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Gwendolyn Diomedes
The Unyielding
Gwendolyn Frost Diomedes.png
“Ice... can burn. It is hard for the warm-blooded to distinguish one sensation; like fire, from the other; frost...”
A.S. Byatt
Player: @SuperGwenny
Super Group
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Real Name
Gwendolyn Diomedes
August 15th 1992
Kentville, Nova Scotia
Millennium City
Millennium City, MI, USA
Honor Student
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Ignatio Diomedes (Father - deceased)
Elena Petrova (Mother - deceased)
Nick Diomedes (brother - deceased)
Mirabel Mobious (cousin - active)
Physical Traits
Homo Sapiens
Apparent Age
Early 20's
5'2" (162cm)
114lbs (52kilos)
Body Type
Glowing amber
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing eyes
Hypothermic lips
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Archetype Button Glacier.png
· Equipment ·
Frost-resistant uniform with costum pattern
Ice daggers
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Artist - High IQ
Peak Physical Condition
Unconventional Medic

You would assume she's disabled, because she wears a blindfold, but then I compensated it by giving her other abilities and that makes her that much more interesting of a character. She is one of the stronger characters in the Champions Online universe and you wouldn't think so if you see her for the first time, thinking she's blind.

- Lillian Vanwynsberghe



Gwendolyn Diomedes, born with glowing amber eyes, at that time a sign of great heroic destiny — however, the glow comes from chemicals her eyes produce caused by a mutation. Little is known about Gwendolyn’s life before she became an Honorary Champion of Millennium City except that she moved around quite frequently. Causing destruction wherever she goes, due to the lack of control over her powers.


Gwendolyn was quite insecure. She wished to do good with her powers, but her lack of control usually proved them to be a danger instead of a benefit, thus making her reluctant to use them. Before Gwendolyn became an Honorary Champion, this lack was very evident and surfaced through her weak control over her powers and emotions. She had tried to put up a front of confidence, but was actually extremely afraid of people finding out just how unstable she was. At the age of nine she ran away from Millennium City and met a person that would change her life forever... Mender Koralith.


After her return to Millennium City, Gwendolyn seemed to command much more control over her incredible powers thanks to Mender Koralith. However, as Witchcraft warns: “This doesn’t make her any less a danger,”.


Although still a pupil of Mender Koralith, Gwendolyn Frost is already a formidable young warrior. Her powers of Cryokinesis are extremely advanced for one so young. Headstrong and driven, her abilities are eclipsed only by her ferocity in battle.

Power and Abilities


Cryokinesis: The power to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning she effectively makes things colder and is capable of generating and sending forth various freezing effects. She also has the ability to transform moisture/water into varying forms of ice to control and manipulate by pure thought; meaning she doesn't need to be physically active to move her ice. This power also grants her the ability to manipulate and lower temperature to the point where precipitation begins to freeze, and crystallize, becoming snow.

Cryo-based Picnokinesis: The power to manipulate the density of ice and thereby hardening or softening it. She can make ice as strong as Neutronium or as brittle as glass.

Limited Hydrokinesis: The power to manipulate liquid matter. Although limited, She has the ability to control liquids that are under 32°F (0°C); the colder the liquid, the more control she can exert. Using liquid nitrogen instead of snow or ice, she uses this ability only against the most dangerous foes.


Cryokinetic Breath: The ability to manipulate the energy within her own lungs in order to exhale a stream of freezing wind.

Cryokinetic Martial Arts: The ability to utilize Cryokinesis with her physical combat, allowing her to both create tools and weapons for attack and manipulate the environment to her advantage; freezing the ground, sudden ice-walls, creating daggers, darts, etc...,.

Congelatikinesis : The ability to freeze anything and make it fragile or to induce Rigor Mortis in an organism. When used on organic material, this ability causes cellular disintegration by destroying cells beyond repair.

Cardice Manipulation: The ability to manipulate dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is colorless, with a sour zesty odor, non-flammable, and slightly acidic.

Cryo Recovery: The ability to heal by using ice to recover from severe to minor injuries on herself or others. Although not as effective as true healing powers, this ability allows her to reduce swelling and halt bleeding.

Ice Beam Emission: The ability to produce pinpoint accurate beams of ice or sub-zero energy that freezes everything it hits instantly. This grants her the ability to create a sudden dramatic cooling beam. By making a sudden demand in heat by freezing particles in a single localized place she can effectively create a beam of lightning that freezes anything in its path.

Cryokinetic Aura: The ability to surround herself in cryokinetic energy, allowing her to use cold and ice in various offensive ways.

Cryokinetic Immunity: The ability to be completely unharmed by cold, making her invulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite.

Cryokinetic Exoskeleton: The ability to create armor made from ice around her body for the purposes of protection.

Cryophysiology : The ability to transform her body completely into organic ice.

Cryoportation: The ability to use ice in order to teleport, she can turn or merge into ice, melt and reappear somewhere else, growing as ice and shattering to be free.

Weather Manipulation: The ability to emit a sudden cold front in the atmostphere creating hurricanes, blizzards and hailstorms.


