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Player: User:Jade Defender
To Achieve Greatness you must serve something Greater then yourself!
Character Build
Class Focus: Protector Role ( Super Heavy Tank, Super Heavy Hitter)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms / Fighting Styles
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jakandor; Tirithian Name
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Tirithian
Ethnicity: Non Imperial Tirithian
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations: SaSbannerH.gif
Relatives: none known
Age: 37 appears (does not appear to age)*(97 actual)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Eyes: Glowing Golden
Hair: Black
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Body Builder, Olympian
Physical Features: Angular, Warrior-esque
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 68 (as of 2020)*(was thought dead between 1994-2005)
Citizenship: United States, True Tirithians (Resistance)
Occupation: Worldwide and Intergalactic Protector
Education: No Formal
Marital Status: Formerly engaged to Ms. Majestic
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Strength (390), Invulnerability and Super Constitution (477), Super Reflexes/Speed and Dexterity (132), Superhuman Hearing and Vision, Heat Vision, Sonic Voice (Gale-like), and Supersonic Flight (Mach 2.0 *approx 1300 mph), (FTL "faster than light" flight in Vacuum of space).
Equipment and Paraphernalia
X 4.0d MkII Nano-Fiber Polymer Uniform (Kendrium Flex-Fiber Weave, *the MkII designator indicates the custom craft for Horizon, with Solar storage nanobyte technology).
ReldinBox Template


"Through Perseverance and Loyalty are the Mighty Forged!"

(WARNING: Mature RP)


So little is actually known about Horizon as hard facts... What is Known, is that the young man heralded as Horizon by PRIMUS, was discovered in a crater in the Canadian Wilderness. He was found nude, and unconscious, seemingly unaffected by the extreme weather. When he awoke, he suffered from amnesia, unable to recall anything prior to awakening within the Ft Steelhead Medical Facility. His amazing display of resilience and further displays within the Facility (crushing chairs, doorhandles, etc by mistake) quickly gained the inquisitive interest of the facilities management. Shortly later, Psychic investigation was implemented to help "discover" Horizon's lost past, and the only success was images gleaned of an Apocalyptic storm, of epic proportions, and what seemed to be interdimensional travel across the cosmos..

Subsequent attempts to discover more, through immersion, and continued psychic probing have uncovered more fractured images, some of SIGIL and its members, primarilly the hero Jade Defender! More information about the Apocalyptic vision have lead many to believe it was the last images of the Great Captain Paragon, who died in service to the Earth. Later Jade Defender was contacted to question the stranger or validate his identity, and the legendary hero recognized his now younger appearing mentor immediately. Jade Defender took him under his wing, showed him everything about the hero he had once been, showed him the lives he had changed forever in service to the Earth!

HorizonFlight2.jpg Horizon4.jpg



It was not long before Horizon was ready to take on the mantle of heroism, and putting his amazing abilities to the protection of "Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". He kept the nickname given to him by PRIMUS from the Canadian Wilderness, and sped across the globe helping wherever he could. He quickly became a Globally recognized Icon for Hope and Heroism, using his abilities even for mundane emergencies. Eventually PRIMUS Agents contacted him again, hoping he could lend a hand with the Qularr in the United States. The Renovated city of Millennium was under attack and any and all heroes were called upon to lend aid. Ever the symbol of Strength and Hope, Horizon quickly rendered aid, and with the assistance of many amazing heroes, the Qularr were vanquished.

During the Qularr invasion of Millennium City, PRIMUS informed Horizon that the City needed heroes like him, that supervillainous schemes and sinister minds were lying in hiding within the city and its neighboring territory. They also informed him that GLOBE was operating out of Millennium City, and that the Silver Age Sentinels were exactly the kind of symbols he could be part of.

Now Horizon continues his search for answers regarding his fractured past, but falters not in his service to the PRIMUS, Silver Age Sentinels and the people of Earth. He has embraced the mantle of Captain Paragon with seeming ease, and upholds the strongest values of Morale integrity and Justice... believing heavily in dedication and perseverence to the cause will lead to a better tomorrow. This attention to moral integrity and upholding peace for all intelligent life, has lead Horizon to become a whole new heroic Icon separate from his former Captain Paragon persona. This new emblem of Strength and Courage has proven influential to many other heroes and new youths learning how to champion themselves as the newest heroes of Millennium and beyond.

Horizon has nearly regained all his fractured memories of his former persona, and has fostered strong relations with a several of the heroes who fought beside and collaborated with him during those early years. These memories have began to provide Horizon with invaluable battle and professional experience regarding a great many facets of civilian, and governmental heroic life.

