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Humans never give up. We never surrender, we never back down, and we never, ever, let the circumstances get us down. We have our ups and downs, but the one thing we always have, is our spirit.
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The Invincible
Spirit of Humanity
Come on boys, that the best you got? Gonna let a girl beat you up? HONK.png
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Starwatch, UNTIL, The Virtues
Real Name
Dawn Ryan
Paradigm, the Human Spirit, Keeper of Diligence
September 18th, 1981
Great Falls, Montana
MC, Michigan
MC, Michigan
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Homo Sapiens
Apparent Age
Body Type
Athletic, Muscular
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Powers & Abilities
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Tactile Telekinesis (Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability), Energy Projection (Flight), Omniligualism
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Boxing Training


Paradigm stands at six feet tall, a veritable pillar of human achievement. Her skin is tanned from years spent out in the sun, and her musculature is defined thanks to her years as an Olympic athlete. Her burgundy hair is usually held back in a braid, which drapes down her back and out of the way. Easily one of her most stunning features is her brilliant orange eyes, which glow in dim lighting. Such things make it nearly impossible for her to hold a secret identity, so she doesn't bother - her history as the track and field star Dawn Ryan is available for anyone that wishes to look for it.

Thanks to her being host to the Human Spirit, Paradigm is a driven individual. She is always willing to shoot for the stars and try new things, and rarely takes breaks. She is a cordial person, easily making friends and allies, but she is steadfast in her beliefs - no matter how bad things might look, you never give up. Part of this is thanks to her power source, but most of it comes from a history of always going to jump the next hurdle in her path. Despite all this, she does sometimes find time to relax with friends and share a drink or two.

History of the Human Spirit

Throughout history, there have been many holders of the Human Spirit, of which Paradigm is only the most recent. To date, there have been at least six speculated hosts - some of which have not always been the most heroic of individuals...

  • Impetus - the Industrial Revolution - During the time of the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdoms, the first known host to the Human Spirit emerged, a British scientist who took the name Impetus. Much like all the hosts, he was a driven person, oftentimes spending weeks engaged in some project or invention that he slaved away at until he was done. Once he became the host to the Spirit, however, Impetus rose to the call, becoming a fierce defender of justice. However, the hero Impetus was killed in 1856 by the supervillain Requiem, and the Spirit fled his broken body, finding root in...
  • Destiny - American Civil War - As the Civil War broke out in 1861, the Spirit found another suitable host in a Union soldier named David Roy, transforming him into Destiny. Much like Impetus before him, Destiny proved to be superhumanly strong and resilient, but removed himself from the conflict after several months, and a few accidental deaths on his hands. He instead traveled the world, seeing the breadth of what humanity had to offer. Thanks to his now non-confrontational demeanor, Destiny held onto the now restless Spirit until 1910, when he was killed by a cabal of unknown mystics.
  • Iron Cross - World War I - However, in 1914, when World War I was on the verge of exploding across Europe, the Spirit found a new host in Johann Schmidt, a German politician. With the newly found power flowing through his veins, he dubbed himself the supervillain Iron Cross and went on a rampage during the War, single-handedly breaking Allied lines several times. Much like his predecessors, Iron Cross sported superhuman strength and invulnerability, but he also exhibited enhanced speed and the ability to fly for limited distances. He was eventually brought to heel by a coalition of superheroes, and was executed for war crimes shortly thereafter, in 1921.
  • Crash - The Great Depression - With a global economic downturn, the Spirit had trouble finding a host until 1929, in the midst of the Great Depression. A down-on-his-luck factory worker, Timothy Hunter was turned into the brawler known as Crash! Unfortunately, thanks to the poor spirit of humanity, Crash's powers were far weaker than the other hosts, limiting him to a slight level of superhuman strength and durability - forcing him to act more as a noir hero than a sky-soaring cape. He was also quite limited in scope, having to main stick around the Eastern Seaboard, although that didn't stop him any from fighting crime wherever he could. Just as World War II was about to kick into gear, however, he was killed by an old foe, the villain Requiem....
  • Zeitgeist - World War II - The Spirit once again found a home in less than heroic climes, taking root in German astrophysicist Albert Strauss, turning him into the Nazi supervillain Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist proved to be one of the strongest hosts yet, able to soar through the sky with ease and project crimson bolts of force from his hands. With these newfound powers came the usual strength and invulnerability, which he used to great success, fighting alongside such allies as Asylum and Typhon. Zeitgeist and his erstwhile companions wreaked havoc across the Eastern front, causing problems untold for Soviet Russia and it's armies. However, despite the power of it's nascent superhumans, the Axis powers slowly lost the war, causing Zeitgeist to flee into hiding for several years, before he was killed by a vengeful hero in 1950.
  • The People's Drive - Cold War - With the emergence of the Cold War in 1945, the Spirit anxiously yearned to be free of it's cowardly host, Zeitgeist. Upon his death in 1950, it fled to Russian scientist Yuriev Telvosky, imbuing him with it's impressive power. He rose to greatness in the Soviet Union, coining himself The People's Drive. While he still assisted the Union's scientists in the ongoing space race, he also took the time to ally several times with the Red Winter team, as well as other Soviet heroes against the enemies of the state. Thanks to his superhuman abilities, Yuriev lived far longer than any previous host, until he was slain by a reoccurring threat, the villain Requiem, come back from the annals of history to end his life in 1996. For several years, the Spirit remained without a host, until 2000....
  • Paradigm - the Information Age - In 2000, the Spirit found Olympic athlete Dawn Ryan to be a suitable host. It imbued her with the Spirit of Humanity, abruptly putting an end to her career as an athlete, and forcing her to begin a new one - as a superhero. She chose the name Paradigm, to represent her new position as an exemplar to humanity, to show the world just what the power of ambition could accomplish. Her powers, infused by the drive and will of so many humans, villain and hero alike, rocketed to the upper echelons of the Spirit's hosts. While she maintains the standard strength and durability often found in hosts, she is extremely adept at wielding an orange-gold energy - a first for hosts since the times of Zeitgeist. In addition to being one of the most powerful hosts in history, she is also the first female host chosen by the Spirit. For now, Paradigm has battled her way into the hearts of the world, but she has garnered just as much attention from the black-souled underworld as well, including an old foe - Requiem.

