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The Unlimited Energy Being
"Can't you feel the ENERGY in the air?"
Player: @Ravenforce
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Miss Sai'edra Eli'dahon
Joule, J, Agent Joule, Miss Eli'dahon
Xenian citizen (In possession of Indefinite Leave to Remain on American Soil)
Summerstone Mansion
Delta HQ.
Delta Member.
Legal Status
ASPRA Registered Super Hero.
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
The Eli'dahon Family, Istha'zaal "Ion" Eli'dahon (Cousin, Villain)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
155 lbs
Body Type
Mildly Athletic
Blue (normal), Electric Blue (when using powers)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Brilliant Blue Eyes
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Energy Generation and Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Energy Absorption. Energy Form.
· Equipment ·
The Eli'dahon Diamond Necklace, a device capable of singular interstellar teleportation which is biometrically tagged to Joule's DNA.
· Other Abilities ·
Joule has had fairly extensive combat and weapons training from Black Diamond and if forced can handle herself well in a hand to hand combat situation.

Joule is an alien from the planet of Xen. She was sent to Earth to hone her powers under the tutelage of Mentella by attending her Academy. After proving to be an extraordinarily energetic and high performance student, more so than the usual student, Mentella saw a need and decided to fill it. Joule was trained to join a team of highly capable super humans brought together to fight the battles most could not and would not dare to.After graduating at the top of her class and passing the final tests, she was sent to meet her new team members and to begin her service as part of DE:LTA (now known as Delta). Joule desperately hopes to make a good impression on her team mates and new friends.


Spoiler Warning
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Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Sai'edra Eli'dahon was born on Xen-2, a world some billions of light years away from Earth.

Sai'edra Eli'dahon is the only daughter of Terri'an Eli'dahon of Xen. She was born into a family of men, her mother being the only thing which brought sanity to the fiery temperament of her father and brothers. Sai'edra, like all Xenians was born with a special ability or "super power" as they are more commonly referred to on Earth. Sai'edra's was the ability to manipulate certain energies in a wide variety of ways. The Eli'dahon family was one of the biggest families on Xen bar the significantly more widespread Summerstone family, this fact was a source of jealousy and rivalry on the part of the majority of Eli'dahons. Combined with a historic rivalry between the two families, this often caused a number of issues along the way for the two opposing families.

However when Xen-2 was attacked by a hostile race from another dimension, all former issues between the many different families on Xen, including The Eli'dahons and The Summerstones vanished and they worked together as a people to rid their planet of the invaders. Unfortunately for Sai'edra, her mother perished in the war, trying to save a group of younger children. Her family whilst saddened at the loss fought on with renewed vigor. The mourning period slowly passed however her father had become slightly unhinged mentally, causing his personality to break, his usual restraint was no longer evident and he showed extreme hostility to his family, his children in particular.

Years later when Xen had mostly recovered from the brutal and devastating invasion force which swept their planet, murmurings began to start up as old rivalries began once again to rear their ugly heads and the two families began to continue the old ways towards each other. Realizing this could potentially be fatal to the Xenian race as a whole if a full scale war broke out, Mentella and ForceGirl appealed to The High Consul of Xen and the Elder Ones in an effort to quell the rising tension between the two families.

After the request was granted, a treaty was drawn up with the usual parameters in place, both parties were to accept the exchange on the conditions that both of the exchanged beings were looked after and granted the upmost care and protection. Once the terms and conditions had been set in stone the treaty was bound and signed. Mentella took Sai’edra from her family and they headed to Earth, whilst a member of the Summerstone family was left in the care of The Eli'dahon family. Upon arriving on Earth, she was informed that she would need to acquire a human-esque name for herself, but she vehemently refused and decided to keep her name Sai'edra.

Sai’edra had attended school back on Xen, however had some information missing due to civil unrest during her time in school. The Academy was sort of an extra educational opportunity for her as well as an explanation as to why she was on Earth. Under the strict and watchful eye of Mentella, Sai’edra was trained and taught to hone her naturally unruly powers through the infamously harsh "Summerstone Survival Experience". As part of the norm, Mentella did not expect anything less than perfection from her, as she did with the rest of her students. Mentella's sheer skill of teaching combined with Sai’edra's determination to succeed gave Sai’edra the ability to pass through the final couple of months with consistently high results. She was tested in a number of areas to hone her skills, she was pit against the likes of ForceGirl, Black Diamond and Bionic Bullet in both hand to hand and super powered combat amongst other things.

Sai'edra at one point honestly thought she would never survive, however she battled on and soon emerged victorious, much to her delight.

On the 12th of June, Sai'edra was made aware of a change of plans as to her utilization here on Earth. Mentella had been speaking to the head of UNTIL and the superiors of DE:LTA as regards affiliation and had convinced them of DE:LTA's need for a new member, namely Sai'edra. With the superiors in agreement, Mentella set to work making preparations for Sai'edra to be a part of DE:LTA.

