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Player: @Bernard_the_Beast
Bronx 001 PortraitB.jpg
Bronx the Beast
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: "Beast" or "Bronx"
Gender: Male
Species: Manimal Hybrid (?)
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 31
Height: 6' 4" (1.9m)
Weight: 583lbs (264kg)
Eyes: Red
Hair: Brown, Dark
Complexion: Rugged
Physical Build: Heavy, Musclebound
Physical Features: General bestial appearance, medium length horns, extensive hair and fur coverage
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: N/A
Years Active: 3+ Years
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Professional Superhero, Personal Fitness Trainer, Wrestling Coach, Firearms Instructor
Education: College Level (Military Education)
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Powers and Abilities
Beyond Human Strength and Endurance
Equipment and Paraphernalia
CRP Comlink
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


Paragraph Indent.pngBronx, as he is known, is a bestial superhero who patrols Millennium City, and accepts special tasks to travel to regions of the world where the aid of superheroes is frequently enlisted; often involving certain parts of Canada and the infamously named Monster Island.

Paragraph Indent.pngHaving fought crime and various super villains for over three years within Millennium City and abroad, Bronx has developed a nominal understanding of life as a superhero, and has come to be very comfortable within the unique and fantastic environment that the city has to offer. Though he is well aware of his bestial appearance, he does his best to ensure that his humanistic empathy and thoughts are always shown, and that his harsh monstrous features nevertheless convey human expression. In this manner, he does his best in ensuring people see that, in his own words, "he's a good guy." At present, Bronx works as a personal fitness trainer, wrestling coach and firearms instructor, in order to supplement his resources to afford basic needs and advanced superhero equipment. He moonlights as a street-level crime fighter, and occasionally accepts small assignments from PRIMUS and UNTIL.


Paragraph Indent.pngStanding at a slightly above average height of approximately six feet, five inches, Bronx's primary recognizable feature is his exceptionally musclebound form. With shoulders nearly four and a half feet broad, Bronx almost makes up his height in width, and thus has a distinctly stout and powerful look. Despite his overall muscle mass, he boasts a humanoid skeleton, with several bestial features; these include full-body hair growth, large bear-like hands and feet, short tusks protruding from his lower teeth, and medium-length black horns that rise vertically from the upper region of his forehead. His face in general shows predominantly animal like features, though the structure of his face still bears humanoid characteristics (nose, eye, ear, mouth placement all common among humans). It should be noted that these features are present due to a hybrid-manimal experiment, and not by any kind of natural or mythical phenomenon.

Paragraph Indent.pngIn terms of attire, Bronx is usually to be found in casual wear; seeing his bestial form wearing short jeans and a t-shirt is not uncommon. Taking pride in his exceptional (by natural standards) physique, Bronx is prone to some degree of vanity by occasionally wearing more tight-fitting shirts. For the most part however, he dresses appropriately by social standards, all in effort to be more accepted amongst whatever crowd he socializes with; meta or non-meta alike. In combat, Bronx always wears basic ballistic protection at the very least, usually camouflaged to the specific environment he operates in; the one exception is when he finds himself in desert conditions. When traveling in warm climates such as is normally found in deserts, Bronx wears as little clothing as possible, and carries his armor in a backpack for use only when needed.


Paragraph Indent.pngWith origins primarily dealing with military and paramilitary operations, Bronx is disciplined and self-motivated. In terms of conscientiousness, he is well organized and boasts exceptional willpower. He generally errs on the side of caution when entering unknown situations, but is capable of making rapid decisions under stress, and only occasionally demonstrates impulsive characteristics (generally during moments of excitement; this may be perceived as more base instincts taking over his rational thought processes, due to certain effects of the hybrid-manimal augmentation). When it comes to agreeableness, Bronx is found to be soft-hearted and helpful, though he often conceals some degree of suspicion when dealing with absolute strangers. He is known to have a ruthless side during times of intense emotional stress, and this again appeals to more base, animalistic instincts. In terms of Neuroticism, Bronx is exceptionally lacking: he is calm, secure and self-satisfied, and is almost never found to be anxious, insecure, or self-pitying. Other psychological traits include practicality over imagination, favoring routine over variety, and being largely independent rather than conforming; he is an exceptionally dedicated team member however, and demonstrates above-average leadership qualities. Note that certain aspects of his psychology may change temporarily in the near future, when his origins are fully discovered in-character.