  • Cannot manipulate Esoteric Ice.
  • The creation of ice depends on the amount of moisture available, dry areas make this harder.
  • Her ice is susceptible to heat- and electricity-based attacks.
  • Vibrations can shatter her ice, making sound-based attacks extremely effective against her.
  • Her Cryokinetic Breath fuels Pyrokinetic Breath, since it's a wind-based attack.
  • Her Ice Beam Emission can be reflected by mirrors or users with Reflection Manipulation.
  • Her Weather Manipulation is severely limited during the winter.


Mender Koralith

Mender Koralith was a nomadic spiritualist who had great knowledge of the Spirit World and its effects on superheroes. He was spiritually enlightened and helped numerous superheroes attain their full potential and cleanse themselves of pain and suffering. Koralith was willing to teach everybody who wished to learn from him. His origins are unclear, as he did not seem to hold an allegiance to any one affiliation or supergroup and preferred to operate outside of borders.

When Gwen asked how he planned to teach her control, Koralith replied that she must first bring balance to herself before she can find a balance between her and her powers.

Seth, Lord of Sepermeru

Seth is the ancient Egyptian deity of darkness and chaos. A misunderstood god, Seth tutored Gwen in de arts of Cryokinetic Combat. It wasn't until Gwen showed her bravery during the battle against Cosmos and, later, her ability to defeat the Edomite Luther Black that Seth concluded his training with Gwen and saw it fit to offer her a spot within his ranks as one of his avatars.

Where Koralith taught her control over her powers, Seth taught her how to use it in combat.


Even at a young age, Gwendolyn's intellect and talent showed their brilliance in everything she did, as even her mentor, Mender Koralith, said her progress hardly required any help. In the few battles she has been in since she was an honorary Champion, Gwendolyn was shown to be an incredibly powerful Cryo-user, as demonstrated by her ability to quickly and easily defeat several powerful villians like Kevin Poe, Talisman, Menton and Medusa. This cought the attention of many organizations, including; UNTIL and UNITY.

Gwendolyn became a prominent young member within the oranizations and quickly rose to the status of Valkyrie, an S-class heroine.

Within the organizations, strike-teams are put together in teams of two to exploit combined strengths for the organization's goals to be met. Team members must function very well, or at least well enough to accomplish their tasks, even though some may have mutual problems with each other.

Gwendolyn's teammate was Naeo Lithinanko (A.K.A. Mender Caesium). They were arguably the most effective team; a team that seemed unstoppable when together. From the more then 300 missions they completed together, only 1 failed; The assassination of Dark Seraph. this was thwarted by one of his minion supervillians called; "Eclipse".

Unfortunately, Naeo went on to explore other avenues and Frost has been a loner ever since.



Gwendolyn has had a crush on Dominick the moment she laid eyes on him. The two met at Club Caprice where Gwendolyn was talking to a friend of hers named Reiki Ken. Unbeknownst to Gwendolyn that Reiki Ken was actually the father of Dominick.

Since then, Gwendolyn was seen with hearts for eyes whenever she looked upon him.

Slightly noticing Gwendolyn’s interest, Dominick asked her on a date. The evening started where Dominick asked if she wanted to "hang out,", but she was afraid if Dominick came to close her volatile skin would hurt him and he would end up either hating or fearing Gwendolyn, so she turned him down.

When home, he was frustrated with himself and in front of his mirror he acted out several scenes on how else he could have asked her out. When he heard something and turned his head, he saw her levitating valiantly with a sheath of ice covering her body outside his window. Gwendolyn apologized for rejecting his offer and asked him if he still wanted to “hang out,”.

The two went to Gwendolyn's favorite diner in Vabora Bay and she later convinces Dominick to go to the amusement park because "the night is still young.". There they had a lot of fun; Riding the bumber cars, taking a turn on the tilt-a-whirl, taking pictures, taking a ride through the "Chamber of horrors", Dominick throwing a baseball at a stack of cans to win Gwendolyn a teddybear, taking a strole through the park and eventually ending up on a Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel, Dominick asked Gwendolyn what changed her mind. Gwendolyn said she has feelings for him by answering back a little shyly;

"Of all the things I could’ve done tonight, I realized all I wanted to do was spend time with you," – Gwendolyn

Dominick told Gwendolyn that he knew of her volatile skin and prepared accordingly; by raising his ki-energy he was able to heat up his body to nullify the effects of Gwendolyn's sub-zero body temperature.

The two were about to share their very first kiss, when Therakiel suddenly appeared out of nowhere and ruined their day.

However, duo to their hectic lives, both Gwendolyn and Dominick drifted apart from eachother and her only momento of those times is a dried mistletoe she keeps in her wallet. A reminder of happier times.

Gwen's Longing: Bobina & Betsie Larkin - You Belong To Me (Dgrow & Dub Head Remix)Itunes-icon.png



Full name:

Nicolas "Nick" Diomedes
Powers before:
Powers now:
Electro-kinesis, Invulnerability, flight
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Frost's older brother and favored of the 2. Born with a mutation similar to his little sister, Nick's mutation was the ability to manipulate and control electricity. However, Unlike his sister that can create ice by manipulating atoms, he could not create electricity or electrical currents and thus had to rely on a nearby source. Because of this, he envied his sister, always seeing her as better then himself.

The corporation their dad worked for was researching in ways to make superheroes more powerful. Ignatio, their father, always wanted a son. He was the father's favorite and, therefor, was not chosen as test-subject. That was set aside for Frost.

