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"GIVING HEROISM A PUSH." Musicthemeicon.png
PLAYER @MagicPretzel
Super Group link= of the World
Rank Charter Member
Current Affliations UNITY, The Order of Justice
Former Affiliations United States Marine Corps, Defense Intelligence Agency, Alpha Group

Real Name John Upshaw
Known Aliases The Ace of Spades, ਕਧਰ ਦੇ ਬੂਸਟਰ, Liam Bardolph, Леонид Демикхов, Сергей Михайлов
Gender Male
Species Metahuman
Birthdate August 27th, 1979
Place of Birth San Diego, CA
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Jane Lawrence (Mother), Adam Upshaw† (Father)

Apparent Age Late 20s - Early 30s
Height 6'10"
Weight 286 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Complexion Fair
Build Mesometric
Notable Features Sleeve tattoos on both arms; tattoo on back of left calf; moderate scarring across back; small scar on lower lip; GSW scar in right shoulder

Identity Public
Citizenship US Citizen w/ No Criminal Record
Marital Status Single
Occupation ASPRA-Registered Hero
Education High School Diploma


Vector Manipulation - Physical Fitness - Military Training - Crafty
KRISIS - CALLOUS - Central Data Processor Unit -
Flying Vs (x2)

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Early Life

John was born in San Diego, California to Adam and Jane Upshaw. His father was a mid-level narcotics distributor and, as such, was in and out of prison often, making it difficult for his mother to do little more than stay home and look after her son. At age six, John's parents divorced, though his mother kept his father’s surname up until his death when he was eleven, returning to her maiden surname of Lawrence. John was, naturally, torn up by this series of rather unfortunate events - as well as strongly turned off to narcotics - and went into a mild, bottled-up depression for a few years until high school when his hormones started to level out and he became more sociable.

On August 27th, 1996 (John's seventeenth birthday) he enlisted in the Marine Corps MOS of 0231 Intel Specialist. Three years through his contract with 1st Marine Division, 1st Intel, Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Company (where he quickly excelled in his job), he picked up the rank of Corporal. He later on went through a screening in order to become a Marine Corps Raider based on high marks from a Chief Warrant Officer Hauberk. He excelled in the two years of training and later on became a top operator with 1st MSOB running multiple missions around the world that still remain highly classified to this day. He went on to be enlisted for a total of thirteen years when he decided to retire as a Gunnery Sergeant and took up work with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In 2013, after four years worth of operations in the DIA, John led the security convoy for the American ambassador to China. Upon heading back to the embassy, his convoy was ambushed by a group of mercenaries. There were no casualties; however, upon further inspection, the head of their security detail was missing in-action. The mercenary in question had kidnapped John and returned him to their base of operations - a remote cell operating in Tibet. It was broadcast that terrorists had an American operative in captivity and planned to execute him on live television. He was there for four months, held for ransom and interrogated - to no avail. When they grew tired of a futile ransom attempt, they finally attempted to execute him. When the cameras went on and the gun pointed to his head, latent metahuman abilities came forth, allowing John to eliminate his captors. Fashioning a makeshift rescue beacon using their broadcasting technology, he was eventually rescued by SFF (Special Frontier Force) commandos, eventually transferred back into American hands.

Officially overqualified, John traded his career with the DIA for unemployment, immediately heading for the pinnacle of superhuman activity -- Millenium City, Michigan. He spent roughly a year here before receiving an opportunity to work with a team of DOD-sanctioned prior-military heroes known as Alpha Group. Alpha was on call for the next World War and would be one of the several American superteams to be deployed first. As such, John spent his tenure with Alpha Group training, attending ceremonies, and shows of force. He worked with them for three years until early 2017, he hit his twenty years of service to the nation and opted to retire to return to Millenium City.




On the surface, John is a charismatic man with simple tastes. An air of chivalry resides about him, materializing through simple acts. One can easily perceive him as a textbook gentleman. One might also learn soon enough that John is a master in the art of deceit, easily being able to pull lies from thin air and roll with them on the spot, as if they were rehearsed.