Paragraph Indent.pngMind-Readers and Empaths be aware however--being such a physically determined beast, Bronx has little patience for individuals who intrude upon his mind, whether by communicating or searching his thoughts; and will likely respond with bestial anger upon repeated efforts. His concept of conversation is individuals talking face to face.

Powers, Attributes and Skills

Paragraph Indent.pngThough he does not possess "superpowers" as they are generally referred to, Bronx is in possession of beyond-human strength and endurance, further results of the hybrid-manimal experimental augmentation procedure he took part in. His strength is at least that of several strong non-meta human men, and he is capable of suffering a great deal more significant damage before showing signs of pain or fatigue. Though he is in no way immune to pain, his intensely strong willpower and motivation allow him to ignore minor to moderate physical injury, and in terms of "Ego" based assault, he is capable of resisting a significant amount of mental harm; Bronx is not easily confused or persuaded against his own will. Blunt force trauma has a severely lessened effect on him, though deadly mortal weapons such as blades or firearms are generally effective against him. His thick skin offers some protection from elemental harm, however it in no way prevents him from being entirely undamaged. His exceptional physical prowess allows him to dodge, parry and counter a variety of different forms of assault, yet he is still mortal, and boasts no supernatural resistances to weapons.

Paragraph Indent.pngDue to the training he received during his days as a paramilitary operative, Bronx is exceptionally skilled in combat, both long-range and short. In short-range situations, Bronx uses his powerful muscular form to its absolute advantage, applying various combat styles including wrestling, martial arts and brutal smashing attacks commonly associated with back street brawlers. In long-range combat, Bronx uses his skills as a distinguished handgun and rifle marksmen to their advantage as well, as he frequently carries an assault rifle and sidearm with him on missions where such situations are likely to be present.

Paragraph Indent.pngOn top of his strength and dexterity with firearms, Bronx is an American Heart Association trained First Responder in CPR and First Aid, and a talented chef specializing in American and German cuisine.


Paragraph Indent.pngThough often utilizing his physical strength as his foremost weapon, Bronx recognizes that many of the threats facing super heroes are lethal (such as guns, blades and blunt weapons, and even villains with opposing super powers), and thus he does utilize equipment and utilities in combat. Frequently he will wear some form of body armor, and usually he will carry a sidearm with him, in case he finds himself in a situation where his physical strength may not yield effectual results.

  • Weapons

AK-200 Assault Rifle
  • AK-12 Assault Rifle: His primary assault rifle of choice, the AK-12 (also recognized as an "AK-200") is the latest modern advancement of the infamous AK-47. The AK-12 boasts all the qualities Bronx himself possesses: it's tough, durable, and has a stopping power that will quickly stop any would-be-criminal in their tracks.
Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle)
  • Bushmaster ACR: Secondary to the AK-12 is the Adaptive Combat Rifle, which Bronx prefers to use in special environments where pin-point precision and reliability is the primary focus of whatever mission he's on. Accurate and deadly, if it weren't for the less-than-lethal ammunition Bronx uses in regards to Champions protocol, every shot fired would mean one less criminal alive in the world.
Extensively Modified H&K G11 Prototype Conversion
  • Modified H&K G11: A singularly unique development at the time, the G11 has been a prototype weapons system since the 1960s. Even today, the weapon remains a non-production prototype, it's primarily noted feature being the use of caseless ammunition. This singular feature garnering his attention, Bronx specially ordered one prototype that he has since had countless weapons experts research and modify. Using an extensive supply of Resources to ensure it's rapid development, the "G11 MK-II" as it has since been designated, utilizes an improvised munitions system that allows it to craft projectiles from almost any solid substance. Any kind of small debris can be loaded into the rear chamber that has since been entirely redesigned from a simple stock, into a munitions-molding unit. When Bronx finds himself away from civilization and without any means of restoring his ammo supply, this singular weapon is his saving grace.
  • Sidearm: Never one to be caught too badly off-guard, Bronx usually always carries some form of supplementary weapon with him, usually in the form of a handgun. Bronx has many weapons amongst his collection, most confiscated from criminals he's detained. His assortment of sidearms is ranged and varied, from high-caliber semi-automatics to large hunting revolvers and SOCOM Mod weapon types. When entering combat with an assault rifle or other primary weapon, Bronx usually keeps his sidearm magazines loaded with fully metal jacketed ammunition, in case the situation arises where less-than-lethal isn't a viable solution.
  • Armor
Wireframe display of the T5 Armor Unit Bronx wears in special situations.
    • Type III Anti-Ballistic Materials: A combination of Kevlar and Armor Plates can yield an effective item of apparel commonly known as a Ballistic Vest. Not wanting the excessive burden of bulky clothing compounding his already bulky body, Bronx has done significant research into ballistics, and utilizing prior military knowledge has had a set of clothing designed with the specific intention of reducing vital damage caused by bullets or shrapnel. Most of the armor Bronx wears is no thicker than a light jacket, yet boasts substantial ballistic protection.
    • Type V Endo-Kendrium Reactive/Reflective Combat Chassis: A singular prototype armor design manufactured by ARGENT, this suit is one of a kind. Initially out for testing, Bronx was able to claim it as his own during a mission in which he infiltrated ARGENT's headquarters in Millennium City. The suit is designed not to function as a weapons platform in itself, but rather to augment the physical capabilities of the wearer, as well as dramatically enhance the protection offered against super powered opposition. Originally designed as an alternative to more permanent cyborg-augmentation, the suit was meant to be an on/off heavy defense platform that any soldier could equip without special interfacing. Movement and physical capacity of the wearer is enhanced by the use of advanced robotics, and various sensory features (such as limb coordination analysis and enhancement) combine to offer flawless dexterity, and allow the user to automatically align a targeting reticule on the unit's HUD (Heads Up Display) with the firing end of a rifle (or similar weapon), thus ensuring 100% accuracy when shooting. The armor of the unit itself is constructed from a multi-layered Endo-Kendrium chassis, providing multiple levels of internal dampening to reduce the force of traumatic blows (whether by concussion or physical force). The outer sub-layer consists of Type IV Reactive Anti-Penetration/Anti-Ballistic plating designed to repel armor piercing rounds (and subsequently all forms of non-armor piercing ammunition), with the surface layer of the armor being a high-density Reflective armor composite designed to effectively deflect various forms of laser-based weaponry; its specially patterned surface can also aid in the deflection of certain signal based sensors such as radar, thus granting the wearer some element of stealth under certain conditions. In short, this armor is top of the line, and Bronx wears it only when the need to confront super-powered or cosmic threats is absolutely necessary. The entire suit has been custom painted by Bronx, and the light diodes changed to reflect his more preferred color.