She was only 6 when she was taken to the facility. Experimented upon to brick of killing her only to justify if it was possible to strenghten superpowers. At the tender age of 8 she eventually managed to escape when she lost control over her powers. She was eventually found by Defender and brought to the champions HQ so she could study and learn to become a hero.

This is where Nick's true story begins; with his sister gone and his father fearing that she will eventually return to take revenge, Ignatio forced his own son into the program. Fearing Gwendolyn's power, he made sure Nick excelled in every area.

And thus he became Curien, with a High level of electrokinesis, a Chest-battery that makes sure he always has access to his powers, no matter where he is and an impenetrable metal skin that will make any of his sister's attacks seem like a pointless gesture.

Curien's Lament: Linkin Park - What I've done Itunes-icon.png


Full name:

Ignatio Diomedes
Powers before:
Powers now:
Super Strength
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

My father, a brilliant scientist, forced me and my brother into a power augmenting program. First me, Gwendolyn Diomedes. He tested on me, experiments that took me to the verge of death. It left my powers unstable. However, I escaped and swore revenge for the years of suffering he put me through.

But, with my escape I doomed my brother. He forced him, his one and only son, into the program. the goal was to make my brother stronger than me, to make him able to defeat me. Therefor they augmented my brother's skin, making it metallic. To make sure he wouldn't escape, they implanted him with a control chip.

Years passed and while I was training with Mender Koralith to control my powers, my brother was unleashed to pursue me. Eventually he found me. By that time I had completely regained stability over my powers. The battle between me and Nicolas lasted several hours with neither him nor me backing down. At the end, when it seemed Nicolas' victory was asured, I placed my freezing hand on his forhead. The resulting brainfreeze caused a short-circuit in the control chip."

"Nick regained his will and saw all the destruction he caused. At the end Nick begged me to end his life for he did not want to live what he had become. Reluctantly, and with a heavy heart, I granted his wish.

With the death of my brother, known to the world only as Curien, my father became desperate and experimented on himself and his fellow scientists."

At least now, his face matches the ugliness of his soul.

I must stop this man, I must destroy... My father...” - Gwendolyn "Frost" Diomedes

Fatherly Hatred: Linkin Park - Plc.4 mie haed Itunes-icon.png

Dark Frost

Dark Frost.png
Full name:

Gwendolyn Diomedes
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

"It is simple. There's good... and then there's evil. There are those who commit crimes... and those who stop it. The two sides are opposite... as different as day and night and the line between them is clear. Or at least... it used to be." - Gwendolyn "Frost" Diomedes

During Frost's escape from her dad's facility back when she was, she accidently cut herself on a piece of broken debris in her cell. Her father found blood on the debris and through that was able to recombine her DNA and create a clone. However, because of Gwendolyn's testemony to Defender and the authorities, the facility she was in was discovered and the project abandoned. Before Ignatio ran, he hid the clone somewhere in the bowels of the facility where it was allowed to continue it's growth, placing a triggering mechanisme to allow the pod to "birth" the clone at the event of his death.

The pod's mental imaging repeatedly flooded the clone's conscience with horrible images.

Years later, Frost finnaly managed to trap her father in one of his own underground facilities, Forcing him to stand and fight. Ignacio fought well against Gwendolyn and it seemed at first that her defeat was at hand, but the immense power and ferocity at which she fought soon proved to be overwhelming. At the brink of death, Ignacio begged his daughter to spare his life and to seek redemption for actions. Frost offered him her own version of redemption.

The moment she killed her father, it triggered an event that unleashed Dark Frost. Because of the pod's mental imagery, Dark Frost was evil-hearted. Now she stalks Millennium City, commiting crimes in Frost's name.

Can Gwen defeat herself?

Frost bites: Two Steps From hell - Wrath of sea Itunes-icon.png
Redeemed Heart: Sting - Desert Rose Itunes-icon.png


Nemesis Cosmos.png
Full name:

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Has a high level of matter manipulation, because of that he can manipulate the fundamental forces of the earth; Earth, wind, fire and water. He can turn water into ice and rock into magma by pure thought.

Can make himself and others invisible. Super-human speed and strength. Highly intelligent and cunning, can survive in the vacuum of space and can live without food, water, air, or sleep. When at maximum power he possesses virtually infinite psionic power which he can draw endlessly from hyperspace, from which the primordial energies creating the fundamental forces of the universe; strong force, electromagnetism, the weak force and gravity flow into our plane of reality.

Controlling the four fundamental forces theoretically allows him to restructure, create or destroy matter at will down to subatomic level, as well as creating electromagnetic fields and electrical currents, make matter radioactive, manipulate gravity, causing nuclear detonations, emit enormous energy blasts, use his psionic powers to increase his physical strength and generally accomplishing nearly anything he sets his mind to.

By manipulating the matter in his own body he has the ability to regenerate from virtually any form of damage. From a simple scratch to a missing limb, he can even reform himself after total particle vaporization by combining all of his remaining energy together and creating a cell, which he will then regenerate from.

He also has no rhythmic heartbeat.

