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Author's Note:
This page details a race of extra-terrestrials I've created - the Tirithians - who are set to exist in the Champions Universe. Using information I've managed to find about the universe, I've taken as much care as possible to make them fit into the setting without contradicting established canon. If you see something that doesn't work with existing lore and/or have useful information concerning information I've used, please leave comments in the discussion page of this entry. Thanks!

((Major WIP))


Tirithians are an Alien race of terran-like (near human) humanoids who's culture revolved around an intertwining of Science and Mysticism. They were regarded by the galaxy at large (Space faring, intelligent races) as a centered and peaceful race of scholars. Tirithians were, for the better part of their history (as it applies to the Galaxy at large) known to spend much of their time studying the mysteries of the universe and exploring new regions of space, cataloging everything they found. Many races would argue that the Tirithians had the most expansive and well versed libraries in all the Galaxy!

Physiology under the sun

  • Tyrith: Gaia Class World, Mystical and Scientific Wonders. Inhabitants were Near Human “Terrans” with a near physiology to that of humans, save their reaction to the rays of different Stellar Spectrums, measured by Astronomical Spectroscopy. Tirithians primary source of Nutrition stems from their plant-like Photo-Voltaic, energy consumption and transference. Tirithians naturally absorb energy through their skin and eyes and convert that energy into a Hemoglobin Electro-flourescence, which power them as the transfer of food into energy does for humanity. Tirithians have a myriad of reactions to the Spectroscopy of Light (Energy) sources, some of which are:
  • Dark Red Spectrum:

    Weakened, nearly cancerous like symptoms...
  • Red Spectrum:

    Violent, and psychologically unstable, berserk and extremely limited cognative function; this like Dark Red Exposure, will eventually lead to further degeneration and even death.
  • Red Orange Spectrum:

    Herculean class strength and resilience, much akin to heroic icons like the Thing or the Hulk; Tirithians exposed to red/orange spectrum rays, become degenerated and violent, easily agitated, but cognative enough to perform simple and even moderate taks, they risk no further degeneration psychologically over an extended period or the risk of death by radiation.
  • Cyan Spectrum:

    Temporal abilities over space/time, small warping effects and extrasensory perceptions
  • Blue Spectrum:

    Immortal (Eternal Life span, with nearly Olympian athlete health)
  • Green Spectrum:

    The reaction to Tirithian Physiology under the effect of Green rays is unknown and undocumented by anyone.
  • Yellow Spectrum:

    Godlike Powers of Incredible resilience and Strength.
  • Dark Violet:

    The reaction to Tirithian Physiology under the effect of Dark violet rays is unknown and undocumented by anyone.


Powers granted by Yellow Spectrum:
Super-Strength: Tirithians Production of Hemoglobin Electroflourescence provides their bodies with nearly 1000 times Earthling Muscle performance.
Super Durability: Tirithians bodies are naturally resilient, however the Electroflourescence produces a several sets of wavelengths of energy fields, the first of which hyper accelerates the kinetic properties of their own movements coupled with a high production of emitted Gravitons. The Former of these fields yields the Tirithian a force-like effect that can deflect extreme kinetic force.
Wingless, self propelled flight: Tirithians produce a great deal of Gravitons and can produce more upon command as a conscious effort, allowing them to "ride" a wave of gravitons and propel themselves through the air, much like two magnetic fields opposes one another.

