Captain Paragon

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Captain Paragon
Player: User:Jade Defender
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level:
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name:  ??? (reincarnation is Horizon)
Known Aliases: None
Species:  ??? (From another world)
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age:  ??? (Does not appear to age)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230lbs
Eye Color: Glow Golden
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: (From another world)
Occupation: Deceased hero of Detroit, and Founder of SIGIL.
Place of Birth:  ???
Base of Operations: Detroit, MI. U.S.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:  ???
Known Powers
Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Superhuman Hearing and Vision, Heat Vision, Cold Breath (Gale-like), and Supersonic Flight
Known Abilities
X 3.0d Nano-Fiber Polymer Uniform

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Captain Paragon moved to the metropolitan city of Detroit as a Young man, the years of which he failed to disclose to any authority. He knew as a youth, he was different, from the day he was found starved and naked in the fields of Indiana (1939: age of 16) with no clue how he had gotten there. A Rural family took him in, gave him a place to work for a few seasons. He grew endeared towards the family, and often refers to them with great appreciation and love. Captain Paragon was frightened of his gifts, denying them, and hiding them... he tried to blend with normal human society, but after a great many strenuous and emotional ordeals, he decided he could no longer run from his destiny.

Captain Paragon became a recognized HERO after he registered with the U.N. shortly after their founding.(Joined the U.N.'s Metahuman department in 1946). Captain Paragon joined the War efforts of World War II, after the Axis forces brought the conflict to American Soil (Pearl harbor, 1941, joined January 1942). He quietly used his super-abilities to make drastic changes in the war effort. His incredible achievements didn't go unnoticed, and his heroics in the war, are what would introduce him to the secret Department of the U.N. Captain Paragon would later continue to use his abilities to support U.N. black ops incursions all over the globe until the official development of UNTIL (1965). After joining UNITY, he claimed to have used his abilities to fight crime in the U.S. as a vigilante for a number of years, secretly using his awesome powers to help people in need. This all makes perfect sense as many alleged reports and news stories covered a great deal of masked crusaders, and mysterious benefactors prior to UNTIL's formal development.

  • Captain Paragon, received his Honorific name shortly after his vigilante work began. He received the name from the journalist, Michael Rosenbaum, who officially recorded the title in a piece he did on the mysterious hero and the names that the people of Detroit were calling him. He would not however officially use the name himself until he registered with UNTIL.


Captain Paragon was a very visible and approachable heroic figure, after he registered with UNTIL. He quickly made acquaintances and bonds with many heroes who had registered as well. It was not long before the threats of the World, Underground mob bosses, Gang leaders, and superpowered threats unified and made shaky alliances to thwart the newly accepted heroes. Individual heroes were sought out and attacked, in a bid to frighten other heroes into retiring their mantles. Ever the stalwart of heart, Captain Paragon proposed a union of Heroic super-biengs and talented normal citizens to counter these attacks and acts of terrorism. Groups such as this had recently been legalized with the "Citizen Crime Fighting Act" of 1937. Captain paragon worked with the "Freedom Reserve" (a self governing group of heroes that had been working with UNTIL for a short while, Having Helped to found the department, and get the group rolling. He would eventually leave the Reserve to help found SIGIL once the Detroit began operation "Brighter Horizons" in 1976.


SIGIL didn't officially get up and running for many years, it was originally just an offshoot from the Reserve dedicated more to "World-wide" pursuits to tracking and stopping super-powered beings from criminal pursuits. It lasted as a "Idea" that unified many Heroes in their endeavors, who would eventually make the Idea into a real department originally funded by UNTIL. The financial support was quickly lost during the 80's as UNTIL took a major publicity hit, and lost most of its own funding. This Collaboration of Worldwide Heroes would not be fully realized as an Organization until 1984, thanks to the mysterious financial support of many anonymous benign individuals.


During his incursions abroad, Captain Paragon made many enemies of superpowered beings, but it was Nethyr that proved to be the most fatal.

Nethyr tried to tie a dimensional portal that could lead to all realms from one ultimate gateway. His plan would have been sheer genius if he hadn't overshot his own dream. The result was a catastrophe that rocked the area for miles, and killed hundreds.

The supervillain Nethyr returned several years after his Catastrophe, with an army of Robotic drones designed to look like him, effectively cloning his own mechanical appearance. He had duped the Heroes into coming out to confront him, only to to gather them in one place, his true goal was to steal their combined abilities to fuel his own GOD device, that would empower him, with unmatched abilities.

Seeing no alternative to actually defeating Nethyr in open combat, or reasoning with the former scientist, Captain Paragon carried the Doomsday device and the Villain into the Ionosphere, where the machine went critical, and bombarded the atmosphere with a Psycho-magnetic hurricane. The resulting explosion and storm caused a 3 hour blackout across thirty percent of the globe! The Blast was so powerful that recorded readings and effects were discovered in locales as far away as Egypt and the Yukatan!

Captain Paragon was never found. Specialists and researchers all concluded that from the aftermath of the disaster and the readings of the Hurricane itself that virtually nothing could have survived the catastrophe.


A memorial service was held in the fallen heroes honor on July 18th, 1994.

A plaque was emplaced at his monument, which read;

"Through perseverance and loyalty are the mighty forged..."

And Now...

  • Now Captain Paragon is an Honored hero, with a monument to his Memory in the Museum of Detroit, Near where he was last seen alive.
  • Captain Paragon Lives on today as the reincarnation Horizon who has yet to fully understand his fractured memories, or the impact of his previous life's achievements.