A photo of Bronx during his time in the Marines.
Paragraph Indent.pngBefore he became a superhero, Bronx was a somewhat distinguished VIPER operative. Records show he had an average upbringing after his parents moved to New York, and that by high-school he had been singled out for his athleticism, demonstrating particular prowess in football and wrestling. After graduating from high-school, Bronx (his original name has been removed from all records) joined the United States Marine Corps, and served for several years before being discharged. Despite his combat skills (he was an expert member of the Pistol and Rifle Sharpshooter Cadre as well as the Hand-To-Hand Cadre in his unit), he had shown traits of reckless endangerment when engaged in active combat, and was eventually transferred to a non-combat battalion and re-designated as an MP (Military Police) before leaving the Marines entirely. It is noted that Bronx found his time in the Marine Corps to be one of the most satisfactory points in his adult life, and that for some time after leaving he grew despondent with civilian life. He was covertly approached by VIPER operatives, and eventually showed signs of interest in the military lifestyle VIPER had to offer. Due to his potential as a senior NCO (non-commissioned officer), he was promoted to Drill Sergeant soon after being enlisted into VIPER's combat unit, and after a few years service to VIPER's cause was promoted again; this time to Squad Leader. After this promotion, Bronx was tasked to lead covert squads in performing several hits on certain members of society, primarily public figures. This was in aid to VIPER, who was commencing with a new initiative. For some time Bronx continued to serve VIPER in this capacity, before requesting to be transferred under the command of Dr. Moreau, whose work involving gene augmentation was intriguing to him at the time.

