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Player: @Dangerclose50
Azure Profile.png
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS/Tank Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Samantha 'Karliah' Winters
Known Aliases: Azure
Gender: Female
Species: Genetically Engineered Clone (Human Part Xa'Grul
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Peleaga, Romania (Cloning Facility)
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Vertias Kelpthoth, Karliah Winters, Aksana Cortesh,Maricio Blake and Gabby Labonte (All Genetic Donor's.)
Age: 26
Height: 5'10
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Harlequin Green
Hair: Naturally Orange, Black Streaks
Complexion: Light, Smooth
Physical Build: Fairly Athletic, cut
Physical Features: Tattoo on the base of her neck, Tattoo on her left wrist
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: As a DJ/Singer 8 Years.

As a Hero/Mercenary 7 Years.

Citizenship: American
Occupation: Musician, Hero
Education: Doctorates Degree
Marital Status: Dating Lana Nielson
Known Powers and Abilities
Technopathy, Technokenisis

Martial Arts and Fighting Styles: Krav Maga, Irish Bare Knuckle boxing, Sambo & Systema

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Azure Breaker Suit equipped with various armaments.
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Origin Azure.png

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Sadia Deserai is the original, founder of ICON and lover of Howard Stone. ICON was originally intended to be a military based organization much like modern day UNTIL or PRIMUS, But then it decided to take the route of private contracting.

Their contracting was kept in secret covered up by the global acquisition of various companies and businesses, from art studio's, to car manufacturing. Construction and eventually technology and weapons manufacturing all over the world. They have shares in numerous other companies and over 6 decades of loyal clients to back them up. And the funding of the stones to keep them bolstered financially. 1964 ICON took its first steps in establishing a successful piece on the contracting board. They initialized the fallen angel program and began recruitment on all corners of the world. Being able to use their vast array of assets and their self-sufficient ability to produce their own materials. They set up bases all over the globe, The Fallen Angel Program allowed them to illegally Detain and recruit, hardened criminals, Vigilante's, Ex-Mercenaries and even Homeless Rabble. This led to the creation of "The Sons of Virtue" Vertias Kelpthoth, Karliah Winters, Aksana "Starchild" Cortesh, Maricio Blake and Gabby Labonte. Each of thse individuals had a unique trait that made them an efficient part of the team.

Vertias was a Detroit city, westside detective, having won numerous awards for his great leadership, charismatic was and problem solving skills, it was most unfortunate when he went missing during an investigation of strange disappearance of local patrons at nearby bars. He just like many before him fell into the Clutches of ICON who made him head of the 'Sons of Virtue' Only after fixing his 'defects', shattering his resistance and branding him as the infamous Subject Sixteen. During his time of service he acted as the groups leader and sometimes off field director. It has been said his unearthing love for the team is what kept it together.

Karliah Winters, a New Orleans cage fighter with a fire unmatched by any other. A passion, A devotion so fierce it could tear through even the strongest of metals, much like her fists. She was a highly skilled combatant in close quarters combat and was one of the few recruits to be brought in willingly. She jumped at the opportunity to earn some cash by doing what she was good at; fighting. Little did she know this would lead to her 'fixing' and land her a position in the SOV. In the SOV Karliah acted as the soldier of the bunch; always in the gruff of things, never worried about getting her hands dirty. Although one of the most capable; she was overcome but fierce emotional distress which often led to her temper tantrums and multiple fixings.

Aksana Cortesh was an unknown species of Alien only rumored to be of Xa'Grullian decent. The Xa'Grullian were known for their spiritual connection to technology and their ability to manipulate it VIA technopathy. Stranded on earth after a crash landing for unknown reasons; The Crash did not go unnoticed. ICON had picked up on it and immediately was sent to investigate. Arriving on scene they had found Aksana locked within a pod in a comatose state. The pod had been heavily damaged but luckily its contents had remained perfectly unharmed. Taking Aksana back to base, they tried their best to wake her up and had succeeded only, at the cost of her mind. She had forgotten the life she had lived, and as a precaution ICON implanted a chip into her brain so that they may monitor her for results in the future. Making her one of the few current, ICON sleeper agents. Her mind had been implemented with false memories of a life on earth she had never lived and she had been given the Codename 'Star-child' for her out-worldly heritage. She served under ICON in the SOV as a technological specialist; hacking computers with her mind and having even been reported to be able to shut down an entire space station with just a few moments contact.

