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Silver Age Sentinels
Liberty, Justice, Security, Peace.
Leader(s): Rune
Base of Operations: The Artimus, G.L.O.B.E. Aero-Carrier and Sentinels Secondary HQ
Concept: The classic Avengers/Defenders Silver & Bronze age style super team, Silver Age Sentinels is a prestigious Super group allied with PRIMUS, UNTIL and GLOBE that is well regarded for upholding the spirit, rather than the letter of the law..
Founded: August 28, 2009
Website: Click Here
Members: Rune, Horizon, Kinesis, Ms. Majestic, Orbital, Kat Saberov, Titan, Starknight, Gilaxo, Starbolt, Kann Kanoth, Monolith, Flogiston, Solaris, Arjun, Golden Lodestar, Cobalt Strike, Throttlerocket, Vulcanette, Nauticus, Zenith, Psy-Spider, Neko

Who we are, What we stand for...

Silver Age Sentinels focuses on what heroes do best -- being heroes.

The four-color pallet of a silver and bronze age comics role-play style isn't an excuse to ignore life's rainbow of greys; rather, it deliberately focuses on what makes folks better men and women without belittling the soul or trivializing the human spirit.

We focus on Silver and Bronze age style characters as our primary inspiration, as the dusk of the Silver age was when comics first began to grow up, but had not lost their strong moral convictions.

The Silver Age of Comic Books was a period of artistic advancement and commercial success in mainstream American comic books, predominantly those in the superhero genre. Following the Golden Age of comics and the interregnum the Atomic Age, the Silver Age is considered to cover the period from 1956 to around 1970, and was succeeded by the Bronze and Modern Ages.

According to Wikipedia[1]:
An important feature of the period was the evolution of the character makeup of superheroes. Science fiction and aliens replaced gods and magic. DC comics sparked the superhero's revival with its publications from 1955 to 1960. Marvel comics then capitalized on the revived interest in superhero storytelling with sophisticated stories and characterization. In contrast to previous eras, Silver Age characters were "flawed and self-doubting", yet remained moral and had strong convictions.

What does this all mean to you?

In short, the SAS [Silver Age Sentinels] play characters very strongly inspired by these classics, and classic comic and heroic ideals. Does that mean that the characters have to speak in a "Holy Moly! Gee Whiz, Superman!" fashion? Not at all. Most of the characters speak in a modern fashion. It's the 21st century; in the comics today you won't find characters really talking like that. Some do. Do you want to? If it fits: go for it. Does that mean your character has to be a knock-off of a classic hero? Definitely not, and we don't want that. We want originals strongly inspired by the classics. We want your twist on that good stuff, with a dash of the new, and a dash of you. A homage character will not be disallowed simply because it is a homage, but there should be enough new and interesting twists in your character to make it truly your own.

Does just trying to come up with such a character mean that character will get into the SAS? Not automatically--we have a simple, but firm recruiting process. And if an officer (or more than one) makes suggestions on what to change--don't take it the wrong way. It's nothing personal against you. We're a strongly themed bunch, but it's a flexible theme in that many different types of characters can get in. But, still, above all else, the theme is key. Let's put it this way, to be a touch impolite: Anime or "Liefeld" style characters won't get in. If you want to be playing a Knight sort of character, look at the Golden, Silver or Bronze Age comics characters like DCs Shining Knight or Marvels Black Knight for inspiration--don't look at, say, Aragorn from Lord of the Rings or other literature.

Of course, it can cut very closely across eras, so if you're uncertain, ask us. Want to play a Starman? Jack Knight's father or the modern female Stargirl is more along our lines than Jack Knight himself, who most people know as Starman due to James Robinson's Starman series in the 1990s. Want to play a Sandman? Look at Wesley Dodds, rather than Morpheus.

Above all else, ask us. If you're not sure about our suggestions, or which way to go, corner an Officer and ask. The recruiting process is very simple and strait forward, but all the Officers are volunteers. Sometimes we zone out; sometimes we miss a fine point; sometimes one of us is just in Grind Mode and really wants to just push that character to the Next Level. It's OK--you aren't bothering us. Ask. Heck, post questions in your application thread, and the community can help you hammer out a concept or character you're stuck on. That's why we're here. If you're reading this, and applying to the Silver Age Sentinels, just know that you're probably a comics fan or nerd, and you're home now, with friends. We like to think we get it. We hope you do too. Hit us with questions about character ideas!

As a final note, despite the above, this is not a pretentious or heavy role-playing group. We are intentionally by design a lighter themed group that are all together mainly to have fun, and sometimes "Fun" isn't getting into character so much, as it might be getting that last 500 foes for a Perk [and costume part] unlock, or hitting the next level and getting that shiny new power or advantage, or just trying out a lair for the first time, or for the first time with certain friends.

We don't just role play, we also play the game, and it's completely okay with us if you are an occasional roleplayer, or one who really just plays the game but likes to chat in character while you do it.

It's alright, really.. We understand.

You are free of course to engage in as much or as heavy a roleplay theme as you are comfortable, with anyone you like, but no scene will ever be considered mandatory for any player at any time.


The SAS Creed

Liberty. Justice. Security. Peace.

These are the four pillars of a better world: a land of hope, freedom, and truth, where life is not a burden to endure but a joy to experience. There are threats you cannot conquer, tragedies you cannot avoid, and sins you cannot punish. We are here to help. We will support you when you stumble, keep watch when you sleep, and help you achieve the unreachable. We will show you how to touch Paradise. We are The Sentinels, and you are safe on our watch.

[OOC] Nothing more than something inspirational, and tell you a little bit about the kind of heroes we roleplay in this team. It is not an official in-character saying like the Green Lantern oath.

The Sentinels

More information can be found on the Sentinels' NEW website and forums:

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