ve never been more grateful for this mask…” He announced

Vitality looked towards CharmCaster who was still looking remarkably unhappy and somewhat confused; he turned his attention to the dumpster and carefully tore through the metal, exposing the interior of the dumpster. A small, lavender coloured alien rolled out as the dumpster was opened up, it looked up, pale red tears streaked down its small face, it scrambled to its feet and backed away from the heroes, hand outstretched and crying:

“Kr’anri ssba ytsa ayack!” – Kr'anri screamed

“Uh...what?” Cavalier asked, just as shocked as the rest of them.

“Allow me to deal with this.” Stated CharmCaster

She slowly approached Kr’anri, an open and honest look displayed on her face, her eyes glowed sapphire softly as she locked eyes with Kr’anri. An overwhelmingly powerful calming effect seemed to invade the immediate area as CharmCaster’s eyes continued to glow softly. The Delta heroes began to relax, feeling more comfortable than normal. Kr’anri’s breathing seemed to slow down and high emotional state, mellow out as the enchantment washed over her.

“Hmm…why do I feel so…calm right now?” Vitality asked his voice somewhat softer and more relaxed.

CharmCaster’s voice took on a multi-tone quality, almost layered thick with magic; her voice seemed to reinforce the calming effect as she started speaking.

“I am using a quelling enchantment; it will be much easier to assist with all of our emotions stabilized. It is clear from her speech that she does not understand and nor can we, I wish to correct that, to establish some form of common ground. You would all do well to step into the enchantment I am about to cast.” She replied

CharmCaster stretched out her hands, the ground around herself and Kr’anri, who now had somehow drawn slightly close in proximity to one another, began to glow with sapphire rune symbols slowly forming into a circle. Cavalier was the first to step into the circle of magic, a brief wave of magic washed over him;

“Hello, is this working?”

“"Kr'anri knows words!? Kr'anri does not know how. Kr’anri say you not Prosythian, more hooman..”

CharmCaster smiled as Kr’anri started projecting excitement and happiness. Vitality and Crescentwave stepped into the circle.

“You keep saying Kr’anri. Who is Kr’anri?” Asked Crescentwave.

“Kr’anri is Kr’anri!”

“You are Kr’anri?” Asked Vitality

The small lavender alien nodded happily at Vitality's question. Cavalier knelt down and Kr’anri and began talking to her as she drew in the ground with her sharp claws.

“How long does this magic circle last?” Vitality asked as he turned to CharmCaster.

“For as long as I will it to, however I do not recommend staying her too long, my magic is of interest to a number of mortals, those who have enough interest in the arcane arts to attempt to harness my magic. Red Banner mobsters are the only ones in this area, who may present an issue, although it would be a minor issue, I see no need to allow place for an unnecessary issue.”

Vitality nodded and turned to Kr’anri kneeling down slightly and he smiled at her, gaining her attention as she wiped away the pale red tear staining on her cheeks.

“Hello Kr’anri, I’m Vitality. I’d like to ask you a few questions. First one being, how long were you on Earth for?”

“Bad bug flying rock crash when it was cold. Kr’anri escape bad bug flying rock! Kr’anri is free! Kr’anri hide when cold went away. Kr’anri is discovered when cold comes back!”

“She’s referring to the seasons; if I’m correct then she may have been here since last year…” Crescentwave surmised.

“Hmm, it’s entirely possible, but what is bad bug?” nodded Cavalier.

“Bad bug steal Kr’anri from Prosyth, bad bug has bad boom sticks. Stole Kr’anri during family hunt, Kr’anri misses family…Kr’anri is very hungry.”

"Bad bug...if I'm correct that Kr'anri's been on Earth since last January that could mean that "Bad bug" refers to the Qularr. I mean there was a vessel which crashed to Earth last year right?" Crescentwave reasoned.

"That theory seems pretty solid to me, they do look like bugs a bit anyway…" Cavalier agreed.

"So the Qularr stole her from her family and home...that's awful." Vitality sighed as he looked at Kr'anri.

"Kr'anri ate Bad Bug. Bad Bug taste good."

Cavalier raised an eyebrow and Crescentwave looked on mystified.

"Well, I guess eating someone is one form of revenge...but you won't see me doing that anytime soon." Quipped Cavalier

CharmCaster looked around as Red Banner magicians began to congregate at the end of the alley way, as if formulating a plan of sorts. CharmCaster narrowed her eyes as she saw them inching closer.

“We should vacate the immediate area; I believe our presence in this area will soon cause unnecessary strife. I will transport us somewhere safer.” CharmCaster said as she eyed the lead magician inching closer.

Kr’anri’s face seemed to show confusion, as CharmCaster began gathering energy and the surrounding area seemed to subtly glow sapphire. At that moment, the Red Banner magicians began flying towards them shouting spells, lightning flying out of their fingertips and fire streaming out of their mouths. Kr’anri screamed and hid behind Cavalier. Crescentwave stepped forward and pulled up a sheet of water which doused the fire and absorbed the lightning, protecting them as CharmCaster gathered her energy.

