Ms. Majestic

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Ms. Majestic
Player: @TonyAshe
Character Build
Class Focus:
Power Level: 40
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Holly Maxine Lockhart
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Myrtle Beach, SC
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Alan Lockhart (father - deceased), Abigail Lockhart (mother), Senator John Winterbourne (grandfather), Maxine Lockhart ('twin sister')
Age: 37
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 7
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: CEO & Fashion Design Editor of Heroic Allure Magazine, Silver Age Sentinels
Education: B.A. in Fashion Design, B.A. in Astrophysics
Marital Status: Engaged to Horizon
Known Powers and Abilities
Cosmic Energy Manipulation and Absorption, Super-Strength, Super-Flight,Super-Speed, Invulnerability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Maxine Holly Lockhart was born in Myrtle Beach to a family steeped in military tradition. Her father was a fighter pilot, like his father before him. Her mother; Abigail was a fashion model and daughter of a U.S. Senator. Her childhood was difficult as a result due to the militaristic-like discipline she had to endure, but she learned proper decorum from her mother while her father, Alan, taught her the proper morals and how to defend herself. Alan’s service with the Air Force landed him a test-pilot position in a secret program based at Cape Canaveral. Five months after Alan started doing flight tests, he vanished during a mission and was presumed dead; Maxine was 8 at the time.

Despite her mother’s wishes, Maxine ultimately decided to continue in the family tradition and joined the Air Force fresh out of high school in order to become a pilot. Maxine was a top student at the Air Force Academy and got a degree in Astrophysics, she also enjoyed a rapid career advancement rising to the rank of Major. Because of her stellar performance, superb combat skills and natural intellect, Maxine became an agent for UNTIL working espionage and sometimes Black Op missions and then became a liaison for Ameriforce One; the U.S. governments official superhero team.

alt text

--Classified-- When a starship fell and crashed near Cape Canaveral, Ameriforce One was called in to investigate and obtain the wreckage and survivors. Maxine headed to the crash site while following her normal protocol of closing off the area and providing a cover story to the media while Ameriforce One recovered the wreckage, however once arriving, instead of finding an alien, it was Maxine's father who still looked like how she last saw him. Alan explained he was chosen by an ancient race that lived amongst the stars, who strove to protect all life. There were many evils on Earth and in space, such as the invading craft he had just stopped. They made Alan into their champion, but now Maxine had to take up his duty, as it was her destiny which had been planned for a very longtime. He was merely a blueprint and as Alan died, the alien genetic structure that was bonded to him, transferred to Maxine making her a perfect hybrid of alien and human genes. In addition she possessed all of her father’s alien knowledge and training while he was this intergalactic champion. A physical change occurred as well as Maxine grew three inches and her hair changed from its auburn brown color to blonde.

As a judgment call, Maxine was detained as a possible security risk to humanity and was subjected to government testing to find the extent of the abilities she now possessed, though it was short lived thanks to her mother and her grandfather’s connections and the fact the testing came up negative as her powers were dormant, despite her new appearance. Her father was able to get a proper funeral and recognized as an American hero, but in exchange Maxine was forced to resign from her job due to politics. She rebounded quickly however, by using the money from her G.I. Bill to go to college in Millennium City where she studied and got her bachelor’s in fashion design; something her mother had tried to push her into since she was a teenager and had an eye for it.

alt text

During her time in college, Maxine had began to start feeling different when in certain stressful situations that were often not her own. There was always an urge to act when something wrong was being done. She was always considered someone to speak her mind and given her training could resolve most physical situations if need be, but finding she is suddenly chasing after a purse snatcher and tossing him nearly fifty feet was entirely a surprise to her. Most times, she could hear a faint voice in her head that sounded like her father’s voice. It was telling her to perform her duty and accept her destiny. It didn’t take her long, given the military discipline that was instilled into her, for her to finally accept it and the voice stopped. After graduating, Maxine started working for Essentia magazine as a Fashion Editor. She secretly did small things here and there to help others and fight crime while trying to make an identity, but it wasn’t until the Qularr invasion and the fact that the ships looked exactly like the one that crashed at Cape Canaveral when she was briefly reunited with her father, that she made a decision that would forever change her life more than it’s already been changed. Thus Ms. Majestic was born. Maxine eventually became a member of the Silver Age Sentinels as Ms. Majestic, until a run in with an adversary of her father's called Kylun the Conqueror. During a prison break, Ms. Majestic was zapped with a laser beam which Kylun had hoped would nullify her powers. Instead the the beam split her into two people; Ms. Majestic and Maxine. While they both may sound the same and have the same thought processes and their memories are the identical up until that point, their personalities are different with one being more dominate with the left side of the brain and the other the right.

--End Classified Information--

Ms. Majestic who started using Holly as her first name started her own fashion magazine and clothing line entitled Heroic Allure. She has also become romantically involved with Horizon and taken on the role of SiC for the Silver Age Sentinels.

The extent of Ms. Majestic's mental connection to Maxine isn't fully known when it comes to whether one picks up on the others thought despite not being there. Though it is known that they will sometimes act like the other might act, though it is rare.

Ms. Majestic is a very caring person and is always filled with hope and optimism no matter the situation. While skilled in hand to hand combat, she plays down much of what she is capable of and rarely brings forth her full potential in powers, unless it is absolutely necessary.