Powers & Abilities

Below are the studies and observations of several UNTIL field teams on the subject of PARADIGM, the HUMAN SPIRIT.


Physical attributes
Mental attributes
Constitution : Energical manipulations, Objects, Mind manipulation, Sorcery :
Paradigm has shown herself to be incredibly resilient to most damage, shrugging off gunfire from a multitude of sources, including tanks and some forms of aircraft. In addition, evidence has been shown thanks to her battles against other superhuman individuals that she is very difficult to injure in any noticeable way using raw force. Paradigm also does not require extra equipment to breathe underwater or in deep space.
Paradigm exhibits the ability to manipulate and project a golden-orange energy, which most often resembles a type of kinetic force. Neither herself nor UNTIL research teams have quite determined what the source of this energy is, but she has exhibited a remarkable ability to crush and throw exceptionally heavy objects with it. In addition to it's combat potential, Paradigm wreathes herself in this same energy in order to fly at just above supersonic speeds, when needed.
Resistance : Intelligence :
Terrestrial damage is difficult to maintain on Paradigm. She has startlingly high resistances to fire, kinetic force, diseases and poisons, electricity, and other physical attacks. Her resistances do not extend to mental attacks or mystical incantations, as is evidenced by her battles against [REDACTED].
Paradigm's IQ was registered at around ~118, meaning that while above the US average, she is not a 'genius', despite being clever and able to think on her feet quickly.
Fighting stamina : Intuition or empathy :
Paradigm tires exceptionally slowly, allowing her to brawl for grueling amounts of time before requiring a break. Her longest battle was against [REDACTED], which took place over the course of three days outside of the [REDACTED].
While not a mentalist or mystic, Paradigm routinely shows a strong sense of empathy for the plight of people she comes across, and will attempt to assist as much as she can, when she can.
Physical strength : Knowledge :
Paradigm's strength fluctuates in between combat scenarios, thanks to her tactile telekinesis. She subconciously adjusts her power to her opponent, most of the time, and thus generally ensures a fair fight. However, the upper limits of her strength are as of yet undefined. She has easily lifted things weighing over 400 tons with a little effort, and it is plausible that her strength could feasibly go beyond that limit as well. She has yet to combat something that requires her strength to spike higher than needed.
Thanks to Paradigm's role as the Spirit of Humanity, she enjoys a fair bit of knowledge of the differing cultures that she has to interact with. Due to her omnilinguistics, she is never out of touch with the people around her, though she grew up in the United States.
Movements speed : Bravery :
Paradigm is not as fast as most mid-level speedsters, but her history as a track & field athlete, as well as her superhuman capabilities, allow her to sprint faster than most sports cars can drive. She can achieve supersonic speeds in short bursts, but cannot maintain such speeds for very long.
Paradigm consistently exhibits behaviors that most would call 'bravery', including taking personal risks for the safety of others and refusing to back down from a fight.
Fighting skills : Charisma :
Paradigm is a relatively skilled boxer, having picked up training with specialized trainers after her superpowers manifested. On top of that, her raw strength and durability allows her to basically 'fight on the fly', throwing together punches, kicks, grappling and other assaults as she needs to, without much formal training.
Even before she became the Human Spirit, Dawn Ryan had a relatively large fanbase within the United States as an Olympic level athlete. After her fall from grace at the [REDACTED], she endured for several years before emerging onto the international scene as Paradigm, and she is now known worldwide.

Notable Enemies

  • Requiem - An enigmatic foe, the supervillain known as Requiem has haunted the hosts of the Spirit for as long as they've existed. He is personally responsible for killing three of them, including the first. Since Paradigm has inherited the Spirit, she also has inherited the enemy as well. Requiem and her have had several conflicts, but neither has shown an ability to definitively trounce the other. As such, their relationship as nemeses remains steadfastly intact. He is not above allying with other villains to destroy her, and has done so in the past.
  • Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates - Thanks to Dawn's nature as being the embodiment of the Human Spirit, the clearly mad Professor wishes to capture her for use in his goal to 'reveal the true reality'. Due to her unique nature, it is entirely possible that she could be a conduit that would allow the Professor to alter how humanity sees the universe. While he hasn't been successful yet, only time will tell if eventually he can harness the Human Spirit for his insane ends.

RP Hooks

  • Are you an Olympic Athlete? - It's entirely possible that you have met, competed with, or competed against Dawn in any of the track & field competitions during the Summer Olympics, back when she still participated.
  • Are you a notable superhero? - Paradigm is relatively well known, especially to most of the heroing community. She's recently starting to come back into the forefront after spending some time off, focusing her insatiable drive on other attributes of her life.
  • Are you a member of UNTIL or PRIMUS? - Paradigm is well known to both organizations, and is ASPRA registered with PRIMUS. She has lent her assistance to UNTIL on several occasions as well.

Metagame & Trivia

Words from the Community

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"I couldn't ask for anyone better to have on my team." - Riptide

"She has an amazing amount of character and resolve. On any mission I've undertaken with her she has been an integral key to its success." - Sparrowhawk

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