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"I cannot lift a tank or break a wall with a punch, yeah... but when you are only dust, I will still be right here."


Player: @Pollobastardo
"You are very nice -uh- what was your name?"
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 35
Research & Development: Armory
Biographical Data
Known Aliases: Longshot - Black One
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: CLASSIFIED
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Age: CLASSIFIED (seem 30)
Height: 6,2
Weight: 246lbs
Eyes: Deep Azure
Hair: Light Blonde
Complexion: Smooth, cured
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Urban hair shape (cannot change haircut)
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: CLASSIFIED
Citizenship: CLASSIFIED
Occupation: Secret Agent (UNTIL)
Education: CLASSIFIED clearly highly acculturated
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Almost no one knows the real name of Jericho, nor his surname. His entire history is a mystery and the only one who could actually reveal it is Jericho himself (due to his condition of being outside the timeline). All the events of his life were erased from history during the accident with the time machine. In this timeline he actually was never born and nothing of what he achieved in his old life ever happened... only his memories still have those event clear.

There is a portion of life that could be discovered with hard diligence. Those events are the life he has lived from the day when he appeared back in time after the accident.

This is that story.

Year One

Jericho appeared for the first time as the immortal he is now on the 5th of February of 1908, in Belgium. He looked exactly as he does today: around 30 years old, shaved and with an urban hair cut. From the 1908 to the 1912 he tried to understand the limit of his new power: immortality.

He traveled the world, taking advantage of his discovered immortality by living as a merc and putting all the money he got in that way in safe investments, based on what he remembered about the companies, and industries, that have broken through year after year... and avoiding the great stock market crash (as the economic collapse of 1929).

Around the 1930, thou, he accepted the offer of the USA Army to become a secret agent, since his peculiar power granted him chances of success like no others during that period... at the same time, thou, he met a powerful mage that taught him about the importance of the time line: even if he knew what would have happened, he should have stayed silent in order to not create others paradox... and indeed during the World War he did his best, suffering for the fact that he felt he could have prevented many deaths but knowing he had to let the history flow as it should.

Years passed like days for the immortal that was feeling a failure for not being able to actually remedy the mistakes of the world, until, during the 1948, Jericho met

The Lonely Man

The Platinum Guardians

Powers and Skills

Longshot big.jpg

Jericho is immortal. He gained a particular resurrection immortality that cannot be eluded in any way when the time machine got him back in time but with a major accident that erased him from the timeline: Jericho does not exist in time, only in space. He does not exist in history and he is basically a living time paradox.

The explanation given by the most able science and mage of the known world is this one: since nothing can be created or destroyed but everything simply transform from a state to another, and since entropy is the effect of time over the matter (and we all know that matter equals Energy) then every time something or someone try to force a transformation of the matter and energy of Jericho, this change is rejected from time itself and he re-appear instantly in place (or sometimes randomly almost everywhere in the entire universe)exactly looking like when he was transferred back in time right after the time travel accident.

So, even if he do not posses super-strength or super-speed or such, he can often work solo at many tasks that others can't.

Physical Skills

Jericho have been trained in many form of fighting from the many employers he worked for during the many decades of his long life: he is trained in many different martial arts (even if he hasn't mastered any of them due to his low attraction to them), Olympic archery skills, spec ops train in fireweapons with almost 80 years of specializations in guns, he is trained in survival, extreme climbing and many other kind of useful extreme sports. He once was quiet good with swords but long time since his last fight with those weapons.

There are other physical skills he is quiet good at that are unknown.

Psychological Skills

Most people don't know that his actual QI is 204... however, as many well know, IQ tests are not really trustworthy, after all, there are 9 different types of intelligence (logic-mathematic, music-artistic, etc.): Jericho has been resulted a genius in intra-interpersonal intelligence and in existential intelligence.

This amazing ability is perhaps fruit of his long life but the fact is he is very able in understanding others, find a way to be loved-liked and discover everything about people... these ability along the train with great mind control over his emotions and the incredible way he can perfectly act under cover made of him a wonderful spy for a very long time.

Due to his long life he had achieved multiple graduation in many different subjects, however the only knew are: criminology, psychology, physical therapy and law.