Cosmic Battle: 2 Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth Itunes-icon.png

Diomedian Chronicles


Be All My Sins Remembered: Defender finds a small young girl living alone inside a cave on the outskirts of Project Greenskin. Defender decides to bring her to Millennium City, where she finds a home at the local orphanage. However, the matron soon discovers that this little girl has dark secrets.
Phoenix: Ten years after Gwen fled Millennium City she reappears as Frost and must now prove herself worthy to become an Honorary Champion. However Witchcraft has her suspicions…
A bundle of Snow: Gwen befriends some people at Club Caprice which sparks her to take a trip down memory lane.
Schooled: Mysteriously ambushed and knocked out cold, Gwen, along with several other heroes, awaken to find themselves in the hands of a villain named; The Principal, who has decided that heroes are misbehaving vigilantes and are in need of reeducation. He says he'll teach them a lesson they won't forget, a lesson which involves hypnosis, brainwashing…
and dangerous school material.
Echo's of the past: Mender Koralith escorts Frost to the Chamber of Spirits in an effort to ease her mind and find a solution on what to do with her brother.
Momentary Present: After Gwen and Dominick save a man from the purple gang, he reassures them he was not going to die because it was foretold that he'd survive. He goes on to recommend they go to westside and have their fortunes told. Dominick remains skeptical, refusing to believe anything the fortuneteller says and tries to ignore the fortuneteller's "inane rambling". Gwen, on the other hand, gets obsessed, and keeps returning to the fortuneteller for more predictions on her life. Talic questions if this behavior is normal for humans.
Nevermore: During a freak accident at UNTIL, Gwen gets sent to the Qliphothic realm where the Edomites challenge her to defeat Luther Black if she ever wants to return home.
Winner Take All!: During a fierce card game in Club Caprice, Gwen gets mysteriously zapped to an unknown location where she needs to battle her way through a tournament called “The Lunar Games” to get back home.
Independance Day: It's the Fourth of July and Gwen is celebrating at Club Caprice, until a british villian by the name of Mortimer Crux crashes the party, using his hypno-screens to hypnotize everyone into serving him as "King Crux, the First" and transforms the city's infrastructure into strange copies of British buildings, claiming that the United States now belongs with Britain again and that the revolution never took place.
Eternity in an hour: Cosmos makes a reappearance. While Gwen and her friends scramble to discover how he survived Dark Frost's attack, Cosmos targets Tori Just for unknown reasons. While they fight, Tori locks time and then frees Gwen from the time-freeze. However, Cosmos is unaffected by the Chronolock. Now Gwen and Tori must find a way to end Cosmos for good before they unlock time.
Interface: Socrates gets infected with a virus that turns Millennium City against its heroes. Gwen and Mirabel are tasked to enter socrates' mainframe and takes care of the virus before it spreads.
Hide 'n Seek: 20 Years have passed and Gwen has put up her superhero cape to became a mother to three children, but is forced back into action when a manimal named Ape-Plus kidnaps her kids.


Therakiel's Temple

"Even the elite amongst the Hellementals could not hold back the murderous advance of Gwendolyn and Naeo. They answered the Nephilim's shouted banidictions with stoic silence and murderous blasts from their hands. Gwen and Naeo were uninterested in any arcane secrets that might have been hidden in Therakiel's Temple, utterly ignoring the scorched ruins of the Nephilim's records there."

"The two warriors flensed the flesh from every Nephilim in that temple and left their holy battle armors and other relics to carrode in Vibora's harsh weathers."

"tragically, amongst the flesh reduced to particulate ash, was the gene-seed of all those fallen angels, dealing a near fatal blow to the Nephilim."

"By taking Therakiel's Temple, they defeated the Nephilim in Vibora bay, but by purging the genetic heritage of all those fallen angels... they may well have destroyed the entire race." - Kimmes The Historian.


"In his last moments of life, the fallen angel Therakiel suddenly understood the full extent of his error. He had completely underestimated the threat of Gwendolyn Frost and Naeo Lithinanko. With terrifying force they had poured across the borders of Therakiel’s lair. Slaughtering all in their path."

"As the last flicker of consciousness was dissipating from his clouded eyes, the great Therakiel reviewed all that had passed and realised that, by the time his scouts had spied Gwendolyn and Naeo through their scopes, his defeat was already inevitable."

"The gods, feeling sorry for Therakiel, offered back his place in heaven. And, with that single thought, Therakiel tried to rise. But the sharp nails from a cold frozen hand was suddenly pierced around his shoulder. His soul had not yet left his body and now it was destined for a more terrible fate then death…"

"He would NEVER join the gods." - Kimmes The Historian.


Koralith's offer

Gwendolyn: Believe me, if you knew what I was, you wouldn't want anything to do with me...
Mender Koralith: On the contrary, little girl, I know more about you than there is to know... I've been watching you ever since you were born... And I know why you're always running away. I know your secret... Gwendolyn.
Gwendolyn: How do you know my name!
Mender Koralith: Blizzards, avalanches, hailstorms... Ever since you left Millenium City, everywhere you go, you try to do good... But everywhere you go, you fail... So the people turn against you...
Gwendolyn: Answer me!
Mender Koralith: You lack control, Gwen... And when you lose control, you become more dangerous than anything I've ever imagined possible... But it doesn't have to be this way. I can help you, my child...
Gwendolyn: You... You can?
Mender Koralith: Right now you are... Rough... Around the edges... You need more than mere obstacle courses to overcome your problem... You need a teacher, a mentor. Come with me, Gwen, and I promise... I will teach you how to shine!