Horizon7.jpg Horizon8.jpg Horizon9.jpg

  • Horizon made very good friends with the long time hero Thundrax who too had his origins in Canada! the two friends have been seen many, many times fighting side by side or taking their super abilities to bouts at the famous Carl's gym!
  • During the First Tirithian encounter on Earth, Horizon proved an invaluable ally in fighting against these superbeings from another world, and nearly gave his life in the line of duty to stop them! Sadly this sacrifice and the sacrifice of many others didn't prevent the evil invader's from completely destroying the Original GLOBE ARTIMIS Aerocarrier in the bay. It was also revealed here for the first time, Horizon's true heritage, and he was abhorred to discover that the invading aliens were his own people!
  • Horizon personally helped reconstruct the new Artemis II Aerocarrier, and the city of Millennium; along with the other many heroes unified under GLOBE, the Silver Age Sentinels and the up and coming Young Sentinels!
  • Horizon began dating the famous and lavishly beautiful heroine Ms. Majestic and the two have gotten along famously, fighting side by side and spending quality time together!
  • Horizon took a leave of absence to pursue the fleeing General of the attacking Tirithians across the stars, his pursuit lead him into many more alien worlds, and adventures were other species clearly needed a savior all their own. These many adventures allowed the elusive General to escape, but Horizon met a myriad of great and amazing peoples while across the stars!
  • Horizon traveled the stars along with the Hero Starknight to help him replenish his dwindling power source for his amazing armor! The two heroes fought side by side and explored colorful and mysterious new worlds together on their search!
  • During the second Tirithian Encounter, the captured alien Tirithians kept in hot-sleep at Stronghold were moved under very careful preparation on warden Wildman's part, but villainous individuals sought the opportunity to free the Tirithians and use their might to their own ends. These masterminds were mistaken in believing the Evil aliens could be controlled and had two super powered loose canons wrecking havoc all across the globe. Many, many great heroes proved their mettle this day, and the rising star, Metaboy, ascended to a new level of abilities, discovering that somehow, he too was a Tirithian!
  • Horizon single-handedly constructed the new base Lunar 13, using many elements of alien technology, and scavenged Tirithian designs he collected while away helping other worlds! This wonderous location is now Horizon's primary staging ground for his heroic activities.
  • Horizon has recently returned from a years long self perpetuated exile into distant space. He spent a great deal of time travelling and confronting [Tirithian Empire] excursions of conquest and helping refugees relocate and rebuild new colonies and new lives on distant worlds. He has worked as a special liaison for the [Consortium of Galactic Civilizations], and championing theses star flung peoples in the senate. This Sojourn has revealed much lost knowledge about his forgotten people and of his heritage. Horizon has learned his Tirithian name of Jakandor, and the refugees he has helped across multiple worlds have come to revere him as a sacred figure. Flattered by this idolation, Horizon has tried to impress his own shortcomings and flaws to discourage these beliefs. He has spent a great deal of time helping other Tirithians learn and master their newfound capabilities and worked diligently to teach the leaders of these colonies how to operate as a team and defend themselves from future threats.


Horizon has never tested the upper limits of his capabilities, but has been able to lift truly enormous objects in times of need. Several times throughout his heroic career Horizon has lifted well over 400 metric tons and carried it! He has gone toe to toe with some of the mightiest the Champions Universe has to offer without flinching, including Grond and Qwyjibo! He has even transported Fordite to the sun, where he can compress (squeeze) it into a substance nearly identical to questionite! This has scored him a whopping 9 on the Reldin scale!

Horizon's super-dense mass is nearly completely impervious to normal firearms and munitions, and damage from even the fiercest warheads tend to be fleeting at best. Note, however that powerful Nuclear weapons can harm him somewhat and hurl him some distance with force, his quick regenerating body tends to mitigate this damage as fairly non-serious. Energy weapons have a slightly stronger effect and magical (dimensional) attacks actually sting and effect him, though still not very seriously; these attacks given enough frequency and time, can wear him down! Horizon absorbs forms of light as well as radiation in a form of Voltaic energy transfer, thusly, most energy weapons slowly Empower his abilities! These combined traits along with his recuperative nature, Horizon rests at a 9 on the Reldin scale!

On the ground, Horizon has been clocked at travelling at approx. 150 mph at full sprint, though he usually "cruises" at about 60-70mph for safety-sake of bystanders. His eye-hand coordination has proven downright amazing, while he cannot keep up with the likes of Kinetic and other famously "fast" heroes, he ranges well into the superhuman territory, enjoying a 8 on the Reldin scale!