Maricio Blake was a Vietnam war veteran with one serious case of trigger finger, he was an excellent shot and was renown for his skills in the air as a fighter pilot; driving anything from Bombers to fighters; he caught ICON's attention shortly after the war and was detained, fixed and brought into the fold. His Excellent piloting Skill's would prove to be most beneficial in the future. Acting as Support and Reconnaissance for the Squad.

Gabby Labonte was a British inventor with a 185 IQ. She was one of the original staff members to work within ICON and has served since day 1, helping both advise and create weapons and technology for ICON. Supplying them with numerous schematics for early phased power armors; and other robotic designs such as, The Vulture, The TITAN'S, Sting-Ray's, Hounds, Clap-Trappers and Drillers. She is responsable for the initialization of Phase II on the entire populace (Est at: 43,212) Total reassessment and elimination of the human factor

All the members of the SOV would play a key role in the creation of a genetically superior life-form in which sole purpose is to hone all of the innate abilities it has acquired through the wonders of genetics and the glory of Science. S-N-7. Samantha.N-7

Sam N.7
Sam N7 Title.png

ICON saw the success SOV had and decided that it needed to cut loose ends and immediately begin a Phase 1 series of clones; in order to replicate the rapid success the proclaimed children of virtue had held. Taking specific cell's from each of the members, Vertias, Karliah, Maricio, Gabby, Aksana and last but not least Sadia the head of ICON. They put them together to create the first batch of Ten Clones. Clone # One died from heart complications. Clone # 2 failed to even form with a proper set of lungs, thus never truly lived. Clone #3 Suffered Aging complications and reached the age of 63 in a matter of three days, Clone # 4-5-6-8 also had the same condition but 7-10-9 survived all the way through. With the aging complications ironed out; they were put through a series of tests and alterations; they grew up fairly normal lives...confused and haunted by the memories and torments of their irregular array of parents.

They grew up in contained and controlled environments, provided with education and regular fixings to avoid any complications with the mind. Number Ten failed to preform adequately and on par with the set standard and was put to death by way of a firing squad. Seven and Nine Grew and grew, they trained, learned to fight, and were pushed to hone their innate abilities. Various flight simulations; power armor and jets. Their resourcefulness was put to the test; working with what they had and what they were provided with in order to create weapons in which would be later used to defend themselves. The two mirrored each-other in every way. Showing a determination to succeed. But Number Seven had one thing Nine did not; the ability to think, the ability to drive forward through fixings and fight back; to remember, to survive. They received their first power armor's at the age of 17.

'Amber' and 'Sol'. They continued to compete; this time directly in a series of tests; missions and competitions in the crucible for survival. The Infamous Amber and Sol were put together in a team circuit against the general population' facing off in Two Vs Two death-match's and always coming out on top. With an astounding 134-0 Record ICON had only one option left to differentiate superior from Inferior.

Number Seven faced off against Number Nine, no rules, no holds barred. Two women, two sisters, power armor. In a clash of will and determination, of mettle and steel. Number Seven prevailed...showing who in fact was superior...ICON was pleased; awarding her the official nickname 'Star-Child' Like Aksana before her.

Time With ICON
Time With ICON.png

Number Seven, Formally Amber and now renamed Sol, entered CORE shortly after her success against number Nine. She entered the CORE draft as the 3578th Pick and worked her way up from 32,215 in a series of missions which ranged from Assassinations, to protection missions. Protecting assets from enemy advancements and even acquiring new ones in the process. Assassinating enemy agents, targets and figures from rival corporations to even government figures in order to allow proper insertion of more 'ICON Friendly' Representatives. She often competed against fellow agents in both the crucible and on field in order to increase her Renown and successfully boost her rankings on the board officially. She often took the high end contracts and spent little time on those of easier caliber. During her time in CORE, ICON kept its eye on her, watching her progress and taking note of her success and beginning an immediate batch of Series 2 clones, using the same variables.

In a matter of two years Sol reached #2 in CORE, and #1 In the Crucible. Successfully defeated 'One' in order to become #1 In CORE while remaining the top contender in the Crucible, being marked the Undisputed Champion for some time. She later was withdrawn from the Crucible to better serve her advancements in CORE and take the qualification tests; dropping her place as Champion to later become a Captain. As a Captain she served in many more missions as Captain, overseeing and protecting ICON'S Assets. Dominating CORE, Successfully navigating the Crucible she was on her way to becoming a MAR'S Operative and showed great potential. Exceeding even Vertias' Advancements, Serving as the 2nd Captain, Sol had finally qualified to take the MAR'S qualification test. Her assignment was to kill a rouge operative also known as 'Subject 14'.