On the 20th of June, Sai'edra had graduated The Academy with a full "SepT" (equivalent to a first or full honors in human terms).

A New Start - Joining DE:LTA

Sai'edra in her new DELTA uniform after taking on the codename "Joule".

As Sai'edra slowly adapted to life on Earth as well as training to utilize her powers in new ways, she soon started to enjoy her new life, a transformation from her at first reluctant attitude towards her new situation. Once Sai'edra applied herself to her new training and learning experience, her newfound enthusiasm yielded rich results. This was realized in the form of her high test scores and above average power capabilities, taking note of this, Mentella quickly took Sai'edra "under her wing" and tutored her, teaching her broader applications of her abilities, teaching her fine control over her powers as well as helping her to discover new abilities.

As Sai'edra seemed to only improve with little to no set backs, Mentella concluded that Sai'edra was a prime candidate for DE:LTA service. She discussed the idea with Mentaic, the creator of the super team and Secretary-Marshall Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt, the overall leader of UNTIL. With sufficient evidence that Sai'edra was a more than adequate addition to the team, both Mentaic and Eckhardt were very much open to the proposal. Once this had been communicated back to Mentella, she began the process of steering Sai'edra's training towards a significantly more challenging experience. Over the course of a few months Sai'edra was given a new training course designed to be able to adapt to her specific needs and pushed her limits.

During her highly intensive training course, Sai'edra developed different strategies to deal with challenging circumstances as well as learning to perfect her techniques. Mentella also crafted psychic shields for Sai'edra, allowing her to ward off unwanted psychic contact as well as defend against psychic attacks. She progressed in her studies at the Academy as well as travelling off world to finish some of her rudimentary education (as civil unrest and war halted the education system for a relatively short period of time). During the time that Sai'edra spent on their home world, Mentella made preparations for Sai'edra's induction into DE:LTA as well as providing access to information about DE:LTA and their endeavors as a form of background to the team she was going to be working with. On the 19th of June 2013, Sai'edra arrived in Millennium City for her graduation ceremony.

On the 21st of June 2013, Mentella made contact with DE:LTA's leader Kontrol and arranged a meeting with the rest of the team as an introductory meeting. Sai'edra's arrival and proposed addition to the team was met generally with acceptance aside from the expected resistance from Kontrol, who was insistent that Sai'edra needed to be tested personally. The result of the test was evidence enough and Sai'edra greatly anticipated working with her new team. She took on the codename "Joule" (which holds a similar meaning to her actual name in her mother tongue) and was inducted into DE:LTA. Her uniform design and specifications were sent to Techna Ology who was more than happy to create the suit. Within a week Sai'edra had become an official member of DE:LTA and was part of a successful mission to assist with a Sky Carrier under attack by Doctor Destroyer's robotic forces.


DE:LTA are UNTIL liaison to Logistical Emergency Assistance Foundation (LEAF) as first responders for supernatural or catastrophic disaster across the globe. The Limit Tested Agents represent those who can handle anything. To be considered for agency, heroes must be identified as the best in their respected field. Agents train through the most physically and mentally demanding training in existence. Then comes the tough part: the job of essentially taking on any situation or foe that the world has to offer.

These agents are well known for their bravery, commitment and ability to complete said objective regardless of a situation.

It was deemed that Joule, once she had graduated, was a suitable candidate for DE:LTA service. Mentella prepared Joule for service and under her direct tutoring Joule flourished.

Joule enjoys working with DE:LTA and has already been an active part of several important missions.

For example, on the 25th of June 2013, Joule together with Vitality, Sarge, Crescentwave and the freelance mercenary for hire Protogen fought their way through shape shifting Lemurians to get to the Vault to stop a possible theft of a dangerous artifact. Naturally they contained the situation.

Working with some of her fellow DELTA Agents to bring down intruders to the UNTIL Vault

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals is a school for super powered or otherwise "advanced" beings from any area of the universe. Mentella is the head of the Academy, however, these Academies are not only present on Earth but are run on various planets including Xen.

Starting from scratch Mentella built her initial academy by taking over the site of another Academy she was assigned to. From there she branched out on Earth and built more Academies. The Academies were a means, initially, to assist younger Xenians, however after receiving much interest from other species who had visited the Academy on Xen she decided to open it up to all, and currently has several Academies on Earth alone.

Becoming a fairly prestigious educational icon, The Summerstone Academy as a whole is recognized in around some 470 different worlds and has a 100% success rate in placing their students in high position jobs or organizations. In human terms the amount of students who graduate with the grade or achievement equivalent to a "A*/A+ - A" is 98% with the remaining "2%" graduating with "B+ - B". Qualifications derived from the Academy are recognized universally.

The Academy teaches super powered or "advanced" individuals to hone their powers as well as courses on both alien and home world specific topics (this may vary depending on the home world the Academy is based on). It offers a range of teaching levels from basics to more advanced courses dependent on the ages of the students in question.

