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Database Entry: "Moonlighter"
PRIMUS Report, Unclassified

The Moonlighter as he is known is an unidentified Vigilante operating in Millennium City. Though not explicitly violating the law in the course of his mission, he is not registered with PRIMUS, nor is he in contact with any law enforcement agencies. Due to his lack of contact with the MCPD, MARS or PRIMUS criminals the Moonlighter defeats have occasionally died due to lack of medical attention following their neutralization. His efforts seem primarily directed at attacking VIPER groups and fortifications. He utilizes an array of military weapons, generally fighting from long range.

Based on investigations performed by the MCPD on sites where the Moonlighter has been recognized, the vigilante is male, approximately 6' 4" in height and 170 lbs weight. He dresses in dark colors suitable for avoiding detection at night, which is when he generally operates. He wears a broad-rimmed cowboy hat, bandana mask and trench coat, perhaps a duster. He is believed to utilize a grappnel device for reaching hard to access locations, and may be skilled in electronics enough to disable electronic door locks and security systems. The Moonlighter is an expert marksman, and seems to have military experience. Tactics favored by the Moonlighter initially suggested an older individual, however recent developments have shown rapid adaptation to modern technology and movement tactics, making initial suggestions potentially invalid. No further data available.