In between fires

[During The Curien Saga Gwendolyn was seeking guidance how to deal with her brother in a peaceful way. Mender Koralith traveled with her to the Chamber of Spirits.]
Mender Koralith: This is the Chamber of Spirits, Gwen. In here the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin. You will be able to ask for guidance from the spirits, but be warned, some spirits may be benevolent, but others are far less so.
Gwendolyn: Thank you, Sifu Koralith.
[She bows respectfully to Mender Koralith and enters the chamber. Mender Koralith closes the door. The chamber is not well-lit, it's very dark, but Gwendolyn's special vision can see the layout of the chamber clearly. She walks to the middle and takes on a lotus position.]
Gwendolyn: Spirits, I seek your aid. I have an evil brother that has threatened millions for his own cause, but it is not his doing, since he's being controlled by my evil father. My brother is innocent in all this...
[Before she could continue, The light dims even more and a blue cloud of smoke comes out of Gwendolyn, moving across from her and forms a human-like shape. The smoke takes shape into the deceased hero known as FireFight, sitting cross-legged and a blue aura-like mist surrounds him.]
FireFight: I am Millennium's former defender, FireFight. In this Chamber you have the power to summon any person, from hero or mere citizen, and all their experience, all their wisdom is available to you if you look deep within yourselves.
Gwendolyn: FireFight, I need help in deciding what to do once I face my brother. Everyone expects me to take my brother’s life, but I just don’t know if I can do that.
FireFight: [Closes his eyes] In my life... I tried to be disciplined and show restraint, but it backfired when my brother took advantage of my restraint and mercy. If I had been more decisive and killed him the first time, I might still have been alive this day...
Gwendolyn: But I thought Dr. Destroyer killed you...
FireFight: [looks surprised at Gwendolyn, then closes his eyes smiling.] Gwendolyn, I offer you this wisdom. You have to be... decisive...
[As Firefight's spirit dissipates, Gwendolyn stares confused into the dark abyss of the room. She drops her head in deep thought and thinks who else of the heroes had a brother. She sits straight again after some time thinking.]
Gwendolyn: Amazing Grace, I need your wisdom!
[Amazing Grace comes into view the same way FireFight did.]
Amazing Grace: In my day. My brother threatened to throw the planet out of the suns orbit and usher in a permanent ice age. I stopped him and the world entered a great era of peace.
Gwendolyn: But you didn't really kill him. Technically he died because he was too stubborn to leave his lair.
Amazing Grace: Personally, I don't see the difference, but I assure you, I would've done whatever it took to stop my brother. I offer you this wisdom, Gwen. Justice is to only answer to savagery!
[She dissipates and Gwendolyn grows frustrated and leans back thinking.]
Gwendolyn: I knew I shouldn't have asked Amazing Grace...
[Gwendolyn puts her hands on her head and thinks deeply.]
Gwendolyn: I need to concentrate. I need... the first hero.
[Gwendolyn resumes the lotus position and another spirit solidifies like the 2 others. His outfit resembles the Legacy Power Armor suit.]
First Hero: I am the world's first ever, fully realized hero. I decided to use my powers for good instead of personal gain. But before I became a hero, I was young. I was always a Go-with-the-flow kind of person. In my day, people seemed to work out their own problems and there was peace. But my personality changed when I lost the woman I loved to the first villain, my nemesis, Facestealer. It was my fault. If I had been more attentive and more active. I could have saved her. Gwendolyn, you must actively shape your own destiny and the destiny of this world.
[He dissipates like the others. Gwendolyn holds her head in despair.]
Gwendolyn: All these past heroes... They're all telling me to do it. They- They don't get it!
[Gwendolyn realizes something.]
Gwendolyn: Wait a minute. Maybe I can ask mom. FireFight said I could summon citizens too.
[Gwendolyn resumes the lotus position and Elena Diomedes manifests in front of her.]
Elena Diomedes: [Smiles.] Gwendolyn...
Gwendolyn: [On the verge of tears.] Mom...
Elena Diomedes: What troubles you, my child?
Gwendolyn: Mom, Everyone expects so much from me. Everyone expects me to kill Nicolas, Even past Heroes, but he's innocent. He's being controlled by dad.
Elena Diomedes: [bows her head.] It's true, Nicolas is innocent in all this. He knows not what he's doing. To him it's merely a dream.
Gwendolyn: [starts to whimper.] I know and I can't bear to kill him. What should I do?
Elena Diomedes: Gwendolyn, I see that you're a kind and gentle young woman and Mender Koralith has taught you well, but this isn't about you. This is about the world.
Gwendolyn: But Mender Koralith taught me I should detach myself from the world so my spirit could be free.
Elena Diomedes: Many great and wise heroes have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment, but you can never do it, Gwen. because your future is to the world. Here is my wisdom for you, my daughter. Your unbridled selflessness will force you to sacrifice your own morals and do whatever it takes... to protect this world.
[She dissipates and Gwendolyn lies torn on the ground, crying.]