All students are screened by The Summerstone Sisterhood members. Some who display extreme aptitude for their powers, coupled with the ability to listen and explain as well as take care of themselves and others are offered a place in the Summerstone Sisterhood itself.

Powers and Abilities - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES- Mentella's Notes

Teaching Notes for 2013

Student Ref: XE-778-27Y

Name: Sai'edra "Joule" Eli'dahon

As a terms of classification on Xen, Joule would be referred to as an "Energy Manipulate" meaning she is able to interact with multiple forms of energy. It also refers to what she is, namely a being who can adopt a physical form but is actually a pure energy being. Joule is able to generate, absorb, manipulate and conduct energy, within these four main areas she has been taught fine control over her power and has undergone both mental and physical training to display a wide variety of applications for her powers. I have supplied my teaching notes below, as her instructor and trainer, the following abilities were unearthed as I continued to unlock parts of her mind and teach her to hone her abilities. Within these notes are pictures taken by Techna Ology's Techna-SpyBot Cam.

Energy Absorption

After absorbing the energy from the Cyborg's Particle Cannon, Joule releases the stored energy to defeat her foe and save the civilian

Joule can absorb different types of energy and utilize the absorbed energy in a number of different ways, such as by converting it into personal energy for storage or using it to enhance her energy blasts and constructs. She can absorb energy through physical contact or through energy coming into contact with her energy field. Joule is highly efficient with absorbing electrical energy to the point of immunity against attacks comprised of electrical energy as this is easiest to convert into pure energy. She can also interact with alpha and beta forms of radiation and particle and sonic energy. Joule can also interact with heat and light energy, but to a lesser extent.

Utilizing this area of her power she is able to draw on both naturally occurring and artificial energy sources to increase her ability further or channel energy for a steady regenerative boost to her body.
Using her energy field to knock away foes with an electrical jolt

Energy Conduction

Whilst in training, Joule learnt to conduct energy, she can utilize this skill to transfer energy from one person or object to another person/object by draining the subject of energy and infusing another with it. This works on all manner of technology as well as organic beings, however she does not generally use an energy drain against living creatures for ethical reasons. In holographic simulation, Joule has shown the ability to drain energy from the human brain and from the nervous system, however after discussing this with Joule, she did not desire to have access to this ability, so I have nullified this specific application as it is potent enough to kill outright in a very short space of time. According to tests and observational work by ForceGirl, Joule appears to be unconsciously generating a very high frequency and high voltage field of conductance, which allows her to absorb incoming forms of energy and transform them into energy she wants to project. She has been trained to apply this field in a number of defensive and offensive ways. I have taught her to do the following with this field:

  • Concentrate it into ambient energy which can be used to absorb incoming forms of attack, both physical and otherwise.
  • Increase the field potential to absorb all types of energy efficiently for a time, providing increased resistance.
  • Super charge the field to manifest it as an ambient energy field which can absorb incoming attacks and convert it into energy whilst increasing the energy she releases by around 90%.
  • Infuse it with electrical energy for a quick jolt of electricity which can knock away those who come too close.

I am confident Joule will put these skills to good use in the field.

Sometimes the line between the physical being..

Energy Generation

..and the energy inside becomes... blurred..

Joule is able to generate large amount of high voltage electrical energy within herself without any external assistance. During her training she was tested as to the possible upper limits of her generation, I removed the mental barriers I put in place and it was found she was able to generate in excess of 1,000,000,000 volts. After the testing phase was over I replaced the mental barrier within her mind as we deemed her levels of generation to be too high to be safe around her DE:LTA team mates.

Also it was discovered that whilst doing this she seems to disrupt the boundaries between her physical body and the energy she is generating almost reverting into her natural energy form. Techna Ology theorized that she is able to do this due to the high amount of electrolytes within her body, which allow her to generate bio-electricity. However the bio-electricity is not the energy which she is expelling when she uses her powers so she must be unconsciously storing the energy which further empowers her energy form. She can also convert the bio-electricity into pure electrical energy using her conductance field. (see the aforementioned Energy Conduction for clarification)

Apart from the aforementioned negative side effect, energy generation used to give way to very minor fatigue on Joule's part, however this was trained out of her some months ago.

Energy Form

As an energy manipulate, Joule possesses two distinct forms. Her physical form which is her most used and 'normal' appearance, and that of an energy being. Whilst in a heightened energy state, due to absorbing more than her resting level of energy or generating a significant amount of energy, Joule's energy form will attempt to override her physical form in an effort to absorb more energy. The psychic barriers that I have put in place, allow her to reach a point where this continued override by her energy form is halted. This is to prevent permanent damage to her immediate surroundings and her team mates as it is possible that she will continue absorbing all forms of energy. Whilst Joule can access a version of her energy form whenever she wishes, either to travel though lightning or otherwise, the mental barrier stops her from becoming a danger to herself and others.

