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How dare he call me son...
When I'm clearly a weapon...
A loaded gun.

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The Unstoppable
Soldier Boy
Pushing the Limits
Player: @darkblade98
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Super Group
Young Renegades
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Alex Simmons
Soldier Boy, SB
Febuary 15th 1994
Detroit, MI
Millennium City, MI
Bartender at Nakayama Sushi Bar & Grill
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Joshua Simmons (Father, Deceased) Michael Simmons (Grandfather, deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
174 lbs
Body Type
Very Athletic
· Distinguishing Features ·
Strong jaw, Scars of varying degree across most of his body
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Fighting Staff, Whip, Grappling Line, Throwing Discs, Smoke Grenades
· Other Abilities ·
Staff Fighting, Military Combatives, Rigorous Training, Acrobatics and Parkour

Appearance and Personality

I've been training my whole life. Come on, give me your best shot.
If you look first, you might never leap.

Alex Simmons is an 19 year old, featuring a strong jaw and what could be considered handsome features, he could easily and has, passed for older. Alex strikes a very athletic figure, at the peak of physical fitness, something he strives every day to maintain. He also bears a lot of faded scars, as well as some fresher ones, across much of his body. Alex tries not to draw attention to these as best he can, to avoid unwanted questions. His costumes are very often in khakis and olive drabs, military-esque colours, keeping a strong military theme.

For the most part, Alex appears to be every bit the good soldier, obedient, respectful and always wanting to help. This is mostly due to his intensive military styled upbringing at the hands of his Grandfather. A person who, even after his death, Alex has mixed feelings about, a conflicting mix of respect, love and guilty resentment. Alex was very much forced into his life by his Grandfather, and has only recently began to feel like he has any control over his choices and decisions.

Alex is a confident person, and whilst he can sometimes be formal or seemingly unwilling to take part in social interaction, this melts away when he's in his element, fights. Alex loves fights, and when in them he acts in a way arguably a lot more fitting of his age, casual, cocksure, freely throwing out banter as he risks his life and wellbeing. Even to the few people he'd consider friends, Alex can seem tightly wound. He often appears to be on edge, coiled and ready to spring at any moment.

Alex is not someone who can take failure lying down, in fact he strives to be the best he can be in almost ever aspect of his life. To do any less is as much a failure to himself as it is a disservice to the people he's trying to protect. To this end, he spends a lot of time training, pushing himself to his limits, and further. In a situation that is beyond his capabilities, it's very possible that he'll injure or put himself in danger, due to the stubborn unwillingness to accept his own failure. He doesn't handle failure very well, particularly if he feels his actions led to another being harmed, or put into danger.


Alex was born in February 1994, and raised by his Grandfather, after the death of his own father at the age of 3. His Grandfather had previously been a vigilante known as Screaming Eagle, active after the Second World War. Alex was brought up in a very militaristic way, having to perform drills, and undergo heavy, intensive, and often painful training. His Grandfather pushed him hard to be the best soldier he could possibly be, very much at the expense of what might have been a normal upbringing. Putting his life of training to use, Alex took on the name Soldier Boy when he was 11, and has retained the title since permanently moving to Millennium City at 15.

His training was hard and oftentimes brutal, Alex spent much of his time alternating between the constant training regimes, and intense practical situations. It was not uncommon that his Grandfather would take him to a remote location, or some far away part of the world to test his survival skills against the very elements. Whilst never disobedient, Alex's willingness was in most part thanks to the desire to please his Grandfather, though this was often shaken by the daunting tasks that he would have to undertake.

Since moving to MC, Alex has applied himself fully to crime-fighting, and even more-so after his Grandfather's death in early 2012. He has little time for anything outside of his work, and has entirely dedicated himself, mind and body to his vigilante cause. He maintains his secret identity with as little effort as he can afford, at the absolute expense of the tiny social life he manages to keep. Whilst initially distrusting of the help of others, Alex has found friends in a group of other like-minded young vigilantes, and despite himself, has banded them together, and fallen into a leadership position.

He's now often seen with these "Young Renegades", in a crime-fighting capacity, or as Alex, in their, and his civilian identities. Despite some setbacks, and issues, the Renegades are well on their way to solidifying themselves as a cohesive crime-fighting team.

He currently attends Grace Memorial High School, and is achieving grades a little bit above average. He's currently in his Senior year of class.