Sol tracked down Subject 14 and located her in Siberia hiding out in an old, abandoned discontinued ICON Service bunker. Fourteen and Sol, although locked in battle questioned each-others methods, beliefs which came unusual to Sol because she had never been allowed, never privileged to have her own beliefs. Moments before being killed, Fourteen, or Samantha N.14 B2 spoke to her: "Its not what we do that defines us, its why we do them that justifies who we are." These Very words are what Caused the Captain, to defect. ICON heard of her success and her exposure and recalled her immediately to undergo Phase II. The Final Fix.

Escape and Azure
Escape and Azure.png

After killing Subject 14; and coming to a realization of all this Samantha escaped the all seeing eye of ICON and assumed the persona of 'Soundwave' after Joining up with the Super-Group 'The Platinum Guardians'. She worked with them for a few months before encountering someone who would later prove to be very special to her. Someone who; could relate to her..someone she could care for. Samantha was captivated by the beautiful Lana Nielson who would provide her with something she had always needed...a purpose. A purpose to truly exist for; a person to truly exist for. Now Sam fights for that light she calls the future; that her and Lana may be free of those binds that hold them ever so tightly. Sam decided she needed to fight so she asked Lana; to build her a shell based off of her own suit also known as 'The Crimson Breaker'. It wasn't like anything she was used too but she merely wanted the shell. However Lana had assisted her in creating an actual full functioning replica of her own suit. With a Hue Color of Blue, she decided to dub it 'The Azure Breaker'. The Azure breaker is made entirely of Iridium / Titanium alloy which is extremely resistant to many forms of physical and energy damage. It is also non-magnetic and very conductive making perfect for protecting her out on the field. Samantha however took a few different directions with this suit. Praising intelligence over actual matter, she decided to hot-link it with ATLAS, allowing for quicker processing and a better learning curve than most. Her suit is entirely adaptable but at the cost of primary weapons focus. 'The Azure Breaker' is a suit made with the purpose of learning. Using what it learns, it adjusts and acts accordingly. Her suit also includes Octo-Camoflauge which helps Azure remain undetected, small octagons that are edged into Azures primary plating allow for this function, giving its user complete control of how they look. This also includes hue color and after-glow. Users can even utilize the various color coding features within for custom shades of color.

Asylum Aftermath
A Aftermath.png

Shortly after the events in Romania, Azure began seeking employment; offering her services to wealthy clients whom could use someone to handle jobs that others wouldn't be interested in carrying out. The Price always varies, as do the jobs. Azure doesn't accept every job she is offered, only the ones she feels like carrying out. She normally doesn't have problems with preforming Jobs that can be deemed as too politically damaging for any other normal, mercenary group or military regiment to engage in, and she doesn't shy away from the more gritty, messy Jobs and has no problem taking a life, she seems to lack any form of moral alignment. Getting in contact with her is difficult, and can only be achieved by speaking to her Handler, Samantha Winters.

Lonely Bird.jpg

The Real Sam
The Real Sam Title.png

Behind the Azure helmet lies the face of a woman better known as Samantha Winters. To the World Samantha is the furthest thing from a power armored heroine/Mercenry but is in fact a celebrity with a net worth well over $140 Million Dollars. Her career started her off as a DJ, but eventually she had grown to become a pop singer as well, mixing both aspects of her art in order to record songs. Using her technopathic ability she is able to manipulate music and even her own voice through the microphone in order to hit notes and reach depths that only garners envy from her fellow celebrities. Though for a short while Samantha seemed to have taken a hiatus, cutting off all forms of social media and contact to the outside world.

Sam Singing Completed.jpg

She pulled the famous 'Houdini'and resurfaced seemingly out of nowhere, once again to take the world by storm; rebuilding her fan base and scheduling appearances world wide. Aside from all her musical work and modeling talents, Samantha is also greatly known for her generosity; donating to organizations and charities such as ASPCA, Homes for our Troops, GREY2K USA, Wild Animal Sanctuary, and the make a wish foundation where she's granted an astonishing 187 wishes.