[Inside her father's underground facility, Gwen can see and hear her father over a screen at a nearby console.]
Ignacio: Welcome home, Gwen. Have you seen the truth at last?
Gwendolyn: I will not listen to your lies, Father!
Ignacio: Then I won't lie to you, my daughter. You've been lied to enough...
[Ignacio signals his men to go search for Gwen. They move off-screen.]
Ignacio: Come, my fellow scientists. Let us welcome my daughter home!
Gwendolyn: I stopped being your daughter when you forced your horrible experiments on me, filth!
Ignacio: Parenthood is not lessened when one child is foolish, Gwen. You can still be forgiven...
[After a while, Gwen finally trapped her father. Forcing him to stand and fight]
Ignacio: [Sigh] You are a fool, Gwen. You know you are no match for me.
Gwendolyn: Of all the scientists in the world. Why, father, did it have to be you? I thought you were stronger than this!
Ignacio: I am stronger than you could ever imagine. I can feel Defender tremble at my approach. Even the gods will know my name!
Gwendolyn: No one will remember you, father. I will see to that!
[They fight and Ignacio gains the upper hand. Gwendolyn lies defeated on the ground as Ignacio turns his back on her.]
Ignacio: Pathetic. You and I aren't so much different, Gwen. You were great once, before you escaped, before you rendered judgment on countless villages trying to do good, but in the end killing them all. Before murdering the innocent and guilty, all in one stroke!! You weak, sorry girl! How does it feel to have murdered millions! To have betrayed your own family!
Gwendolyn: I betrayed no one!
[Gwendolyn gets up and fights with renewed vigor.]
Gwendolyn: Innocents die so that humanity may live. I ended Nicolas's suffering, as I will end yours!
[They fight and Gwendolyn mortally wounds her father. He falls to his knees and smiles. Somewhere, he is happy Gwendolyn defeated him.]
Ignacio: [on the verge of tears] You have beaten me... I cannot believe it... I was wrong, Gwen, so wrong. I thought I was strong... Strong enough to control it. I wanted to use my experiments for good... For the Champions. You must believe me! You must... Give me the chance to make amends, to seek redemption.
[Ignacio extends a hand to Gwen.]
Gwendolyn: If redemption is what you seek, Then that is what I will give you.
[Gwen grabs her father's hand and almost immediately it starts to turn blue from the cold. The frost and rigor mortis creeping over his arm and onto the rest of his body. His eyes rolling behind his head as it too starts to change color. Icicles start to form as the last part of his body turns cold. Gwen continues by breaking off the hand she grabbed along with its arm, using it as a batting pole to shatter the rest of his body into pieces. After a few swings, she falls between her legs and starts crying over her father's frozen remains.]

Gwen's pretty

[In Club Caprice. Gwendolyn and Furr are sitting in one of the couches near the fountain.]
Furr: Hey Gwen, why do you never wear make-up while all these other girls do?
Gwendolyn: One of the good things about being blind is that I don't have to waste my time worrying about appearances. I don't care what I look like. I'm not looking for anyone's approval. I know who I am.
Furr: That's what I really admire about you, Gwen. You're so strong and confident and self-assured.
[A moment of silence speeds by.]
Furr: I know it doesn't matter, but... I think you're really pretty...
Gwendolyn: I am... ?
Furr: Yeah, you are...
[They hug.]
Gwendolyn: I'd return the compliment, but I'm not sure how you really look like.
[Furr laughs as the hug breaks.]
Gwendolyn: Thanks furr.

First kiss

[After fighting a group of dogz in Vibora bay, Gwendolyn notices Dominick got scratched across his chest.]
Gwendolyn: Oh! you're hurt!
Dominick: Oh? Oh... Those 'Dogz' should learn to cut their fingernails.
[Gwendolyn steps closer, raising her hand. It emits a light blue glow.]
Gwendolyn: I might be able to heal it.
[Dominick raises his hands.]
Dominick: It's ok, I'll be fine.
Gwendolyn: But my ice can halt the bleeding and reduce the swelling.
[Dominick grabs Gwendolyn's glowing hand.]
Dominick: Save it.
Gwendolyn: I just... I want you to be ok.
Dominick: I will be.
[Gwendolyn leans closer to Dominick.]
Dominick: What?
Gwendolyn: Heat up...

Dark Frost's envy

[Dark Frost is talking to Kahi.]
Dark Frost: I have been thinking of Gwendolyn. My original who is Dominick's girlfriend. I continue to envy their love, but envy is what a demon feels, a desire for something it cannot have.
Kahi: There is no harm in wanting something beautiful.
Dark Frost: I... I think I understand. you co-exist with both great darkness and great beauty. It must be confusing. Yet now I find myself wishing to be more. It is enlightening and I thank Ignacio every day for bringing me to this world.
Kahi: Thank you for choosing our side.
Dark Frost: Which I shall continue to do, if you allow it. You have all proven yourself friends. An example of all that is worthy in the world. I am proud of what we will accomplish together.

Dark Frost's sacrifice

[In a volcano on Monster Island. As the last part of Cosmos is being melted by the volcanic lava, the ground starts to shake beneath they're feet. Kahi turns to face Seth.]
Kahi: Master, what's happening!?
Seth: Cosmos' power! It triggered the volcano!
[Mirabel crunches numbers on her wrist computer.]
Mirabel: Big enough to wipe out the entire island... And way too big to stop! We need to get out of here!
Cache: Judging by the eruptions, I don't think we're gonna make it...
[Seth signals a retreat and everyone, but Gwendolyn, leaves.]
Gwendolyn: Dark Frost!
[Dark Frost floats towards her on an icy disk.]
Gwendolyn: Come on! We've got to get out of here!
Dark Frost: [resolute] I'm staying.
Gwendolyn: [Disbelieving.] What!?
Dark Frost: Gwen, we're the only ones that can stop the volcano. Our ice can stop the lava from erupting, but it will likely kill us.
Gwendolyn: Than I'll do it! I can handle some heat.
Dark Frost: No. If the heat doesn't kill you, the toxic fumes and ash will. Besides, you have to much to live for. I have... Seen... How you look at Dominick, how you 2 smile at each other, how you hold his arm while you're walking side by side, all the friends you have. All you have accomplished in your life... Me? I'm not even worthy to be a copy. I will sacrifice myself to save you and your friends...
[A moment of silence rushes between them.]
Gwendolyn: I thought you didn't like to play the hero.
Dark Frost: Doesn't mean I don't know how...


