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Name:Annelise Brand
Aliases:Miss Fortune
Lucky Star
Nationality:Flag USA.png American
Relatives:Albrecht Brand (Great Uncle - Deceased)
Manfred Brand (Father - Deceased)
Joanne Brand (Mother - Deceased)
Occupation: Confidential
Base:Millennium City
Physical Traits:
Gender:Flag F.png Female
Height:5' 8"
Physique:Slim / Athletic
Other: Confidential
Powers & Abilities:
Powers: Confidential
Abilities: Confidential
Equipment: Confidential
Liath SHAFT 400.jpg
Group:Science Heroes Against Felonious Threats
Rank: Confidential
Other: Confidential
User:Liath Knot.png Liath (Talk)
Liath KnotLarge.png
Powers / Damage
Liath KnotLarge.png
Liath Knot.png
Liath Pencil.png
Liath Pic.png
Liath Top.png

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Liath Chance Logo.png
Orphaned at a young age, Annelise Brand was taken in and raised by her great uncle Albrecht. As she grew older she learned of Albrecht's adventures as the teen hero Chance during World War 2, having shown at a young age a subconscious ability to affect probability in his favor (to a small degree). Albrecht noted this same ability apparent in Annelise and determined to train her in order that she could take on his mantle, and become Chance.
Liath Chance History.png

Annelise Brand was only 10 years old when she received news of her parents' death from the head mistress of her boarding school. Noted Archeologists, Manfred and Joanne Brand were returning from a dig in the middle east when the aircraft they were on was involved in a mid air collision. With no other relatives to be found, Annelise was adopted by her paternal grandfather's brother Albrecht Brand. Unknown to Annelise or her parents, Albrecht was once known as Chance and was a former teen hero during WW2 (where he fought alongside Brigadier Steel).

When not training Annelise, Albrecht enjoys hero watching from the benches of Renaissance Center

Knowing his heroing days had come to an end long ago and with no son to pass on the mantle to, Albrecht saw that the child had some of the same talents as he and so after a few years of training Annelise was allowed to foil a few small crimes. Unknown to her uncle, Annelise would often slip out and take on more dangerous criminals on her own. During this time she took on several personas including Miss Fortune and Lucky Star. When the original Chance finally decided that she was ready, he bequeathed his superhero name and role onto Annelise, and she became Chance.

Initially basing her look on the original Chance's costume with some feminine touches, Annelise has continued to adapt and change her uniform to reflect her own personality and tastes. The death of her Great Uncle hit Annelise hard and as she struggled to come to terms with the loss, her look and attitude towards criminals darkened.

Liath Chance Look.png

Coming Soon...

Liath Chance Power.png

Annelise has the ability to subconsciously that affect probability of events occuring in her favor. This subconsciously controlled talent is triggered when she is in a stressful situation (such as fighting or escaping) and seems to work by making improbable (but not impossible) things to occur within her line of sight. This "probability field" phenomenon would appear to be constantly in place and the effect can be anything from an enemy's equipment failing to work, to hitting just the right switch with a stray shot to prevent a doomsday weapon from firing; however it seems Annelise must be engaged in an action whose chance she can affect for ability to "kick in". The full extent of this ability is still unknown.

Liath Chance Gear.png

Attached to the left forearm and easily concealed, the dual barrel microfilament grappler. This device allows the wearer to quickly scale vertical or near vertical surfaces in order to reach strategic vantage points. In addition to this the device can be used to swing onto otherwise unreachable locations. Utilising a dual cable system with quick retract mechanism, the Grappler can be fired quickly in succession allowing the wearer to swing further than a single length of microfilament would allow. Each cable is tipped with an diamond sharp micro dart. These darts are designed using a nanomesh of memory metal memory metal. When an electrical charge is applied along the microfilament the darts form a barbed shape to embed within whatever surface they have penetrated; reversing the voltage of the charge reverts them to a streamlined needle allowing them to release their grip and retract into the Grappler. If the barb cannot be released for some reason the entire cable magazine is ejected from the Grappler to prevent the wearer getting tangled in a lost cable. The firing mechanism is an electrically ignited plasma generated from the integrated quick release gas reservoir. This device was built by Kid Steel, expanding on original designs created by his late father.

  • Dual Cartridge 30 m Questionite nanofiber microfilament
  • Cable Weight Safety Limit: 500 lbs

Liath Chance Nemesis.png
Blood Fist
Status: At Large
Powerset:Martial Arts

Little is known of Blood Fist before he appeared in Millenium City and began challenging the Red Dragon cult for control of West Side. He is known to have previously had run-ins with the Yakuza in Tokyo and some say that his present condition is as a result of a blood fued with one of the other Yakuza families.
Liath Chance NemBloodFist.jpg
Blood Fist
Liath Transparent.png

Killbot 117-A
Status: In Prison

Created in a military laboratory, 117-A was recharging when an electrical storm struck the base. The surge of electricity through the mains, resulted in 117-A blowing several key circuits; including those which allowed the operators to override the robot's highly adaptive artificial intelligence, and the ethical subroutines embedded in it's programming. Breaking free from the laboratory, 'Killbot' as the robot named itself, took control of an abandoned Bureau 17 base and began building an army or robots to control.
Liath Chance Killbot117-A.jpg
Killbot 117-A
Liath Transparent.png

Liath Chance Pics.png
Liath Chance Other.png

Musical Themes:

Skynyrd species.jpg
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Good Luck, Bad Luck
Lady Gaga - Poker Face.png
Lady Gaga
Poker Face

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"Having fought alongside the original Chance during the war, I could not contemplate someone ever filling those shoes. Having since observed the new Chance in action, she is definitely deserving of the honour of continuing the legacy." - Brigadier Steel
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