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Mirabel Mobious
The Indomitable
Mirabel Vertigo Mobious.png
"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."
- Wyatt Earp
Player: @SuperGwenny
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Mirabel Mobious
April 12th, 1993
Vancouver, Canada
Millennium City
Champions HQ
Law Enforcement
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Archaon Thrax (Father)
Lorelei Mobious (Mother)
Gwendolyn Diomedes (cousin - active)
Physical Traits
Homo Sapiens
Apparent Age
5'2" (162cm)
114lbs (52kilos)
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Lip piercing.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Archetype Button Specialist.png
· Equipment ·
Duel Pistols
Sniper Rifle
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Artist - High IQ - Peak Physical Condition - Uncanny Accuracy

I've had Mirabel for as long as I had my main character, Gwendolyn Diomedes. I've hid her from the PRIMUS Database simply because she was one of my least favorite characters. At the time she had a louzy costume and no real backstory, so the challenge I was faced with when deciding to revamp her was to try and make her look cool and make me like Mirabel. She new sports a sleeker, more futuristic look and has cool utility skills including; a wrist mounter taser, proximity mines, grenades, ... Combined with her uncanny accuracy, Vertigo is comparable to a mobile weapons platform.

- Lillian Vanwynsberghe


About the same age as her cousin, Gwendolyn "Frost" Diomedes. Mirabel was a promising young student at the Police Force Academy of Millennium City. Always wanting to become a hero herself, she admired her frost-gifted cousin for what she did.

After graduating, Mirabel became part of the MCPD's Special Riot Control Division. During the Qullar Invasion of Millennium City, Mirabel found herself among the champions charged with saving the city.

In the confusion, she was ambushed and kidnapped by her uncle, Gwendolyn's Father, Ignation Diomedes. While captive, doctors pacified and operated on her. Implanting her with a control chip that made her obey any order that was given by Ignatio.

Having no superpower what-so-ever, Ignatio had her tutored in the arts of Gunkata and parkour.

After the death of his son by the hands of his daughter, Ignatio finally found it time to send Mirabel after Gwendolyn. It did not take long for Mirabel to find Gwendolyn and attack her in ambush. Mirabel fought ferociously against Gwendolyn and it seemed victory was at hand, but not before Gwendolyn placed her cold hand on Mirabel's forehead, freezing her brain and damaging the control chip.

At the hospital, gadgeteers removed the control chip. However the damage was irriversable. When she awoke she remembered nothing of her past, not even her own name.

Furious at Mirabel's failure, Ignatio sent assassins to deal with her before she could be able to remember her past. eventhough still in a hospital and remembering nothing, she quickly disposed of the assassins using her Gunkata technique she learned from Ignatio. Much to her surprise.

Now, regaining parts of her memory as she fights crime, Mirabel wants nothing more than to bring Ignatio to justice, while her cousin, Gwendolyn, would rather see her father dead.


Gunkata: The ability to master the martial arts style that uses guns as weapons. She is capable of calculating the most precise angle for targeting an opponent and predicting where to be in order to avoid been shot by the enemy. This, combined with good gunmanship results in her being the ultimate warrior of the modern age, comparible to a samurai that utilizes guns instead of swords.

Enhanced Acrobatics: The ability to perform amazing feats of acrobatics. She can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

Uncanny Accuracy: The ability to have accuracy at the highest limits of human efficiency; even though this ability is not classified as "superhuman". She is capable of achieving smaller and distant targets depending on the location. Her brain is hardwired for advanced precision superior to any gold-medaled archer who has ever competed. Her aim is obviously not supernatural, it is just at the peak of human effiency.


  • Does not have unlimited ammunition.
  • Needs to reload.
  • Guns might get jammed.
  • Users with invulnerability are bulletproof.
  • Users with Magnekinesis can stop bullets.
  • Users with Enhanced Relfexes can dodge bullets.



Full name:

Ignatio Diomedes
Super Strength
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Her uncle, once a brilliant scientist, turned to villiany out of fear and desperation. When he lost his son, and in an attempt to buy himself more time, he kidnapped his niece, Mirabel, in the hopes that Gwen would hesitate to attack another family member.

While under the effects of a mind-control chip Mirabel was tutored in the arts of Gunkata and acrobatics by a tutor Ignatio hired. When he felt the time was right, he sent Mirabel after Gwen.

When Gwen freed Mirabel from the mind-control chip, she lost all her memory, but regains it piece by piece while fighting crime. When she was eventually informed that it was non other then her uncle that kidnapped and controlled her, she vowed to bring him to justice. Much to the dismay of her cousin, Gwendolyn, who would rather see him dead.

Throughout the investigation, she had to race against the clock and contend with her cousin, but ultimately, she was to late. All Mirabel found of Ignatio after she arrived was nothing more than frozen pieces. All that hard work... For nothing.

Justice Postponed: Linkin Park - In The End Itunes-icon.png


Liath ComingSoon 150150.png
Full name:

Robert Valentino
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Robert Valentino was a small, underprivileged sleight-of-hand con artist who happened to find a conjurer's mask which was actually magical. The magic, however, drove him insane, and he subsequently made his living as a master thief, coming into frequent conflict with the MCPD and Mirabel Vertigo.

