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Order from chaos. Hope in darkness.

About the Order

The Order of Hope utilize both magic and technology, as represented in their founding members, Ladybug, Captain Ally, Nina Antancia, and Gidothos. They now have over 30 members, heroes of every alignment and creed.

Founding and History

The Order of Hope was founded by superheroes looking to create a beacon of hope for the entire Earth. They met by chance when they showed up to stop Angus Melchior in an attack on the west coast of the US. Omega Knight was present as well, but left as soon as Melchior was subdued. The others stuck around and introduced themselves, and kept in touch over the next several months, eventually becoming friends and meeting frequently in Gidothos's underwater headquarters.

The first member to join after the founders was Morwena, who sought allies to help her in her rivalry with Hart Hannox. Next was Omega Knight, who was reluctant to swear allegiance to a supergroup, but believed in their cause.


Friends. Allies. Strangers. No matter the title, no matter the trouble, we work together.

Headquarters etc.

The Order of Hope utilize the headquarters of some of their members and allies.

The Antennae

Owned and operated by Ladybug, the Antennae is a technological marvel to the average Joe. Equipped with satellites, radar, and scanners designed to observe criminal activity as indicated by alarms and police reports, The Antennae allows Ladybug to locate thieves and other criminals based on the nature of the crime, the time of day, and modus operandi. The Antennae covers a 30 mile radius from its location in Pontiac, Michigan, allowing it to observe all of Millennium City most of Flint.

Gidothos Power Research Laboratory

The GPRL is run by Gidothos the Lemurian. The laboratory is in neutral territory outside Lemuria, where Gidothos studies magic and ancient Lemurian tech in order to create new tools and uncover knowledge to aid the superheroes of Earth.

A staff of 50 workers populate the lab, of all species and races.

The Orbit Conjury

The Orbit Conjury belongs to Destiny Myles. Though entirely neutral, Myles is somewhat of an ally to the Order of Hope, and she lets them use her pocket dimension whenever needed. The Orbit Conjury is essentially a library, but has research tables, tinctures, and space for experimenting, allowing magic users to train their abilities at any time.

During the 333 incident, the entire Order of Hope and their outliers had to lay low inside the Conjury. It got a bit crowded but allowed members who hadn't previously interacted to form friendships.

OOC Information

Founded in 2015, the Order of Hope started as a personal project of @Fuffydud and @apparentlyreal. Originally made for the purpose of easy access to guild storage, it became a pet project to actually write lore and create an ingame story for the group. With enough interest, the owners would be happy to expand its ranks and make it a proper community with a kickass name and a lore foundation ready to be expanded upon.

Inspired by the Justice League Unlimited animated series, the Order of Hope is based upon the idea of a gigantic group of heroes all working together in various groups and on appropriately "leveled" assignments.

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