Horizon has acutely improved hearing and vision from that of normal human beings, but is not quite measured as Superhuman. His vision is flawless up to approx. 1 1/2 miles distance (20/10 vision) and his hearing can pick up and understand trace whispers from another room adjoining any he occupies. this hearing of course does not work through solid walls, unless made of specific sonic-friendly materials that can carry a vibration, and even then, he must be "against" the material.

Self Propelled Flight using what UNTIL researchers have proven to be a controllable burst of "gravitons", Horizon is capable of up to Super-sonic flight within an atmosphere. Horizon has been clocked at approx. 300 mph casual flight speed, but can reach up to 1344 mph when he presses himself (that is slightly over Mach 2!) In times of desperate need, Horizon was proven capable of short bursts of speed excelling even these numbers but never have instruments been readily available to test these speeds. In the vacuum of space, Horizon has proven to be able to command FTL (Faster-than-light) speeds, often disappearing in the blink of an eye!

HorizonEnergy.png (Heat Vision)
A startling power discovery by Horizon was the ability to hyper accelerate the atmosphere through his eyes, by fine focusing his super vision he can produce for-all-intents-and-purposes, Heat vision. This ability allows him to create a wave of energy that hyper accelerates the molecules in atmosphere to burn and ignite objects! These temperatures have been measured at approximately 3,600 degrees Celcius! This coupled with his "voice" below score him at 5 on Reldin's scale!

Horizon's voice is a very powerful weapon, like his muscles throughout his body, his vocal capabilities too share superhuman levels. UNTIL researchers have tested Horizon's common speech (though he maintains this low a level through conscious effort) is roughly 70db, equivalent to near shout, however, when placed within a facility that can measure the acoustics of objects, Horizon repeatedly tested at over 180db! well into dangerous territory for any human being! As dangerous as this is however, Horizon has found a much more humane method of utilizing his strength of speech; in a powerful breath weapon, strong enough to slowly overturn a Viper tank! This gale-like force has been measured at nearly 48 knots and scores a 9 on the Beaufort scales!

It is apparent to anyone who has known Horizon since he began his heroic career, or anyone of the many, many heroes who knew him as Captain Paragon that this hero ages at a dramatically slower rate than human beings! It has also been discovered that Horizon has no apparent need to eat or drink physical food or liquids (though he can do so) for nourishment. He has no need to breath an atmosphere of any kind (which can be off-setting some those who have never met him) and has operated underseas for days, and has been known to travel the Galaxy without any means of respiration or pressure equipment for months at a time! The Calliginous depths and the extreme pressure ranges of Space have no apparent effect on him, nor does normal ranges of cold or heat.

Besides the occasional technological or mystical gadget/artifact Horizon has only ever had one piece of consistent "equipment"; his uniform. The X 4.0d MkII Nano-Fiber Polymer Uniform made of a Kendrium Flex-Fiber Weave; *the MkII designator indicates the custom craft for Horizon, with Solar storage nanobyte technology. This feature allows his costume to store reserves of solar or light energy when outside of a direct source. As great as this technology sounds its incredibly limited, and only really grants Horizon any "extra" source to light for a few hours at best after leaving such a source, and even that reserve is drastically diminished when compared to the real thing.



The Core

He loved these moments, traveling the infinite stretches of the Cosmos like a beacon of light. It was only in the vacuum of space that Horizon was able to be so free. Everything fell away, sound was nowhere to be heard, no cacophonous roar like on Earth. All the people running about in their vehicles, the machines, everything. It was pure silence. The beauty one beheld while traveling faster than light was hard to describe. Suffice it to say, that the way the stars, the space debris of rock and mineral older then anything on Earth, and the Glowing nimbus of the Nebulae that passed in hues and streaks about him, was more rapturous then anything he ever saw.

Horizon dropped out of FTL flight as he neared the familiar station of crystalline rock and smooth, polished towers, embedded in the side of the ancient asteroid known only as Maeda. This tiny but gloriously well crafted place, was lost to the galaxy at large, which is the way its inhabitants liked it. They hid themselves away from the dangers of Tyrants and pirates alike, from the monsters of the infinite. The debris field here was unique, a strange mixture of naturally occuring tachyon particles and Ghurl'el created a zone of energy, which registered as dead space. A portion of space, devoid of energy, much like a black hole. Ships could not navigate through dead space, the risks too great for their crews, as their navigational computers, or sensors simply could not register a means of propulsion or vectors to safely traverse the void.

