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Daemon Noir
Liath DNoir Icon.jpg
Name: Confidential
Aliases: None
Species: Presumed Human
Nationality: Confidential
Ethnicity: Confidential
Marital: Confidential
Relatives: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Base: Confidential
Physical Traits:
Gender:Flag F.png Female
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Physique: Confidential
Hair: Confidential
Eyes: Confidential
Skin: Confidential
Other: Confidential
Powers & Abilities:
Powers: Confidential
Abilities: Confidential
Equipment: Confidential
Group:Future Force
Rank: Confidential
Other:Science Heroes Against Felonious Threats
Millennium Adventurer's Glee Society
User:Liath Knot.png Liath (Talk)
Liath KnotLarge.png
Powers / Damage
Liath KnotLarge.png
Liath Knot.png
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Coming Soon...

Liath history.png
Noir arrives through the mirror into Millennium City

Noir was born to a tribe of benevolent nature demons, or as they prefer to be called Daemon. As a child she dreamed of visiting the mortal realm and she would often spend hours peering into the Daemon Mirror of Spirits hoping to get glimpse of humans.

Noir would occasionally slip through the mirror to watch more closely the goings on in the mortal realm and had to be recovered more than once by her parents.

Upon reaching the age of Ascension and being designated an adult, Noir chose to travel through the mirror to this realm for an extended period.

At first mistaken for a villian, Noir soon proved herself a hero by rescuing civilians from the alien threat which invaded Millennium City. In gratitude for her services the Champions gifted her a device which allowed her to take on a more human appearance should she choose.

Deciding that it would help the local populace trust her more (they believed demons were evil creatures) Noir changed her appearance to a more human look however retained certain aspects of her daemonic heritage she was unwilling to give up.

Liath look.png
Noir - True Form
Coming Soon...

Noir - "Human" Form
Liath power.png
Noir emitting dark field in combat
Coming Soon...

Liath gear.png

Coming Soon...

Liath foe.png
Victor Von Hellspawn
Status: At Large

Details Coming Soon
Liath DNoir NemVictorVonHellspawn.jpg
Victor Von Hellspawn
Liath Transparent.png

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