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Player: @darkblade98
Buildings or something
Character Build
Class Focus: Talking to streets
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Home Retail
Biographical Data
Real Name: James Easwick
Known Aliases: Architect
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: London
Base of Operations: Global, Earth's Cities
Relatives: None
Age: 25?
Eyes: Green
Hair: NONE
Complexion: Healthy
Physical Build: Slim, slightly athletic
Physical Features: Shaved hair/facial hair, Circuitry across right hand
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Not really secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: English, American, Various others
Occupation: Mage
Education: None
Marital Status: It's complicated
Known Powers and Abilities
Magic, City Whispering, "Street Magic", Hobonet
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Personality And Appearance

Architect is fairly tall, with a slim athletic build, he once had dark hair, but keeps it closely shaved, along with his facial hair. His eyes are green, and when using magic, glow ever so slightly. His right hand is interlaced with what appears to be circuitry, however there is no discernible technology visible, these lines of circuitry glow when James uses his magic and are a side effect of his position as Architect. His attire is usually very casual in appearance, often wearing a black suit jacket over what looks like red tights, with black pants. He very rarely wears shoes, saying he likes the feeling of the city on his feet.

James Easwick is nothing if not an amiable man, at least on the surface, he is friendly and often lighthearted, even excitable. He lives to experience new things, finding wonder in the everyday ingenuity of humanity. However like most practitioners of magic, he guards his secrets closely, and when it comes to matters of magical importance, can take on an entirely different attitude, one of ruthlessness and cold detachment.

Despite being born into an old aristocratic family, James has none of the graces that the surviving members of his family might exhibit. In fact, he's quite rough spoken, often times being a bit blunt, and sometimes crude when addressing people.


James Easwick was born into the illustrious Easwick Estate, a long running family that played an important part in Britain's surviving magical aristocracy. However, James never truly took an interest in the magical business of his family, and on their frequent travels, much preferred to spend his time exploring the many towns and cities they visited, with little regard for his magical heritage. When he was 16, on a returning trip to the Easwick Estate, James' parents were murdered in a plot devised by members of the Circle of The Scarlet Moon. Young, headstrong, and with no one to truly guide him, James shirked from any family responsibilities he may have had, cut all ties and began traveling the world.

He took to begging, busking and accepting any menial tasks to fund his travels, living on the streets of whichever city he currently called his home, and along the way found himself more and more ingrained in the mystical world, encountering monsters, ancient gurus and other incredible things and people. As time passed, his fantastical encounters didn't cease, and James found himself learning rudimentary magic, something he has never taken interest in before, just to get by. His travels slowly turned into quests for tomes, artefact's, and knowledge that he might better arm himself against the things he seemed to encounter with increasing frequency.

At 21, James found himself face to face with a doorway to another world, the feeling of excitement that emanated from it was far too enticing for someone who lived for such feelings.

He spent the next 4 years in the City of Man, the first few years had James exploring aimlessly, hopelessly lost in the sprawling and endless cities. However, despite the dangers that the urban sprawl presented, he managed to survive, his amateur magical talent evolving into something different, something that allowed him to navigate the streets, locate anyone he wished, and even understand the language of the cities themselves. As time progressed, he not only survived, but thrived, becoming as much a part of the cities as the buildings that made them.

James returned to Earth after 4 long years, the experience had changed him, but had also changed him in more ways than he initially knew. James Easwick had left a man, but returned as the Architect, the protector of all of Earth's cities.

The Architect

James Easwick is only the latest in a long line of mystics who have been appointed as the Architect, by the magical forces of the City of Man. There is no training, no passing of knowledge, many of the Architects were never even aware of their predecessors, yet as one dies, another soon takes their place. Perhaps chosen at birth, the Architect is tested and guided by an unseen force, until they prove themselves worthy, and come into the full powers of their position. The human link between the magical realm and the real world, a man or woman who can communicate with the very creations of humanity, the Architect is the mystic guardian of Earth's cities and their inhabitants.