Energy Manipulation

Perhaps her most interesting and diverse area of her power is Joule's ability to manipulate multiple forms of energy. Joule can absorb and project a wide spectrum of of energy types. However, for the purposes of combat whilst on Earth, Joule typically restricts herself to the two following forms of energy:

  • Charged Particle Energy (Electricity)
  • Particle Stream Energy (Particle/Atomic)

These can work alongside her natural and quite unique, 'Pure Energy' projection, which by its very nature is devastating so is rarely used. As a result of her training to obtain highly proficient skill with these types of energy, Joule rarely showcases her ability to manipulate other forms of energy. Among other forms, she can draw on atmospheric, light, heat, electrical and her own pure energy to fuel her attacks. Energy from other sources as well as her pure energy can be used to her advantage in a combat situation. Under the tutelage of Techna Ology, ForceGirl and myself Joule has been taught to apply her energy powers in conventional as well as less conventional means. For example:

  • FTL Flight
  • Lightning Bolt Manipulation
  • Energy / Electrical Field Negation
  • Energy Construct Generation
  • Health Recovery
  • Energy Resistance Negation
  • Energy Attacks

Flying using the electricity in the air

Flight & FTL Flight - Joule has the ability to levitate herself via an electromagnetic repulsion field which was discovered after searching her mind in preparation for training. She can use this ability to fly at accelerated speeds through the air. This can be done either using excess energy absorbed recently, using the energy in the air or utilizing her own internal bio-electrical energy. Joule has however showcased the ability to travel at FTL speeds when flying, although this can be taxing even for her if sustained for too long.

Turning herself into pure energy to ride on a lightning bolt
Summoning Lightning from the sky to attack

Lightning Bolt Manipulation - During an outdoor exercise on a particularly inclement day, Joule, after some prompting, tried to manipulate the lightning from the sky above. Needless to say she found she was able to summon lightning from the sky or project lightning from her hands that could be used to attack foes. She can use this ability to teleport herself, allowing for faster travel by transforming herself into pure energy.

Energy / Electrical Field Negation - As one of Joule's more dangerous abilities, she has the ability, to put it simply, remove electrical fields. As it is commonly known atoms exist bound in a field of electricity, once this field is breached and removed the atom ceases to exist. For all intents and purposes Joule is able to disintegrate objects with her titanic energy blasts.

Energy Construct Generation - After observing one of Techna Ology's many droids, Joule simulated the ability of a certain robot (NRGMuffin.exe). She mimicked it's ability to generate "energy drones", which are large spheres of tightly packed energy, which under her conscious command, attack and seek out her opponents, assaulting them with intermittent shocks of electricity and draining them somewhat of vital energy and adding to Joule's. Joule can either absorb or detonate these drones for offensive or defensive purposes.

Health Recovery - One of Joule's less conventional methods of using her power is the ability to use her own energy or recently absorbed energy to stimulate her cells into rapid recovery, thus healing her. This ability is passive but must be activated by Joule if she wishes to recover from injury. She can also boost this ability for a small full body heal.

Energy Resistance Negation - Joule has the capacity to slightly reduce her targets resistance to her energy. She primarily applies this through less direct means such as through her "energy drones". She is also able to use this ability to unconsciously attack her foes with bolts of energy using the energy pathways in the air.

Energy Attacks - A basic ability of Joule's. Joule can generate streams of pure energy and direct them at her foes for mild to severe energy damage. She primarily utilizes this in arcs through the air, expelling energy to her immediate surroundings as well as through high powered energy blasts.

Aside from the aforementioned abilities and applications Joule is capable of creating electrical storms in her mind allowing for medium level resistance to psychic attack for when I am not able to shield her mind due to the absence of me being on Earth. I have also taught her how to defend herself mentally, as with the rest of my sisterhood members, if she is ever the subject of a psychic invasion.

It should also be noted Joule has the capacity to manipulate the electrical energy within a piece of technology, which she can use to emulate the ability of Technopathy, whilst her emulation is not on the same level as Techna Ology, she is able to switch off, short circuit, damage and activate pieces of technology, in addition to being able to boost or repair technology to a certain extent. Joule has an ability she likes to call "Energy Sight". It enables her to "see" and "feel" energy around her as well as locate high sources of energy. The energy field around her is also of a unique nature in that it is extremely powerful and constantly in flux, but under her control it is no longer a danger to others.


Limitations -SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Whilst Joule is very powerful, she does have limitations, these have either been put in place to ensure the safety of herself and that of her team mates or are natural limitations.

