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If you rock at photoshop or GIMP and you would like to color one of the black and white sketches then by all means do so. ALSO if you have a drawing that you wish to submit, please do so in this section! Email your interest to All artists will be credited with a link with your name in the SPECIAL THANKS section of the page.


The Owl is a work of fiction with a clear base on the character Batman (created by Bob Kane) as a homage but by no means tries to be the dark knight himself. However, the themes and morals the caped crusader represents I try to portray in this character.The aspects that I enjoy about Batman will appear in this character as well as many great twists and turns that makes this character a brand new adventure. I do hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have enjoyed writing and playing with you all!


The Owl
Player: @Tjwylie
Character Build
Class Focus:
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: human
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: N.E.S.T.
Age: unknown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: approx 235 pounds
Eyes: unknown
Hair: unknown
Physical Build: fit
Physical Features: Large Owl-like eyes on a black cowl. Brows resembling the Great Horned Owl.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: unknown
Years Active: 27
Citizenship: American
Occupation: PRIME at SIGIL
Education: unknown (brilliant! Above Average. Doctor)
Marital Status: unknown
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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The Owl Rises


Commotion was heard across the Westside night. Police alarms blared down the streets to answer the call for a disturbance at what seemed to be an honest pawn shop. The authorities found scores of masked killers, all marked with a tattoo that labeled them as the infamous Shrew Cult. Witnesses claim they saw a man in black fleeing the scene after having piled up at least 23 men on the stoop of the Pawn shop. Upon further investigation, the authorities would find the Shrew base of operations but no money and no evidence leading to their mystery hero. They only found a case of incriminating documents for the captured.



Months would go by before anyone would report seeing a large bird perching atop several buildings in the darkest parts of Westside. The reports would all be the same. A large dark figure, wings, and large golden eyes that seemed to watch over the city. In time the newspapers would dub the figure, 'The Owl of Westside'.



The myth of the 'Guardian Owl of Westside' for many months. Claims suggested that the Owl was a genuine bird of prey. In stories, the wingspan of the great bird would stretch to 13 feet. More rumors would suggest that the beast would devour enemies whole. Those rumors were soon put to rest as it was found that all the Owl's 'victims' were captured and jailed. Thus, the Owl was dubbed "The Great Merciful Owl of Westside". It wasn't until late 1987 that the Owl was found to be a man. A great fire had erupted at Westside High. The fire, surrounded 3 school buses filled with the local children. The fire remained still mysteriously as a cloaked man called out the fabled Owl of Westside. The condition was to show or have the fire kill the captured youth. It wasn't long before The Owl, like a shadow in the day, would swoop into the very center of the fire where a quick battle would take place. As the criminal known as Ansari Patel, was taken down the fire lost control. It was said that the Owl stretch his winged it's great wings and began to suffocate the flames. Minutes would go by. If one would ask the spectators, it felt like hours before The Owl, with his tattered cape would emerge. He would deliver the young back into the arms of their parents. The media was in frenzy with pictures of the masked hero. The police, despite it's desire to do so, refrained from attempting to capture the hero. The Owl left the scene under cover of smoke. No child lost their life and only 5 were injured, not counting Ansari Patel who was hospitalized with many broken bones and then jailed.


The Owl gains the recognition of the country as a hero. Comic books, fan clubs, merchandise all sprout from the legend that is "The Owl of Detroit". A particular interest arose from the media in late 1988 when the Owl was first seen with a young partner, the sidekick "Swift". With his new partner, The Owl was able to operate across the country and take on foes of all shapes and sizes. Rumors still spread wide that the Owl is more than just a man but with his new free spirited partner, The Owl soon became a child friendly icon in the heroic community.


Owl fans of Detroit model a car after their favorite hero. The vehicle was presented to the Owl and dubbed "The Owl-mobile". No attempt in tracking the vehicle was ever made on part of the mechanics that created it. The car had yet to be fitted with any weapons, gadgets, or other systems. However, the Owl-mobile was bullet proofed and made to seat 5 (2 in front and 3 in the back).


A string of kidnappings occurred across the the city of Detroit. Women in their early 20s seemed to be plucked from their homes for reason unknown. Nearly a month went by before the Owl tracked down the missing women. They had been captured and drugged by the rising villain, Naeron, who meant to sacrifice the 13 missing women for the sake of an ancient ritual. The final woman rescued happened to be a reported.In her daze she manages barely see the inner workings of what is now known as N.E.S.T.. The reporter, now cured thanks to The Owl's research within N.E.S.T. reported what she barely managed to see. Artist renderings and depictions of N.E.S.T. sprouted like wildfire in the months thereafter.