The mystics who are aware of the Architects previous and continuing existence (James is perhaps the loudest and easily the least secretive of the line)believe that the Emperor of Babylon himself may have some hand in their appointment. It is also believed be these that the first Architect came into being in 3200BC Uruk, Mesopotamia.

Powers And Abilities

  • "Street Magic": Architects "signature" ability is something he calls Street Magic, and is something he seems to be able to do by force of will alone. He can manifest his will over a city, causing aspects of the city to bend to his will, this includes manifesting the walls or ground into fists and the like, summoning weapons from the very floor, or even things as mundane as turning on fire alarms and lights. The extensive possibilities of this are not known, possibly even to Architect, but his control over cities has served him well. He can also make the city do things such as, reversing or removing the gravity in a small area, he actually does this to allow him to fly, aswell as scale buildings and jump between them. This is an innate ability he acquired as part of being Earth's "Architect".
  • City Whispering: Architect has the uncanny ability to talk to cities, he claims they all have unique personalities and can even be seen addressing them out loud as if they were people. He can communicate with cities at a long distance. This is an unusual side effect of his prolonged time in The City Of Man. Practically this allows him to know when things are happening, or if a city is in danger or needs aid.
  • City Hopping: Another unusual skill in Architects repertoire is his ability to "City Hop". He can travel to any city, from any city simply by seemingly phasing through the floor, stepping through a door or even walking into a wall. He can also travel within a city using this method, allowing him to travel great distances with little effort.
  • Hobonet: Architect claims that homeless people have become as much a part of cities as the very buildings, as such he seems to be able to communicate on some level with homeless people within cities. This manifests itself as a sort of telepathy, where he can see what they are seeing, or hearing in a wide sort of network. He often shows up to homeless people, asking them questions and getting information. This is useful, as Architect will say, nothing escapes the notice of a cities homeless population.
  • Magic: Architect has trained for years in the use of various types of magic, including Thaumaturgy and Theurgy. He can cast spells with words, rituals, circles or by invoking the powers of the Imaginal Realms. Despite this, most of Architects magic is in the forms of sigils, circles. His regular use of magic is fairly sparing, as it requires him to use a little more preparation.
  • Miscellaneous: Architect has other, subtler abilities and facets of his powers, including an attunement with man made objects and creations, buildings, weapons, machines and even robots, allowing him to better communicate, understand and emphasize with such things.


  • City Dweller: Architect is ultimately tied to cities, his magic is only truly functional in cities. If outside of one, he cannot city hop or use his "street magic" (as you'd assume) his regular magical abilities are also far weaker, requiring far more effort and preparation to use. As well as this massive hit on his abilities, he actually physically becomes weaker, becoming nauseous and ill, if he spent too long outside of a city his powers would become null, and eventually he would die. These effects can be fairly rapid, the presence of man made structures and buildings can slow or halt this, even allowing him to city hop in some cases.
  • Only Human: Architect, despite his magic prowess is physically only human, and as such can be harmed and killed by conventional means.
  • Babylonian Nexus: Architect is a locus of Babylon magic, because of this he "suffers" from a near constant feeling of excitement, whilst not an exact weakness its something that in many ways plagues him, as he's completely aware of how he was before his time in Babylon. He feels like he is always building up to something, but it never happens. This constant sense of excitement actually makes it very difficult to express himself in an empathic way.
  • They Never Shut Up: James is constantly plagued by the voices of Earth's cities, able to hear them all near simultaneously, whilst he has become capable at filtering them out, they are ever present, and ever loud.
  • Insomniac: Due to the afore mentioned problems, Architect finds it very difficult to sleep. Even though he is aware he is tired, he uses magic to keep himself awake for far longer than healthy amounts of time.