Exploits and Activity

Birds of a Feather

  • 3/15/2012 - Soldier Boy encountered a young thief, close to his own age, wielding a magical staff she had little control over and seemingly commanding flocks of ravens. The girl was in the process of stealing money (and food) from a Pizzeria in Westside Millennium City. After a brief fight, the girl used magic to escape.
  • 3/19/2012 - He encountered her once more, and despite attempts to calm her down and help her was impeded by the actions of other heroes present and her own fear. Infuriated by the situation he felt other heroes had created, he afterwards teamed up with the sorceress Dana Doomsday and several others in an attempt to help the girl.
  • 3/28/2012 - Soldier Boy, responding to something that he believed was the girl, instead encountered a very powerful and dangerous magic user, who quickly defeated the heroes present. It appeared she had aso been trying to find the girl for her own reasons.
  • 3/30/2012 - Along with those he had teamed up with, Soldier Boy entered the Dockside Inn, the building where the girl was taking refuge. Searching and fighting their way through the building, and encountering other heroes along the way, they eventually did battle with the same druid who had beaten the heroes mere days earlier, Waerloga. As the heroes fought, the girl they had come to help joined the fray, and with powerful magic, separated the heroes and left them to fight creatures with their depleted numbers. The girl was eventually subdued by the heroes Dana Doomsday and Arcane Arrow and the others were brought back together. As a last act of power, the girl banished the druid Waerloga, now revealed to be her own Mother, straight to hell.

The girl was brought to the bookstore of the mage Grimoire, and Soldier Boy later arrived alongside Dana Doomsday and Chivalry to decide what to do with her. Somewhat reluctantly, Soldier Boy agreed to let the newly christened Ravenheart stay with him, and to keep an eye on her.

Other Events

  • 8/18/2012 - Soldier Boy responded to a battle at the Millennium City docks between the young Atlantean heroine Wavegirl, her sea serpent friend Pisces and the villainous and monstrous Sawtooth! Joined in battle by allies Chivalry, Warforged and Wildeye, Alex helped subdue and defeat the ancient and slightly disgusting evil. In the fire of awesome team combos, friendship was solidified!
  • 9/18/2012 - Alex, along with his teammate and friend Wavegirl, go to Disney World! Unfortunately for them, the terrorist Le Fou had chosen the same day to blow up Disney Castle, and ruin everyone's fun! Joined by heroes Ignition, Nytestrike, Katerra and Bronx, they did battle with the terrorist clown and his lackeys, eventually preventing him from destroying the landmark and saving the crowds of civilians.
  • 11/13/2012 - Responding to a missing SWAT team in the Duskview apartment complex, Soldier Boy, along with Cardinal, Bat Country, Contralto, Swordsaint and Dr. Kaufmann investigated the situation. Within the building they found the residents terrified to leave their rooms, as well as an unusual amount of cobwebs, and it wasn't long before they were set upon by swarms of spiders controlled by the horrific spider matriarch Spiderling. Using teamwork, and in the end a lot of explosive, the heroes defeated their arachnid assailant, and once again made the building safe for those living there.


Every fall is a lesson. "Get back up, harder."
The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.
Fear is a reflex, courage is a choice.

Rigorous Training: Soldier Boy has spent most of his life, preparing and training. Because of this he is at peak physical fitness, and incredibly athletic. He is also of a very tactical mind, knowing many maneuvers and plans of attack by heart. This training included an in depth study of acrobatics, lending him a very high level of agility.

Staff Fighting: Soldier Boy's weapon of choice is a fighting staff. He is incredibly proficient with this, and excels in using it defensively and offensively.

Modern Army Combatives: As well as his staff, Soldier Boy has been taught to use the Modern Army Combatives, making use of techniques from Judo, wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, Sambo and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Aswell as training in hand-held weapons such as the eskrima, Soldier Boy has a very versatile fighting style that allows him to be prepared for many CQC situations.

LINE: Soldier Boy has also been trained to make use of the "LINE" close quarters fighting system. A system that relies heavily on quick, practical moves that are to be performed in low visibility, or when the opponent is disorientated. Despite the lethal intent behind the system, Soldier Boy has only ever employed the non lethal aspects of it.

Firearms and Other Weapons: Alex has been trained heavily in the use of various firearms. Whilst choosing not to make use of his near marksman level of training with them, he does rely on the use of various other thrown weapons, such as bolas and throwing blades, which he can use with a high level of accuracy and skill.