A Soldier of VIPER, Bronx did his duty to train ensigns and new recruits in the use of firearms.
Paragraph Indent.pngThough he was not granted personal aide to the scientist, he was transferred to a VIPER laboratory in Millennium City that was using Moreau's research to conduct similar experiments involving the Manimal process. The main goal of these VIPER scientists was to use Moraeu's research of genetic modification to create beings similar to Manimals, yet using snake DNA. Further goals included splicing the DNA of multiple snakes to create hybrid results, as well as establishing a rehabilitation program designed to maintain the intellectual capacity and devotion of the subjects to the VIPER initiative; this would ensure not only that the reptilian Manimals would be of use in complex operations, but would also never rebel against their faction in the way some of Moreau's Manimals were rumored to be capable of doing. In order to ensure that the process of producing Manimals with hybrid DNA would prove successful, VIPER first used multiple gene sequences that Moreau had already demonstrated to be entirely without failure: the primary gene was to be that of a bear, supplemented with that of a boar. In order to further test hybrid development, VIPER incorporated a strand of bison DNA, simply for the purpose of establishing a more varied genetic profile. Using more advanced medical technology than had been offered to Dr. Moreau, a relatively accurate prediction of the specified genetic outcome presented a humanoid figure featuring various animalistic mutations. The appearance was considered too 'bestial' by the VIPER commanders in charge of the experiments; that the result should be more reptilian in regards to VIPER's higher order, but being as they needed to test whether the hybrid process worked at all, the project was given permission to proceed. As far as research subjects went, a variety of unique individuals were offered the opportunity to take part in the experimentation: the psychological profiles of those selected were specifically matched, and all accepted; including Bronx.

Paragraph Indent.pngNot only had Bronx been selected, he had actively volunteered to be one of the test subjects; his sentiment at the time being he would become even more skilled and powerful with the heightened reflexes and abilities Dr. Moreau's work supposedly bestowed. Entering an induced coma, Bronx was held in stasis while the project was performed. Upon its completion, a fully bestial transformation had occurred, however the final restoration process involving general indoctrination was aborted due to the arrival of the Qularr, and their second invasion in 2009. Bronx was fortunate enough to have life support, and eventually the automated vital resuscitation process was completed. Bronx was restored to consciousness in his bestial state suffering from retrograde amnesia: he was unable to recollect any memory from high-school on, and was mostly unable to remember events earlier than that simply due to memory aging; furthermore, his ability to recollect past events was made confused by the manipulations in his genetic code: his knowledge of being a youth involved being human, yet his current bestial DNA inhibited his ability to actively recognize such memories as his own. Establishing the whole of his identity based on information found on a mere clipboard, Bronx briefly investigated the laboratory, determined that he was seemingly the only one to survive, and managed to exfiltrate the facility. Bronx emerged from an underground laboratory within Millennium City, and was immediately enlisted to fight the alien invaders.

Dazed, confused and with no memory, Bronx could only accept reality, and fight.
Paragraph Indent.pngCompletely unaware as to his VIPER origins, Bronx aligned himself with the Champions and other heroes determined to repel the alien menace. Despite his amnesia, his ability to recollect physical actions was left undamaged and thus his skills as a Hand-To-Hand fighter and Marksman were intact enough to prove useful in helping combat the invaders. After the Qularr were successfully repulsed and their invasion terminated, Bronx was given honors with countless other heroes who helped fight the alien threat, and in light of his memory condition was sent to PRIMUS headquarters for a full debriefing and rehabilitation. After several weeks of lab work attempting to identify his origins and perhaps even recall some further memory of his identity (efforts that were unsuccessful), Bronx was eventually discharged after he passed an examination determining whether or not he would be an amiable and non-threatening citizen of Millennium City. Given temporary lodgings, Bronx started out his superhero career by formally initiating himself as a superhero with the signing of the American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act (ASPRA), and from there on made progress in becoming the beast he is now known to be.

Revealed History

Paragraph Indent.pngAfter four years of being a hero in Millennium City, Bronx was recruited to join a small team attempting to gather unencrypted intelligence by raiding a VIPER database facility. The mission was successful, and though most of the information they acquired was fragmented Bronx had found an incomplete file baring his name, and part of his history. Observing the nature of the document, he further noticed the file was segmented into two partitions: one with data before his bestial transformation, and the other tracking him from that point on. Deciding to investigate further, Bronx had the offsite encrypted file transfer location traced, and launched an investigation into his own past by traveling to the Southwestern Desert. Utilizing stealth tactics, Bronx was able to infiltrate the isolated VIPER nest where the information was held, and using VIPER's computers, was able to decode the remainder of the file. He discovered that contrary to his prior belief that he was a genetically altered Manimal hybrid, he was in fact a separate entity: Bronx the beast had been essentially grown using a cellular configuration provided by qualified test subjects, one of whom was the human Bronx working for VIPER. In essence, there were two of Bronx: one human, working for VIPER, and the other created by a lab experiment--him.

Paragraph Indent.pngFurther evidence was provided when Bronx was caught and captured by VIPER, and able to meet the very human being he thought he had been. After a bitter meeting, Bronx was imprisoned for nearly a month before being rescued by a vigilante known as the Moonlighter. Determined to take responsibility for his genetic patron's actions, Bronx attempted to neutralize his human doppelganger, but was not successful. Managing to escape the VIPER nest, the bestial and enlightened Bronx returned to Millennium City, to ponder his newly gained knowledge.

