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Real Name Katarina Forrester
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship Ukrainian,American
Marital Status
Relatives Jared Forrester, husband
Alignment Good
Type Superstrong Heroine
Affiliation IPCA, current team

Wild Authority, former team

Rank Formative
Base of Operations Millennium City
Gender Female
Height 6 ft 11 in (211 cm
Weight 2180 lbs (990 kg)
Body Type Muscular
Powers Super Strength
Cold Manipulation
Healing Factor
Super Jump
Fighting Style Brawl
Created by Fwine

Power Grid
Fighting Skills 4starsalpha.png
Speed 3starsalpha.png
Weapons Use 1starsalpha.png
Strength 7starsalpha.png
Toughness 7starsalpha.png
Armour Value 2starsalpha.png
Psychic Skills 1starsalpha.png
Healing Skills 1starsalpha.png
Magical Skills 1starsalpha.png
Energy Projection 4starsalpha.png
Regeneration Skills 6starsalpha.png

Katarina Forrester born Lysenko, better known as Katyusha, is an Ukrainian super heroine.

She is a member of the IPCA, UNITY affiliated agency, and a former member of the now defunct super-group Wild Authority. She is married to Jared Forrester.

Fwine is known in the United States and Canada for having various feud with Alexey Chekhov, Ping and M. Sylvestre.

Fictional character biography

Katarina was born in the ex Soviet Republic known today as Ukraine. Raised to become a super soldier, she was taken away from her mother and grew up in an army camp alongside others children like her. Soon, experiments were made on these children to increase their strength and durability. However, these experiments were disastrous as the great majority of the children seem to have prematurely died, and soon Katarina seemed to be the only child left still alive as she had no contact with others anymore.

In 1985, the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union was about to end, and the super soldier project was abandoned as financial funds were cut. A year later, due to Chernobyl disaster, the red army had to transfer from Uzyn, where Katarina lived, to Moscow. This also signed death of the super soldier project as many documents were lost during the transfer. During her time in Moscow, Katarina's life however has greatly improved. If she was still under the protection of the Red Army, she received a better treatment, experiments were less and less frequent, and she managed to make friend with other teenager there.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, an American group known as The Middle heard about the super soldier project and tried to reactivate it. After having acquired the former base of Uzyn, The Middle took back the 4 last project super soldier survivors. In 1995, experiments then started again on Katarina and new children, but as products injected were imperfect, a high number of children died in the process. The next year was even worse as it left only one child alive, Katarina. A conflict soon appeared between 'The Middle Director, based in the USA, and scientists, led by Igor Silaev, in Ukraine, leading them to secretly avoid dangerous products. Upon Silaev's supervising, Katarina's health quickly went better. In 1998, The Middle started to be less involved in the project and Silaev made his mind to free Katarina. He and his colleagues then started to teach Katarina Russian, Mathematics, History... and English.

However, in 2002, The Middle came back, harder than ever, as now the FSB was also interested in the super soldier project. Before being executed by FSB, Silaev took contact with the man that put the American group on its knees the past four years, Jared Forrester. Jared quickly arrived in Ukraine and kidnapped Katarina in front of the eyes of FSB agents. The two managed to escape by boat through Turkey and Greece, however leading Katarina to become sick. They finally ended in a small beach in Sferracavallo, Sicilia, where they met Angela Cavenaghi.

After having rest there for a few weeks, Katarina moved again to finally arrive in France in September 2003. A year later, she decided to follow Jared in his war against The Middle. The two finally were able to defeat the group in November 2005 after Jared had stolen a colossal amount of money from it, placing it in very serious financial troubles and leading to the resignation of its board. The couple went back to France where they chose to leave alongside their friend by offering them a brand new building with the funds Jared had stolen. One year later, Katarina also gained superpowers after she and her friends found an old magical artifact. After having learned how to master them, she and her new husband decided to leave France for Millennium City where troubles had appeared, enjoining her friends to follow her, which they did. There, she took the alias of Katyusha.


Katarina now
Overall appearance

Katarina is a blond-haired woman with light-blue eyes looking around 25 years-old. She possesses an incredibly muscular physique, being 6 foot 11 inches (2,11 meters) tall and weighing almost 2200 lb (990 kg). Her body contains 1.5 to 7 times more cells than a normal human body depending on parts but her cells are way smaller than normal ones event if they contains more cellular materials. Her height, her hair and her build make Katyusha one of the most Millennium City instantly recognizable heroine.

Powers and abilities
  • Superhuman Strength : As her cells are smaller but more dense, they proved to be more receptive to each other and to stimuli, providing her muscles a tremendous strength. Therefore, it is estimated that Katyusha can lift objects more than 400 tons as she has proved to be able to lift a war tank with comfortable ease. Her strength alos allows her to leap over very tall building.
  • Superhuman Durability : Thanks to her density again, Katyusha has proved many times her physical resistance to powerful hits.
  • Cryokinesis : Katyusha possesses the ability to decrease the temperature of atoms and molecules around her. She is able to create ice projectiles and to thro them towards opponents.


Family and close friends