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The official superhero team of UNTIL (the United Nations).

For Heroes and Villains with a UNITY connection see Category:UNITY


As of February 2008 the team consists of:
Quasar (team leader)
El Picaro
Dr. Black
Dr. White

Joining UNITY

Primary Article: UNITY Missions & UNITY 2 Missions
In Champions Online when your superhero reaches level 40, they are offered an invitation to assist the UNITY superhero team. Assisting them allows your superhero to complete specific missions (UNITY 1) in the Desert, Canadian Wilderness, Millennium City & Monster Island and specific missions (UNITY 2) in Vibora Bay.


Silver Champion Recognition

Primary Article: Silver Champion Recognition
This type Recognition is awarded by completing UNITY Missions, UNITY 2 Missions, and high level Lairs.

Action Figures

Primary Article: UNITY Action Figures
There are currently 22 action figures in this set. Some figures can be obtained by as random reward drops during missions, while others can be purchased from the Questionite Store for Questionite.