Allies, Enemies and Affiliations




  • The Easwick Estate: The Easwick's have been a family with a strong presence in the Magical Aristocracy of the British Isles dating back centuries. James is the successor and would have been the current owner of the estate, and it's wealth. However, in his youth he abandoned any ties to his family, and has since been written off by them as something of a black sheep. The estate is currently owned by his Aunt, Dianne Easwick, who has done her very best to stop James from using any of his families assets. Because of this, James is something of a talking point amongst the closer and more upstanding magical families in Britain.
  • The Trismegistus Council: Whilst not a member of The Council, James spent a brief amount of time training under them, and under his parents original tutelage had always been intended to join their ranks. James does maintain a measure of contact with The Council, and will help them, and even ask for help should the situation require it. However, his power to extend his will over cities has left several Council members uneasy, those who fear the full extent of his abilities, and what could happen should he ever choose to misuse them.


  • On The Trismegistus Council - Well! I can't say I dance to their exact ditty, but they're good guys, could stand to be less stuffy, and less self-righteous but they do pretty good work, for everyone.
  • On Project Hermes - Gotta give UNTIL some credit for wanting to know more about magic, I guess, I mean I dunno what good will come of it. But at least they're trying to get prepared for the big guys y'know?
  • On DEMON - There's a reason demons don't even like helping DEMON, and it isn't because they bathe in holy water. Scum, if you ask me, I'd happily be rid of them for good. Serious problem, though, not one for the kiddies to mess with.
  • On The Circle Of The Scarlet Moon - We've got history, yeah. Stuck up, thrice damned occult society filled with people I wouldn't spit on if they were on fire. Things would be much easier if they had no idea what they were doing though, guess I can give them that. They aren't stupid.
  • On The Crowns of Krim - I've got more problem with the actual crowns than the guys wearing them, if they actually stuck together maybe they'd be a threat, I don't even think one of them is a proper mage. Just some bloke who put on a fancy crown.
  • On The Cult Of The Red Banner - Hey, I had a good ol' chat with Hong Kong about these ones, he thought it was a riot. The real deal are all in Asia, those tossers elsewhere are kinda the laughing stock of Chinese cities, sorry guys.
  • On Witchcraft - She's got talent, y'know, does a whole lot of good work, everyone loves her, right? She's got a long way to go though, definitely not Archmage material, yet anyway.
  • On Robert Caliburn - I like the guy, the "Magnum Mage" yeah, he's cool, popular with Vibora too. Two guns blessed by the Angel of Death and God of Destruction? That's pretty good in my books, not sure if he's the Archmage I'd have wanted though, I'm a Dweomer man myself, but he seems to be doing a good job of it so far.
  • On Takofanes The Undying - He's one of those big guys you don't want to run into, cities piss their foundations when he's rolling into town.
  • On Therakiel The Bright - The mistake of Heaven and Hell, well, can't say I feel sorry for him. But he sure knows how to stir things up for Vibora Bay, the git's got something cooking. It probably isn't something good.
  • On Grimoire - The angriest little ascendant mage? What a firecracker, right?. Moira's really something though, especially when riled up. She's seen more than she should've, I reckon. But, at the end of the day I'm bloody glad she's on my side.

Opinions From Others

(Ic reactions/opinions here and whatever)

"So, every once in a while I hear about some guy that talks to buildings and sidewalks. Millennium City is full of... well, those kinds of people but there's always this feeling you get when they mention 'him'. ...But for all I know, it's only a rumor." - Wheelman

RP Hooks

  • Are you a Mage? You might have heard of the street whispering, city hopping mage, Architect. He's known as someone with powerful Babylon based magic as well as favours from the other three Imaginal Realms.
  • Are you a member of The Trismgistus Council? Or have you dealt with them? If you have, you may have heard of Architect, he's a known quantity to them, having trained with them for a brief time, he has also aided them in magical situations since then.
  • Are you homeless? Architect is known in many of the globes homeless communities, he often shows up, somehow knowing where you are and that you've seen something, offering money or food or a friendly ear in exchange for information.

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