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A privately funded League of heroes. Some super-powered, some with nothing more than the dream to make the world a better and safer place. SIGIL is an organization of self governed Heroes who train and socialize together, forming contacts and working relationships. The agenda of the organization is to prevent crime or super-powered villains from plaguing Millennium City and the World!

  • SIGIL was started by members of the Freedom Reserve, a sub heroic group associated with UNTIL who's own origins predate the founding of the international police force. This organization was originally funded by the U.N. covertly. The official support was lost int he 80's however, and the U.N. focused on its own internal organizations.

SIGIL began with several heroes originally associated with UNTIL, specifically with the UNITY task force. UNTIL was subject to international treaty of the U.N. and could only operate within the boundaries of associated governments. Legally... A handful of like-minded heroes, who started out protecting the world together, made the fateful decision that everyone around the globe deserved champions to ensure their way of life and the pursuit of happiness. They secretly began to meet, and coordinate strategies and strike teams to 'step beyond the borders' and fight dangers in territories not protected by UNTIL When the challenges they faced grew, so did the need for a community to fallback on, a base to plan from, a place from which they could mobilize. These Super-powered beings learned to put their faith in the modern man, who too, took up the mantle of responsibility to change their world. Ordinary Citizens displayed uncanny reserve to lend a helping hand, and through a collaborative effort, supported the heroes in their fight. Where they could not battle super-powered threats, they could plan and develop strategies, could invent new equipment and tools, they could assist in a communications and travel network that would encompass the Earth. Slowly SIGIL became an organization that got results, but maintained a low profile.

They fought side by side, the 'mighty', and the unlikely, 'ordinary' heroes of tomorrow, facing obstacles, and challenges they never thought they could overcome individually. They unified under the common goal of preventing mankind from falling into chaos and darkness. SIGIL nominated the heroes they had faith in to lead them in the endeavor to protect mankind, and all sentients who sought peace. They vowed together to face whatever challenges and hardships to secure that basic right to the peoples of the world.




The security and public relations department of the Organization, is composed of Established Heroes, men and women who by the sweat of their endeavors have proven themselves saviors to the peoples of the World. The program is a security firm, tasking out members to assist UNTIL, PRIMUS, and many other organizations dedicated to protecting peoples around the globe. The Prime also function as a charity and goodwill organization. Their work is looked upon greatly by the media, and the charitable acts performed by the group counteracts most questionable press they ever receive.

Quite often members of the Prime are deployed from "Rapid Response" teams to major locales across the globe, to help thwart threats wherever they may loom. It is not unheard of for experienced members within SIGIL to actually deploy to other worlds!



The research & development department of the organization, some of which is operated by privately contracted civilians who for their own protection would like to remain anonymous, as well as many of the inventive heroes themselves. In addition, they operate directly with the training component of the organization, helping to prepare new heroes with skills and equipment to better survive the dangerous world they will be facing. They are directly responsible for many of the amazing technological advances of the organization and even some of the technological advancements of UNTIL as SIGIL fully supports shared information and resources with the U.N. Unfortunately this policy is not always shared by the leaders of the U.N. or by the heads of UNTIL Regardless, the Heroes and civilians part of the Path, are diligent and insightful in their endeavors to provide the best to the organization.



The Teen League was indoctrined later into SIGIL's existence. It came about when several younger heroes simply would not listen to the reason of elder heroes, and hang-up the mantle. They like their senior's could not stand by and leave the fighting to a few, and boldly refused to be told they were too young, or too inexperienced, and fought on. The League took them in and developed a rigorous training program, tutoring the youth's in combat tactics, criminal research, and profiling, and dozens of martial arts styles. The Teen League has since proven very useful and talented, able to mobilize quickly and willing to prove themselves to the Prime, by accepting less dangerous or complicated tasks.

Of all the Organizations within SIGIL, it is the Teen league that has the most "Presence", often looked to with great favor and even minor celebrity status among the citizens of Millennium City! Many of the youths within the League enjoy this attention, and work hard to portray a strong and attractive public image.




Enjoy some of our chosen hero songs that inspire us to fight criminals and the forces of Evil!

Music-player.pngJade Defender's Theme
Music-player.pngStratus's Theme
Music-player.pngFortress's Theme
Music-player.pngThe Owl's Theme.
Music-player.pngLegionnaire's Theme
Music-player.pngScion's Theme
Music-player.pngSuperheroic's Theme
Music-player.pngBrigantia's Theme
Music-player.pngFleur Elise's Theme

Inspirational instrumental music of heroic proportions!

Music-player.png Protector's of the Earth
Music-player.png Lacrimosa
Music-player.png Lux Aeterna
Music-player.png Fury Unleashed
Music-player.png They Came from the Blue (Fathom)
Music-player.png Sands of Time (Horizon?)
Music-player.png World on Fire
Music-player.png They Fought as Legends
Music-player.png For The Fallen
Music-player.png Malice in Wonderland
Music-player.png All or Nothing (Exarch)
Music-player.png Ironheart
Music-player.png Mother of all Battles

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