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Player: User:Jade Defender
Biographical Data
Real Name:
Known Aliases: Draven
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Mutant)
Ethnicity: White Caucasian, Creole
Place of Birth: Secret (Texas, US)
Base of Operations: Black Operations
Relatives: None Living
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 205lbs
Eyes: Golden Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Ruddy / Tanned
Physical Build: Olympian Body Builder
Physical Features: Dark eyes and hair, with a chiseled and unshaven appearance.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active:  ??? Many!
Citizenship: US Citizen, Canadian Citizen, Japanese Citizen, Russian Citizen, German Citizen, English Citizen, Turkish Citizen, Pakistani Citizen, Libyan Citizen, Syrian Citizen
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Bio-Regeneration, wounds literally heal right before your eyes and has a nearly inexhaustible endurance.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Black Ops Stealth Armor.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Note to the Reader: It is important to state now, that Draven has gone to great lengths, over the last sixty somewhat years to fragment any records detailing his own past. Going as far as breaking into instillations and sabotaging or stealing the documents there to keep anyone from knowing his past. Draven has been known by a great many names, he changes them like clothing, wearing it until it no longer suits him, and changing it when the situation deems. Only during the last few years has he bothered maintaining the same pseudoname of Draven. Many organizations have grown to know him by a great many names, but the Codename: Ravage, from UNTIL, has stuck with him.

The Story Begins...
Sometime in the mid 19th century Draven came from a remote town in the southern United States. (For official record he was born in 1849, which no organization can ever recall having the knowledge of. Born a few miles from what is common-day Arlington, Texas) He grew up an ordinary life of any young boy in what was a Honorarily known as "The South" in those days. Oblivious to the stirrings in leadership, or the plights around him at the time. Nothing really of note is to be gleaned about his life until 1862, shortly after the American Civil War began... In 1862, the young boy of thirteen became involved in a runaway attempt of a befriended slave boy to the nearby plantation owner Edward Hewitt. At the time, our young hero did not realize what he was helping them seek refuge from... It would be later discovered by a young "Draven", shortly before his 'death' that his friend Kobe, was the son of Edward Hewitt. Hewitt, upon discovering from the 'colored' boys mother that the child was his, was furious, and attempted to kill the boy, to hide the stain to his honor. During a confrontation with the boy, his mother, and another slave of Hewitt's, who was romantically involved with Kobe's mother... Hewitt was killed, shot during a struggle with his own gun. Shortly after, the refugee's ran into Draven, and Kobe begged his friend to help them. In a state of panic, and without reason, or plan, "Draven" tried to help them through the countryside. He first took them to his home, hoping his family may know what to do to help. "Draven's" father was away during the war, and his mother would not let them stay long... despite her attempts to stop "Draven" from going with them, he snuck out anyway, and continued to help them cover the terrain. Hewitt's brother Donovan, known locally as 'Donny', was nothing short of a redneck, while his brother managed the family estates, and wealth, he basically leeched from his brother's success, enjoying the fruits of his families labors. Donovan was employed by his brother, to see to the daily administration of the slaves, and their needs, a responsibility he abused greatly, and oftimes with relish. Discovering his brother's "Murder" he sought out with a posse of his burliest boys to seek out the renegade "coons" to torture them, and hang them. With horses, and Bloodhounds, the gun bearing posse rode into the countryside seeking out the runaways It did not take the posse long to track them down in the mountains nearby, as the renegades had hoped to place the natural obstacle between them to help elude capture. They rode in and quickly crippled the runaway slave man with a few malicious shots to his legs and groin. They immediately dispatched young "Dravens" attempts at heroics with a powerful backhand, sending him reeling. The scene that followed is gruesome; The men quickly beat the others into submission, and through blood-filled cries for mercy, tormented them. Forcing all of them to watch as the slave girl was repeatedly raped, and hung. The young boy Kobe tugging at her feet as she dangled in his woe, cries filling the night. Donovan himself beat Kobe to death with a pistol, and even long after the boy lay lifeless, hung him up next to his mother. The ran out of rope after that, and put a round into the man's head after similarly beating him near to death. Now they had to decide what was to be done about the white boy... Donovan was ready to shoot him then and there, but one of his posse told him, it would be murder, they had to make him look like an accident. After similar beatings suffered by the runaways, they carried him to a rough slope on the mountain, and kicked him from the ledge. Perhaps that descent might be poetic, if after witnessing such horrors he could black out on impact, a seeming final end of freedom, flight... the heavens, a release. No such tale here. "Draven" landed painfully breaking his spine, and his left arm first, the pain was excruciating, and his world was reeling. His end over end fall, eventually put him 430 ft below where he was kicked from, his skeleton was shattered, his body a husk of destroyed tissue and bone... The damage was so extensive his skull was fractured in seventeen places, no one could have survived.