Horizon approached slowly, gliding towards an elaborately carved archway, an entryway to the glossy citadel set into the glittering asteroid. The entry recessed into the asteroid like a tunnel, that ended at what could only be a large doorway. Which opened with a flood of light as he waited in the silent vacuum.

Andras greeted him anxiously. The elder Tritihian was approaching a venerable age, his stature was slouched and feeble, though he carried himself with dignity and reserved poise. We wore a simple gown of black and silver, as appointed him by the old Tirithian council, who were now scattered and hunted by the tyrannical New Tirithian Empire. He wore the crest of his family lineage, emblazoned in simple relief upon a coif about his neck. It translated; Drom'em.

The interior of the small citadel was polished stone of metallic hue, resembling the Earth mineral; Hematite. Horizon boldly walked across the entry chamber to were the elder awaited him, his crimson cape billowing behind him like a living thing in the low gravity.

Andras began, apprehensively.
"Andras, many things have began to happen at an increasing rate on Earth."
Horizon cut him off hurriedly.
"I suspect it no longer coincidence, too many things are related... I fear our people may be involved."
He finished. Horizons eyes pleaded with the elder to prove him wrong, to disarm his fears... but no such dismissal followed.

Andras met the younger Tirithians glowing gaze with grim forebearance, measuring his response. Slowly he turned away, walking purposefully into the fortress. Horizon followed him, trying to be patient with the elder, and allow him the opportunity to help in whatever capacity the ancient Tirithian could. They entered a chamber that opened upon a large crystal formation, that shed a soft azure light about the hall. Spread out like star formations all about the chamber were further crystals, that hovered of their own accord, glowing with soft white light. Horizon knew this room, having learned of its importance from Andras in their first meeting months ago. It was the well of Hope. The fabricated mirror of the Tirithians scattered peoples, not possessed by the Imperial war machine. Andras came to rest at the central Crystal, towering into the chambers ceiling which spanned into darkness above.

"This used to be our home."
The elder almost whispered as he stared into the large crystal.
"Where Tirithia used to be, when it was still Tirithia..."
he continued, his voice full of painful memories and fading.

Horizon came to stand behind him, watching over the smaller man, and allowed his gaze to fall over the formation. Inside the crystal were pinpoints of light, that resembled galaxies viewed through Earth telescopes. Spiral formations of closely knit lights and sparkled from within the crystal.

"Were it that the power of this place could tell us where our enemies are..."
Andras continued sadly.
"However, they linger outside our perceptions and thus move unseen about us."
Andras turned to look at Horizon then, his face full of apology.
"I cannot tell you if these omens are of Imperial design... though one can hope your world has not come unto their notice."
He finished gravely.

Horizon shook his head, upset, but quickly clearing his mind. He suspected Andras may not be able to help him with the strange Tirithian relic's turning up, the temporal fluctuations on Earth, or the disappearance of his best friend. Though he may be able to help with this. Horizon produced a small dull crystal, glowing with a feint red light, presenting it to Andras. The elder turned completely to him to better view the old relic. He leaned in closely, allowing his hand to hover near it briefly. The crystal lit up slightly, barely glowing a little stronger.

"A shard of Lindrium..."
Andras breathed in wonder.

Andras hurried from the chamber as quickly as his aging frame would allow him without pain. He carefully carried the shard in his upturned palm, studying it as he moved from the Well of Hope. Horizon followed him briskly, watching the elder in confusion, but hoping for an answer momentarily. Andras shuffled through the halls, and began ascending a long spiraling ramp that served as a staircase in the fortress. The spiraling platform, served to circumvent the Well of hope, the inside wall, was transparent and viewed in upon the Well, through shimmering, one way glass, that appeared to house countless stars.

"This shard appears ancient..."
Andras began, almost muttering to himself as he ascended.
"Its light has nearly faded... an unfortunate side effect due to the unstable properties that promote the power within."
he continued, quizzically studying the shard further.
"What is it?"
Horizon pressed, as they continued up the winding ramp.

Andras paused briefly to look at the younger Tirithian in almost utter disbelief. Horizon only blinked at him, then paused to look at the shard himself. Both men allowed their gaze to rest upon the shard, before Andras continued.

"I often forget how you were not raised as a true Tirithian... that you must not know of so much of our science... our knowledge."
Andras countered, apologetically.
"Lindrium, was not our creation, indeed, nor is it anyone's..."
Andras paused to consider his words before continuing.
"We discovered it on Belura... a world of waters... waters who's properties held amazing qualities for cultivation, and reversing illness..."
Andras waved off the statement, as if he were getting off subject.
"How did you come by this...?"
he asked.
"A friend, a fellow warrior of good spirit has need of this shard, it powers his fight to protect life."
Horizon answered, need apparent in his voice.