Current Life

Working as a personal trainer, Bronx frequently visits Carlos' Gym in Millennium City.
Paragraph Indent.pngBronx has undergone significant changes when compared to his past life: his personality has changed a great deal from his source genetic rival; though recklessness is still an occasional trait he demonstrates, it has been tempered with wisdom and experience. He does not brashly approach situations, but rather analyzes them prior to taking action, in order to make smart decisions; particularly when involving potentially lethal outcomes that may arise when combating super-powered criminals. As far as his attitude, he does not find solace in the closely-bound kinship that is found in militaristic environments as much as his doppelganger, but rather he enjoys himself when with close friends, or those who look up to him. He has adopted a brotherly behavior towards those whom he is close to, and seems to show affection to anyone who has demonstrated qualities of skill, kindness, and self sacrifice.

Early days as a hero, patrolling the streets of Westside, Millennium City.
Paragraph Indent.pngDespite his intense respect for close friends, Bronx tends to avoid paragons of the superhero community; due to his non-meta (though genetically gifted) status, Bronx does not feel connected with those who have superpowers. Frequently when fighting beside superheroes who are indeed super, Bronx will feel disregarded and helplessness; a general feeling of uselessness stemming from his inability to confront the more monumental villains that threaten society. Because of this (and because of his actual uselessness in fighting criminals so substantially greater in power than himself), Bronx tends to focus on local affairs that don't require superpowers to handle. Where his own physical strength, endurance and willpower can succeed, he will intervene. Though never afraid to accept a challenge, Bronx is always aware of the odds, and for the most part refuses to submit himself to fighting anyone beyond his capability to handle: he feels he is more use, particularly to the citizens of Millennium City, as an alive crime fighter rather than a dead hero who was defeated by valiantly (and foolishly) challenging a cosmic super villain or entity.

Inside his home are all the material goods Bronx needs: weights, guns and weights.
Paragraph Indent.pngFor over three years, Bronx has continued to serve as a superhero, helping quell the ever rampant infestation of crime and villainy in Millennium City and beyond. Each day that goes by finds Bronx no less determined than the last, despite monumental increases in gang recruitment and activity, as well as the terrible crimes against humanity being perpetrated by super-powered villains intent on world domination; or destruction. During the times when isn't fighting crime, Bronx finds solace in working out both at home and at public gyms, frequently hiring himself out as a personal fitness trainer and wrestling coach. Further efforts at establishing an income include working as a firearms instructor, both at public shooting ranges that offer self-defense courses as well as occasionally being consulted by the MCPD (Millennium City Police Department), whenever a surge of new recruits find themselves in need of guidance. Bronx is commonly found to be patrolling the streets of Millennium City at night and working as a coach during the day, though occasionally he will reverse his schedule in favor of patrolling during the day and enjoying a meal at local cafés late in the evening. Regardless of his day plans, Bronx frequently starts his days visiting coffee shops, before physically training in the gym.

Noteworthy Current Events

  • Captured
    • 9.26.13: After following a data stream to a VIPER Nest in the Southwest Desert, Bronx was captured by VIPER forces, including by the very human man whose DNA he was partially modeled from. With no backup and no means of communication, Bronx was confined and tortured for over three weeks, primarily by use of a shock collar that prevented him from being able to sleep. However, a vigilante familiar with Bronx and his past began investigating his disappearance, and eventually discovered his location, freeing him. Since returning to Millennium City, the trauma of physical and mental torture had prevented Bronx from being able to sleep, and it wasn't until he visited a Prometheus Union Psionic and therapist who was able to help him overcome the mental barriers enough to begin the recovery process. Though still considered wounded from the event, Bronx is recovering quickly, the greatest injury from the ordeal being to his pride.

Noteworthy Past Events

Bronx donned in his recently acquired ARGENT armor, which offers advanced protection against super powered foes; and with a custom paint job!
Granted one of the highest security ratings available to heroes of Millennium City (and beyond), Bronx has had the opportunity to demonstrate his skill on more than one occasion where the consequences may have been the total domination or destruction of the planet. Recently invited to join UNITY's sponsorship program in their efforts at combating villains throughout the globe, Bronx has begun traveling more frequently, never going so far however, as to consider local criminal events as being beneath his notice.