[During The Bloodmoon crisis The Avatars of Seth stood face to face with the undead horde.]
Gwendolyn: Go back to the graves that spawned you, monsters!
Undead Vigil: Gladly... But first we must help you to yours.

Mutant Witch!

[In the Qliphothic Realm, Gwen was tasked to bring down Luther Black who had delusions of godhood.]
Luther Black: Mutant witch! You despoil my chapel with your presence!
Gwendolyn: Your godhood is an illusion, Luther. I can hardly blaspheme against something that isn't divine!
Luther Black: You'd dare...!
Gwendolyn: I will send you back to the avatars in a tomb!"
Luther Black: I've known my death for ten of your lifetimes, mutant. Don't think to scare me with it! I will not be driven back by one such as you!
Gwendolyn: Take solace, at least, in facing defeat at the hands of your better. There is no ignominy in that.
Luther Black: I have yet to meet my better, mutant. Certainly not in this forsaken realm! All I have seen are deluded tyrants, villains and mutant scum!
Gwendolyn: You should've looked beyond your mirror, then.

Eclipse's demise

[During a Dark Enforcers mission to track down and eliminate Dark Seraph, Gwendolyn and Naeo were halted by a follower of Dark Seraph; Eclipse. In an underground lair Dark Seraph is running from the duo.]
Gwendolyn: [Points towards Dark Seraph.] There he is! [Dark Seraph turns towards them.]
Naeo: Wait... is he smiling?
[Eclipse Teleports in to defend his fleeing master.]
Eclipse: Here you are, like good little prey. Now, if you will only do me the further kindness of dying!
[After a long, heated battle. Both Gwendolyn and Naeo mortally wound eclipse at the same time. Eclipse puked blood and is breathing heavily.]
Eclipse: It is the way of nature... A predator stumbles... and he becomes... [dying breath.] prey...
Naeo: He considered us mere prey...
Gwendolyn: No longer.


[12 years later; Gwendolyn is ~30 and most of the original Champions have retired, replaced by new heroes. Ironclad is the only original Champion that still does his duty. He looks older though, wrinkles in his face, the years have not been kind to him. He looks up at the night sky. Everything looks so calm, so quiet. A general approaches Ironclad, He speaks with a slow, calm voice.]
General: Frost is using both her eyes and liquid nitrogen to fight. We have to assume that the enemy is highly skilled. We also need to consider what to do if Gwendolyn loses control... --
[Ironclad's jaw drops, he doesn’t believe what he’s hearing.]
General: -- We need to consider that scenario. The people are in danger.
[Ironclad smiles reassuringly.]
Ironclad: That won’t be a problem.
[Ironclad reminiscence about a conversation with Gwendolyn.]
Ironclad: Gwen will never hurt harm Millennium. No matter what.
[Ironclad is lost in his memory, he thinks of the time where Gwen was about to join the Dark Enforcers supergroup. Inside Ironclad’s memory; Ironclad looks younger and is sitting on Gwen’s bed while Gwendolyn has her back turned to Ironclad and looks outside her window, staring at the sunset. This memory takes place the night before the Qularr invasion. Gwendolyn just turned 18.]
Ironclad: Gwen… don’t you ever learn to give up?
[Gwendolyn keeps staring.]
Ironclad: I don’t want to say this, but....
[Gwendolyn, still staring at the sunset, starts to look down.]
Ironclad: You know how people see you... You're a weapon of Terror... You’ll have a really hard time if you leave us and join the Dark Enforcers. They're full of heroes that think very poorly of you... And even if you join them, Millennium will still be terrified of you.
[Her voice indicates she’s close to tears.]
Gwendolyn: I know that...
[Ironclad is surprised at what he hears.]
Gwendolyn: ...I've always known, but doing nothing at all, will only cause more fear and suffering. I know what I must do. I must clear my own path... And perhaps then, someday...
[She looks back up at the sunset, because of Millennium’s tall buildings, the sun is already half down. It glows intensively with an orange hue. The perfect sunset. Gwendolyn’s blindfold cringes making it look like she has a hard time looking at the sun.]
Gwendolyn: ... Someday... I can be like him. I want to be part of this city, so I'm aiming for the same title as Defender.
[Gwendolyn places her right hand on her window, looking out at the streets. Ironclad hears Gwen’s whimpering.]
Ironclad: Gwen...
Gwendolyn: I will work hard and connect to the people of this city. Watching Defender fight Dr. Destroyer has brought me clarity. Up until now, my ties to others brought only disgust, hatred, sorrow... Grief... But, seeing Defender fight so hard against Dr. Destroyer and seeing the people praise his name after his victory, made me wonder what ties really are. I think I finally understand... The suffering and sadness of life... The joy... These are feelings that I can share with those around me...
[Ironclad smiles at Gwen.]
Gwendolyn: It was Mender Koralith... it was he who taught me. He did not only teach me how to control my powers, he taught me that I can change the path my life will follow. He pushed me... To redefine those ties. Someday, I want my existence to be... necessary... to others... Not just to be viewed as some hidious weapon...
[Gwendolyn looks behind her, at Ironclad. She’s smiles and has a frozen tear-drop across her cheek.]
Gwendolyn: That, Ironclad, is my dream. Millennium’s next "Defender".
[A white light stops his reminiscing. Ironclad snaps back into reality, where Gwendolyn is fighting above the cityscape against a dangerous and powerful super villain that threatens Millennium City. Ironclad talks to himself.]
Ironclad: The people no longer fear you, Gwen… They adore you…



