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The Empath
Spectrum JGProfile.jpg
"An old dog can learn new tricks!"
Player: @SuperGay45
Super Group
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Real Name
Jayson Grayling
Spectrum, Spec, Mr. Grayling.
November 5th, 1969
San Mateo, CA
American Citizen
Millennium City, MI
Delta HQ.
Parapsychologist, Delta Member.
Legal Status
ASPRA Registered Super Hero
Marital Status
In a relationship
· Known Relatives ·
Karla Grayling (estranged sister), Alec Grayling (husband, deceased), Luke Grayling (son)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6ft 1in
Body Type
Athletic build
Light Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Styled facial hair
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Empathy and Empathic Creation.
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· Other Abilities ·
As a parapsychologist, Spectrum is skilled at assisting meta humans with trauma which may impact their abilities.

Jayson Grayling is a human mutant with the ability to read and experience the emotions and physical sensations of other people, this ability is known as empathy. He worked extensively with UNTIL's Project Mind Game as a parapsychologist and worked with mainly meta humans who had survived a serious trauma which was affecting their performance in the field. Having worked with UNTIL's Project Mind Game, a division of agents with psychic abilities dedicated to combatting psychic threats, Jayson was well trained to handle new situations and UNTIL decided to transfer him to a new team of 'Limit Tested Agents', who were assembled and monitored by Mentaic. Whilst he still worked as a part of Project Mind Game, Jayson, now a more active in the field, took on the fieldname 'Spectrum'. After a life threatening work experience, that unfortunately had a severe effect on his personal life, Jayson stepped away from the super hero community and the organizations he belonged to in order to deal with his loss.

Years later, after a few developments in relation to his empathic abilities; Jayson stepped back onto the scene. He rejoined the super hero community, reprising his 'Spectrum' alias. He worked alone for a while but had a strong desire to re-join his old team (DE:LTA). He soon was able to track them down, realizing that there were a couple of new faces mixed in with the old group and was welcomed back as part of the team. As Spectrum, Jayson uses his empathic abilities to fight alongside his team mates in Delta.


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Jayson Grayling led a relatively normal life, he had always found it very easy to make friends and generally avoid other people who could be described as less than savory in their behaviors and actions, even if on the surface they seemed nice. His friends often came to him for advice and always felt as if he understood what they were feeling and that he always gave sound advice. As a result, Jayson had always been somewhat popular but also incredibly intuitive, he thought nothing of this skill up until his twenties when he realized he was able to receive impressions of people's emotions without even speaking to them.

He soon worked with this ability during college and realized that just focusing on someone long enough would grant him an impression of their emotions and if he focused incredibly hard their emotional state would begin to affect him as well. Jayson carried out research in private, soon coming to realize he was a mutant and what his powers were classed as. During his final years in college Jayson discovered a group of students who also had super human abilities and were part of a group called the Meta Movement group, he joined this group during his final year at college and they all moved to Detroit after graduating, after realizing that there was a high concentration of meta humans in Detroit. The move to Detroit was surprisingly smooth and Jayson was able to continue his education through a series of courses, all the while learning to master his empathic abilities.

A few years later, they went their separate ways, some joining secret academies for meta human training and some used their abilities as part of a established super groups. Jayson, although fairly confident in his abilities, felt that his powers were better suited to assist people, continued following his career path to become a parapsychologist. Early on in his career, post qualifying, Jayson was contacted by the government organization known as UNTIL. From his research, Jayson knew that they would occasionally work with super heroes and even had their own super team; curious to what they knew about him, he agreed to meet with one of their members.

Jayson met with UNTIL Agent Isabella Maronni, who revealed that she represented UNTIL's Project Mind Game division, a division devoted to combatting psychic threats and that she had psychic abilities, namely the power to read the minds of others. She explained that her division had been tracking his empathic signature for a while as it continued to grow. Isabella also informed him that it was UNTIL that had covertly assisted with the transition from San Mateo to Millennium City and would like to offer him a spot in Project Mind Game. Despite being somewhat hesitant, he accepted the offer and went through training and inducting into UNTIL's Project Mind Game and soon became the resident parapsychologist, as well as a meta human therapist.