Jericho rely on a multitude of gadgets and weapons depending on the mission he have to fulfill, but some are evergreen:
Has a lot of different guns but among these his favorites are the following: B67Mod-HCP Gatling 45HCP, Walther PPK 7.65 Browning, Walther P38 9mm Parabellum, Xuan-Ga556 Gadroon and a pair of silenced FN Five-seveN 5.7mm.
Jericho posses 4 different armors, from the most light and useful for Street or suburban encounters to a real heavy plated Power Armor used for War-like scenarios. The detail above these armors are mostly secret, while the most common kevlar and SWAT-like suit or the Longshot suit are simply reinforced suit with light carbonium plates to ease melee fights or to carry more rounds for his fireweapons... and of course to carry the devices he need.
Jericho don't have invisibility or supersenses, so he must use tech to achieve his goals: small commlinks, tracking rounds, gas grenades, jet boots... all are good if needed. He don't have a preferred device or something he -must- have every time, his bag is always filled with what he needs for the task at hand, no more, no less.



Jericho is an otherwise normal human despite his immortality... he does not have super strength, extreme agility or anything of that sort. He is an amazing fighter and a extremely skilled soldier and spy, but he does suffer a blow in the guts just like everyone else. He can be tricked by magic and if multiple psychic attack (or a powerful one)attempt to control him he will not be able to resist.


He is trained in taking blows and ignoring pain but, when the adversary is superhuman, the limitation of a "normal" body is the most troubling problem he has to face... he usually attempt to "kill himself" if he is suffering too much, this way he will pop up again at his best BUT the risk that respawn will bring him far away instead that in place is what hold himself when the task is really important.


Jericho suffer of two main psycological weakness: 1)He do have a thing for pretty (especially if in trouble) girls, he can be took out of the question or distracted from a pair of beatifull eyes.
2)He carry a heavy guilt complex on his "siter" Andrea and the many victims on his hands nack from when he was a villain... even if, due to the time paradox, he actually didn't killed anyone for real in this timeline, he does remember pretty well and suffer for his actions.

Friends and Allies

Eternals, Inc.

Vixen friendbutton.jpg
Vixen (Lorna Fox)
"Nothing is more sexy than a red-head in a foxy suit... no, wait, there is something sexier: a woman with a great brain. Well, she have both."

Colosso friendbutton.jpg
"Quiet the guy i would love to make a night out with: let's see who get more girls in one night, shall we Mike? Jokes aside, he is a man who deserve and own respect, that's for sure."

Pulsar friendbutton.png
"After Ari, she is the most cute hero i ever seen, and for what i saw she is pretty good tough!"

Rhapsody2 friendbutton.png
"Rhapsody is one of the most beatiful person i ever met. She pierce my armor and get straight to my real me... i both love and fear this but i know that now that i met her i cannot immagine my life without her."

StopMotion friendbutton.jpg
"Style. He got tons of style, i give him that... plus he have a hell of a beatifull girlfriend, he should be envied and admired by all"

Silly sally friendbutton.png
Silly Sally
"Sally Bubble is sweet to the bone... don't underestimate her, she can throw a truck just as she can throw a cake! I like her dearly and she is one of my few real friends."

Heroes Inc.

IE friendbutton.jpg
Independence Eagle
"I do am a huge fan of the old heroes of the past generation and Eagle embodies that spirit they had... a man i wish to had at my sad when times get hard"

Zero friendbutton.jpg
Zero Line
"What a genius!A bit creepy the fact that he neve took of his mask, but he is a real genius, and he is even a very funny guy."

Mind's Eye
"Lyssa is someone very special. Her lovely laugh is just a demonstration of the wonderfull person she is just as her inventions and abilities. She is special to me, very special."


Samantha Winters
"I know Sam is no more the one i used to know and love, but i still am in a sort of love for her nowadays, if she ever call, i will run to help, i hope she finally will find some peace"

Rogues Gallery

Jericho have many enemies, some of them belongs to the time before the paradox and followed him here, others are new... some are recurring some are hiding. Below there are the most importants, followed by a list of the names of the other enemies he had/have.

