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The 54
"Strength, honor, integrity, and humility; these are the codes we abide by."
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Leader(s): N/A
Base of Operations: N/A
Concept: Mutants from St. Patrick's High School Class of 2011. Boston, MA
Founded: 11/01/2010
Website: [ Click Here]
Members: 11

The 54 is a concept group of 54 High School seniors who developed super powers at the start of their senior year when their slightly nutty biology teacher, Dr. Tischmak, used them as guinea pigs in the experimental testing of his Genetic Manipulation and Empowerment device. While the device worked, and did indeed give the 54 students present superpowers, it didn't brainwash them into doing Dr. Tischmak's bidding like he thought it would. Having thoroughly trounced Dr. Tischmak, the 54 students are now trying to come to grips with their newfound power and increased responsibilities.


The 54 in a nickname for the 54 students from St. Patrick's High School in Boston, MA who received super powers from the professor, Dr. Tischmak. They started appearing in waves late August with several students already operating with their super powers under PRIMUS licenses.

Joining The 54

Rule the first!: All characters are between the ages of 17-19. While they may be teenagers, this really isn't a teenage group. The point of the RP is to the act of growing up and taking a larger, more responsible role in the world at large.

Rule the second!: All characters must come from St. Patrick's High School in Boston MA. St. Patrick's is a private Catholic school, run by an overzealous Bible-thumping administrator. This is where the group is from, where they got their powers, and where they still attend their senior year. As such, all the character's know each other, getting rid of the messy "Meeting you for the first time" issues.

Rule the third!: They're all mutants. So mystical characters need not apply, neither vampires or werewolves. All the powers of the 54 are based, loosely, off of what the human body is capable of doing in real life, so they're powers tend to compliment themselves, such as Super Strength, Invincibility, etc etc.

The Class of 54


A super dense, hyper-accelerated muscular structure gives Kristina her powers. She has both super strength, and extreme resiliency. Her body also exudes kinetic energy, giving her tactile telekinesis, further increasing her strength, and allowing her to fly. (Played by @Swordsaint_the_Elder).


With super sight and slightly enhanced reflexes, Jason is able to shoot a bow and arrow like nobodies business. When he fires off an arrow, his super sight ensures that he knows where he's shooting, and always hits his mark. And even though he can't outright dodge bullets, his enhanced reflexes can at least keep him from being killed. (Played by @Sephoma)


A massively increased sensitivity to light has given Tyler near-perfect night vision but left him heavily vulnerable to bright lights. Coupled with his super hearing and increased strength, Tyler has become a silent, powerful night-stalker and takes great pleasure in frightening criminals before arresting them. (Played by @Watchguard).

Gaet Force2.jpg

Gaet Force is a fun-loving, sometimes hot-headed loving person with nerves of hot plasma!

Warren Erebos.jpg

Always where the fun is, Warren is light-hearted with a malignant side to his abilities. (Played by @TheMorningMan)


Flight. Enhanced strength. (Played by @Merrow)


A "bad girl" trying to do something good with her crystal-based powers. (Played by @PirateSpice)


Rob McCall used to be another brilliant underachiever. Now his body is a living bioelectric battery. He went from being the life of the party to a real Buzzkill.


Ekaterina "Kat" Matyushenko was the token exchange student who just happened to be on exchange on the worst possible week. She gained superhuman strength and resilience similar to Kris, but not quite up to her levels.


Khalfani Amur Green is a third generation egyptian-american, his powers are a little ill defined as he seems to control a unknown form of quantum energy, this usually displays as a protective energy shield and blasts ((played by @Madeye_Malk) Malk does the body good))

Valentine Portrait.jpg

Telisha Lawrence is one of the few senior class student body counselors who has spent a great deal of time understanding and helping her classmates. Often by putting herself in anyones shoes. After the experiment, she's finding it harder and harder to deal with the changes, though she has a few secrets she's been keeping from the class. ((Played by @Tavior))


Simon Caldwell is loyal, kind-hearted and has set his sights on becoming a real hero, to help the world and more importantly his friends. With his powers of technopathy and invention he uses technology and the Electric Eyes ,a series of robots he created, to fight crime and injustice.


Paul "Paulie:" Angelman was a class clown from Brooklyn, who wanted nothing more then to make people laugh for the rest fo his life. Which, was tragicaly, quite short, as the mutation caused him to die on the operating table. Still, he was never one to let things get him down, and he's proven that still holds, as he's since gotten off the slab, and tried to resume his life. Paulie was given the heor name Paleface, and for the most part, cannot die. He's been shot, stabbed, blown apart, and still manages to piece himself together with a grin on his face.


Alex Savage can control, shape, and give light unusual properties.


Matt was a class clown, a Sk8Punk, a band geek, a band member, and a generally okay, if slightly nerdy guy. His reaction to the GMED was to gain control over sonic vibration of all sorts, amplifying even a human voice to damaging proportions, or even changing music from one score to another through intense concentration. With multi-colored hair and that rangy gawky-thin look newly eighteen-year-old guys tend to have, he was never winning any beauty contests. At least he didn't grow a fifth limb or turn purple.