This encounter with one of the Owl's most formidable enemies, Naeron, also marks the beginning of many battles that they would have. Battles often marked in newspapers across the country as the 'War of Whispers'. This 'war' was documented not as large showdowns, as often heroic battles are, but a series of sightings across the country of the assassin clan called 'The Shrews' now lead by Naeron and many more sightings of The Owl perched in waiting.

These sightings resparked the fandom of The Owl. America exploded with Owl action figures, movies, and even an animated series.



The Dawn That Never Came

Our story begins at the end. 5 years ago, a night burned into the minds of the heroic community as the "The Dawn That Never Came". The Owl and his loyal partner, Swift, fought to stop an army of mindless mutants that spread like a virus in the caves of the southwest desert. Bombs were set to stop the army in their tracks, leaving only rubble in its wake. Having been infected, Swift requested he be killed before he too would be changed forever. Our night ends in tragedy and mystery. The world loses the brave Swift and The Owl has not been seen since.


Swift: "Owl! I've been infected."

Owl: "Keep moving, Swift! We will be out of this soon"


Swift: "Ughh. I.. I can't move."

Owl: "You have to. You don't have a choice."


Swift:"You do. *cough* You have a choice."

Owl: "No! Out of the question! We can make it to the..."

Swift: "I won't make it to the lab! In a matter of minutes, I'll be one of them! Gabe!!!..please."


Owl: "Dammit, I can't! I haven't taken a single soul. Not from any foe. Why would I start with you?"

Swift: "Because you give a @#$% /! *cough cough*"


Swift:"Please... please"

Owl: "Eric."




The legend

And Now...

"No one knows -Who- the Owl -really- is... Is he a creature of the night? Some freakish abomonation? Or a valiant hero in a costume? ... Like I said -nobody- knows... Oh, Hey, Gabe!"



The Owl has been known to be anti social and distant. This is usually at first... fifth glance. Usually he comes of rude, arrogant, morbid, and condescending. The Owl has very few -known- friends. Aside from the heroes he commonly works with, The Owl does not seem to have friendly social interactions with anyone. It is commonly believed that he means well.

Works Well With Others?

Those who have worked with The Owl will more than likely tell you that he is helpful despite his personality. He often come up with a fair battle plan that works to his 'allies' strengths and weaknesses as well as any information he has to offer on the topic at hand. Owl will clearly state that he is not there to babysit heroes and continue to do what he does best. However, The Owl has never been known to leave an ally to perish. However, if given the chance and circumstance, The Owl will refuse help at all and go about the mission alone. Despite his intimidating personality and often scowling expression, The Owl has a sense of humor, but much like everything else about him it is very dark and at times 'under the radar'.


The Owl has a very particular skill set, one would say. The Owl has operated around the world for the best of 25 years. One can assume that he has had harsh training years prior to his activity as The Owl. Many of his skills can be linked to the many myths about The Owl other skills remain to be seen.

Owl Legend and Myth

To this day, myths about The Owl have come up in popular culture. Many still believe he still has abilities greater than he is. Some have claimed him to be a manimal (part Owl part man) or even a were-owl. Some agree that he is a being that lives in the shadows and rises to devour evil. Criminals have often described him as an 8 foot tall monster with great wings.

Despite the outlandish myths, there are some who indeed believe he is who he is, a man. A man who fights for the people as one of them. A symbol of justice that the people of Westside will claim that they truly deserve. The Owl above all is hope for all. His actions and feats have granted him the title 'The Father of Modern Vigilantism'.

Knowledge and Wisdom

The Owl has been seen as one of the greatest minds of the modern age. However, this is just plain assumption by popular media. The Owl is in fact very smart. On some degrees he may be seen as a genius. This is all attributed to his hard work on the field. It would be no stretch to suggest he is one of the hardest working heroes of the modern age.

The Owl has been known to be very patient and despite situations that may seem to be at their worst, The Owl will wait for the best opportunity to seal not only a victory against his foe but to retrieve the answers he needs to ensure it never happens again.


The Owl has traveled to various countries and even planets in his career. In this time he has learned common Earth languages such as: -French -Spanish -Latin -Several forms of Swahili -Russian -Chinese -Japanese -German etc. He has also picked up a few off world languages in their simplest forms.

