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Player: @swedsman
Biographical Data
Real Name: Xanthe
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Ethnicity: Greek/Olympian
Place of Birth: Edessa - Greece
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Age: 31
Height: 6'4¨
Weight: 104kg
Eyes: Golden iris on pitchblack
Hair: Lightbrown
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Hamadryadian markings across his torso
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 17
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Superhero
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Enchanted Sword
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Born in ancient times as one of many bastard childs of the back then mighty deity Zeus, Xanthe was in for a rough start in life, for Zeus always jealous and hateful mistress Hera was as always after the heads of her husbands children. However, Xanthes mother wasn't just some poor mortal women taken by the careless God in an act of recklessness. She was Diantha, a powerful Nymphqueen of the forest, and she was not to have Hera take out her anger and jealousness on her innocent child. She hid him away deep wtihtin her forestrealm to be raised by the Dryads. As all Demigods Xanthe was blessed wth incredible strength, durability and stamina. The Dryads raised him as a honest and compasshioned man, caring for all living creatures within th forest and beyond. Xanthe wasnät given much time with the humans, since his mother feared Hera would find him. Only under the cover of night was he allowed to visit the most remote farms and villages. Xanthe however held dreams beyond living as a refugee in the forest, and when a merciless gang of bandits settled in the forest, terrorizing the near farms and villages, Xanthe decided to take action. The Dryads had not raised him as a warrior, though Xanthe had spent countless hours on his own singing sticks, making up heroic deeds and epic quests of his own imagination. His bravery and persistance combined with his Demigod strength did scare the bandits of and bring peace back to his land. Though it also brought the attention of Hera, who cared little of heroic deeds or noble intentions. Hera unleashed a barrage of the most foul creatures immaginable upon the forest. Cyklops, Minotaurs, Harpies and worse. Seeing his home threatened by the jealous goddes Xanthe nobly surrendered himself to Hera and was brought to Olympus for trial. Although fate seemed to frown upon him Xanthe soon found he was not without friends on Olympus. Many of the gods admired his courage, skills and nobility, to Heras despise many of them came to speak in favour of the youngling as he was presented to Zeus, who really could care less of yet another bastard brought to his throne. Though he did care for the order on Olympus and to please the majority of the gods he did not condemn Xanthe on the spot but presented him with a couple of divine challenges, a most popular sport amongst the Olympians to single out the strongest of the Demigods. Though Hera was not done with Xanthe, for she had a secret weapon up her sleeve she had used countless times to rid the world of Zeus Bastards.

The pale Gorgon

Zeus was far from the only God on Olympus to interract with mortal women and beasts. Pretty much every God indulged in this pleasure, all but Hera who despised the act and thought of the Gods to be above that of mortals and that it was a sin to water down their blood with the likes of them. She conjoured a clever scheme to rid the world of Demigods, a devious plan to breed a beast so terrifying noone could stand in it's path. To achieve this she seeked the help of Dionysus, the God of feast and drinking. She lured him into brewing a wine so strong it would turn even the most hideous of beast into a irresistable beuty no man or God could resist. She told Dionysus it would be the ultimate partyprank and that it would be used carefully, yet he was decieved. For as the party went on and the brew was used as a harmless joke to the Gods amusement, Hera snuck away one jar of the drink during the comossion. This she used in order to trick Morpheus, the God of dreams, to make him mate with Stheno, one of the hideous Gorgon sisters. The Gorgons where beings of incredible strength and ferociousness, perfect candidates for Demigod slaying. Mixing one with Morpheus power over the human mind created a beast of pure terror. Malakash, the pale Gorgon, with skin white as that of a newly deceased and eyes red as the deepest pits of Tartarus fire. Worst is, this one was a male, unlike his fellow Gorgon sisters. He had meens to breed these foul creatures, sharing their immortality there was nothing holding him back to crete an army of the foulest beasts ever to crawl their way into our world. This was exactly what Hera had in mind, for through her the gorgons was to hold the mortals in their place and irradicate all the Demigods there was. And even though Malakash was a bastard between God and beast Hera looked upon her creation differently. Not exactly lke an equal, but mre like a favourite pet. Though she promised Malakash and his sisters a place on Olympus when he had rid the world of his fellow Demigods, an offer he gladly jumped on. Under Hera he was teached all manners of decietfullness and manipulation along with all the most horrific of dark magic. What Hera created was a monster so pure of evil and terror even hos fellow sisters, yes even his own creator was to always keep a watchfull eye on that wicked pale face crowned with snakes and always carying a decietfull smile.