  • Psychic Barrier - This is an enforced sort of limitation which was put in place by Mentella to stop Joule from accessing the more dangerous side of her powers and their effects. Whilst Joule is still able to use and generate vast amounts of energy and accomplish many different feats, she has been restricted in a number of ways by this barrier as a means of protection. This barrier cannot be overcome by any means, except by Mentella.
  • Energy Resistance - In situations where enemies are highly resistant to forms of energy or energy based attacks, Joule will have significant difficulty defeating them.
  • Negative Energy - In actual fact Joule cannot run out of energy, as she her true form comprised of energy and she constantly produces energy. In theory if she attempts to completely drains her reserves of energy in an incredibly short space of time, she may experience tiredness. Absorbing or sustaining attacks from forms of energy which are harmful to her can cause her incredible pain if she does not release it or actively combat the energy build up. If subjected to harmful energies that she is less adept in dealing with such as Qliphothic Energy, she can suffer from lowered combat ability and she can even pass out.

The Summerstones

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

Joule was invited to join the Sisterhood by Mentella after graduating from The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals. She continued her course from her previous years at the new location in Millennium City.

Istha'zaal "Ion" Eli'dahon

Mentella's Accompanying Comment: The following file was provided for defensive purposes. The information inside the file pertains to a hostile threat which may or may not endanger the lives of other members in DE:LTA. This threat is directly linked to Joule, I deemed it appropriate to provide any information I have regarding such a threat to yourselves so that you are properly equipped with information for future reference.

Hostile Meta Being File 07-XI-O9 - Summerstone Academy Files

Name - Istha'zaal "Ion" Eli'dahon

Abilities - Electrical Energy Manipulation, Absorption and Generation.

Reporting Student - Sai'edra "Joule" Eli'dahon

Report - Istha'zaal Eli'dahon is a blood relative of mine, a first cousin in fact. She is from my banished father's side of the family. And is extremely hostile to her own race (Xenians) and other life forms. Istha'zaal took the name "Ion" after the banishment sentence my father was handed after a decree by the High Consul, meaning it was absolute. His criminal ways had affected Istha'zaal in a very twisted fashion, much to my surprise she believed he was right about everything and swore to continue his "legacy".

Our last communique consisted of her releasing vulgar and poisonous words about The Summerstone Sisterhood and were directed at me, her hatred for The Summerstones and the fact that I sided with them drove her over the edge, she swore she would end my life and that of the Summerstones as recompense for my father's banishment. This all transpired last year. I fear I will soon have difficulty handling her, as the last time we came across each other she was with fifteen robotic assistants, luckily Techna Ology was in the area and was able to help me overcome my outnumbered state.

Istha'zaal now accepts her name as Ion and in my honest opinion she is beyond reasoning. Many a time I have had to fight her, my words fall upon deaf ears and she often attacks when we encounter each other. I have a bad feeling she is planning something on a large scale. She is aware that The Summerstones, DE:LTA and myself are all moving around in Millennium City. Her deranged mental state and hatred for life in general combined with her powers, make her a considerable threat, one which I know I, with DE:LTA's help can contain, neutralize and dispose of. Once caught she will face justice.

Ion has much of a similar ability to myself, however on a slightly smaller scale, this does mean however that fights between herself and myself do take a long time due to our near equal manipulation of and resistance to electrical energy. In order to defeat her I have been forced on more than one occasion to overload her with energy, unlike my own capacity hers is limited, high energy exposure overrides her ability to process it and will render her unconscious. However this is not a permanent solution, she is learning from someone, I am not sure whom, but they are teaching her little by little to increase her capacity.

Soon a simple overload will not be sufficient to stop her. I do not want to drag DE:LTA into the mess of my family life, but with my working for them, they have the right to know what burden I bring when joining the team and to be ready for any attack. I hope Ion is wise enough not to attack my fellow team mates, if she does, nothing will save her. I will not show mercy based on family ties, from the moment she turned upon me, she was dead to me.



Two Sides of The Same Coin

(Click the image!)



- Sai'edra (Joule) has been taught to have a firm grip of modern English however her native tongue still slips through in highly charged situations such as when she is happy.

- Her best friend is Techna Ology

- She enjoys using her abilities when she can.

- Joule carries around The Eli'dahon Diamond, given to her by her mother. The diamond is a gem of technological importance, as it allows her to communicate with her family across interstellar distances. As well as being a communications device and a fairly eye catching fashion statement, it allows her to change her outfit at will and allows her, if infused with enough energy, to teleport back to her home planet.

- Joule's birth eye color like all Eli'dahons is purple, however the manifestation of her powers affected her genetic code, causing her phenotype for her hair and eye color to change from jet black hair and purple eyes to jet black hair with dark blue streaks and blue eyes.

- At one time Joule, like all children held a powerful emotional attachment to her father (Ex-Lord Eli'dahon and her only surviving parent) who was not receptive to her and shunned her, both physically and emotionally. After being accepted into the Summerstone Sisterhood, Sai'edra with my assistance was able to sever the connection as it was having a profound impact on her ability to utilize her natural abilities. After having to personally deal with her father in psychic combat, I have assured Joule that she will not be hearing from him again. With Lord Eli'dahon banished by the High Consul, the Eli'dahon family name may yet shine again through the actions of Joule and the new Lord Eli'dahon, Lord Tyresani, her uncle.