Martial Arts

The Owl is well versed in very many martial arts. He never claims mastery of any but he has very many fight styles under his utility belt. He has been known to switch styles at the drop of a dime to fit his current situation or to counter his opponent. He has also been known to combine styles to surprise the foe or come up with thousands of new combinations making Owl one of the most dangerous fighters known.Rumor has it that The Owl has also developed his Owl fighting style to maximize on his cape, belt, and various gadgets he has. Owl's fighting styles include (but are not limited to)

-Ninjutsu -Jiu-jitsu -Boxing -Kick Boxing -Muay Thai -Jeet Kune Do -Kendo -Akido -Taekwondo -Nguni -Okichitaw -Defendo -Lucha Libre -Mixed Martial Arts -Judo -Fencing -Shinkendo -hapkido -Quarterstaff -Irish bare-knuckle -Canarian Wrestling -Archery -Nova Scrimia

VS. The Owl

Where The Owl lacks in pure power and super human abilities, he makes up with patience and quick wit. The Owl has been known to wait for the best moment to strike where it hurts the most. This does not necessarily mean physical, especially to the Owl. To The Owl, a victory is simple achieving the desired outcome be it with in a physical fight, a mind game, blackmail, or even stalling for backup. He has faced off against beings much larger and stronger than he is and come out on top and more importantly alive. At times it would seem he does this on purpose. Perhaps one of the best traits about The Owl in battle is his judgement of the situation. Being a known observer he can not only see possibly victory scenarios but he also knows when he isn't enough for the victory at the given moment. Despite all his best skills at work(despite what media would have you believe) he is only human.




[This section contains interesting secrets and information. Some of which is only known and accessible to members of SIGIL and NEST.]


Owl Cowl

The Owl's most prominent feature is none other than his signature cowl. Large eyes with great fur horns shaped to resemble the great horned owl. Intimidating at night but it isn't all just cosmetics and fear tactics. The first Owl cowl featured a partial mask brows and goggles. The goggles were mainly to prevent smoke or other gases common in early 80's crime waves. At the dawn of the 90's, it was documented that the Owl's goggles were now embedded in the cowl itself.

Beyond what history and media knows about the cowl, today it is a piece of sophisticated technology and a valuable tool in The Owl's arsenal. The top of the head and around the eyes are fitted with a thin layer of 'Owluminum'. Beneath that layer, among other safety measures, are tech grids linking the cowl with the rest of Owl's armor. The lenses allow for near every natural visual spectrum to be seen. The points on the cowl allow sound magnification, recording and playback (The Owl is constantly recording).

TheOwl3.gif Owluminum

Originally developed by Gabriel Cole, the nanocomposite material later dubbed "Owluminum", was an attempt to synthesize a protective covering similar to kevlar or heavier metalloceramics but with much greater penetration resistance and reduced weight. The resulting material, the specifics of which are a closely guarded secret, is as durable as Questionite and other exotic meta-materials like Kendrium and Destrium while retaining the the malleability of a dense fabric weave. This gives the material excellent resistive capabilities extending to impact, thermal, electrical, and other energetic forces while retaining a remarkable measure of mobility when layered into a protective garment.

Owl's 'Owluminum' plated armor is a light material and is flexible for easy movement. On contact with an opposing force the flex fibers of the armor will become stiff in order to absorb the incoming strike. Tests have shown that The Owl is able to drop 14 stories without dying thanks to this wonder material.However, this does NOT mean he will not sustain serious injuries. Furthermore, should the armor sustain too much damage in an area without time to recover, it is liable to be rendered ineffective or even shatter. The armor is molded to fit the Owl's physique and so it is personalized.

armor data

Utility Belt

Contrary to most utility belts, The Owl's belt contains mainly smaller or technical integrated gadgets and devices. The belt has been known to hold the following (list subject to change to suit mission)

-Owl vision activation.* -glide activation -ATHENE/ Owl interface activation * -NEST/ Owl interface activation * -small evidence bags -smoke pellets -gas pellets -small heat laser -mesh pellets -sonic pellet -pain killers -antidotes for common poisons -tracking devices -Owl locks -Owl cuffs -flash pellets -pocket tools -x50 smaller Owl talons

  • see cowl

Owl Bracers

The real gadgets are stored in these fine crafted Owluminum bracers. Not only do they serve as wrist guards but they are packing some of the Owl's most famous combat tools. The forearm section