Other Martial Arts: Soldier Boy's Grandfather taught him in many military techniques, including, the SPEAR system of close quarter protection, S.C.A.R.S and rudimentary knowledge and experience of various other martial arts techniques.

Misc: Alex has many years of training, and experience under his belt, over this time he has developed many talents that help him in his every day crimefighting. Skills such as; lockpicking, a lot of experience with investigation and chasing down leads, some proficiency with hacking and computer technology, and other such useful skills.


Whilst resourceful, much of Alex's current equipment was left to him by his Grandfather, and a lot of it appears to be PRIMUS standard, albeit with some modifications.

  • HW-3 Telescoping Tonfa: Alex's primary weapon is in fact a pair of telescopic tonfa, lightweight and very strong, the tonfa make incredibly effective close range weapons. Each can also be extended to a length of 6 feet, and be used as a staff. These tonfa have clearly been modified to incorporate aspects of the PRIMUS HW-S1 Stun Baton, as a stun charge can be activated at their tips, whilst losing some of the charge of a full HW-S1, this makes Soldier Boy's staff very versatile, and effective against various types of target.
  • Grapple and Rope: Soldier Boy makes heavy use of this piece of equipment, using it both in combat, and as a means of quick vertical movement. The cord is tough, and made of heavy duty nylon, and can be fired from a hand-held high pressure mechanism.
  • Domino Mask: Alex's domino mask is a fairly simple piece of equipment, used to disguise his identity. However, it contains Flash Shades within the eyepiece, protecting Alex from disorientation by flash based attacks.
  • Costume: Soldier Boy's costume, whilst primarily made of a tough fabric, also incorporates Undercover Armor, a lightweight mesh beneath the primary fabric.
  • Utility Belt: Soldier Boys belt contains various gadgets including:
    • Bolas: Thrown weapons, designed to entangle legs and limbs.
    • Various Thrown: Soldier Boy has a variety of throwing weapons. From simple blades, to explosives. Some incorporate the same technology and mechanisms as grenades, such as the SP- 3a Gas Grenade, Smoke Grenades or Flash Bangs. Many of the mechanisms can be used separately from their bladed carrying devices.
    • Other: Alex's utility belt contains various other useful devices, such as: Handcuffs, Radio Tracers and Tracking Device, Mini-Binoculars, Standard Radio Bugs and a UV Night scope.
  • Motorbike: Alex has long been in the possession of a motorbike, passed down to him by his Grandfather. A vintage Harley Davidson XA, or so it might appear, whilst some of the chassis has been extended, visually it appears to be pretty much that of the WWII era bike. However, almost all of the vehicles internals, including the engine have been vastly modified, first by his Grandfather, and then by Alex, to keep it up to modern standards. The bike is a proud possession of Alex's, and he can very often be seen using it to get around.


  • Only Human: Soldier Boy is only a human, and can be hurt and killed by entirely conventional means. Whilst physically fit he still tires, and needs to rest and eat just like a regular person.
  • Wanna Be The Very Best: Thanks to his demanding upbringing, Alex, both in his personal life and as his alter ego Soldier Boy, strives to be the very best he can, no matter how unreasonable this may actually be. He'll push himself far beyond his limits, and even act rashly or in a headstrong manner out of an unwillingness to give up and accept failure, very possibly putting himself in danger in the process. As well as this, Soldier Boy is incredibly loathe to ask people for help.

Allies and Enemies

Allies: Young Renegades

"There's no-one I trust more than Mariana, and there's absolutely no-one I'd rather have at my side. She's dedicated, supportive, kind, levelheaded. A good person. A lot of the time, I find myself wondering why I'm leading this team, and not her."

"Lisa has come a long way, she's gotten stronger, better and she's only going to keep going ahead. She loves what she does, I know that, and I know I can trust her to always do what's right. She's determined to improve, learn, and that's good. But sometimes, I worry that she might lose herself to this work, and I don't think she'd even realize it."

"Marcel is my friend. One of my best friends. We might not see eye to eye on everything, we might butt heads sometimes, but I'd bet my life on his intelligence."

Devil Ray
"Ray is skilled, and enthusiastic, but he lives in his own little fantasy world of heroes and villains. And I can't shake the feeling that's going to get him; or someone else, hurt one day."

Power Play
"Benji has potential, he just needs to focus, get a reign on his nerves. We can, and we will help him with that."

