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Determination And Compassion
Name:Scarlett Firestorm
Aliases: None
Nationality:Flag USA.png American
Relatives: Confidential
Base:Millenium City
Physical Traits:
Gender:Flag F.png Female
Weight: Confidential
Other: Confidential
Powers & Abilities:
Powers: Confidential
Abilities: Confidential
Equipment: Confidential
Liath SODLAG 130130.png
Group:Society of Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
Rank:Society Head
Other:Science Heroes Against Felonious Threats
User:Liath Knot.png Liath (Talk)
Liath KnotLarge.png
Powers / Damage
Liath KnotLarge.png
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Liath Knot.png
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Liath Pic.png
Liath Top.png

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Liath CF intro.pngIntroduction

Scarlett Firestorm is Crimson Fury, the latest bearer of the family title and duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Scarlett often finds her duty to battle evil by whatever means at odds with her career of choice, that of a healer; and is determined not to let Crimson Fury be her only legacy to the world.

Liath CF past.pngHistory

Liath Crimson Feuersturm.png
The Firestorm family have long been defenders against the darker side of our population. The original Baron Feuersturm, a feared swordsman in his own right, took up the mantle of Karmesin Raserei in order to protect his identity while fighting prussian oppression of the working class.

As a result of fighting an alchemist in the employ of the prussian government, The Baron and all his successors gained enhanced strength, speed and agility.

The eldest of each generation of the family inherited the mantle from their predecessor, and were trained in use of blades from childhood. Before the beginning of WW2 the current holder of the role, Hans Herman Feuersturm, was assassinated by Nazis for his openly defiant views of their politics.

Fearing for their lives the Feuersturm family fled to the west. Eventually arriving in America and settling in Detroit and changing their name to the english Firestorm.

Enough knowledge remained within the family that they were able to continue the tradition in their new home and so the eldest son of Hans then became the new Crimson Fury, fighting fascist insurgents during WW2.

And so the tradition continues to this day and now it is Scarlett's turn to become the Crimson Fury and defend Millenium City from whatever dangers may come.

Shares an apartment in Millenium City with Kitty Kaboom. Scarlett is a junior E.R. doctor at Mercy Hospital.

Liath CF look.pngAppearance



Liath CF power.pngAbilities

Liath CF gear.pngEquipment


Attached to the left forearm and easily concealed, the dual barrel microfilament grappler. This device allows the wearer to quickly scale vertical or near vertical surfaces in order to reach strategic vantage points. In addition to this the device can be used to swing onto otherwise unreachable locations. Utilising a dual cable system with quick retract mechanism, the Grappler can be fired quickly in succession allowing the wearer to swing further than a single length of microfilament would allow. Each cable is tipped with an diamond sharp micro dart. These darts are designed using a nanomesh of memory metal memory metal. When an electrical charge is applied along the microfilament the darts form a barbed shape to embed within whatever surface they have penetrated; reversing the voltage of the charge reverts them to a streamlined needle allowing them to release their grip and retract into the Grappler. If the barb cannot be released for some reason the entire cable magazine is ejected from the Grappler to prevent the wearer getting tangled in a lost cable. The firing mechanism is an electrically ignited plasma generated from the integrated quick release gas reservoir. This device was built by Kid Steel, expanding on original designs created by his late father.

  • Dual Cartridge 30 m Questionite nanofiber microfilament
  • Cable Weight Safety Limit: 500 lbs

Glider Cape

While the Grappler is great for quick movement in tight urban areas, Crimson has supplemented this with a low weight high tensile Glider Cape which she can deploy mid jump using a small control built into her glove. This allows her to travel quickly and silently over extended distances where swinging would not be possible, or at least problematical.

Liath CF foe.pngNemesis

Shock Soldier
Status: At Large
Powerset:Power Armor

The last descendent of the original Soldat Schreck, when he found out that his great grandfather was alive and had been captured by Crimson Fury, approached VIPER and offered himself up to them to experiment on in order that he could get revenge. Now part man, part machine he intends to make Crimson Fury pay.
Liath CrimsonFury NemShockSoldier.jpg
Shock Soldier
Liath Transparent.png

Status: In Prison

An alien cyborg, Nebulox has come to Earth seeking a means to create an army or device in order to take over his own world. Using nanites he has been able to resurrect undead minions to aid him in his task. Crimson Fury encountered Nebulox minions when they tried to steal electronics from Millennium University Advanced Sciences Laboratory. This setback has enraged Nebulox enough that he has now targeted Crimson Fury in order that she cannot divert him further from his main task.
Liath CrimsonFury NemNebulox.jpg
Liath Transparent.png

Soldat Schreck
Status: In Prison

Soldat Schreck, sworn enemy of the Karmesin Raserei during WW1 and long thought dead has returned and now seeks his revenge against his enemy's descendent Crimson Fury.
Liath CrimsonFury NemSoldatSchrekWW1.jpg
Liath CrimsonFury NemSoldatSchrek.jpg
Soldat Schreck
Liath Transparent.png

Professor Artimus Black
Status: In Prison
Minions:Armed Were-creatures

A former scientist, accidently exposed to wolverine venom when a superhero raid on an underground facility caused catastrophic damage to the base containment facilities.

Although initially feral, implantation of control circuitry connected directly into the brain in a manner similar to aural implants, returned him to his form intelligence level. However the experience has left him with no moral centre whatsever and prone to acts of violence and resulted in a descent into criminal activity to fund his works.

Gathering a pack of werewolves he has performed a similar procedure on them to enhance their intelligence to the point they can use weaponry stolen from the military.

Liath CrimsonFury NemProfArtimusBlack.jpg
Artimus Black
Liath Transparent.png

Liath CF pics.pngGallery

Liath CF misc.pngMiscellany

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