-x2 Owl's fold out tonfa/nightsticks -x4 Owl talon (boomerang light) -x2 grapple gun (small wire, high pressure propulsion) -x2 bolas -x8 evidence storage containers - Owl taser - Owl saw

Owl Touch

Most of The Owl's suit runs on a security system to minimalize tampering, This includes the 'Owl Touch' program. In this, many of Owl's gadgets, unless otherwise compromised are locked unless opened by The Owl. This is made possible by scanners in his cowl to recognize his eyes and activate the touch system in his gloves allowing him to access gadgets in his belt, bracers, boots, and allows him to activate and deactivate his cowl.* There is also sa backup system, should Owl Touch malfunction or become inaccessable. There is a voice override as well as the manual unlock, known by The Owl and members of NEST.

  • see Cowl

The bracer also includes various slots for attachments if the situation called for it. The Owl has been known to fire tranquilizers or attach a heat laser to his bracer to better perform duties.


Gabriel Cole
Player: @TJWylie
Biographical Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: white
Place of Birth: Detroit, December 14th 1966
Base of Operations: Cole Industrial
Relatives: Jonathan (father) and Lara(mother) Cole [Deceased], Alexander Cole (Son/ Adopted)
Age: 45
Height: 6'3
Weight: approx 230 lbs
Eyes: pale green
Hair: jet black
Complexion: youthful despite age
Physical Build: bold figure
Physical Features: Tall, Dark, Handsome. Prize winning smile and almost always wears a suit.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Billionaire Investor
Education: Doctor
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Story of a Boy.

You're expecting a the tale of a boy and his love for his parents tragically taken from him at a tender age. You would only be partially correct. There is no alley way and there was no random mugging by a desperate gunman. No. It wasn't simple. To understand the man, "the legend", you will have to first know the "the boy".

Gabriel Cole was born on December 14th, 1966 on the outskirts of Detroit in a small house built by his father, Jonathan Cole. The boy loved his father. The father, despite his love for the boy, was distant. The father would often retreat to his office requesting not to ever be disturbed. The boy would recall a red diary in his father's study. The dairy represented a greater mystery that he was sure he'd never know and dared not seek. In their brief moments together the father played games with the boy like any father would. He showed him how to box. He taught the boy to fight.

The boy's mother,Lara Cole was kind and caring. She took care of him, fed him, schooled him. She taught the boy to think for himself. When a thunderstorm would shake their tiny home she would often comfort him in front of their fire place and lull him to sleep. She taught the boy to care and to protect and more importantly... not to be afraid.

December rolled around. The boy had just turned 11. Snow piled thick in the yard where the boy spent his day hiding and exploring his snow covered playground. The boy had a wonderful imagination. When the weather became unbearable the boy was called in for supper. a wonderful meal followed by hot cocoa. The family sat in front of the fire. The boy would recall how the flame seemed to dance as his mother held him.

Before the boy was able to doze off, there was a knock at the door. Immediately the father demanded Gabriel to his room. Voices. The boy heard voices. Louder and louder. It soon became a commotion. A struggle. The boy was taught not to be afraid. He tried to open his door. It had been barricaded. There was smoke. Fire. Screaming. The boy's mother was screaming. The boy was taught to fight. He pushed the door with all his might. The door budged. He could barely fit his arm through to push the drawer keeping his door ajar. He saw her. His mother laying near the fireplace. She had been set on fire. Still alive she looked at the boy and smiled.The boy would recall a man, not his father, standing by. The masked man, the cause of the fire, looked at the boy then left. Despite her pain the mother managed to smile at Gabriel. The boy struggled once again to push the door. "If I were stronger." he thought. Out of energy, the boy still fought but could only watch as his mother burned alive.


The boy was able to escape the inferno through a small hidden door under his bed that lead outside. The fire had subsided. In the soot, something caught the boy's eye. The red diary his father kept. He took the diary. Confused, scared, angry, alone, he sat there in the snow for hours until the police arrived. They authorities sorted through the ashes of what was the boy's life but found nothing of use, not even the boy.

There were questions to be answered. Who was the masked man? Why had he come? Where was Jonathan Cole?

This story isn't about a man lost in a battle for vengeance. This is about a boy and what his parents taught him and the answers they will unravel in the coming years.

"I wont be afraid. I'll get stronger. I'll fix everything. I promise."



- @Bernard_The_Beast