Viral Venom

Viral Venom.jpg

Powers/Abilities: His robotic body allow him an incredible strenght and endurance, plus a large array of blades and fire weapons

Occupation: Evil-Scientist, Weapon Develepor working for VIPER

Likes: Creating new kind of lethal weapons

Hates: Jericho; Stupid people; Failure

Info: Viral Venom was originally created by a collaboration between VIPER and Astaroth working on Jericho's alternative dimension's one. The result was named J3r1ch0 and, even if it had a strong regeneration power, it was not immortal as wished. After the failute of Astaroth in beating the Platinum Guardians, however, J3r1ch0 managed to escape and he fully joined VIPER, becoming obsessed with the goal of killing the original Jericho he had chosen a new name and he keep experimenting any kind of weapon he thought of in order to eliminate his alter ego.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██



Powers/Abilities: Immortal; Celestial Energy projection; Superstrenght

Occupation: Fallen Archangel

Likes: The Seven Virtues

Hates: The Seven Sins

Info: Caliel was an Archangel with the task of supervising the wheel of time that after the invention of the Time Machine on earth went mad... his task begun to be impossible and, when Therakiel tried to bring the Apocalipse, he tried to oppose to the heroes who traveled back to change history. That day he had been banished from the Celestial Plane. Still thinking of being on the right path, Caliel is a powerfull enemy that run after those guilt of breaking the Wheel of Time rules... of course he hates Jericho with all himself.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Jean Baptiste Ludmond


Powers/Abilities: Vampire with amazing speed and incredible agility, ancient expert swordsman

Occupation: Dead Heroes Collector

Likes: Killing Heroes

Hates: Loosing

Info: Jean is a real ancient Vampire of French origins, he does not have secret or long term plans, no, he only look for strong hero to kill in a good fight. He have a strong moral code that he follow with pride, he respect his enemies if they are somewhat like him... however, the stronger threat from him is his magical and setience sword, Amaranto, that seem made of blood.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██



Powers/Abilities: Incredible Power Armor; Immense Intelligence; Supersight

Occupation: PRISONER, former supervillain

Likes: Conquering the world

Hates: The Platinum Guardians, offenses and the people of poor intellect

Info: Astaroth is the son of Crash and Shockwave, he came back from a different future where Shockwave became a supervillain named Tyrant that ruled the entire world. He originally came in our time line in order to kill those who, in his future, finally killed his father... due to a change in the emotions of Shockwave, thou, the future where he was Tyrant disappeared. Astaroth vows to kill the Guardians and conquer earth but he had been stopped by the team, mostly due to the loss of his allies. He is currently imprisoned and it seem he is changing, but a super mastermind like him could be even able to play redemption for years if it's what he need to get vengeance.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The Others

  • Ludovica Rinaldi: the breadwinner of a mafia clan in Palermo, she vowed to ruin Jericho's life and kill whoever he loves

  • Blitzkarg: a powerfull and superstrong metahuman that believes to be the reincarnation of a God

  • Doctor Krain: the creator of Rachel N.7, a genetic and technological genius yet a complete crazy and mad man

  • Duke Mind: a strong telepath leader of the European branch of PSI, nemesis of Jericho's daughter

  • Emerald Claw: a cruel speedster female obsessed with immortality

  • Cold Space: a Gadroon warrior that turned in a cyborg in order to survive to Jericho's attack

  • Aamora Colestorme: the Queen of a Vampire coven who was once Jericho's lover

  • Atomnaya Um: a KGB old military AI project that managed to build a robotic body thanks to a Destroid Leader fallen in his abandoned bunker.

  • Poison: a beatifull ghostly ninja warrior trained in dark magic, a recurring nemesis of the Platinum Guardians

  • Dödligt Fang: a meta human Swedish spy... Jericho killed his father during a mission and he now wish revenge



  • Badass in a Nice Suit - Jericho ALWAYS dress impeccably. Sure, he sneak in a VIPER bunker and run away from an explosion or fight against Ripper, but always dressing a Saville Row or Armani's suit. Even under the Power Armor he always dress his suit. (only from time to time he dress casual, mostly for mission under cover).

