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Luna Cavenaghi is a super heroine better known under the alias of Fwine.

Gifted with a superhuman strength, she is a first class heroine able to deal with the most terrifying and powerful villains. Her experience and abilities make her the field leader of her super group. While she still remains active, she's more willing to pass the torch to new generations. She has a sister, Fenice, who also is a super heroine.



Nadia Le Saux is a super heroine better known under the alias of Karydwen.

Once a classic and shy girl, Karydwen was gifted with superhuman strength and the ability to create force fields and throw force bolts. She often appears alongside Fwine, being her best friend. She's part of IPCA super-group where she's in charge of Human Resources. She has a sister, Electre, who is also a super heroine.



Sophie Le Saux is a super heroine better known under the alias of Electre.

Gifted with superhuman speed and the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy, she has many times proven to be a valuable sidekick. Being part of the IPCA super-group where she's in charge of training new recruits, she's also a journalist working episodically for WCOC Channel. She's also Karydwen's sister.



Angela Cavenaghi is a super heroine better known under the alias of Fenice.

Possessing the ability to manipulate fire and dark energy, Fenice has taken part in many fights since she arrived in Millennium City five years ago. She's a member of IPCA super-group where she's in charge of Human Resources. She is Fwine's twin sister.



Katarina Forrester is a super heroine better known under the alias of Katyusha.

A few years ago, Katyusha managed to escape Ukraine where she was considered as a future super-soldier to finally arrive in Millennium City. Gifted with a tremendous superhuman strength, she often teams up with her friends when evil shows up. She's also a member of IPCA super-group where she's responsible of training young recruits. She's married to Jared Forrester.


Pierre Fwinovskiy

Pierre Fwinovski is a french super hero.

After having stood behind the curtain for a long time, he finally appeared in public in Millennium City only recently. Gifted with superhuman strength and the ability to manipulate force, he's the director of IPCA super-group. Therefore, his duties doesn't allow him to show up frequently as running a super-group requires a lot of work. He's engaged to Fwine.


Jared Forrester

Jared Forrester is an American hero.

Jared is very bright, and only a few people on earth can match his intellect. He dedicated his life to fight against The Middle, an American corporation that kidnapped children to turn them into super-villains. With the help of Katyusha, he finally managed to defeat them by stealing them a colossal amount of money and destroying their headquarters. Arrived in Millennium City, he founded the IPCA and restarted to travel across the country to help people. He's married to Katyusha.




Alice Bristol is a super villain better known under the alias of Superbia.

Superbia was Fwine's first regular opponent. They both shared the same characteristics and the same abilities so they went equal on their confrontation. However, Superbia's mental health quickly declined as she was prompt to take dangerous products to enhance her already superhuman strength. During their last confrontation, she was so impaired she was unable to fight and got beaten by Fwine. After having spent 5 years in jail and rehabilitation, she feels better and is on the verge to become a member of IPCA super-group.


Lance Neilstrung

Lance Neilstrung is an American super-villain and Pierre Fwinovskiy's regular opponents.

Lance Neilstrung was once a well-known athlete, one of the greatest, winning multiple times the hardest race in Europe. However, it was ultimately proven that he was deliberately cheating, using performances enhancing drugs to beat his opponents. Stripped away from all his titles, Lance Neilstrung has sworn vengeance and will destroy everybody in his path to get his titles back.


Super Colbert

Sir-Reverend Stephen Colbert is an American super-villain better known as Super Colbert and was one of Fwine's regular opponents.

Stephen Colbert was a well-known news anchor and unswerving support of George Wanderder Shrub. He has spent his whole life defending the United States of America against exterior and interior propaganda. After the defeat of George W. Shrub's party in the last federal elections, he decided to physically take part into the fight in order to « give America back what never didn't belong to it ».


Kim Song-Un

Kim Song-Un was a North-Korean super-villain and one of Fwine's regular opponents. He died some years ago.

Official Biography : Kim Song-Un is the son of God, as was his father, and as his own son is. He was the most marvelous human being that never have existed. His immense powers had made him able to defeat anybody, and he was feared by all his opponents. In order to defend North-Korea against WEST, he ultimately defeated Fwine, using the moon to crush his opponent. However, this was his last fight as, soon after, his father God, called himself back to sit next to him.


Nicolas Sarkmesis

Nicolas Sarkmesis is a french politician and a former France Prime Executive. He also dated Superbia and therefore was one of Fwine's regular opponents.