Andras only nodded, continuing up the ramp, which was nearly leveled off at a new platform. The two men stepped through a elaborate entryway onto a glass floor, which appeared much like the interior wall of the ramp, shimmering with countless lights trapped within. The room was lit by a glowing source of light centralized above the floor of a large chamber. About the room were small sconces burning with shimmering colors unique at each, placed upon the floor. Tables of alien design dotted the chamber, upon each were collections of strange devices, crystals and plantlife, too numerous to count.

"Lindrium was unique in that it hosted properties unlike any mineral we ever encountered, indeed we found it so useful to our own people it became staple in many of our works..."
Andras finally continued, as he crossed the chamber.
"It has the ability to amplify genetic energy many times!"
He said with some excitement.
"Our early scholars..."
Andras stopped, suddenly and turned back over his shoulder to stare at Horizon, his face suddenly solemn and pale.

Horizon met his gaze, quizzically, and began to worry something was wrong.

"Andras... is everything alright?"
He asked, concerned about the elder.
"It was your father... who lead us to discover it..."
Andras almost whispered. Lost in reverie.

Andras snapped out of his daydream and continued across the chamber to one of the many tables, where strange devices of untold alien origin lay scattered among other minerals and glowing oddities.

He said, pointedly, getting back on track.
"Like I said, this shard is nearly depleted of its original properties... likely your "comrade" will need a more recent source."
Andras continued, making progress in his assessment.
"You have more of this... Lindrium, Andras?"
Horizon inquired, hopeful.

Andras began sifting through the many things upon the table, until he came upon a small rounded, yet flat stone, shaped like a smooth discus. He scooped it up and turned facing Horizon.

"Sadly no..."
he said flatly.
"However! I can point you in the right direction...!"
He handed the discus over to Horizon, smiling gently to himself

Horizon scrutinized the strange discus, its center was opaque, hazy, with more points of light, like imperfect bubbles trapped in stone. The outside texture was porous, and rough, like igneous rock... pocked with small holes and imperfections.

"What is this?"
Horizon asked, gesturing to the flat stone.
"Its what you need to find Belura..."
Andras said, disappointment clear on his face.

Andras began moving away from horizon, pointedly crossing the room, to stand near the center, viewing the Well of hope below them, through the transparent floor. Horizon slowly crossed after him, moving carefully, while studying the discus.

"There is so much, you should have learned... so much Kalek should have taught you..."
Andras nearly whispered, almost to no one.

He turned then to look at the younger Tirithian. His pale eyes, did not glow like Horizons, he had not been subject to the qualities of the Yellow Sun, and thusly was not "empowered" as the youth was. Horizon met his gaze with his own glowing orbs, calmly awaiting Andras' next words.

"How ever, will you be ready to face your destiny...?"
Andras said sadly.


Horizon5.jpg Horizon6.jpg Horizon10.jpg

  • Horizon is not immune to psychic intrusion, but has proven quite resilient to unwanted infiltration... (A benefit granted him by The Cosmic Light), for Mind/Emotion readers, simply send me a tell, marked with ((Mental:)) in game for mind reading.
  • For Powerful LoreMasters (Psychics/Mystics/Fateweavers,etc), (40+lvl) may know that Horizon is indeed the fractured consciousness of the Former hero Captain Paragon, and was recreated by The Cosmic Light in a deal made by his lost father, with the almighty Light, sealing his sons fate to champion his lost civilization.
  • Killing/Defeating Horizon permanently is Nearly impossible, as his fathers deal with The Cosmic Light has tied him inexplicably to the Mystical intelligence. Its power fuels his own. On the same coin, Horizon is tied to the well-being of the Light, and thus should "IT" falter, he too would suffer... He can however be harmed, his body is not completely invulnerable, and long enough exposure to Super-powered damage/attacks, where him down, even to the point where all instrumentation, and psychic/mystic probing would identify him as "dead". The Light will simply rebuild him, and place him without memories once again upon the Earth, in a lost ruins, his predecessors built in a hidden region ages ago.
  • Granted The Cosmic Light is heralded by many cultures across the Cosmos, as the maker of all things, the spark of all life everywhere... any assault against this intelligence, would be on a Galactic Scale, as the Light has champions on every major world across the known Universe!

Horizon11.jpg Horizon12.jpg Horizon13.jpg


Horizon14.jpg Horizon15.jpg Horizon16.jpg Horizon17.jpg

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