  • Hollywood Action Hero - Jerry is an ex military of the USA army, a current UNTIL Spec Ops one and a Secret Agent (Spy), he have a badass cocky mood of doing things that bring others to compare him to James Bond or any other kind of Hollywood's Action Movie Hero.

  • Handsome Devil - Jericho is well aware of being quiet sexy, he lost count of the partners he had and, for sure, he will not give a damn if you hate him... he only consider girl's opion afterall.


  • The Casanova - He had an insane number of partners and even more "one-night-only" adventures; girls are his kryptonite and he can loose focus or get far away from the mission's goal for a pretty face.

  • Pure Awesomeness - There are tons of heroes who could beat Jericho in few seconds, but he have something: in the way he act, in the way he talk, in the way he do everithing... people's last impression tend to be always about him, even when he loose. It's the classic charming guy that the girls loves and the boys wish to be like.

  • Magnificent Bastard - Jericho is a real smart-ass, his mouth run faster than everyone's else and he shoot always on open wounds, telling jokes that taste like acid and poisoning the ears of his listener. A real bastard, a real son of a gun.

Morality and Philosophy

  • Hardboiled Detective - Due to his long life and his job he have seen some of the most dirt things of our world: alcohol and cigarets are his way to vent the stress of the knowledge he have, while his cynism is a way to hang on with his well hidden hope of a better future for mankind.

  • Hidden Heart of Gold - While he always act cocky and bastard, he is instead a real dreamer and a gold-hearted person... only those very close to him knew that, thou. With his job, afterall, he have to keep his epic poker face in order to look like if he is untouchable by things.

  • Who Wants to Live Forever - Jericho never asked for immortality, it came to him. Sure, for the first couple of decades it felt awesome, but after the death of the ones he loved, the cool of it ended. Jerry wish to die, he really does, and all he can is to hide the sadness and enjoy the beatifull things that life have to offer.

Combat and Skills

  • Gun Fu - Jericho is very skilled with many fire weapons, but guns and knifes are his best choice due to his being a spy: guns can be hidden well and could easily kill if used well. Since he trained in various martial arts style thanks to his long life he mixed his martial knowledge with his weapons skills mastering the art of Gun Fu.

  • Badass - "It dosen't matter what you do, the only important thing is that you look cool while doing it" this is the playfully motto of Jericho, but even if people joke of him for this reason he actually use this silly thing as a powerfull advantage: the one who knew him overestimate him due to this; they think that Jerry is far more stronger and capable of what he truly is.

  • Stealth Expert - Jericho is not a meta human and he don't have super attributes or powers (despite his immortality), so he rely on stealth for the most of his actions: his train granted him a wonderfull ability in moving unseen, especially in the middle of a large fight or going unnoticed in a crowd, slowly arriving to his target to get the job done for good.


  • Immortality Hurts - Not many experience the feeling of dying... Jericho experience it quiet every day: he have been shooted to death, burned alive, buried, hanged, decapitated, tortured and poisoned... he have died drowing, falling from really high places, for explosions, acid, diseases, radiations effects... even if now he have a really high pain tollerance is not nice to die... it hurt a lot.

  • Bond one liner - For sure is not a thing to be proud of, but Jericho always shot a cocky line before (but mostly after) taking down his target: the villain is dead or knocked up? Jericho will shot it, always (especially if girls are around him).

  • Tuxedo Reveal - Jumping out from the power armor or even by wearing of his clochard disguise, Jericho almost always show to wear a tux or a suit under his disguise or armor... if asked "why?" he just reply "'cause i have style".

Background and Events

  • Ret Gone - The day of the time travel accident brought Jericho in 1908 but, as a side effect, he had been erased from history. He never born, nobody ever met him, nothing of his life before the time travel ever happened or ever will.

  • Reformed Criminal - The reason of the time travel was, in the first place, to come back and to adjust all the mistakes and all the suffer Jericho caused when he was a villain... that comprehension came when, in the future from where Jericho came, an entity of pure energy (as he remember her) healed him from the curse of vampirism and opened his eyes on his sins.

  • Turned in a Vampire - During his hero days as Longshot, a Vampire Villain choose to punish him and to use him at the same time: he turned Jericho in a vampire. Shortly after, he became a villain... and he had been a monster, guilt of horrible crimes, for a real long time.