Still of a newscast made during a scene of mayhem.
  • Millennium City (C.R.P.)
    • Accepted as a Champions Response and Protection (C.R.P.) associate and first responder, given access to C.R.P. communication channels and first notice involving any crisis situations that may arise in Millennium City and abroad.
    • Helped defeat a robotic destroyer known as a Meta Hunter; a robotic creation designed to hunt down and destroy meta-powered super beings, or at the very least devoid them of their superpowers. The particular construct Bronx helped defeat has been named Meta Hunter Prime: a unique specimen of a Meta Hunter that reconstructed itself into a gigantic and even deadlier form. Fighting alongside a dozen other super heroes, Bronx survived the encounter, and the mechanical construct was defeated.
    • Has, on numerous occasions, joined fellow C.R.P. responders in thwarting bank robberies that the MCPD requested assistance in dealing with. He has become one of the many recognized figures throughout Millennium City's center, for having done so with such frequency.
    • Multiple calls of distress were simultaneously broadcast across Millennium City. Between Westside, the City Center, and the Downtown districts there were no less than three reports of super-powered criminals causing mayhem and destruction. Bronx was one of a team of five who investigated the Westside report, and discovered a giant creature hellbent on obliterating an apartment dwelling. It was an opportunity not only for Bronx to demonstrate his worth as a crime fighter, but also an opportunity to test his Type V Endo-Kendrium Armor. The outcome of the battle seems to have fared better than the armor's performance however; although Bronx was able to take several hard hits without suffering acute harm, his ability to deliver powerful attacks was limited to a single blow that utilized all of the suit's power reserves for the most part. All the same, the five heroes combined efforts seemed to have some effect on the giant monstrosity, whose appearance was rock-like with spiky, somewhat crystalline protrusions, and whose form seemed to be radiating a blazing aura. At some point a massive burst of energy erupted from the creature; the wave of concussion meeting the building that had already suffered from massive structural damage, collapsed--and the ruined remains of the apartment complex came crashing down. All heroes survived however, and the creature has not been recognized since.
  • Millennium City (Independent)
    • Successfully aided in incapacitating many low-level super villains within Millennium City, as well as leaders from notable groups such as The New Purple Gang, the Cobra Lords and the Cult of the Red Banner (most of whom have since escaped confinement due to the extreme volatility surrounding Millennium City's Westside Jail).
    • Has infiltrated the ARGENT Headquarters located in Millennium City as part of an assignment to prevent certain criminal activities from taking place. During this infiltration, he discovered and was able to "permanently borrow" a unique prototype armor developed by ARGENT specifically for the purpose of fighting super-powered opposition. Bronx then set the research and development of this particular armor chassis back several months, by destroying all local and server-hosted records of it ever existing.
    • Is now very recognizable for his personal training service within Millennium City's primary districts: Westside, City Center, and Downtown. Despite starting off as a simple one-on-one fitness consultant, he now teaches a wide range of both heroes and non-heroes. Most of these clients do not possess super powers, and seek to improve themselves physically; some train with him in order to fight crime more effectively.
  • Canada
    • Successfully aided the RMCP in re-establishing communications at Force Station Steelhead and helping hold out against alien invaders known as the Roin'esh.
  • Monster Island
    • Aside from aiding UNTIL and the friendly Manimal inhabited, allied village of New Gornyj, Bronx has not completed any high priority missions or UNITY directives at this time.


<No Information Present or Available>

Roleplaying Information

Character Considerations

Though he sports a bestial image, Bronx is kind and amiable. He does, however, possess various personality traits that affect the ways in which he interacts with others—as do I, the fellow behind the bestial image, heh! Bronx is an individual who dislikes cuteness, but admires beauty. Skimpily dressed school girls, fairies or young ladies with cat-ears and tails are highly unlikely to garner positive attention from him; however he is very much attracted to personal strength, whether outwardly displayed, or inwardly accessible. That is to say, people who are confident in themselves, he feels confident towards. People or heroes who simply need training or motivation he is always willing to stand beside and help encourage, but those who are entirely helpless by their own merits he often lacks energy in aiding. It's mentioned that Bronx has a "brotherly personality upon earning his trust", and this is very much true. If some act or demonstration occurs (to which he is witness) that involves personal strength and bravery, Bronx will connect much more quickly, and will bond much more strongly.