Beautiful all along - Because of her eyes she had no idea what she looked like untill furr complimented her on her appearance.
Distinctive Appearances - Her cold body gives her natural blue lips.
Not so Weak - Villians have a tendancy to underestimate Frost's prowess when first met, thinking she's blind, only to find they're sorely mistaken.
The Fashionista - During her downtime, Frost attends Hero Costume contests and has won several so far, most noticably; for best costume.


Brilliant, but Lazy - Frost is highly intelligent, as indicated by her passing of the Mensa entry test, which places her in the upper two percentile on standardized intelligence tests, although she never actually joined Mensa. However, she rarely shows off with this, thus surprising other people when she does.
Defrosting Ice Queen - When you first meet her, she might be a tad hostile, but persevere and she will slowly open up to you.
Graceful in her Element - Frost feels more comfortable during winter.
My girl is NOT a slut! - Although Frost has trouble dating duo to her personality, once she has a boyfriend she is very clingy and loyal and gets jealous very easily.


Picky Eater - Frost is a vegitarian and does not eat meat of any kind, but does eat cheese and eggs and drinks at least one glass of milk every day.
Chaotic Good - Frost is concidered to be an anti-hero, meaning; although still a hero, she has no qualms killing or maiming a villian.
Beyond Good and Evil - Most villians Frost is tasked down to apprehend are to dangerous to be put in prison and need to be destroyed outright in order for peace to persevere, example; Therakiel, Cosmos, Dark Seraph,...

Powers, Combat and Skill

Action Girl - Can go toe to toe with her male counterparts.
Blind Seer - She has to wear a blindfold in order to avoid blinding people with her glowing amber eyes, but she is not blinded by it. Her eyes lets her see the heat emitted from matter even down to sub-atomic level and see thermal and kinetic energies.
Fatal Flaw - Her immense power does not come without immense need for control. If she loses control she has the power to create elemental disasters, for example; If Frost were to lose control in the desert, the immense cold combined with the desert's staggering heat can create one hell of a vortex storm.
Hyperactive Awareness - Her eyes can see what others cannot and she is able to sense changes in air temperature.
Muscles are Meaningless - When covered in ice, Frost has the ability to propel the appendages of her body while fighting. Granting superior strength without musclegrowth.


Harmful to Touch - Frost's body maintains a constant chilly temperature so low that it is harmfull to touch her.


Bad Dreams - Frost's childhood memories surface while she sleeps.
Chekhov's Skill - Frost has had many tutors during her life and took the time to learn how to control her powers.
Misery builds Character - Her abusive childhood and misunderstood teenhood have turned her into a strong adult.


All part of the Job - Frost loves being a hero, having a life connected to her people and wouldn't want to trade it for any gold in the world.
Determined Defeatist - Even in the face of certain defeat, Frost will stop at nothing to protect the innocent.
Wake up, go to school and save the world - Gwen combines school with superhero activities.

RP Hooks

  • Does your character live near the downtown area? Frost owns an apartement dorm there and you might have seen her walking around the various book stores.
  • During Week-ends, Frost can generally be found in Club Caprice - dancing on the dancefloor.
  • Does (or did) your character study at The Ravenswood Academy? Chances are you might have seen her during class, in the hall or in the school's library.
  • Were you there during the Qularr's invasion of Millennium City? so was Frost!
  • Be mindful of Frost's beliefs of justice. She conciders herself to be the embodiment of vengeance, the anger of dead people, demanding blood be spilled for the blood they lost.


  • She's an avid reader. Her room is full of bookshelfs flooded with novels.
  • Collects trinkets from fallen enemies, for example; She has a mirror in the shape of a Serpent.
  • She's ambidextrous, meaning she is equally adept in the use of both left and right hand.
  • Enjoys sparring with other superheroes.
  • When bored she rolls an icy coin between her fingers, similar to what poker players do with chips.
  • Has a great dislike towards villians (and superheroes) that like publicity.
  • With her teammate, Naeo Lithinanko, she has completed 341 official missions in total; 0 D-rank, 65 C-rank, 161 B-rank, 85 A-rank and 30 S-rank.
  • When her opponents have enough ice covered on them, Gwendolyn has the ability to propel her opponents in various directions. Lifting them over her head to slam them back on the ground, propel them behind her, push them forward, ect.


Theme Songs

Meditation: Pleiadian Friend - Psybient mix Itunes-icon.png


Voice and appearance

Actress for Live-Action: Lily Collins
Voice Actress for Animation: Tricia Helfer

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