Amazingly enough, she juggles all of these responsibilities and is set to release a new album in late May 2014.

The Azure Breaker
Azure Breaker Title.png

Azure layout Test 2.png

The armor 'Azure Breaker', as our main example of a Raven Powered Armor is a rather advanced piece of human built technology. Capable of almost any scenario, it is equipped with a multitude of weapons ranging from energy based to miniature versions of more rudimentary human weapon technology. The suits exterior is a hardened Iridium / Titanium alloy which is extremely resistant to many forms of physical and energy damage. It is also none-magnetic and very conductive.

Powered by a Gibral anti-matter sphere, the suit makes a very useful tool to the capable pilot.

The Azure Breaker was built off of Crimson's schematics but customized and fit by Samantha to fit like a glove. Weaponry, System settings and even design/color hue are entirely customizable to better serve the pilot. There are numerous notable changes between the original model Crimson and its counterpart Azure.

Azure's shielding system is a phalanx shield. The phalanx shield might at first appear to be but a simple shield to someone who looks it over schematically but actually acts in a very unique fashion, able to constantly regenerate over time with a draw from the power core while being diverted to different areas for better protection. In Sync with Samantha's technokenetic abilities the Phalanx has proven invaluable in helping during numerous combat scenario's; often times making her appear truly invincible in the face of her enemies.

Azure is run by an entirely different AI, a A.I codenamed L.E.G.I.O.N (Logarithmically Engineered Governing Intelligence Of Negation) capable of numerous feats. With superior intelligence and adaptability on its side, LEGION works tirelessly to manage the Azure Breaker and her functions on a day to day basis, making sure she is properly equipped to tackle the day's hardships.

Within the Azure breakers numerous missile ports are TRXL-72's better known as Mini-Rex Missiles. These missiles differ from the Crimsons, and thus allow Sam to harass her opponents from numerous angles while easily working to press the attack. While not the most devastating missiles they are still capable of significantly damaging heavily armored enemies to a degree. The heavy hitters are the RX-90 shoulder mounted Rockets which can even punch through multiple structures before actually detonating upon a target. Ultimately these are used for big hit, big reward situations.

A shoulder mounted Mini-Gun is capable of firing 7.62mm rounds with great effect. The Azure Breaker is not limited to only lethal rounds as she is equipped to carry tranquilizer and taser rounds as well in order to incapacitate her enemies. Eye Beams, and Palm Projectors serve as two of Azure's Non-Lethal means of engaging an enemy. The Breaker is also equipped with a chest beam, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies at close range.

Built onto the surface of the suit are octo-camo pannels allowing Azure to take refuge in the environment; cloaking herself for stealth operations.

Azure is; at full speed capable of reaching well over 17,000 miles per hour, so long as the suit is dedicated to flight alone, any other tasks might put a strain on the suit and cause rapid or unsafe levels of power to drop.

Camo Azure.png

Azure Crimson Logo.PNG

Sam Tropes.png


-Powered Armor - The Azure Breaker is a unique power armored built to to last and compete. The Counterpart to one Crimson Breaker, Azure Breaker is the symbolic always present attire Samantha wears when engaging hostile targets or partaking in missions.

-Cute but Deadly - Behind the emotionless stare of the Azure armor rests the features of a beautiful woman worth recognizing. Make no mistake, she may appear to be innocent but there's a much darker side to her, she's more than meets the eye. When she wants something or someone, dead or alive she's going to get it.

-Beautiful Eyes - Samantha doesn't have a normal pair of eyes. Her own green eyes are bright and harlequin; often times compared to neon. Her eyes often shift from Green to a clear water blue when activating her technopathic powers.


-Proper - Samantha is a proper woman, acting accordingly depending on the situation and the circumstances presented to her. She's well mannered and almost always polite unless given a reason not to be.

-Undying Loyalty - Samantha is the very definition of loyal. Azure itself is a being of undying loyalty; a symbol of this through blind devotion. Wherever Crimson goes, Azure tends to follow if not visibly, then from the distance until told otherwise forging a strong bond between the two power armored women.

-Determined - Samantha and Azure are two entirely determined individuals. When a task is set out before them they are entirely set in completing said task despite the odds or said difficulty. If there's a will then there's a way. If there's a way then there's a paycheck.