"Aria is on the way to becoming something amazing, she's powerful, and I'm starting to think she has more than enough determination and drive for the job. She's strong enough to move past her own problems, and strong enough to hold her own when the chips are down. I'm sorry that I ever doubted her in the slightest."

Quick Shrike
"Steph is angry, stubborn, and liable to get someone hurt one day. She has skill, maybe she can do this, but she needs to get her head in the game. But I don't know. I'd love nothing more than for her to prove me wrong."

Cassie is...infuriating, annoying, and really loud. I honestly never thought I'd gain a little sister anywhere down the line, and definitely not in anyway resembling how I actually met Cassie. She's a good person, nice, creative, and capable. If she focused a bit more she could really be something great. Yeah, I care about her, and I'm going to make sure she stays safe.

Colt, The Soldier Pup
I never asked for this.

Enemies: Black Flag

"You think you've met your match? You'd be sorely wrong."

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Jason Piotroski is the son of Russian scientist Alexis Piotroski, who defected to America after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite being raised in America, Jason's upbringing was less than ordinary, his father became heavily involved in the Russian Mafia, supplying weapons and black market technology. He subjected Jason to various tests, of character, physical, and mental condition throughout his life, bent on making him into something powerful. Because of this he grew up a determined, strong and bitter individual. When he was 18, his father passed away, leaving Jason , money, contacts, and amongst other things, equipment. Angry, without purpose, and in mourning, Jason sought to lash out at someone, and in his everyday life, found just the person.

Donning the mantle of Komrade Kid, Jason equipped himself, and styled himself to fight Soldier Boy. The young American vigilante had been investigating various aspects of the Mafia's Millennium City fronts, and needed dealing with. In his anger, it didn't take much for Jason to volunteer himself as the man to deal with this nuisance. However, despite Mob backup, his initial attempt didn't go well, Jason was soundly defeated, and arrested. He spent almost a year in prison, harboring a grudge against the vigilante who put him away, and put a dent in what he believed might have been a budding career in the Mafia.

In late 2012, during a prison riot, Jason made his escape. Renaming himself 'Black Flag. Angry at his failed attempt to break into the criminal world, and at the vigilante who had stopped him, Jason took up a new goal, gathering a few, loyal cronies and friends and with a few, small, but violent actions, began an attempt to carve himself a small piece of Millennium City.

Cold, ruthless and above all else, angry, Black Flag presents a very legitimate criminal threat. With his resources, allies and trained skill, he's more than capable of fighting Alex, and entirely capable of coming out on top.

Enemies: The Terror Team

The Terror Team are a group of young villains who currently attend Grim's Academy for Aspiring Supervillains, and have had various encounters with Soldier Boy and the Young Renegades. Despite their unusual behavior sometimes, the team clearly has no qualms when it comes to villainy, and crimes.

Thunderstruck, the Living Lightning Storm:
Threat Level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Mathew Hill never felt like he was going to amount to anything, he wasn't popular at school, he wasn't athletic, neither was he stupid, but people didn't tend to care about that. He coasted through life on a day to day basis, never under, or overachieving, he was decidedly average, and he hated that. He was on a one way express trip to mediocrity, that was, until he wasn't.

On an entirely normal rainy day, Mathew was passing a local power station, and either by fate, or design, he found himself taking a shortcut through the plants grounds. As the rain picked up, and drizzle turned into a veritable storm, Mathew found himself running, as a freak lightning storm thundered down around him. Sparks flying, equipment exploding as Mathew found himself at the epicenter, a bolt of lightning cracking down from the sky, and piercing his chest. On a normal day, to a normal person, this might have been the end. But not to Mathew, because despite what he'd always thought, Mathew wasn't normal. As electricity coursed through his body, the power plant began to drain of it's reserves, and Mathew felt power he'd never known before. The storm had unlocked something inside of him, something powerful.

Mathew was quick to turn to crime, determined to make something of himself, he caused a string of blackouts in his home town, followed by various robberies. It was here that Grim's Academy discovered him, and offered him a place in their prestigious villainous school. He was even quicker to accept, ecstatic to be among people who treated him like a friend, and someone to respect. He soared through classes with flying colours, making good friends, connections and generally enjoying himself. It wasn't long before he proved himself enough to earn a team of his own, made of his close friends, Thunderstruck became the leader of The Terror Team.