Character and Motivation

  • All i want... is love - Jericho had been used from all the ones who told him that they loved him... used OR abandoned. All he always wished for was to find someone that loved him, for who he was, and that in the end didn't left him alone for someone else or for other reasons.


  • Power Armor - A real long life and a villain past actually gave a lot of knowledge and Jericho found himself with the needing of some way to handle superhuman heroes and villain in hand to hand... actually, he own 4 different power armors, not that with them he become outstanding, but they do help a lot against stronger enemies.

  • Big Fancy Castle - Just one person know that, but Jericho own a huge, wonderfull castle in Switzerland... on the mountain in front of his birthplace.

  • Rich Boredom - Ok, Jericho is rich. How rich? none could say... he is quiet sneaky about that and he keep telling "oh no, there are a lot of people more rich than me".. but then he keep spend money without the lightest problem... nobody knows the details about his possessions.


  • Double Reverse Quadruple Agent, Agent Provocateur- Jericho had been a spy for almost 100 years (more or less): he had been under cover for years, playing double, then triple... then quadruple and so on... he did what he must to achieve the goal that he was ordered to achieve. He left that life, finally.


Did Not Get The Girl - Jericho truly loved (and someway STILL love) Lyssa, but she (like all the others before her) rejected him... they are close friends thou, and even if it was painfull to be rejected, Jericho consider himself lucky more than anyone else thanks to his friendships with her.

Like Brother and Sister - In the end, Lyssa and Jericho do love eatchother (or at least he think so) but not in a romantic way... Jerry will always be there for Lyssa, and he is ready to die for her, but they are not meant to be toghter.

Romance, Love at first Sight - When Jericho thought he was going to live forever alone, Rhapsody came out from nowhere: the girl rocked his world quiet fastly and hard. She manage to pierce his mask and armor and get straight to his real self. He is in a deep and strong crush for her, she made him feel alive and happy, enlighting his heart and making all the bad going away. No one is like her.

The Dulcinea Effect - The exact moment Jerry met Rhapsody he immediatly felt the urge to protect her, to give her happiness and to to anything she ask him. It took some time to admit he loved the girl, thou, since he suffered so much and she easily get to his real self, almost scaring him.

Red String of Fate - Jericho feel like they were destined to be toghether... Abby is the half soul Jericho looked for during all his life, she complete him. He never felt before like when she is around him.

Rescue Romance - Jericho fell in love for Sam, for real when he saved her life... he do felt something even before, but when he saw in peril he knew he loved her deeply. The fact is, from that first rescue, many other came.

Playing Hard to Get, The Masochism Tango - Not only Jericho saved Sam from enemies (and even from herself), no, he even did his best to conquer her heart... but despite the fact she kept telling him that she loved him, the two always ended up arguing and, in a case, almost fighting... if the relationship was a good or a bad things, for the two, nobody will know.

With this Ring, Moment Killer - The most funny thing about Sam and Jerry is around the proposalS: Jerry tried to reveal his love and to offer THE ring to Sam multiple times BUT every time something happened... from a giant bug that ate his arm to a faint of Sam or to the reveal she was a cold hearted killer or that she cheated him... always interrupted.

The One that got Away, old Flame Fizzle - Sam, by surprise, chose to left Jericho alone, going away with another girl... after some time he met her again and he saw that she was no more the one she was used to be, while he will always love the Sam he remember, the Sam that lives now is no more the one he loves.


1. "Another Way To Die" - Alicia Keys and Jack White

2. "Feeling Good" - Muse

3. "The Little Things" - Danny Elfman


4. "Tomorrow Never Dies" - Sheryl Crow

5. "Beautiful Dangerous" - Slash Ft. Fergie

6. "Revenge" - Danny Elfman

7. "James Bond Theme" - Moby

8. "Infamous 2" - Red2

9. "Time Is Running Out" - Apollo440

10. "Supremacy" - Muse

11. "You Know My Name" - Chriss Cornel

12. "Clubbed to Death" - Don Devis

13. "Logan&Rougue" - Michael K-Man

14. "Do I Wanna Know?" - Arctic Monkeys