John is a reserved leader, as charismatic as he may be. He finds he can handle most situations solo, and doesn't necessarily need another person tagging along. He can be very happy alone, enjoying his own thoughts and ideas. As such, this classifies him as an introvert. In his experience, other people aren't always completely dependable, so he generally relies on himself and a few close others. Despite this sense of independence, though, he isn't a close-minded person who makes hasty judgements about others. He knows it isn't easy to walk in other people's shoes.

John's vision of the world is complex - his values aren't set in stone. Instead, he's able to change his beliefs based on new information. At times other people's feelings are puzzling to him, and he wishes that people were more rational. He finds it difficult to understand why some people get so emotional and tell everyone else their problems. His solid grounding in the practicalities of life, along with his self-assuredness and willingness to appreciate new things makes him a leader. He's in touch with what is going on around him and adept at remaining down-to-earth and logical.

Although he's detail-oriented, this doesn't mean that he loses the big picture. He tends to find beauty in form and efficiency, as opposed to finding it in broad-based, abstract concepts. Never one to pass on an adventure, he's consistently seeking and finding new things, even in his immediate surroundings. Because of this eagerness to pursue new experiences, he's learned a lot; his attention to detail means that he gains a great deal from his adventures.

The intellectual curiosity that drives him leads him to seek out causes of and reasons behind things. John's confidence gives him the potential to take his general awareness and channel it into leadership. He's not set on one way of doing things, and he often has the skills and persistence to find innovative ways of facing challenges. He is well-attuned to his talents, and can deal with most problems that he faces. He's not afraid to let his emotions guide him, and he's generally considerate of others' feelings as well.


/ / Vector Manipulation John's abilities are a combination of kinetic and spatial manipulation, the potential of which limited by his understanding of the concept he's trying to manipulate. This essentially allows him to tweak the kinetic energy of an object in motion, allowing him to redirect it so long as the object itself already has some kinetic energy behind it. Likewise, if the object is at rest, he must impart some kinetic energy from his own body into the object to get it moving.

John's abilities work on both a micro and macro scale, allowing him to operate more surgically (i.e. curve a bullet, give himself tactile telekinesis, force choke, etc.) or a little larger (i.e. lift a bus, redirect wind currents, etc.)

This ability is limited by his understanding of a concept and his own energy reserves. If he's not given ample time to react or utilizes the aforementioned abilities for too long, he'll fail, risking hurting himself, or blacking out.

/ / Physical Fitness Despite having been honorably discharged from military service years ago, old habits die hard. John is the epitome of health and, arguably, in better shape than he was in the Marines twenty years ago.

/ / Military Training John is a twenty year veteran of the military, both with the United States Marine Corps' MARSOC/Raiders program as well as the Defense Intelligence Agency. As such, he has extended experience with weapons manipulation, as well as hand-to-hand combat. His mindset paired with new-found metahuman abilities also make him an expert with improvising weaponry.

/ / Crafty On top of his military training, John received advanced training in both tradecraft and fieldcraft, as well as some fairly advanced training in linguistics. John is fluent with English, Spanish, and French, conversational with Albanian, Serbian, Korean, and Mandarin, and recall remnants of Italian and Russian. One 'language' he also has a knack for is body language or 'the art of reading people'. Experience negotiating and interrogating has made him relatively efficient in detecting lies, though he would hardly call himself an expert.


/ / Kendrium-carbide Regor-graphene Integrated Skin-layer Isolation System Tracer's base suit; a set of Graphene and Regor Plastic-Composite Polymer full body tights with internal Kendrium and Carbide Alloy Mesh plates. The suit itself is rated for Level IIIA ballistics (.357, .44 Magnum) while the joints downgrade to Level II ballistics (9x19mm, .357) for increased mobility. The internal plates are rated at Level IV ballistics (.30-06 Armor-Piercing). The KRISIS suit also has internal atmosphere-regulation - allowing it to be worn in multiple environments without discomfort - regulated by an external Central Data Processor Unit on his chest.