“You may want to hurry up, this spectacle will soon attract –more- attention.” Vitality warned.

Isth’rae Transuda Dimenzoz!” CharmCaster shouted as her voice took on a slightly spectral quality.

As the words left her mouth a thick beam of magical energy crashed down from the sky enveloping them all transporting them away from the scene, much to the chagrin of the Red Banner magicians.

The group of heroes arrived on the roof of a building which seemed to be somewhere in Downtown. The enchanted circle glowed as it had apparently followed them; Kr'anri seemed to wince and make a strange sound;

"What is it? What's wrong Kr'anri?" Cavalier asked as he noticed Kr'anri acting oddly.

"Kr'anri's food wants to leave Kr'anri." She replied.

Kr'anri suddenly emptied the contents of her stomach onto the roof of the building resulting in a steaming pile of pale red and yellow mess on the gravel floor of the building. Crescentwave grimaced and made a point to remove her person from the immediate area of the vomit.

"Teleportation apparently does not sit well with Prosythians, I will have to alter it next time for her. I should not have assumed the stabilization spell would work on humans as well as Prosythians.." CharmCaster sighed.

"More importantly where are we?" asked Vitality.

"We are at my penthouse, complements of Mentella. I do not use it much however. Once we leave this circle we will not be able understand Kr’anri." CharmCaster replied.

She flicked her wrist and a few wisps surrounded the vomit, removing it as if it has never existed. Kr'anri nodded and they left the translator enchantment circle and descended down the stairs leading off the roof and down into the penthouse itself. Kr'anri seemed to have a strong desire to explore; Cavalier followed her as she went from room to room.

"I will need to enchant this penthouse, expanding the unification enchantment in order for proper communication." CharmCaster announced.

CharmCaster muttered a string of words in a foreign tongue before a sphere of energy appeared between the palms of her hands, three pulses of energy radiated outwards from the sphere whilst CharmCaster's eyes burned a vibrant sapphire as a few pieces of furniture seemed to animate themselves very briefly before returning to normal.

"It has been completed." She announced.

Kr'anri peered out from behind the couch, and slowly made her way back to the heroes, somewhat shocked by the energy CharmCaster had released. CharmCaster conjured a piece of grey meat on a platter on the table in front of Kr'anri. She cautiously approached the platter and sniffed the meat, before her eyes lit up and she started devouring the meat. CharmCaster and Cavalier smiled whilst Vitality looked on with an almost analytical demeanour.

"Kr'anri is not liking magic..but! Magic brings good food." Kr'anri managed between bites.

"Tis understandable, it can be dangerous, however it is what I wield." Smiled CharmCaster.

Vitality turned away from Kr'anri and looked towards Crescentwave.

"You know as well as I do what will happen if UNTIL or Project Stargazer get wind of Kr'anri on Earth. She doesn't seem like she's able to take care of herself well, she'll need constant care. I don't want to find out what kind of care UNTIL will give Kr'anri, we need to keep her hidden for now, at least until we can work out what to do." He whispered

"I agree but where can she stay? There are a million questions we need answers to before acting, what if she's allergic to certain things on Earth? Will she be able to function in society? How much does she know? What can she do? All those need answering, I know, but for now, it's best to take things as they come, I'm betting on CharmCaster being able to look after Kr'anri." Crescentwave whispered back.

"Your bet would be well placed and would yield many a reward, if you had indeed carried out a real bet. I intend to do such a thing." CharmCaster replied.

"Are you sure?" Asked Cavalier as he left the adjoining room with Kr’anri on his shoulders, occasionally playing with his hair.

"I am. I do not foresee being summoned to The Great Hall for another Mystos assignment. I had just concluded my business with a few assignments." CharmCaster nodded.

She went over to Kr'anri as she was finishing the meat and took a small vial from her belt, pouring it into a large cup. The vial released orange liquid which seemed to fill the cup entirely. Kr’anri looked at the liquid she was being offered sceptically, her large eyes narrowed into impossibly thin slits;

"Your scepticism is most apparent, however you have no need to worry. This liquid is merely a broth of sorts. It will aid in gaining your strength back." CharmCaster explained

"Kr'anri will try it."

She took the glass CharmCaster pushed towards her and sipped it a little before making a happy trilling sound and continuing to finish the orange broth. Cavalier looked on as Kr'anri seemed to have a look of utter contentment and slightly giggle to herself.

"Kr'anri will see The Old Family, bye sky fire, bye, Cav..a..lier, Cres...cent...wave and Cha…rm...Cas…ter."

Kr'anri walked sleepily to the couch and jumped on before falling fast asleep. CharmCaster turned back to Vitality, Crescentwave and Cavalier;

"I will stay with her till I am able to contact The Sisterhood, in the meantime, I must thank you for accompanying me and being able to meet you all."