  • Tyrith's Age of Wonders was brought to an end by the approach of the Monster Narlemagne. His Immense negative mass was encroaching, feeding on lifeforce, and threatening solar systems under the care of Tirithia. The Greatest minds worked together and abroad to discover ways to stave off the monstrous intelligence, but it was Kalek Zor'em who, discovered The Cosmic Light, and made a pact with it to save his people. The acts of the brave and Peaceful Kalek doomed his people, as his brother Malek was brushed aside and the woman they shared love for was killed in the struggle between the brothers to stop Narlemagne.
  • It was the Might and power of The Cosmic Light, merged with the Intelligence and benevolence of Kalek that stopped Narlemagne. Malek was banished, exiled to the reaches of space, never to return to Tirithian space... in the depths of the unknown regions of space, Malek discovered new alien species, and new technologies, new sciences he would master...
  • Malek returned, through the shadow of his agents, much like a "sith" lord, he played a dangerous political game from the shadows, causing unrest, and distrust. He seeded Tyrith with strife and started a civil war. It was by Malek's dark machinations, by his evil plan that the majesty and scientific excellence of Tyrith, was brought to waste.
  • Kalek returned from afar, where he had started a family and studied spiritual and mystical energies, related to the mythos and phenomena of The Cosmic Light, when he discovered what had become of the once peaceful Tyrith. Kalek discovered his brother had returned, and was effectively burning their world to the ground!
  • The two brothers would face off again, this time as enemies, ultimately Malek proved far more sinister and destroyed his brother, Tyrith fell, and Malek claimed his shattered throne.
  • In the next dimension, Kalek had earned the opportunity to beseech The Cosmic Light for aid one last time, but didn't ask for salvation for himself, instead, he asked that the Light, save his family and give his son the honors to champion their people, as the Light gave a champion to every great race, against unsurmountable enemies.
  • Allies of the Tirithians, came to the call, and helped to battle the military ingenuity and evil mastery that was Malek's war effort. The battles raged on, and as the Allies closed in on the now Imperial Tyrith, as Malek was preparing to unleash his hand...
  • Malek, fashioned the doomsday protocol that would turn the white sun of the Tyrith solar system into a red one, by introducing “Heavy matter” into the sun and destabilizing it. The results were catastrophic; however prior to unleashing his dark plan Malek took precautions to garauntee his own and his warmasters survival. The Allies fell, to a solar system that was virtually fatal to their cause, the red sun, crippled the Tirithian resistance, reducing them to crippled husks physically.
  • The Alliance was crushed, and Malek gave sanctuary to those that swore undying fealty to the new Tirithian Empire! The golden age of Tyrith was over, and Malek ruled with an iron fist. Malek gained significant intel about his brothers plans, and discoveries into the effects alien sunlight had upon Tirithian physiology, and proceeded to terra-form the Tyrith Sun into a new vibrant yellow dwarf.
  • After much warmaking and piracy, Malek had what he needed to make the plan succeed, and once he had, the result in the aftermath was a new godlike age for the surviving Tirthians.
  • With their newfound powers, many old, Alliance heroes, were immediately executed, with underhanded tactics, and brutal effeciency, Malik garaunteed his place as the Emperor of the New Tirithian Empire, before they could prove disloyal to his military machine. The Tirithians swooped across their neighboring star systems, conquering and taking what they wanted, and the Tyrant was born. The Galactic mind of the civilized races labeled Malek such, as he proved a godlike war-mongerer.
  • Eventually, The Tyrants warmaking would border on the fringes of the sanctuary world Kalek had left his family. His son, was growing into a fine teenage Tirithian, raised as his people were, not as they had become. Where he was taught their art, the science and mystical appreciation for the paranormal. The Tyrant fell upon the resource rich world, with blind and wrathful abandon, his cruel armies, spared no mercy to the defensless. The boy was named only Jakandor, so that Malek, may never discover his lineage.
  • It was by what many believe was divine providence that The Tyrant wished to meet this strange and enigmatic young boy himself once the world was seized. Once they were in official audience Jakandor was brought before the Emperor, upon the worlds surface... It was there that Jakandor would not bear fealty, would not pay respect to the Emperor... Frightened, the boy, simply stood his ground, and confronted The Tyrant about his evil ways, about his cruel war machine. It was there that the boy Jakandor died...
  • The stories are all mixed, about what exactly happened, the Tirithian Empire would tell you, it was a foolish stand and a tragic loss of a possible young recruit, that The Tyrant had offered the boy a place by his side, having sensed something in the boy...

The people of the conquered world, would tell you, that The Tyrant did strike the boy down, but he was not destroyed. They would tell you to believe, to believe that the boy was blessed, and chosen... That, as The Tyrant would have killed the boy, he was cascaded in bright light, that this light was strong enough to cow even the great Tyrant... that the boy was transformed and wisked away, by divine intervention. Those would tell you that The Tyrant was given a message from the boy as he was turned into a being of pure light, it said; “Malek Zor'em, the fruits of your conquests will lead to the ever gluttonous consumption of greater power, this pursuit will lead you to your destruction, by the hands of your own blood.”

  • The boy was not heard from again, and many mysteries surround the true meaning of his disappearance, and even the means of his disappearance. The Boys mother was hunted down and brutally interrogated, where afterward, she spent a lifetime as a prisoner, of The Tyrant.
  • The Tyrants Conquests seemed to broaden and happen more quickly after this, many suspect it was due to him trying to find the boy. His Empire grew in leaps and bounds, and more and more lives were destroyed by the great war engine of The Tyrant, but the strange boy was no where to be found.

And Now...

Now the Tirithians are more commonly known throughout the Galaxy as the New Tirithian Empire. A Vast war machine armada of super-powered beings who destroy worlds and steal their resources. The Empire has thrived and swollen in power for many years now. It is only a matter of time before their eyes fall upon Earth!

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