Not an unfriendly person, Thunderstruck is out to do right by his school, and his friends, not to needlessly hurt anyone. In fact if he can avoid it, he'll keep his team out of a fight to better keep them safe, as well as others.

"Awh yeah! Monster in the hoooouse."
Threat Level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Blake could have had it all, he was on his way to getting into professional football, he had a lot of good friends, he had a reputation as the class joker, life was good. That all went a little bit south when he turned 16. He likes to joke that puberty hit him late, and hit him hard, but the truth is less hilarious. Blake was a mutant, and when that mutation manifested, his body changed, growing, becoming stronger. His skin turned green and tough, he now had horns where there were none before! He found he could leap great distances, bounding on his powerful muscles, as well as lift objects far beyond his own, now considerable weight. But he didn't react badly, he thought it was pretty damn cool. But...everyone else didn't agree, they thought he was a monster.

Disenchanted with the people he thought were his friends, Blake ran away from home. He spent a few months traveling, seeing the sights, meeting new people, scaring them away, until he was approached by a representative from Grim's Academy. Blake wasn't a criminal, but the prospect of fitting in again was too much to turn down, he enrolled happily, and hasn't looked back since. Now called Monster (In honour of his old friends), he has once again assumed the position of class clown, and returned to a life not all that dissimilar to the one he once had. Monster excels in using his great strength and toughness to aid his allies, achieving solid grades in various combat and survival classes. He may not be the brightest student, but he's a good one, and a credit to the Academy.

Monster, like his good friend Thunderstruck, isn't out to hurt people. However, he does like a fight, like, really likes a fight. Whilst Thunderstruck might try to avoid conflict, Monster often seeks it out for fun, looking for a good scrap with some good banter. He's headstrong, brash and has an immature sense of humour, it's really not difficult for him to pick fights with unsuspecting heroes or villains.

"Oh my god are you guys DONE yet?"
Blackspot, Portable Portals:
Threat Level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Riley has always known about her powers, though for much of her young life she didn't quite believe they were real. She'd see shapes, hiding in the shadows, moving and alive. But rather than fear them, she often played with them, moving them around in a way no one else seemed to be able to perceive. It wasn't until her early teens that she discovered what she could really do, Riley had the ability to turn shadows into, well, other things. She could gather them up, and control them, turn them into portals, shapes and other creations. It was totally awesome.

Riley actually had a brief stint as a superhero when she was 14, taking the name Blackspot for the first time. However, her less than proactive lifestyle meant she never really foiled any crimes, and instead, caused several problems for local law enforcement due to her unruly use of her powers. It was these unsuccessful heroic escapades that brought Blackspot to Grim's attention, despite this, it took several attempts to convince her to enroll in the school, and that villainy was the right path for her. Riley eventually succumbed to the persistent school representative, and began her classes on the mysterious island of Isla Sombria despite much resistance on her part, she found some good friends in the other members of The Terror Team, and even a little sister in the young Abby.

Blackspot isn't the best student, she takes shortcuts, doesn't put a lot of effort in unless absolutely necessary and generally has a laid back, and chill outlook on life. In combat she tends to stay on the sidelines until she's needed, which she's fine with, since her powers are most often used for transportation purposes. She's gotten the team out of many a tight spot with her blackspot portals. She isn't violent, but she is fiercely loyal to the few friends she's chosen to have, and will help them out as best she can against anyone who'd stand in their way.

"Guys, Maneuver Alpha, no Alpha. GUYS."
Threat Level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Ricochet is a highly skilled, and trained, albeit regular human. He's the only member of the Terror Team who doesn't have superpowers of some kind, and he's painfully aware of this. His friends like to joke, but to him, it's a constant reminder that he has to prove himself to them. He takes classes very seriously, determined that he wont let his lack of powers become a handicap, and that any crime they commit goes well. An acrobat and extremely accurate with nearly any weapon, Ricochet is in fact a formidable foe, he just often lets his plans and focus on grades get in the way of practical action.

Armed with a variety of boomerangs, Ricochet is the most agile, and quick member of his team, weaving in and out of foes, providing ranged support to his friends. He lacks the leadership capability of Thunderstruck, but has a very keen tactical mind, and is often the one to come up with plans, and also to arrange study meets. The school supplies him with a range of technologically advanced equipment, which he happily uses to compensate, and put himself on level with the rest of his friends.

