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Real Name Alice Mary Bristol
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship American
Marital Status
Relatives None
Alignment Face-Turning
Type Superstrong Heroine
Affiliation IPCA, current team
Rank None
Base of Operations Millennium City
Gender Female
Height 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)
Weight 540 lbs (245 kg)
Body Type Muscular
Powers Super Strength
Fighting Style Brawl
Created by Fwine

Power Grid
Fighting Skills 5starsalpha.png
Speed 3starsalpha.png
Weapons Use 1starsalpha.png
Strength 6starsalpha.png
Toughness 4starsalpha.png
Armour Value 2starsalpha.png
Psychic Skills 1starsalpha.png
Healing Skills 1starsalpha.png
Magical Skills 1starsalpha.png
Energy Projection 1starsalpha.png
Regeneration Skills 3starsalpha.png

Alice Mary Bristol, better known as Superbia, is an American super villainess.

She is mostly known for having had a long feud with super heroine Fwine after which she was arrested and proved guilty of many crimes.

She now serves her sentence in rehabilitation center.

Fictional character biography

Alice was born in a poor family in Boston, Massachusetts. Even when she was a little child she distinguished herself by her unstable and irascible temperament, already inspiring fear around her. As it wasn't enough, a spectacular growth spurt allowed her to be 6 ft 2 in (1,88 m) tall, very muscular and gifted with a superhuman strength while she was only 12. Since she felt she could do anything, she allowed herself to do reprehensible actions and started having troubles with justice, being sentenced for a 6 months ban in a rehabilitation center.

After having served her sentence, she met Pr Levy Goldberg, who needed subjects for his experiments and promised her to make her very rich. Unfortunately, those experiments just destroyed Alice's life as Goldberg didn't hesitate to inject more and more toxic products into her body, turning her into a 14 years-old female colossus. Whereas she planned to leave because of Golberg's more and more threatening behaviour, she had to face him and, victim of a rage rush, she ultimately killed him. Back to her family, she continued to misbehave since she felt invulnerable, destroying a classmate's house and robbing a bank in front of many helpless cops, leading Black Mask to have a special surveillance on her. Black Mask's appearance in Alice's life led to very positive outcome, Alice gradually leaving her misbehaviour and trying to act like a normal person.

Unfortunately, she began to endure serious health problems when she turned 17. All the products she took when she was 12 were now having to very vicious and painful side effects. She then left Boston again and tried to find help. She finally arrived in Millennium City in 2006 and took contact with VIPER where she thought she could find a cure to her pain. She finally got recruited by the organization, took the alias of Superbia and was soon after sent to China and Thailand. Although she was able to find a cure, her collaboration with VIPER however didn't last very long as she didn't feel treated with the respect she thought she deserved. She ultimately destroyed Bangkok VIPER nest in order to definitely prove her value, but finally had no choice than resign herself to leave. She then started wandering in all Eastern Asia, destroying villages, and eventually came back to Millennium City a few months later. In 2010, and without [[VIPER] antidote, her pain reappeared, more and more intense every day, gradually driving her into paranoia and megalomania. She went on multiple rampages but had to face Fwine in an final fight where she completely lost her lucidity, ultimately leaving her lying on the ground, suffering from seizure. She was then defeated without showing any resistance.

She was taken in charge by UNITY medical department. While she was sentenced to jail for 20 years, she underwent brain surgery to remove a very small but highly critical and deteriorated area. She also was part of a WCOC documentary Confidential where she explained what she went through. After having spent 3 years in jail, she was offered a sentence reduction for good and was finally declared irresponsible for her previous actions. She was freed one year later and got recruited by IPCA.


Overall appearance

Superbia is a blond-haired woman with blue eyes looking around 30 years-old. Naturally strong, her body abilities and characteristics has been enhanced to the point where she reached 6 ft 6 in (1,98 m) and weights approximately 540 lbs (245 kg).

Powers and abilities
  • Superhuman Strength : Superbia has always had demonstrated a superhuman strength, even when she was only a teenager. Super strength always has been her main ability, which has been enhanced through the years at the point she was supposed to be able to lift about 500 tons through rage. However, due to a recent surgery whose side effects prevents her to get angry, her strength a greatly decreased, though she still is able to lift 100 tons objects.
  • Superhuman Durabilty : Superbia has many times proved in the past to be able to endure extreme beating and hits, this being due to her brain ability (or disability) to feel pain. Since she underwent brain surgery, she doesn't have this ability anymore.