Nicolas Sarkmesis is well-known for having run for becoming president during the french national election, but was defeated by Frenchoy Netherlands. Turning his back to France, he decided to move to the USA where he tried to become governor. He also started to date Superbia and was soon after involved in the feud she had with Fwine. Superbia defeated, he sworn vengeance against Fwine, tried everything he could to beat her but was also ultimately defeated. He then retired in the Island-of-Ré.


Pasquale Schar

Pasquale Schar was a french politician and a former France Interior Executive. He was one of Electre's regular opponents.

Pasquale Schar was one the most trustful support of famous french politician Jacques Bernadette during his career. However, he betrayed him in favor of Edouard Mouillecolle when he ran for french presidency. As Mouillecolle was defeated by Bernadette, Schar's political career was then almost over and he came back to what he knew best, mafia business. Electre entered in a feud with him, ultimately defeating him on Monster Island. He has now retired and has numerous lawsuits pending.


M. Silvestre

Joe, Jack, Bob or William Silvestre is an American ultra-villain better known as M. Sylvestre. He was one of Katyusha's regular opponents.

M. Sylvestre once was commander in the US Army during the war in Irak. The war being over, he was recruited by the Global Company where he still is one of the prominent executive. He and his colleagues planned to take over the world by buying companies, relocate them and make a maximum profits. He however had to face Katyusha and was beaten, but he ultimately was able to escape. He's still on the run.


Alexei Chekhov

Alexei Chekhov is a former Thai general now working for is own interests. He's known for having been one of Katyusha's regular opponents.

During his time in the Thai Army, he already used it to serve his own business. Empowered with dark energy, nobody could really stand against him and he quickly took over Thailand. He then created an international criminal organization named Law of the Shadows and tried to infiltrate the USA. However, everything went not as good as planned as he has to face heroine Katyusha several times. He ultimately got captured just before he could launch his death ray upon the world.


Lady Garnet

Charlène de Bernardis is a french super-villain better known as Lady Garnet. He has been Fwine's most hated opponents.

Lady Garnet is Fwine's oldest opponent as their rivalry started when they both went into the same school. Fwine was her complete opposite at that time and she just hated her for being what she was : poor. The heat faded away as years passed but was reactivated when the Elder Worms tried to get rid of the french heroine. They brought back her most hated opponent and gave her superpowers like superhuman strength and psychokinetic abilities, hoping she could defeat Fwine. Unfortunately that wasn't enough as Fwine used all her rage to defeat her in a very brutal fight.



Kevin Lenoube is a french super-villain better known as SuperKikoo. He's one of Electre's regular opponents.

SuperKikoo is a teenager whose main interests are computer and complaining how life sucks. He accidentally managed to combine his DNA with algorithmic softwares, allowing him to gain superpowers. He then sworn vengeance against everybody that once said he was clumsy, especially Ms Marguerite, his sport teacher. However, his crimes soon called the attention of Electre and the two started a feud. Knowing he has an eye kept out on him, his crimes have been less frequent, but he has secretly planned something to get definitely rid of Electre



Deirdre Unhaltbarelieberosazug is a German anti-villain better simply known as Deirdre.

Deirdre is a very tall muscular... being gifted with immense strength and the ability to create love bolts with the Love Hammer, forcing targeted people to love each other by crushing them together. However, Deirdre had to face Fwine in numerous fights, and the french heroine ultimately defeated her opponent on the moon. Deirdre has not been seen since again.


Emerald Princess

The Emerald Princess is a super-villain coming from an other dimension. She was one of Fwine's regular opponents.

Gifted with telepathic powers and the ability to control people's mind, she has become the ruler of her own home-world. However, her thirst of power led her to earth where she began mass-controlling people. However, she was interrupted in her objectives by Fwine. She was able to hide from the french heroine for months but finally get caught on Monster Island where Fwine overpowered her and her henchmen. She's now spending the rest of her time in a special cell preventing her from using her telepathic abilities.



Kryhra is an anthropomorphic super-villain known for having been Fenice's first regular opponents.

Kryhra was born in the Dr Moreau laboratories. Gifted with a tremendous strength, she went on rampaging all over Monster Island beforing she had to face Fenice. Fearing fire most than everything, she was no match for the Italian super heroine that defeated her by creating a fire circle around her. With no escape possibilities as she wouldn't cross the fire or jump over it, she finally let herself to get captured. She is now in a rehabilitation center.


Katrin O'Dogue

Katrin O'Dogue is an American super-villain known for having been one of Fenice's regular opponents.

Katrin O'Dogue lived in Vibora Bay when she got captured by werewolves in order to make her one of them. The spell they use produces effects beyond their expectations as Katrin was now one of the most powerful werewolf in town. She then was involved in many crimes in Vibora Bay before she had to face Fenice. Despite all of her efforts, she could get rid of the Italian heroine and finally got arrested while she was building a high-voltage laser.