- "Watts up?"

- "Hey, if you've got the engine...I'll provide the juice!"

- "Do you know what happens to a bad guy when they are struck by a stream of charged particles? The same thing that happens to everything else."

- "Yup, I'm simply shocking!"

- "Evil robot goes BOOM! El'sai! I am good!"

- "It's great to finally meet you Agents of DE:LTA!"

- "I cannot wait to get started!"

Personal Interests/Likes

- Joule enjoys the rain and being out in it

- She loves to fly

- Joule enjoys using her powers and helping others


- Sitting around doing nothing.

- Paper work and administration

- Villains

- Failing a mission


Personality Assessment - Sai'edra "Joule" Eli'dahon

Assessment Completed By: Dr. M. Summerstone


Joule by nature is a caring individual. She is socially adept and enjoys social interaction, especially with those whom she is familiar with. Joule strives to please all those around her and constantly seeks to prove her worth. She relishes the opportunity to use her powers to assist others. Her personality is in more ways than one a reflection of her super powered abilities. Joule is good at taking orders from others and does not question authority unless it comes into conflict with her morals or seems highly out of character for an individual to ask her something. Joule does have a tendency to push herself in combat and tries her best to draw attention away from her allies and onto herself. However, Joule does have a rather powerful temper, which at its peak pushes against the psychic barrier I have installed in her mind.

Social Interactions

Joule has shown an amazing transformation from being abrasive and rude to humans when she first came to Earth, to a warm and caring attitude. Showing extreme empathy and feeling for others, Joule brings a certain warmth to a social situation. Her energy field seems to have an effect on her behavior; as it is in a constant state of flux, she is highly emotional and can switch from being elated to depressed in a matter of minutes based on the words of another. She enjoys associating with people and working with others, she is also capable of working alone if need be. From an objective stand point, Joule appears to be a relatively emotional being, with a warm nature and a tendency to look for the good in people, which can range from endearing to irritating. She picked up the Earth Languages of Spanish and English relatively quickly thanks to the Eli'dahon ability to pick up foreign languages faster than most other Xenians. In conversation Joule is open minded and argues her points in a respectful and dignified manner as she has been taught to. Some small phrases may become garbled in her speech such as her recent phrase of; "It's all part of the gravy." instead of "it's all gravy" with reference to her being able to resist radiation.


At first, Joule displayed a rather quick temper which was fueled by a lack of control over her powers. However as she progressed through my teaching sessions, it was noted that her temper negatively correlated with her increasing teaching sessions. As her control got stronger, her willingness to fly into a rage over trivial matters lessened to the point where she has a very firm grip on her anger and will only unleash it against those causing her great distress. Her emotions do have an effect on her power display and her anger and joy seem to be the most powerful influences on her abilities.

Psychology and Mental Health

Human Psychology is simply not adequate in all its capacity to begin to scratch the surface of a Xenian mind, however, I am able to translate a few things into understandable psychological terms. Joule is a mentally stable individual who seems at least for a time act in a manner which can be attributed to the principle on which the "Hawthorne Effect" is based. Whilst this in itself is odd, it can be traced back to the somewhat dysfunctional family Joule had come from, after her mother's death, the family unit seemed to fragment. Lord Eli'dahon, her father, seemed to take it the worst and focused his hatred and pain on to his offspring, which no doubt has dealt deep psychological damage to his children. After a "mind session" with Joule, I was able to determine just how much repair work I would need to carry out, needless to say the repair work was...extensive, it would have been easier to remove those memories, however the side effect would have left Joule feeling empty without knowing why as the bond between a child and their parents on Xen and no doubt on Earth is extremely strong.


I have successfully helped Joule come to terms with the loss of her mother and tried my best to allow her to break off the emotional attachment she still held on to with her abusive father. This attachment and constant one sided affection from Joule to her father was causing a psychological barrier to her accessing her power and it's more versatile capabilities, as a result it had to be overcome before any further training was carried out. After getting over that road block as it were, Joule was able to make a complete recovery and has learned to fully come to terms with everything and can now live with a new purpose without being distracted by the false hope of her father changing. However as of the 18th of August 2012, her final session, Sai'edra is a stable individual and she has been able to make a significant increase in progress with regards her education and power usage.

Sai'edra does have the tendency to worry about things which are clearly out of her control, this can cause her to make rash decisions or make attempts to hide a problem she is experiencing for fear that it would endanger her team mates or friends if they were exposed to it. This is one example of how she can sometimes overstretch her caring nature.