Jayson's work helped to improve the lives of and assist a good number of meta humans in bouncing back from a set back. He received assistance with controlling and tapping into his abilities from his peers in Project Mind Game and soon caught the attention of UNTIL's Richard Burns (aka Mentaic); a member of the UNTIL super team known as UNITY and known for being one of the smartest, if not the smartest man on the planet. He had been gathering and overseeing a select group of special agents that had been 'limit tested' in order to be sure that they were among the best in their respective fields. Mentaic formed the Department of Emergency: Limit Tested Agents group, as a super team to respond to the threats that even well known super teams would struggle with.

A senior operative, who assumed the role of leader in the group, was Thuy Xi (aka Kontrol) and she, along with Mentaic, pushed Jayson to his limits with his abilities, allowing him to extend his receptive empathy into receptive and influential empathy, meaning he could now enforce his own emotions or incite emotion upon/within others. Whilst he was now transferred to DE:LTA, Jayson held onto his job as a parapsychologist for Project Mind Game and now worked as part of a specialized facility which catered to traumatized agents and meta humans. It wasn't too long after joining DE:LTA that Jayson met Alec in a professional capacity that later developed into a strong friendship than soon became a loving relationship. After a couple of years of dating one another they got married and soon after adopted Luke. At this point in his life, Jayson was essentially a super hero, had a steady career of successes in his therapeutic practice within UNTIL and was part of a loving family.

Soon after his four year anniversary, Jayson was called into a meeting by the Meta human referrals team and was introduced to a new patient, who called herself Spark. Spark was one of Jayson's patients whose mutation was steadily destroying parts of her brain. Spark's mutation severely impacted and degenerated her limbic system and hippocampal regions, which lessened her ability to remember how to travel to places, where she was and specifically impacted her ability to control her emotions and her actions. She was made aware during one of their weekly sessions that Jayson could not physically fix or alter her mutation. Upon learning this she grew wrathful, misinterpreting the entire conversation and soon needed to be restrained and was eventually sedated. She somehow escaped from confinement during a sudden attack on UNTIL HQ by an army of destroids and a year later returned as a ruthless super villain; Spark returned to the facility and lashed out in an attempt to destroy whatever she could. Unfortunately on the day she attacked both Alec and Luke were present in the facility.

In her rage Spark attacked and killed a number of clients and staff working at the facility and as Jayson later discovered, she had killed his husband Alec and injured his son Luke. After wreaking havoc on the facility, Spark escaped and was pursued, but it later emerged she was never captured. Mourning his loss, he left UNTIL's Project Mind Game and DE:LTA (now Delta), removing himself from his previous profession in order to look after his son and deal with his loss. A few years later, he noticed a change in his empathic abilities, he was able to draw upon his emotions to generate strange energy constructs. Fearing for the safety of his son, he sent Luke to live with his sister Karla back in California whilst he tried to master this new ability. Whilst he managed to wield these new abilities, he had trouble mastering them, combined with his desire to return to the super hero scene, Jayson reached out for assistance with his new found abilities.

He was soon put in touch with Mentella who helped him to master his abilities. She explained to him that he had gained the incredible ability to channel emotional energy from the emotions from himself and those around him to generate powerful empathic constructs. Together with his own personal fitness training and with Mentella's sessions to hone his abilities, Jayson soon mastered his abilities, learning a number of new applications. With his new abilities mastered, Jayson was ready to step back onto the world stage but this time putting himself out in the field as a solo hero. He stuck with the alias of Spectrum and worked as a super hero in California for a while, whilst visiting his son, Luke, but soon moved back to Detroit. Casting his mind back to his old team, Jayson wondered what had happened to DE:LTA and sought them out.

Despite a couple of new faces, the lack of UNTIL sanctioning and getting used to a new-old team, Spectrum has re-joined the group (now known as Delta) and readily uses his empathic abilities in the field when he can. Whilst he is aware of his age in comparison to his team mates, he has no doubt that he can fully get back into the swing of working in a team and has already began getting to know the new faces in the group as well as re connecting with the more familiar ones.

Powers and Abilities

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