-Adrenaline Makeover - To put it Simply, after meeting Crimson, Samantha's life has in fact changed. She as an individual changed. Going from a troubled individual into one just a little more disciplined, Samantha finds herself in a rather odd yet enjoyable part of her life. Substituting her previous addiction to cocaine with the sensation, the thrill of the fight. Adrenaline. She's hooked on pure Adrenaline, often times when not fighting; she'll be doing something such as preforming on stage, getting her drink on or even participating in dangerous sports such as Dirt Biking and Snowboarding. She's a woman of action and the press eats it all up.

Powers and Skills

-Technopath - Samantha is an incredibly powerful technopath with an ability that shows a vast amount of potential. As a technokenitic she can manipulate and control Technology, able to virtually project her conscious living being around to take refuge within even the smallest Microchip. This however leaves her body in a comatose state and could essentially damage her psyche if left unchecked. She can access cybernetic 'worlds', combat virus' and even hack into various systems with relative ease. Her ability also allowing her to speak to computers and decipher coded messages. Years of practice with this innate ability makes her extremely effective.

-Cyber Mind - Samantha's mind doesn't work like a normal human beings. Its a cross between a computer and a brain capable of doing many things for example, accessing the internet. Her mind projects its own signals outward to do numerous things which allows her a great deal of applications. She is able to generate 'firewalls' that will prevent people from peering in her mind in an attempt to get a read on her, and to also prevent skilled hackers and other virus' from infecting her mind.

-Power Armor - Power Armor gives Samantha a vast range of weaponry, allowing her to pull out multiple arsenals in order to better tackle situations. She is capable of Energy blasts, Conventional weaponry such as Mini-Guns and Missiles and even channeled Technokentic force to a degree. Her arsenal's are vast and variable.

-Master of Disguise - Samantha was trained by ICON to be an assassin, a killer. To get close to her targets she often uses disguises and blends in in anyway possible. She's very good at what she does and often times won't be noticed working her charm outside the armor until its too late.

-Trained with Firearms - Though rarely bothering to pick up weapons; Samantha always carries a silenced 45. ACP pistol on hand, either it be in her Jacket, a pocket, beneath a shirt, in her pants or in her purse. She has it somewhere and she knows how to use it.

COV Title.png

The Children of Virtue were the 30 clones created in an attempt to replicate the previous success of the SOV, former sons of Virtue. All members of the SOV are currently deceased and the COV are also dangerously close to extinction. A built in code lays dormant in the minds of each individual clone, connecting them all to one another, to a degree; giving them a sort of empathy to one another. Able to sense feelings or other emotions the others are feeling, and to an extent feel what they feel. The code also acts as a fail safe, should a few simple words be muttered; the clone's mental state will break down. There are few notable instances where the children showed the ability to fight back and resist but ultimately it takes a lot to do so. Few know this, and few ever got the chance to use it.

Soundtrack Sam.png

1. Samantha's theme "Radio GaGa" - Queen

2. Azure's Theme "Broken Compass" - Far Cry 3

3. Azure Battle Theme "Alert Sign" - Accel World

4. Azure Secondary Theme "Crash" - Decyfer Down

5. Samantha's Secondary Theme "Sleepwalking" - The Chain Gang of 1974

The Tattoo

Samantha's original body had a bar code tattooed on the back of its neck, serving as an integrated form of Identification. 640509-040107, a number that if scanned would show up simply as nothing. Despite hating the thought of being a clone, Samantha upon acquiring a new body went and got the tattoo re-applied on the back of her neck again. Its something that she seems to hate, but also refuses to speak about it, despite hating it she seems to want to keep it.

Barcode 2 Sam.png

Sam Gallery.png

Sam Testimonial.png

"At times I feel like the Weight of the World is on my shoulders, Samantha eases the burden of that weight. She has a strong mind, and a strong heart. I love the woman deeply." - Rachel Tekk

"Sam saved my life. She saved my signal from being lost to the ether, built a new body for me to inhabit, gave me tasks and a reason to exist. I love her, and will remain a companion and friend to her for the rest of her life and to her kin for the rest of time." -Lilly A.I Construct

"I'm happy to know Sam and call her a friend. She's a very intelligent woman. I would do anything for her and I know she would do the same for me." -Dr. Lisa Blake (LoveBug)

"Teamed with Azure on a couple ov' highly dangorous but highly paid missions months ago. Zat bitch really kicks some ass." - Melinka Ketlyn (Fate)


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