Colt, The Soldier Pup

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Player: @darkblade98
Character Build
Class Focus: Barking
Power Level:
Research & Development: Archaeology (Bones)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Colt
Known Aliases: The Soldier Pup
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Ethnicity: German Shepherd
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Parks
Age: 4 Months
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black and Tan
Complexion: Small Black Mask
Physical Build: Puppy
Physical Features: Collar, Felt domino mask
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: Canine-American
Occupation: Dog
Education: None
Marital Status: Lone Wolf
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Collar, dog tag, mask
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Colt is the loyal pet, and companion to the young vigilante Soldier Boy

Appearance and Personality


Colt is a small, 4 month old black and tan German Shepherd. Not yet fully grown, Colt stands just under a foot tall, the vast majority of his fur black, with much of his underside in a tan colour, he also has a small tuft of white fur on his chest. Colt can usually seen with an inquisitive tilt to his head, his ears lopsided and out of place, at least when he's still, which in itself is rare. Colt runs around, a lot, filled with appropriately puppy-like energy, he is most often seen bounding around no matter his location. Indoors, outdoors, in peoples arms, keeping him still is both a challenge and a chore.

Colt's most prominent physical feature is definitely his adorableness, his puppy dog eyes and tiny paws are the bane of many greater foes.

Colt is an incredibly loyal companion, dutiful and filled with puppydog bravery to the end. Despite this, he seems to have a habit of ignoring Soldier Boy's commands, or purposely doing the opposite. He never seems to stop moving around Soldier Boy, but will happily curl up and sleep should any of his master's friends pay him attention.

History and Recent Events


Dog: Colt is a dog, yes. As such he enjoys many of the skills and abilities that come with being a canine. Like sharp teeth, barking, an excellent sense of smell, and the ability to run at excitable speeds, with annoying frequency. He doesn't tire, justice never sleeps.

Training: Colt doesn't have much training, at all, but he's getting there, he observes his masters vigilant and rigorous ways of life, and strives to emulate them.

Digging: Colt is a master of the arts of digging things up, dirt, carpet, floorboards, all materials give way to his relentless seeking of bones.


  • Just a Puppy: Colt might have the benefits of being a dog, but he's a teensy tiny ball of adorableness, he isn't yet capable of any violent feats of fang and claw. And whilst justice may not sleep, puppies definitely do, a lot.
  • He's a Dog: Colt is a dog, and many of his greatest weaknesses lie here. He can easily be led, and manipulated by treats and food, he can also be brought low by the devastating effects of a tummy rub.
  • Everything: He's a puppy, c'mon.



  • Soldier Boy - Colt is Soldier Boys loyal companion and ward, he trusts his master entirely, and would do his best to help him in an instant. He also finds his masters socks incredibly fun to chew, as well as many parts of his costume, including boots, and even weapons. They're delicious.
  • Ravenheart - Ravenheart, also known as Cassie, met Colt weeks before Soldier Boy did, and as such he is as loyal, if not more to the young heroine, who fed him at the animal shelter she works at. She is also far more liberal with dog treats, and highly susceptible to his wily dog charms, something Colt will happily take advantage of.
  • Constable, Unkindness and Conspiracy - The three demonic ravens belonging to Ravenheart are good friends with young Colt. The ever mischievous birds share a home with the dog, and their respective owners, and along with Colt, are often involved in a never-ending scheme of pranks and capers.
  • Pisces - Colt considers the seventy foot sea serpent to be one of his closest, and most trusted friends. Companion to the heroine Wavegirl, the two pets share a similar relationship to that of their masters, allies on the battlefield, and close friends in times of rest.
  • Triton - The newest entry into the ranks of the superheroic teens pets, Colt has hopes for the young harp seal. They share a penchant for being unendingly energetic, and adorable.


  • Richard, The Mail Man - Richard is a bringer of many things, packages, letters, but most importantly in Colt's eyes, he is a bringer of fear. There is much animosity between the two, Colt barks and chases his foe, and Richard runs away, to scheme another day, continuing the never ending game of cat and mouse.


Trivia and Rumours

  • It is rumoured that Colt sometimes escapes the confines of his home, and engages himself in escapes alongside the pets and companions of other heroes.


((Peoples opinions and thoughts on the dog wonder))

  • "So I saw this dog, rummaging around in the park and all... good stuff by itself, right? But it had a mask on. At first, I was thinking that was pretty weird, but then I realized that it was totally adorable. Then my next thought was to adopt a dog that I could teach to wear a helmet, but that's too weird, I think." - Slick
  • "If I'm good with one thing, it's with animals. I'm just on neighborhood patrol with a few others in Westside, right, this little dog with a mask on it's face - I don't know why - jumped into my hands and started licking my helmet. Effin'. Adorable." - Snowtalon
  • "I woke up in the park, and I think he was nibblin' my toe. I wonder what happened to my shoes..." - Stitch

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