Bronx is not a meta-human. Though he is certainly in possession of strength, endurance and supplementary features that far exceed natural human capacity, he does not have actual super powers. This means he is much more mortal than those who do have powers, and he usually acts within the realm of natural heroism. Because of this, Bronx is between worlds, so to speak. He is far more advanced in physical capacity than a normal human, yet exceptionally lacking when compared to those in possession of super powers. Already feeling somewhat alienated due to his bestial looks, Bronx suffers the dual burden of not feeling a close connection to either side of the spectrum when it comes to meta and non-meta society. Though doing his best to interact with both sides, he is often timid when it comes to initiating contact, and is much more comfortable when he is introduced before hand.

Supplementary to this is his personal life in connection with leading a meta/non-meta lifestyle. When he goes to a public gym, he is frequently the strongest 'natural' individual there, and as such is viewed in awe by non-meta humans, and occasionally regarded as beneath notice by super-humans. This frustrates Bronx on many levels, especially when trying to establish friendship with heroes in possession of super strength, who often can use their powers to out perform Bronx despite the physical effort Bronx has maintained over the years in keeping his physique. Similar situations arise in Carl's Gym, a place where meta and non-meta individuals often convene for the purpose of exercising or fighting. While Bronx would enjoy the opportunity to test his strength against opponents, or engage in friendly spars, he is occasionally unwilling to due to the extensive advantage or disadvantage he finds himself at, depending on whether his opponent is in possession of meta abilities or not. Lately however, he has begun setting aside his pride and fear of defeat, and begun accepting a few friendly bouts in the ring.

Character Hooks

Bronx's business cards!
  • After obtaining VIPER records regarding his past history and present appearance, Bronx stepped forward to PRIMUS and presented all the information he had gathered, anticipating being tried as a criminal for the terrible actions he had performed during his VIPER service. In the end it was declared that Bronx represented a different individual than he had been before the hybrid manimal experimentation process, and though the use of cerebral imaging, it was ascertained that future risks of reverting to such criminal activities was highly unlikely, if not impossible due to the mental changes that occurred during and after the experiment. His work as a superhero was also used as testimony of the new Bronx's good character, and in the end he was not charged or held accountable for the past actions. As a further act of good faith, Bronx allowed his VIPER records to be made public, so that other heroes would recognize him as someone wanting to do the right thing. This data is accessible to anyone who at least has Classified security clearance or higher with PRIMUS (generally anyone working on some level with PRIMUS, or performing missions sponsored by the agency, will have this level of clearance).
  • Anyone connected to VIPER (past or present), particularly those who have additional access to PRIMUS database records, may recognize him, both before and after the experimentation. As Bronx was a drill sergeant and later a squad leader, it is possible he either instructed VIPER operatives and soldiers or actively led them on combat missions. Note that due to his permanent memory loss, he will not be able to recollect any events prior to his transformation; thus, he will not remember training any VIPER cadets or leading any VIPER squads.
  • Those who frequent Carl's Gym will likely have at the very least learned about him from other individuals who use the gym (if not having seen him with their own eyes), as well as heard of his kind and helpful nature, and occasional work as a personal trainer.
  • As he is a personal trainer, it is possible that one of his brochures advertising this side profession may have been noticed at some point. His contact information is present on them, and suggests he is usually willing to spot or workout with others during daylight hours. He is also frequently recognized throughout Millennium City now, though he is in no way famous.
  • Individuals associated with the MCPD may possibly know of him, due to his occasionally being contracted to help train rookie police officers in firearm instruction and unarmed combat during times of high recruitment.
  • Again, as he is a certified firearms instructor, a professional business card is available from the MCPD Headquarters that has Bronx's contact information on it. His hours for firearms instruction are more open than his personal training hours.
  • Street level heroes, particularly those operating in the City Center and Westside, are likely to have heard about or seen him. He is connected with the City Center particularly, as not only does he live in one of the houses in that part of the City, but he also goes out regularly to coffee shops and cafés where he is usually seen in casual attire. At night, he usually travels over rooftops in order have an advantage in spotting and combating criminals.

Character Tropes

Because everyone else has them.