Suave Nuisance: Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal Itunes-icon.png

Mobian Chronicles


Sins of the Uncle: While fighting off the Qularr during their invasion of Millennium City, Mirabel gets kidnapped by an unknown assailant.
To rise from the Ashes: Mirabel awakens in a hospital, knowing nothing from her past. When unknown assassins attack the hospital searching for her, she is able to take them out using Gunkata. During the fight she regains bits and pieces of memory concerning her gunkata training, but is unable to piece is together properly. She later decides to rejoin the MCPD.
Crash: Socrates gets infected with a virus that turns Millennium City against its heroes. Along with her cousin, Frost, Mirabel is tasked to enter socrates' mainframe and takes care of the virus before it spreads.


Enigma's peace offering

[Night time. In a dark alley of Millennium City A hooded, masked person is running along the corridors. Not far behind him Mirabel is running after him. She stops after they round a corner and aims her gun at the fleeing perpetrator.]
Mirabel: Freeze!
[The perpetrator isn’t stopping and Mirabel lowers her gun slightly, aiming at his legs. She fire, but it ejects a rod from which a "BANG!" flag unfurls. The classic trick-gun gag has caught one very nonplussed victim.]
Mirabel: What the—
[The perpetrator is suddenly standing behind her. Judging from his mask, we can conclude that it’s Enigma.]
Enigma: [softly.] Psst! Try "Abracadabra,".
Mirabel: [turning furiously.] Abracadabra this!
[Once she has turned, Enigma goes in and presses the slit of his mask against Miri’s lips. Disbelieving what is happening, Miri stands wide-eyed in confusion while they kiss. When the kiss stops, Miri splutters in disgust.]
Mirabel: Pluh!
Enigma: [sympathetically] Aw, here… [Produces a red rose seemingly out of nowhere.] A peace offering.
[Mirabel is not impressed.]
Mirabel: You pulled that out of your sleeve…
[While putting away the rose somewhere in his coat, he takes some distance between himself and Miri. He seems disappointed.]
Enigma: Must you over-analyze everything? [Rips off his sleeves like they were paper.] Why can't you just sit back and enjoy the show?
[He brings his hands together and opens them up like a book, producing 2 pigeons that fly away. His torn sleeves repair themselves thread by thread.]
Mirabel: Because it’s not real. Your act, your mask. It's all smoke and mirrors. You’re probably just hypnotizing me into seeing things. And when I get home, my nose'll twitch every time a bell rings.
Enigma: [Pondering.] Hmm. That would be an interesting trick… But no!
Mirabel: As soon as I figure out how you're creating these illusions, your "powers" will be gone.
[She aims her other gun at him. Ready to fire.]
Enigma: Knowing how the tricks work doesn't make them any less real. If it looks like a rose, and smells like a rose, then guess what, gorgeous? [He quickly swings the lower end of his coat over her aiming gun.] It’s really a rose.
[Mirabel squeezes the trigger, but hurts herself.]
Mirabel: Auw!
Enigma: [menacingly] For real.
[Mirabel lets go of her gun, or at least it was her gun. It apparently turned into a rose which is now falling to the ground. Enigma explodes into a large cloud of smoke, leaving Miri coughing while his laugh echoes in Millennium’s dark alleys.]



Fair Cop - Has the looks to back it up!
Not so Weak - With her guns and utilities, Vertigo has the ability to take down opponents many times stronger then her.


Badass normal - Has no kinetic or magical powers, yet she's a real badass with guns!
Combat Pragmatist - Is willing to do anything to win a fight.


Super cop - Is willing to place her own life on the line to save an innocent life.

Powers, Combat and Skill

Action Girl - Can go toe to toe with her male counterparts.
Dual Wielding - Dual wields 2 heavily moddified U220 Neosos pistols with different colored palletes aptly named; Ebony and Ivory.
Imporbable aiming skills - Able to draw, fire, and hit multiple moving targets in quick succession.
Shoutout - When throwing a grenade she shouts; "Heads up!".
Stun Gun - Mounted on her right wrist.


Fan service pack - was an ugly duckling, but was revamped to a beautyful swan.
Tomboy - Eventhough a beautiful swan, her short hair makes her look like a Tomboy.


Brainwashed - Memory erased and implanted with a control chip she was succesfully brainwashed to hunt down her cousin Frost.


All part of the Job - Being part of the MCPD, she sees her heroic actions as part of the job.
Determined Defeatist - Even in the face of certain defeat, Mirabel will stop at nothing to protect the innocent.

RP Hooks

  • Does your character live in Millennium's city center? Mirabel owns a house there, you might be her neighbour!
  • Mirabel isn't allowed in Club Caprice since she doesn't have any real powers.
  • Does (or did) your character work with the MCPD? Chances are he might have seen Mirabel.
  • Were you there during the Qularr's invasion of Millennium City? so was Mirabel!


Liath ComingSoon 150150.png


Theme Songs

Liath ComingSoon 150150.png


Voice and Appearance

Actress for Live-Action: Keira Knightley
Voice Actress for Animation: Courtenay Taylor

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