Ricochet has earned the unwanted, and perhaps undeserved title of "Nerd" within the team, because of how seriously he takes everything. However, he is probably the most dedicated when it comes to committing villainy, and he'll jump on any chance that presents itself to earn extra credit. But like the others, he doesn't have any real cruelty in him, not that that'll stop him from hurting any hero that might stop him getting that A.

"If you hurt my friends, I'll drop a car on you. 'Kay?."
Abby Normal:
Threat Level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Abby Normal is the youngest member of The Terror Team, and one of the youngest students at Grim's Academy, and at 12 years old is one of the school's most promising students. Abby is an incredibly gifted, and talented telepath, and telekinetic, with powers that rival some of the higher tier heroes and villains in the world. Whilst unrefined, her raw power is enough to get her through nearly all practical situations, and Grim is determined to help her get a handle on her abilities, so she might become something great.

She has been seen lifting a semi truck with her mind, and this may not even be the current extent of her ability. During a fight with the Young Renegades she collapsed an entire building in a fit of anger. She has yet to really show the extent of her psychic powers, preferring to simply use them to talk to her friends during classes. Despite her considerable strength though, she is quickly drained by use of her powers, and it's not uncommon that after exertion Abby will just fall asleep, even in the middle of a fight!

It's rumored that she may be the daughter of a powerful crime lord, or supervillain, but neither she, nor Grim are willing to say. A bright, and incredibly friendly young girl, Abby made fast friends with the Terror Team, particularly Monster and Blackspot who she see's as older siblings. She is fiercely loyal to the team, and treats them all like family. Woe betide anyone who might try and hurt them, lest they earn the wrath of this young girl. Currently she might not have a real villainous bone in her body, honestly just doing what she does because she finds it fun, but the Academy is going to great efforts to make sure she continues on her path as a villainous prodigy.



  • Soldier Boy has trained across several countries throughout his life. From the Belize Rainforest, to the Russian Oymyakon, Alex is no stranger to survival in the most extreme conditions.
  • Alex plays for the Grace Memorial Angels as a runningback.
  • Alex suffers from a mild Claustrophobia, a fear of places and situations that he feels he has no control over, and no means of ensuring his own escape.
  • At school, Soldier Boy usually keeps his gear in a compartment on the roof, he's learned how to get quick access to it when needed, even if that means skipping class!
  • Alex tends to sleep in unusual patterns, usually only a few hours at a time.
  • Alex spends at least an hour a day working out, or doing some kind of exercises or training outside of his regular patrolling. An hour often turns into several, though!


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  • That he cranks that.


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"Me and Soldier Boy have been friends for a while, and there's no one else I'd pick to lead this team. I can rely on him to kick some serious ass, he can rely on me to be the brains." Adapto

"Alex is probably one of the most professional people I've met doing this hero thing. He gets right to the heart of the matter, brooks little in the way of nonsense, and can always be relied upon to do a job and do it right. I'm glad to have him on the team. I'm glad he's starting to open up a bit as well - I think being with Aria will help him a lot in the long run." - Victory

"He's kinda distant, normally. But man you oughta see him in a fight, I swear he lives for that shit. Guess he was raised for this sort of thing, I can't even imagine. I bet he could beat up Bruce Willis even, especially if he had a leather jacket. Yeah, he needs a leather jacket." - Quick Shrike

"Alex carries so much weight on his shoulders. And yet, I would trust no one else to have my back when the cards are on the table. I hope that someday, he can open up to us, and let us help with his burdens." - Wavegirl

"An unlikeable, aggressive, rude, demanding asshole. And I wouldn't have it any other way." - Ravenheart

"I've seen a few stories about him in the news and stuff. Totally would've never guessed that him and Alex are the same guy. He's kinda... not shy, but he doesn't talk a whole bunch. Whatever the word for that is. Doesn't matter, he's a pretty cool guy all the same." - Blink

"He is like totally cute... er, cool. I mean cool!!! Aw, jeez." - Lash

"Very friendly and he dresses well! I always hear the other girls talking about him too, so he must be pretty popular." - Heartbeat



RP Hooks

  • Do you attend Grace Memorial Highschool? You may have seen Alex around, he's fairly friendly and outgoing! He's also on the football team as a runningback.
  • Do you live in Westside? Soldier Boy is generally seen around Westside, fighting crimes and helping people in whatever way he can. On first impression people might take him for very formal and stuffy.

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