"Likewise, we'll be in touch CharmCaster." Vitality nodded

"May The Ancient Ones guide and protect your way, fare thee well DELTA." CharmCaster smiled.


A few days lapsed as CharmCaster looked after Kr'anri and learnt more about Prosyth and Kr'anri's people. One morning CharmCaster received a vision and was unexpectedly summoned to The Great Hall due to a mystical crisis in another dimension, forcing her to leave Kr'anri unattended. Kr'anri awoke, unable to sense CharmCaster’s presence with her mental powers and being naturally curious about the world outside the "air rock", she left the penthouse and scaled down the side of the building with her claws and descended into the city below. She made her way into City Centre, fully telepathically cloaked just exploring and mingling amongst the general populace, even though they had no idea she was there. However the random biting and stealing of food stuffs, objects and weapons did freak out a number of civilians, heroes and even a few VIPER agents.

She came across a group of men standing around near a tall metal pole which seemed to emit some sort of wave. The pole seemed to send psychic waves towards Kr'anri, who having telepathic powers responded almost unconsciously. At the detection of a psychic response, the two men locked onto Kr'anri's general area and sent out psychic signals. Kr'anri received part of a message which was an image of a human using telepathic power. Thrilled at the prospect of finding someone else with the same abilities as her, Kr'anri happily responded and ran over to join them. Whilst they were unable to converse vocally or telepathically, they projected images into each other's minds to convey meaning.

Kr'anri followed the men back to the PSI Building and entered the building to be met with numerous psychics in one area, much to her amazement and glee.

"Medusa? We have procured a psychic, an entirely -instinctual- one! Untamed and no psychic defences what so ever!" Grinned a PSI Member as he spoke to Medusa on the phone.

"Excellent. I am on my way, keep her busy." Replied Medusa

A few hours later Medusa made her way to the PSI Buildings lower level offices, with Mind Slayer in tow, who despite disliking Medusa wanted to see what all the commotion was all about. Medusa grinned as she saw the small alien utilizing her telepathic powers on holographic simulations, sensing the alien’s raw, instinctual and untamed power she went down to Kr'anri and smiled as sweetly as she could at Kr'anri. Kr'anri turned to Medusa and projected a conversation from earlier into her head and highlighted one question she posed to CharmCaster:

"Kr'anri want to know...who is Mentella and is she here?"

At the mere mention of Mentella's name, Medusa went pale and her eyes widened. Kr'anri looked confused but shrugged and turned back to using her abilities on the projections. Medusa took a deep breath before continuing to the PSI Agents.

"It won't be long before Mentella gets wind of this. We need to act fast and act NOW. We will teach her PSI Death Strike, she has enough power to learn the ability, I've had a look at her performance in the holo-room for the past few hours and the unbridled power she has is perfect." Hissed Medusa

Leading her out of the room, Medusa took Kr’anri to one of the lower levels within the PSI building and presented her with a training room of sorts. Kr’anri looked up and saw a control panel with various bright buttons and dials, she cocked her head to the side as she watched Medusa tap various buttons and turn the dial on the control panel. Kr’anri looked as the ground parted as a platform rose out of the ground, lifting into the air. Medusa stepped onto the slightly raised platform, beckoning Kr’anri, who when she followed was surprised at the appearance of several holographic armed men.

“Kr’anri shhu onutld?” Asked Kr’anri

Medusa looked confused but was soon supplied with a mental image of Kr’anri hiding in a lavender bush looking at her prey before jumping out and attacking with a few other Prosythian warriors. Medusa nodded and Kr’anri eagerly got to work as Medusa observed, giving her instruction on how to carry out the deadly PSI Death Strike. Over the next couple of hours Kr'anri was subjected to countless lessons on how to perform a move by Medusa, steadily improving as her raw aptitude for learning pushed her to get better. After a few failures, Kr'anri had soon perfected the move using her telepathic cloak to surprise her target and striking "from the shadows". At this apparent success Medusa then attempted to exert a covert controlling influence on Kr'anri's mind, to which Kr'anri violently retaliated with a psychic attack.

<Kr’anri inso aptaet!!!!>

The psychic attack startled Medusa, reeling in pain. She locked eyes with Kr’anri and recovered quickly, paralyzing Kr'anri in the process.

“You ungrateful little…” Started Medusa

Kr’anri managed to unleash a much weaker but nevertheless painful psychic attack, signalling to Medusa that it was only a matter of time until she broke free. Medusa dismissed her psychokinetic blade that was forming in the palm of her hand and quickly exited from the immediate area, slightly disoriented by Kr’anri’s earlier attack. Medusa shouted for PSI members to defend her as she left Kr’anri in the room, surrounded by ‘dead’ holograms and completely paralyzed. Fuelled by her anger, Kr’anri eventually broke out of the paralysis and she began taking down PSI Members who flooded into the room and attempted to attack her, killing them. She escaped the building ripping into any and every PSI Member she came across in her rage.


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