/ / Computer Activated Low-Light Optics User System An upgrade to John's base model (which he typically leaves at home unless he's planning on facing larger threats), comprising of a full-body suit. These components are rated at Level IV+ ballistics (.50 BMG) and grant the following upgrades:

  • Heads-Up Display
  • Optical Enhancement Overlay
  • Peripheral Radar System
  • Vital Sensory System
  • Tactile Sensory System
  • Magnetic Locking System

/ / Central Data Processor Unit The external CPU located on his chest that processes atmosphere-regulation in KRISIS, as well as any and all CALLOUS upgrades.

/ / Flying vs (x2) Located on either side of his Central Data Processor Unit, these luminescent boomerangs detach from the unit, allowing them to be used as an extra projectile.


/ / Tactical Operations Center To be added.

/ / The Upshaw Residence To be added.


/ / Durability John is the textbook definition of a glass cannon. He's got all the strength in the world, but none of the durability to back it up. He'd have to sacrifice a portion of the applied strength to make him more durable.

/ / Metaphysical Damage Any attack not considered physical, John has no real defense against. He has a pretty high level of willpower given his time in the military, and his time in captivity, but anything else will blow right through him.

/ / Magic As with metaphysical damage, John can't effect any magical attacks as they typically deal with another plane.

/ / Electrocution Having been treated with shock impulses during his time in captivity, John has a somewhat irrational fear of electrocution. He'll jump with static shocks, but a tazer will bring back flashbacks and effect him worse than normal. One could argue it's PTSD, but he'd deny it.

/ / Fame Having spent seventeen years in the shadows, John values his privacy tremendously. He'd have enemies from his past, old ghosts who'd know him by another name, but once his face was revealed in May of 2013, he lost all virtues of privacy when he was outed to the world as an American intelligence agent. He'd reluctantly embrace fame, but his past will come to haunt him, and he has nowhere to hide.



/ / Lani Upshaw He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? John and Lani met at Sherrera's during John's first week here, and they've been together since. They married in February of 2016, and at the time of this entry, she is pregnant with their firstborn child - a boy. Lani works as a linguist for UNTIL, and their shared interest of culture and language helped spark their romance.

/ / Theodore Atlas AKA Peace Bringer A fellow Marine turned UNTIL posterboy, Theo and John's friendship is somewhat of a new one. While they differ on some aspects of the job, the two have grown very close in the past few months. John is even an honorary member of Theo's group 'The Order of Justice', probably thanks in-part to their friendship.

/ / Carter Williams AKA Captain Adamant Another fellow veteran hero, Carter hooked John up with a position on the prestiguous Protectors of the World, where his allegiance primarily lies. Carter is one of John's closest friends on the team, and John considers him the closest thing to a leader John's had in a while.


"I want to say that John is like an older brother to me but he's a bit old for that. Don't see him like a dad either...He's like that cool uncle that comes over to visit for holidays. John's always got my back and I try to be there for him when I can. He's a true Marine and one hell of a hero. The world's safer with his breath in it." | Peace Bringer

"Did you know he's married? Who'd have thought an old guy like that could get married? I guess that's why he's always hanging out with people like me. To feel young again." | Starlet

"It's been great getting to know Tracer since he got onto the Protectors. I think I can see this guy doing some big things for the team if he gets the chance!" | Atomac

"I have recently become allies with him and it's been a wild ride ever since we met. After him passing the quiz to become an ally of the Order, he has taught me as well as alot of other members his experience and how to be a better hero. This is one of the many people (not many actually) that I can call a friend." | Omni-Star


/ / Protectors of the World

/ / Defense Intelligence Agency

/ / United States Marine Corps







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Men of Honor
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Sons of War


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American Remains













/ / Career Military



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