(* In accordance with the client - clinical psychologist relationship and the client's rights regarding confidentiality, some information in this report has been omitted at the request of the client, namely Sai'edra Eli'dahon.) ~ Dr. M Summerstone.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Public Opinions

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Personal Experiences File

After reading through this report, Joule has added her own personal comments and thoughts about those she has worked with.

Mentella - "Probably the most grueling and merciless teacher in existence, but at the same time she cares and really wants you to do your best. I'm not sure if that makes sense... I hope it does. Anyway, she's really intelligent and has helped me in so many different ways, I don't think it's actually possible to repay her. She is quite protective and is almost always "keeping of tabs" on everyone. At first I wasn't a fan of the way she can take over to convey information to other people but after a few occasions I actually really enjoy it. It allows me to wander around my own mind and take a rest from...reality I guess. At first...I didn't like her, she was way too cold, it seemed like she had a heart made from ice. I soon realized that's the way she is with most people, we're all different so I can't fault her for that. Overtime we became close friends, I owe her a lot more than I can ever hope to repay back and for that I'm grateful."

ForceGirl - "I didn't really speak too much with this Summerstone, she was always hip deep in science or crushing hoards of VIPER soldiers. When I did get to speak to her, she was extremely nice and seemed really genuine. She's sort of shy was tough to get her to talk outside of the Summerstone Mansion. Fighting her was another thing altogether, I had no idea force fields could be that strong! Even with my energy disruption it still stayed strong, totally unyielding. She's not a bad hand to hand combatant either. She really enjoys science and her laboratory is HUGE! The amount of tech she has is insane, not as much as her younger sister, but still pretty impressive. She's also really good at cheering you up if you are feeling a bit under the weather."

Bionic Bullet - "She was the first human I ever came into contact with. Together with Mentella she taught me English and commonly used phrases, which I get wrong from time to time. She also taught my self defense classes and taught me how to fire a variety of man made weapons. She's pretty cool, I see her around UNTIL a lot and I think she's slightly jealous that I'm working with Sarge, I hear she's a fan."

Black Diamond - "I was most surprised to see a member of the Crystallos family on Earth. I didn't see her around the mansion much, as she was with her little sister, but she did teach me some off world martial arts called Ref'la Dio which means "Reflect". It's pretty cool cause I can make my powers emulate that effect. In some respects she's like Mentella in the sense that she can be very perceptive, when she wants to be, and she's intelligent. I think the personality change when she's in diamond form is a little bit unnerving though...Anyway, I'm very glad for her support, friendship and training."

Techna Ology - "I first met Techna when we were growing up on Xen during the invasion, we ran into each other and were being chased by a few soldiers, she found some scrap metal and said she could build a battle droid, we hid in a nearby building and she constructed a droid but she forgot to add a power source, that's where my phrase "Hey, if you've got the engine...I'll provide the juice" came from. Together with me powering the droid and her holding it together we made our way to a stronghold and even took down three invasion troopers. For saving my life and working together we became best friends and have remained that way ever since. After the war I didn't see her much due to our families having a historic rivalry, but we kept in touch. I was so sad to hear she was leaving Xen and I thought I'd never see her again. However when we both saw each other, wow, everything came flooding back. She is my best friend in the entire universe."

CharmCaster - "I only met CharmCaster a few times, once when I was being told about DE:LTA, she let me know about the character of Arkane and who he was. The other times were Earth History classes and Arcane Arts and Organizations classes. She seemed really engaging but distant at the same time and she had really, really blue eyes, they are almost entrancing. Anyway, she has a really strange energy signature, I can't think of the words to describe it. Techna says it's because she's from another dimension.."

Kontrol - "Ah..the DE:LTA team leader...yeah...we didn't get off to the best of start, with us having an actual fight and all. Mentella assured me that once I got through to Kontrol, by proving myself she's be better. In my opinion Kontrol is bossy, really bossy. I always get the feeling she is disappointed with me, like I'm not good know? But I guess it will just take time to get used to me. Despite everything, I think she's a good leader, she's really focused, but she could do with NOT being so bossy."

Cliff-Side - " The rock of the group, if you will, I've read about him from the Summerstone Reports, he seems really nice, I've not had a chance to work with him much though. He has the power to manipulate the earth itself! That's really cool, on my world there weren't many elemental manipulates left after the war so seeing someone do that was a real treat. I hope I get to know him better soon."

D.A.W.N. - "As I understand it, she is Cliff-Side's sister. Mentella told me her psyche was transferred into a robot body and was anchored there. I've worked with DAWN once, she's not as "robotic" as I was thinking, she was very nice, and her body had a lot of energy running through it. I hope I get to know her better, she was one of the DE:LTA members I met first."

Cavalier - "Cavalier is pretty cool, I think he has a thing for off world women, which I think is very funny. Techna is completely taken by him, I reckon it's just a little hero worship, she's a rather eager fan girl! I've worked with him a number of times and I've enjoyed it. Along with Vitality and a few others, he was one of the first DE:LTA team members I met. I'm enjoying working along side them all."