Helen Carson is an overachiever, involved in an array of school activities but never the captain of anything. She maintains straight As with vigilance, and she'd be an ice queen if anybody ever demonstrated any interest in dating her. She's also a little neurotic, over-inclined to play by the rules, and consequently a teacher's pet. None of which makes her popular. Now she's covered in spines and her telekinesis allows her to throw people across the room, so she gets teased a little less... but isn't any more popular.


Sanary Mebrot was already an intelligent student to begin with, but a biological experiment boosted the young woman's intelligence far past what most normal people could ever dream of. With her keen eye for analyzing trends and catering to a wide variety of demographics, Sanary has taken it upon herself to act as the 54's agent. Securing endorsement deals, negotiating contracts for repairs, and even finding investors for a toy line are all part of Sanary's ultimate goal of making the 54 (and by extension, herself) wealthy beyond all imagination. Repairs and maintenance don't come cheap, after all.

Pasqual Torso2.jpg

Pasqual was the clas of 54's bigged nerd. Hi I.Q., broken glasses, stringy unwashed hair. After the exposure he refused to discuss his lack of powers, going as far as a recent court showdown with PRIMUS over his registration. In the past year he's grown up socially as well as physically, except to the 54. (Played by @Mangle_Paw ).

Current Player List

This section highlights most of the students that wish to make their identities, or alias, known.

Kristina Forrester: aka, The American Dream. A super dense, hyper-accelerated muscular structure gives Kristina her powers. She has both super strength, and extreme resiliency. Her body also exudes kinetic energy, giving her tactile telekinesis, further increasing her strength, and allowing her to fly. (Played by @Swordsaint_the_Elder)

Jason Strong: aka, Eagle-Eye. Super Sight, enhanced reflexes (Played by @Sephoma)

Sun'Woo: Gaet Force. Plasma Projection, Super Speed, reduced pain-sense (Played by@Superior)

Tyler Rhodes: Dusk. Enhanced sense of hearing and sight. Enhanced strength (Played by @Watchguard)

Simon Caldwell: Electric Eye. Technopathy, genius level intellect, inventor. (Played by @Darkblade98)

Edward Harrison: Iron Dragon. Enhanced reflexes, Olympian level athlete. (Played by @Sprawler)

Violet Evermore: Miasma. Telepath. Mind control, super intellect. (Played by @AngelofTragedy)

Robert Mccall: Buzzkill. Electrical Manipulation and bioelectric generation. (Played by @monkeyhead)

Priscilla Holmes: Klawless. Claws and enhanced bite. Enhanced reflexes. (Played by @LoneWolf)

Willam Kaniel: Stall. Flight. Enhanced strength. (Played by @Merrow)

Jenna Martell: Echo. Mimicry powers (Played by @Stormkitten)

Ekaterina "Kat" Matyushenko: Sovietta. Super Strength, extreme resiliency. (Played by @Melphon)

Telisha Lawrence: Valentine. Lightning fast reflexes, Empathic understanding. (Played by @Tavior)

Joey Sinatra: No super identity. Energy creation and manipluation. Invisibility. (Played by @TechFinch)

Warren Erebos: Erebos. Darkness control, Fear control. (Played by @TheMorningMan)

Alex Savage: No super identity. Has the ability to manipulate light and to give it unusual properties. (Played by @savagegreywolf)

Paul Angelman: Paleface. Highly advanged regenerative abilities. Over-active sense of humor. (Played by @Stone1602)

Drake Firson: aka, Swordsaint. Swordsaint's powers are a expanded version of the disease he had before was subject to the Genetic Manipulation and Empowerment device. Before, he was just paranoid enough to read people extremely well in combat or pre-combat situations, but now, he has an uncanny knack of predicting where and when blows will fall, and just WHAT people will do in combat. This power also allows him to idetically memorize all manner of martial arts, just from viewing them once. (Played by @Swordsaint_the_Elder)

Beatrice "Tris" Oliver: Shard. Crystalline form (strength, endurance, regeneration), crystal growth and manipulation. (Played by @PirateSpice)

Matt Mueller: Uproar. Sound Control. (Played by @Arclite)

Helen Carson: Repel. Telekinesis, vastly stronger as tactile than as ranged. Also bony, spine-like protrusions which, as yet, serve no apparent function other than making it bloody hard to get dressed in the morning. (Played by @Shaalwyd)

Jaden Isaac Lewis: Diode. Ascended Intelligence. (Played by @Avalanche)

Sanary Mebrot: Market Madness. Super intelligence. (Played by @TacoBomber)

Pasqual Hernandez: no aka, refuses to admit to, but has shown evidence of having deep perception/mentation related talents. Eventual mentalist (Played by @Mangle Paw)

Other OOC info

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In Game Chat Channel

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Organizer Notices

-Swordsaint here. I need an ingame email from everyone with a tiny bit of information about their character. (Name, powers, little personality quirks.) I need a personal master list, and there's so many of you now, I've been slacking. It's appreciated.-

-Also need to know if you want a clone, want to be surprised, or don't think you should have one.-