Valerius Nabothar

Valerius Nabothar is a sorcerer and a super-villain known for having been one of Karydwen's regular opponents.

Nabothar is a sorcerer who dedicated his life to understand how black magic works and how to empower himself with it. He order to complete his ritual, he had to find a pure soul into a strong body. He then turned himself to Karydwen, trying to capture her numerous times. Unfortunately, he was a better sorcerer than field operator, and got defeated. He then went back to his dimension where he still tries to fuse with black magic energy.



Anna Schumann is a German super-villain based in the United States. She's a member of villains group Yellow Threat and is one of Karydwen's regular opponents.

Ultima was born before World War 2 in Germany. She and her parents fled to the USA after Hitler had taken power. Once a normal citizen, she was well known for having pulled through a terrible fire miraculously unscathed in 1972 and for the apparent youth she kept when she was getting old. After having retired, she came back in Millennium City, younger than ever, and as a part of the Yellow Threat, a villain super-group whose members are able to manipulate yellow energy. She had to face several times Karydwen.



Zah'Ja is an extra-terrestrial being well-known for having been one of Fwine's regular opponents.

There is little known about Zah'Ja. She is an alien recruiter that works for an inter-planetary villain group known as K-Feh (K-Force). She was in charge of capture Fwine in order to recruit her. The two females faced each other several times but Fwine finally managed to get the upper hand and Zah'Ja was arrested. However, she managed to escape while she was in her cell. This is the last time Zah'Ja has been seen on earth.


Professor Charbonneau

Emilienne Charbonneau was a french-canadian scientist and one of Fwine's regular opponents.

Alongside his former colleague, Pr Serge Pelletier, she dedicated her life to biochemical studies... until his colleague tried to abuse her. Trying to escape him, she drank an experimental growth serum they were working on. The serum worked and she was then strong enough to dissuade Pelletier from abusing her again. She came in the medias a few years when she claimed that the majority of heroes was taking illegal substances in order to prove they were stronger than the others. She then provoked Fwine but the french heroine was stronger and Charbonneau came back to anonymity.



Miu Sayanma is an alien female warrior well-known for having been one of Fwine's regular opponents.

Sayanman is one of Istvatha V'han's henchman and has been sent to Earth to evaluate the possible difficulties for the Empress to conquer it. While she was rampaging West Side, she met Fwine for the first time and got beaten. Her fierce warrior temperament reappeared and she went on tracking Fwine whenever she could. The two powerful women finally met on Monster Island for a last fight won by Fwine. Sayanma has since returned alongside her empress, promising to come back very soon.



Nukk was a futuristic super-villain. He's one of the three Quintessents and was one of Karydwen's regular opponent.

Nukk was a powerful warrior coming from the future alongside his fellow members Ping and Typha. He came back to the past in order to prevent Good from triumphing from Evil and to allow them to rule earth one day. However, in his quest he had to face Karydwen and ended up beaten. He and his teammates decided to get further in time and a bad calculation led them to be lost in space-time continuum.



Ping was a futuristic super-villain. He's one of the three Quintessents and was one of Katyusha's regular opponent.

Ping was the scientist of the Quintessents. Very bright, she build the time machine that allow her and her teammates to go back in time to prevent Good from triumphing from Evil. However, she had to face Katyusha on several occasion and ultimately got defeated by her opponent's raw strength. The she planned to get further in time to prevent Katyusha from defeating her, but a miscalculation in time machine parameters was her ultime mistake as she and her friends now are stuck in space-time continuum.



Typha was a futuristic super-villain. He's one of the three Quintessents and was one of Electre's regular opponent.

Typha is a former alien pirate that joined Nukk and Ping when she was in jail. The three of them managed to escape and decided to travel back through time in order to get rid of the world as they knew it. Granted with superhuman strength, Typha however couldn't achieve his teammates plan as she was defeated by Electre in their ultimate confrontation. She managed to escape through the time-machine but she ended getting stuck into space-time continuum.


Xenomorph Clone

Xenomorph Clone is an alien invader coming from planet XenomorphClonia. He was one of Fenice's regular opponent.

Xenomorph Clone has been sent to earth by his master, the Supreme Xenomorph Clone, in order to eradicate human and allow the Xenomorph Clones to colonize the whole planet. Gifted with xenomorph strength and xenomorph claws, he almost succeeded in xenomorphing Earth but ultimately saw his ass xenomorphly whooped by Fenice when he tried to build a xenomorphing ray. He spends now the rest of his xenormorphing life in xenomorph jail.