Variant - "The strong man of the team. He's quite quiet but has a very strong sense of justice. I'm pretty sure he can disintegrate things with his fists, either that or they take a round trip around planet Earth. When he hits, you fly, there's no second guessing the outcome of what will happen if he is involved. He's also very tough, he seems to be able to take anything really. We recently went to Lemuria, whilst the rest of us were in diving gear...he just, wait for it, HELD HIS BREATH! El'sai...he must have pretty good lungs or something. He strikes me as the silent intelligent type, bides his time and then points something rather interesting out. After a few events ran their course, he decided to change his identity from 'Vitality' to 'Variant'. I guess as Variant he feels better suited who he has become and honestly, I respect that."

Sarge - "Su wasn't kidding when she said Sarge was an "Action Man", he doesn't seem to have any super abilities apart from the fact that he kicks serious ass with his gun wielding skills. He's really good at planning things and when Kontrol and Sarge are in "the Zone" they work really well together and come up with flawless plans. Sarge has always been the one who has honestly made me feel like I belong in Delta, moreso than anyone else really. I know that sounds bad, but he's just been really accommodating, even though he's had to put up with so much trouble that I believe to be my fault. As a result I consider him a really good friend and once we find that man who has been causing so much trouble for Sarge, I think it will be a race between Lara and I to see who can inflict the most pain on him."

Crescentwave - "I really enjoy working with Crescentwave, she's really nice, and can keep people at peak health with her aquatic healing, which I think is really great, not to mention useful. I've worked with her before when we were both part of a strike team to take back the UNTIL Vault from the Lemurian intruders. Together we are pretty much unstoppable, between her healing and aquatic powers and my energy blasts we can take on the whole world."

Spectrum - "I've met Spectrum and much like Psirus he's a really cool guy. I haven't spoken to him that much but he and Psirus are pretty close, I'm guessing it's because of their empathic abilities or something. I have fought alongside him and I've hung out with him a couple of times, he's quite laid back and much like Psirus he seems to prefer to observe situations then say something meaningful. He's really great to fight alongside actually, we recently tried something where I allowed him to tap into my emotions to boost his powers and he described my feelings like 'an incredible power boost', so that's really positive. I do hope we can work together more in the future!"

Sexah - "I've not had the pleasure of working with her yet, but the heat energy she gives off is amazingly powerful. Cavalier told me she controls fire, so I guess she's an elemental manipulate, so that's really cool, I hope I get the chance to meet her in the field soon, and I hope I don't mess up when I meet her..."

Psirus - "Without a doubt Psirus is a really kind hearted guy, it took me a little while to get used to the idea that he could, much like CharmCaster, essentially feel what I could when I was around him. I try to keep my mental shields up or stay away from him when I'm going through rough patches because I don't want him to go through what I'm feeling but he's helped me a couple of times, quite recently actually and I'm grateful for it! He doesn't say much, he sort of observes, a bit like Vit now I think about it. I'm glad he's a member of the team and I'm happy to be able to call him a friend!"

Kr'anri - "Kr'anri and I never really spoke too much when she first joined Delta but over time we've become really close friends, I feel like I can tell her exactly what's on my mind and I'm pretty sure she feels the same. To me, she's almost like a little sister, but she has been hanging out with Solaris way too much and has started playing her own pranks, which is all fun and games but can be a little annoying. Kr'anri's a decidedly independent spirit but knows when its time to co-operate. As a team mate and friend she's great, her psychic powers of precognition can really help out in the field, I've been saved from a few painful situations myself thanks to her. I get the feeling that because of her size amongst other things, she's not always given enough attention, I wish people would see that there's more to Kr'anri than meets the eye."

Protogen - "Protogen...where do I begin? Well, he's like a mercenary. He says he works for the highest bidder, which is a little bit of a shame really. I really want to trust him and hope that he'll stay true to DE:LTA, but I'm not sure. He seems really business orientated, doesn't make friends. I asked Bionic Bullet what that's like and she said it meant that to him, everyone is a potential target and currently UNTIL are just paying the highest. If you ask me that's sort of unnerving, but he seems nice, I just hope I'm never on the wrong end of his pistols one day. His powered armor is impressive, the shield generator is very powerful, I can sense the energy running though it. Between you and me...I think he may have a drinking problem.."

Ion - " Ion cousin. After the sentencing of my father she became furious with me as she, like him wanted an all out war with The Summerstones. She found out I was with the Summerstones and has turned on her own family and now threatens both my team mates and myself. Ion, has the same abilities as I do but on a smaller scale, this means of course, our battles are really drawn out and difficult. I hate having to overload someone with power till the point of unconsciousness, but until I find a way to effectively bring her down, it's all I can do. I know I'll have to file a report section on her soon...I just hope she doesn't attack any of my team mates, if she does...Y'th Siak...that means No Mercy."


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