The Manifestation
It is unknown how long "Draven" lay there, broken and discarded upon the stones of the cliff, an accident while playing, or foraging in the mountains... Lay he did, and mend he did. His Mutant gene awoke during the devastation to restore his body, and sent his natural healing factor into overdrive. "Dravens" body healed faster then his bones could set, causing him to awaken with intense agony. Upon trying to move, he discovered his body was something like a bag of broken glass, moving caused his now 'shard-like' bone fragments to cut into his tissue internally. It was after a great deal more time, and tears that the boy mustered the willpower to face the nightmare, and master the pain. To rise from there, and move. During the trek back to his homestead, "Draven's" senses were on hyper alert, his body still in shock, and forced to remain in survival mode. His sight, his hearing, his smell, were all magnified, and this alarmed him... every stirred rock, every snapping twig, and critter call, was right behind him. He shuffled in a terrified panic, ever looking over his shoulder for the unseen enemy, through the gloom. As "Draven" passed people once he reached the roads, they shuffled by him, avoiding his gaze, and ignoring his pleas for help. To them he was another wounded soldier, or a vagabond seeking a handout, as he no longer looked anything like the local boy they may have knew. Head hung in despair and confusion, young "Draven" dauntlessly headed home. Upon arriving nearby, he was greeted with the smell of smoke, and disturbingly, his hightened senses recognized burnt flesh. Hurriedly, causing himself agony in his pathetic hobble... he rushed to see the disaster. Days old, his home was a burnt ruin... the dogs he used to love and feed lay in husks in their kennel. As he wandered the premises, he steeled his mind for the final shock, to discover his mother's body burnt beyond recognition. No such discovery came. Perhaps she was not here at the time, Perhaps she was ok, safe somewhere in town. He did however pick up the unmistakable scent of cologne, something the barber shops used on men of fancy or wealth, still lingering somewhere in the air... ever so faint. Days later he re-discovered the cologne in town, at the mortician's, and found his mother had been buried in a cheap wooden box, in the local graveyard. While visiting her feeble wooden cross, there, he began to plot his revenge... He was only a boy! how could he possibly overpower, and defeat several strong and armed men? Even if he himself were armed, if the men were stupid drunk, he was not likely to beat any of them in his feeble condition. By GOD! he shouldn't even be alive... They were the furies of a boy, and ultimately, he faced the truth, that he could do nothing to his tormentors as he was, Evil had won this day... The Nightmare was spreading, after the horror on the mountain, after the horror of his fall, and now all he had loved was gone, "Draven" faced the world, literally broken and alone.

A New Life...
A great many, many things happened at a alarming rate for "Draven" after that, such as drafting in the war, a boy subjected to further horrors... however, "Draven" also learned about honor, about heroism, and during the atrocities of the turbulence of the war... "Draven" discovered a code. Other adventures of note, include him joining a carnival, using his somewhat mastered talents as a sideshow freak, and contortionist. This was very developmental for "Draven" as the practice taught him how to master his fractured skeleton, able to perform many tricks, and sometimes amazing feats... Throughout his continued existence "Draven" has been into a nearly infinite amount of life threatening experiences even to a person of his abilities. Including; Conflicts in Japan, during the fall of the Samurai, engagements with countless thugs, and crime lords, The Trenches of several more wars... Including both World Wars. He has been conscripted on countless assassinations, and infiltrations. Even faced Burning inferno's at oil refinery's, and personal buildings... Over time, "Draven" has learned to hone his control over his skeleton to perform amazing, and sometimes unsettling feats. His Mastery began to include, reshaping his face, to mimmick nearly any other male... He could alter his skeleton to appear several inches taller, or shorter, becoming stocky, or lanky. He even began to learn how to weaponize his skeleton, which over time grew more dense, and resilient through all the reshaping, and alterations, which can easily cut through flesh and and sometimes denser material, granted its thickness, and the amount of force he exerts... His range of control is extraordinary, to include oddities such as, extending his ribs, while in a bearhug, to puncture the body of his assailant, extending "claws" from his arms, providing him knives in close combat... this has become a past-time favorite tactic of his, used almost exclusively. Extending the bones in his jaw, to produce 'shark-like' fangs. Extending the bones in his knees or elbows to become blades for use in combat, and several more undocumented talents. His ability to mimmick almost any male physically, has proven a master disguise element in his infiltrations, allowing him access to major levels of many organizations. Recent technologies have rendered some of this mastery useless, with advancements like... retinal scans, or fingerprint analysis. This does not daunt "Draven" in the slightest, as old tricks never die... a man can always lose an eye, or a hand, for him to reach his designation...

Ravage has lived what most would agree was... a very hard life. He has become over time, somewhat mysterious, and often grim... his personality borders on abrasive. He does not take orders well, having been betrayed or used by organizations "twelve times too many". He has trust issues, which of course make him an unlikely subject for any 'long-term' or notably 'Healthy' relationships. However, he has proven in countless scenario's with many past allies, or enemies, he is a deadly tactician. Always a step ahead of the opposition, and a ruthless combatant. Ravage, has no qualms about ending a man's life, with little decision in the matter, but he does not kill needlessly. He has been quoted saying, "I got one too many ghosts hauntin' me... to be addin' any more..." He has evaded capture by organizations, all over the globe, to include even UNITY and UNTIL.


It has been suggested by many who have witnessed his capabilities regarding maneuvering, espionage, and combat... that such protagonists, as Jason Bourne, and many other super-spy Heroes, are inspired by the leaking of classified material related to the life events of Ravage.


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