Aid from Above

Xanthe did not wait to impress the Gods, slaying terrible beasts, defeating numerous foes and conquering the most harch of terrains. Though he perhaps wasn't the strongest the Demigods he was the most uniqe of them. Where many of his kin used their strength and status as means of obtaining fame and wealth Xanthe was as always happy with the little life. He traveled light, living of the nature as his Dryad nurses taught him, never taking more then he needed. He respected life to it's smallest shape yet fearlessly throwed himself into thw thick of battle with the most terrible fiends immaginable. Little did he know he was playing Hera right into her hands. As the years went on and the deeds grow even greater and more glorious, they also grew more dangerous. Xanthe did worry he would never be able to satisfy the Gods and was to reman their entertainer ti'll his death when he finally recieved his final challenge. To bring Zeus the head of Malakash, the pale Gorgon. Little did Xanthe know of this demon, yet on Olympus the Gods where painfully aware of the horror Xanthe was walking towards. Countless Demigods vefore him had faced of with Malakash, none of them had survived. Though now the Gods had a Champion, one they all could route for. This one they would not see walking into his own doom defensless. Immidietly they met p with Hefaistos to forge Xanthe weapons worthy of his quest. From Athena he was given a sword blessed with the soul of the warrior, for as long as his fighting spirit did not shatter then neither would his blade. From Ares he was given a bow, charged with the flames of the rising sun itself and the spirit of a Phoenix, bound to serve it's master. From Artemis Xanthe was given a winged spear blessed with the spirit of the Faclon, mercilessly hunting it's foe yet loyaly return to it's master whenever he calls. Hefaistos himself however possesed little power beyond his smithing skills, though this he used to it's full extent to smith Xanthe a armor as tough as it could get. To ease Xanths burden Hefaistos combined the three divine weapons into one magic morphing weapon wo he could carry them all by his scabbard. At the foot of the Gorgons mountain Xanthe was presented his gifts by Hermes, who blessed him with one final gift. A mans eyes says to be the gateway to his soul, so Hermes turned Xanthes eyes to pure gold as his heart. Little did he know how this gift was to be the greatest of them all.

A fatefull battle

Divine weapons or not, Xanthe was still to face one of the strongest creatures there ever was, one who slayn countless of his kin before him. Entering Malakash labyrinthlike caesystem Xanthe was immidietly exposed to the Gorgons mindtwisting magic. The decent into the mountain was a living nightmare, mixed with monsters in his head just as well as monsters gathered by Malakash, all to confuse and breake the osyche of any intruder. Yet Xanthe pressed on, facing the horrors like a true warrior and never giving up his fighting spirit. His resistance was of a kind Malakash never encountered. Previous Demigods was all about physical strength, when exposed to the psychic torture of the paled Gorgon they broke down like little children. No muscles or gold in the world could save their fragile egos, yet this one defied the Gorgon, refusing to cave in. Enraged Malakash throw himself into batle with the young warrior, cause no willpower in the world could save him from the Gorgons petrifying stare. Little did Malakash know that this was exactly what Xanthe was waiting for, cause as the beast launched in feral fury at his foe he did not cower, he did not block the attack but bravely stood his ground, facing his fear eye to eye. To late did the Gorgon realize his mistake, for in the pure golden eyes of the young warrior he caught his own reflection. Xanthe had selflessly sacrifised himself to end Malakash, and in his last act of defiance he trusted his sword at the beast chest, though the strike never hit. Both the hero and the beast was now turned into stone, trapped int heir eternal deathstruggle facing eye to eye by just some inches.


Xanthes drawnback lifestyle and simple way of life did not serve his legacy well and even though he destroyed one great threat of mankind the mortals knew little of this sacrifise. Not that it ment anything to Xanthe, who after being discovered by a group of miners was reduced to a vague fairytale and a placement upon a fountain. From there he's been moved arround from one museum to another, always inches away from his dreaded foe. Trapped inside was the warrior, for the Gorgons curseprevented the victims to move on to the afterlife. His only comfort was that Malakash was suffering the same fate as he was. So was it that one day he ended up on the Milenium City museum, shoved of in some corner as an obscure object that still got the attention of enough people to keep it up. Luckily for Xanthe this was where he would get to meet his first friend in milenias. A haemophiliac little girl who's overprotecive father, the janitor, didn't let her out of his sight. Xanthe found much in common with the yuong girl, since he to was shielded from the outside world when he grew up, and just like Xanthe she used her immagination to escape the boredom of the world. Although she played with all the statues like a normal girl would play with Barbiedolls, the statue of the mysterious warrior and the beast was her favourite. Since the history of Xanthe is unknown for the world she got to make up a whole bunch of stories of him instead, and even though he now was stone Xanthe couldn't help but feeling they were forming a friendship beyond the physical. The girl would spend hours reading stories loud for the statues, many of wich she had written herself. At first Xanthe didn't understand a word of this, he was just enjoying the fact someone was finally talking to him, yet slowly he started to learn this new language called English from the young girl. The girl slowly grow up and became a proffesor in history, yet she still stuck arround the museum she was born and raised in, much to Xanthes joy. He felt for her like she was a sister of his, and he often dreamt of sharing his amazing story with her and hopefully give her a boast in he career. The grinning monster staring him down inches away was barely on his mind anylonger, though deep down he feared he was bound to watch her grow old and die, that everyone he possibly would feel the same for would outgrow him and die. For he was now a statue, and time bites flesh harder then stone. All he had was his dreams and hopes, same goes for Malakash. Though his dreams is of a darker sort, dreams of death and destruction that's been growing for milenias. Perhaps it was for the better if they both sunk to the bottom of the ocean, never to be wittnesed by anyone again? Yet on Xanthes mind there was only the dream of sharing one conversation with her, this he longed more then the sweetest wine or the tastiest of treats, more then the smell of bloom in the spring or warmth of the sun shining in your face.

To be continued

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