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Real Name Luna Cavenaghi
Identity Public Identity
Citizenship French,Italian
Marital Status
Relatives Angela Cavenaghi, sister

Pierre Fwinovskiy, fiance

Alignment Good
Type Superstrong Heroine
Affiliation IPCA, current team

Wild Authority, former team

Rank Senior Member
Base of Operations Millennium City
Gender Female
Height 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Weight 1500 lbs (680 kg)
Body Type Muscular
Powers Super Strength
Pyrotechnical Projections
Healing Factor
Enhanced Speed
Fighting Style Brawl
Created by Fwine

Power Grid
Fighting Skills 5starsalpha.png
Speed 4starsalpha.png
Weapons Use 1starsalpha.png
Strength 7starsalpha.png
Toughness 6starsalpha.png
Armour Value 2starsalpha.png
Psychic Skills 1starsalpha.png
Healing Skills 1starsalpha.png
Magical Skills 1starsalpha.png
Energy Projection 4starsalpha.png
Regeneration Skills 6starsalpha.png

Luna Angela Cavenaghi, better known as Fwine, is a French-Italian super heroine.

She is a member of the IPCA, UNITY affiliated agency, and a former member of the now defunct super-group Wild Authority. She is engaged to Pierre Fwinovskiy.

Fwine is known in the United States and Canada for having defeating many powerful super-villains like the Mega-Destroid, Chimera or Grond. She also had various feud with Superbia, her ex-boyfriend Nicolas Sarkmésis, Lady Garnet and Professor Charbonneau.

Fictional character biography

Searchtool.svg.png Main article : Fwine's detailed biography

Luna was born in Palermo, Sicilia, in a poor family. She lost her parents and sibling when she was six after they were murdered by a drug dealer. Then she fled to Paris alongside Nicola Trapani, who tried to protect her against Italian mafia. Living in secret, she had to take an other not to arouse suspicion around her. When she turned 18, death again invited herself into Luna's life when Nicola was murdered by Russian mafia trying to take control of the neighborhood. She then had to flee again and went to Brittany where she expected to find some of her former school friends. After having met Pierre Fwinovskiy, Luna's life went on significant improvements : she retrieved her twin sister Angela when she turned 20, made new friends and enough money not to worry about future anymore. She also gained superpowers, although not without pain, after she and her friends found an old magical artifact. Luna's body then changed completely from a frail silhouette to a bulking one. After having learn how to master her new powers, she and her friends decided to leave France for Millennium City where they expected to be able to help the population. She then took the alias of Fwine.


Overall appearance

Fwine is a black-haired woman with dark grey eyes looking around 25 years-old. As she was given superpowers, and like so many heroes before her, She has physically changed. She's now a 6 foot 5 inches woman (1,96 meters). Her muscularity has considerably increased during all the missions assigned to her. Consequently, her weight also incredibly increased, becoming a real everydy life issue, as she now weighs 1500 lb (680 kg). Her body contains 1.5 to 7 times more cells than a normal human body depending on parts - and if she doesn't appear gigantic, that's because her cells are way smaller than normal ones event if they contains more cellular materials. Her height and her muscularity make Fwine very popular as she one of the most Millennium City recognizable heroine.

Fwine proving her strength
Powers and abilities
  • Superhuman Strength : As her cells are smaller but more dense, they proved to be more receptive to each other and to stimuli, providing her muscles a tremendous strength. Therefore, it is estimated that Fwine can lift objects more than 400 tons as she has proved to be able to lift a war tank with comfortable ease.
  • Superhuman Durability : Thanks to her density again, Fwine has proved many times her physical resistance to powerful hits when faced Grond or the Mega Destroid.
  • Speed and Agility : While not entering in the speedster category, she has however proved herself being very quick by covering one mile in less than one minute.
  • Regeneration : Fwine's key of success is her ability to recover very quickly from wounds and injuries. As her cells posses way more biological material than ordinary human cells, they're able to repair themselves at an impressive rate.
  • Energy Projections : Fwine has also proved herself able to create plasma projectiles and to launch them to her enemies. This still remains as her most unexplainable power, this being partly due to the magical nature of her powers.
  • Flying : As she gained her powers from a magical artifact, Fwine also discovered she could fly or, more precisely, she could make her levitate and move in the air. However, as this requires a lot of concentration, she is not able to reach great speeds while flying.
  • Firearms : Fwine learned the use of firearms from Nicola Trapani, who was an ex-cop. While having had the opportunity to use firearms again, she didn't include weapons into her arsenal.


Family and close friends
Ex-Enemies now friend