The Big Guy: Though there are certainly bigger guys out there, when it comes to a selection of heroes who are naturally and genetically strong, Bronx reigns supreme. With easily ten times the strength of a professional non-meta human Strongman, Bronx also never needs to worry about losing his powers, thus making him the ideal candidate for a street level sidekick.
Big Brother Mentor: Brotherly is a good word to describe Bronx. Those close to him find him to be reliable and attentive, and always willing to help. Particularly those who spend personal time with him in the gym, out on the streets, or even at home, Bronx is always a close mentor, doing everything he can to improve the skill and ability of those he cares for. Also when working as a personal trainer, Bronx invests all his focus and attention in making sure he can help someone do their best.
Beast and Beauty: Or more appropriately, a Beast looking for his Beauty...maybe. Beast Man: Because...well, he is.
One Man Army: A musclebound force to be reckoned with up close, and a distinguished expert marksmen to contend with from afar, Bronx is skilled in every combat medium; as his enemies well know. Mighty Glacier: Bronx is exceptionally athletic, and his skill and strength are readily apparent when he's in a fight.
Everything is Worse With Bears: His genetic makeup has been scientifically altered to incorporate several genomes; one of which is Kodiak Bear DNA. No Sense of Personal Space: As mentioned, Bronx likes to be close to those he...well, likes. Anyone who needs his help had better expect him to be completely committed to ensuring they succeed—and once he's on the case, there's no backing down. Even if you want to.
Bear Hug: "Brotherly" is still a very good word to describe Bronx. If you're his "brother", you might steel yourself for this affectionate interaction. But if you're the lightweight type, don't worry—he knows his own strength well enough. Bruiser with a Soft Center: When the thrill of combat floods his veins, Bronx will fight for hours until every enemy within his grasp has been grappled with, choke-slammed, pummeled, piledriven into the ground, thrown, crushed or generally abused. But once the fires burn down, Bronx is a personable and friendly beast who is always willing to help others, and care for certain needs of others as well.
Boisterous Bruiser: Though occasionally surly, it's usually only because of his uncertainty when it comes to social interaction. When Bronx is with friends and allies, he's loud, jovial and easy going. Even in combat, Bronx is skillfully focused on defeating whatever opponents challenge him, and when victory is on his side he tends to be inanely cheerful. Combined with all the 'brotherly' tropes, it's easy to imagine Bronx as a fuzzy bear...but don't make that mistake... Berserk Button: A variety of things can get Bronx going. Like any regular human, he has emotions, and though his willpower lets him maintain focus, that doesn't necessarily help when his focus is on crushing you. Ways of getting on his bad side include taunting him, calling him small, spitefully reminding him that he doesn't have super powers, referencing any part of his VIPER history in a joking manner, calling him fuzzy or...
Beware the Nice Ones: ...cute may bring his annoyance levels to a peak, but calling him weak or mocking him is the last thing you want to do. If he doesn't tear you in half for not taking him or his strength seriously, you can guarantee he'll do something even worse. Lightning Bruiser: The popular misconception is that beings with lots of muscle are pathetically slow and inflexible. Bronx doesn't mind being told just makes it all the more amusing when he proves them wrong.
Determinator: A military background, bodybuilding passion, and a heroic bestial reputation to uphold keep Bronx in line when it comes to a given task. He won't be tricked to or dissuaded from doing anything unless he himself does or doesn't want to do it. Lawful Good: Bronx is a good beast.
Dark and Troubled Past: Working as a VIPER soldier, and later... My Greatest Failure: ...a VIPER Hitman, has left Bronx feeling the need...
Out, Damned Spot!: purge himself of his criminal and generally evil past... The Atoner: supervening that past with the philanthropic actions of a hero.
Laser Guided Amnesia: He lost all memory of his past, yet still knows how to fight. True Companion: Always reliable, always trustworthy, Bronx will see to it that the common goal supersedes personal ambition...or dislike.
The Worf Effect: Big, strong, tough...and without any real super powers. By themselves, those first three qualities mean one badass, but throw that fourth variable in there and suddenly Bronx becomes a prime target for this trope. But be careful mentioning it to him; he's not very happy about it. Near Death Experience: Without super-powers, Bronx is usually worse off after fighting gargantuan monsters, giant robots or gigantic unstoppable super villains.
Petting Zoo People: Never bring this to his attention. Ever. In-character or out. This is here only because he has full-body hair and a somewhat animal-like visage. Again, only because. Voice Grunting: Usually only when working out, beating up thugs or hanging around in nightclubs.
Gutteral Growler: At most other times—though when he's with someone he cares about, or for, his voice is much more smooth. Badass Baritone: When he feels the need, Bronx's tones can go from guttural growling, to the lowest seismic rumble possible. When he uses such tones, you know he's being serious.
You Sexy Beast: Come oooon, he's a tall, rippling, muscle-bound, heroic, philanthropic, one-on-one lifestyle coaching, personal fitness training, hunky, hairy-chested, deep-voiced, schedule-keeping, friendly, caring and heartwarming, Disney-esque guy intent on stopping crime and helping others. His number is on his business card. Bring flowers or dark chocolate.