Silly Sally

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Silly Sally
Player: @Grimsock
Peace Sally.png
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms: Fighting Styles
Personal Data
Real Name: Sally Bubble
Known Aliases: None
Species: Superhuman
Ethnicity: Unclear
Age: Born February 29, 1992
Height: 5'1
Weight: est. 110lbs out of armor
Eye Color: bright violet
Hair Color: Black when not dyed
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Clown
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Super strength, endurance
Known Abilities
Lifting heavy things, fast healing, comedy stylings based on winging it, vampirism, making use of an ancient curse to turn into a swarm of beetles
Jetpack, extremely resilient super suit, glowing clown nose
Light-hearted goofball, easily embarrassed, not actually very good at being a clown


Sally Bubble was a fairly normal, if clumsy, girl of unimpressive standing up until High School, in which she was often victimized by a nearly perfect, but sadistic young lady by the name of Chienne Le Mal. Le Mal had scores of followers in the school for her beauty and effortless success in most everything she tried. This included bending students and staff alike to her will, usually to torment/humiliate those who she felt made amusing faces when being abused. She never ordered anything truly damaging, but Sally ended up recieving countless scares, pantsings, hijinks involving her undergarments, and other typical bullying tactics. Being embarrassed so frequently, she grew bashful around people, couldn't stand to be looked at by a lot of people, and had weakened self-esteem. Graduating after a few years of being laughed at, she had a thought: "I'm not good at doing much, but I can make people laugh!" As such, Sally opted to become a clown. She was admitted with ease to the local clown college her classmates so often joked about her joining, by sheer number of recommendations sent there in jest. She quickly learned she could not walk well in clown shoes. A few months, some property damage, and several injuries to herself and others later, she was granted a signed rubber chicken and and marks for outstanding goofiness. Whether or not that was good, she never figured out. At the time, she was quoted as saying: "It's weird that it was so easy, I almost get the feeling they just wanted to get rid of me, heehee!" Now the trouble was finding a circus to join that wasn't run by a criminal lunatic. Sally took maybe four steps out of the the clown college before being greeted by Ringmaster and shouting enthusiast, Dr. McMillian, there to recruit the newest, craziest clowns for the Super Circus. He took one look at Sally and said "Good morrow, halfling! How would you like to jump rope with a snake through a giant lion's mouth and then land in water filled with glass?" She was speechless. The Super Circus had been known for it's insane acts, such as the Man of Straw who could lift 100 times his own weight, (roughly 15 pounds) the Tragic Magic show featuring the Great Jiang-Shi Dan's grisly magic, (like sawing someone in half then sewing them back together blindfolded) the Acrobatic Octuplets that would perform on wires and tall beams made of eachother, as well as more common things (carnival games, puppet shows, an ice cream man) for those of a weak constitution. After a brief discussion and the promise that she wouldn't have to wear clown shoes, cement shoes, or any shoes at all, Sally agreed to join. So, Sally become a clown in the Super Circus, but, being a clumsy oaf with severe stage fright, she was sent to F.A.T. (Funny Analysis Team) for improvement in her performance. By some kind of absurd mix-up, she winded up being injected with chemicals that made her into, in her own words, "a She-hulk without the green skin and muscles." Unfortunately, her skin became permanently pale as a sode effect. On her way back to the circus, wondereing if she could join the Straw Strongman's or Acrobatic Octuplets' acts, Sally found only tattered cloth and dust, the surrounding terrain burned and fused in irregular patterns. With the circus gone without a trace, she elected to make use of her newfound abilities to become a human toe-truck service in Millenium City. Instead, she was found by UNTIL agents, who gave her everything she needed to become a super hero. The latter proved more favorable.


Sally had read about and seen other heroes charge into battle bravely, but when she attempted to do the same, she was gripped with the same blood-chilling fear that struck her whenever Chienne Le Mal caught sight of her. Strangely, instead of cowering as she always had, she went berserk. (perhaps as a result of the chemicals) Swinging with the force of a speeding truck and stifling a scream, she flailed with her fists wildly, vanquishing her first group of criminals. She quickly learned that F.A.T.'s treatments had also made her inhumanly resilient. Live rounds now felt like those of a BB gun, (which her backside was often targeted with back in school) knives and clubs were like plastic toys. Lasers, however, while not able to incinerate her flesh as they would have before, still burned very, very hot. It is fortunate that an accelerated healing factor accompanied the changed made by the chemicals. Despite months of fighting wrongdoers, Sally has not developed more to her fighting style than "just going crazy and hoping for the best."

Joining the Platinum Guardians

Due to her reckless fighting style and general goofy nature, Sally hadn't been invited to many hero groups. When her friend and roomate, Gynoid AL-1, offered to enlist her in the Guardians, Sally was happy to help and hopeful she wouldn't make a mess of things this time.


Arms crafting: Taking an interest in the weapons often used on her, Sally tried using a gun herself once and immediately crushed the trigger and handle. Lacking in ranged attacks, she began to research guns in the hopes of developing a gun that didn't break when she pulled the trigger. After much time and many broken handles, she succeeded, and now has a rifle she can use without fear of destroying it in one use. The cooldown time leaves something to be desired, though. (400 in Arms: Fighting Styles)

Cosplay: Around Halloween, Sally tried dressing up as something besides a clown for the first time since being cast as a cinderblock in a school play. She immediately took a liking to wearing not simply clothes, but clothes that made her someone else, in a way. Recently, Sally overcame her fear of ridicule for wearing ridiculous outfits when she realized half of Millenium City was dressed even more oddly than she might be.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Things some might try to hide

There are a fair few things Silly Sally is keeping secret, (or trying to) like anyone else. The reason could be anything from fear of being shunned to embarrassment at being involved with it, to thinking aliens will abduct those who discuss it.

School days: While Sally would be willing to verbalize that she was picked on in highschool, the specifics are sometimes one humilating tale after another, such as being hung from a flagpole by her undergarments, having her clothing stolen while in the shower room, or being forced to run home in a hula-girl outfit. If asked about what happened in highschool, on any given day, she may quickly change the subject or come up with some reason to flee.

Vampirism: After being attacked by a swarm of vampire bats while patrolling (that is, playing hopscotch on the rooftops of) Vibora bay one day, (or eternal night, to be precise) Sally claims she was not able to clean all of the wounds from the bites in time to prevent infection and became a vampire. Strangely, F.A.T.'s chemicals seem to have altered the effects somewhat, as she is able to transform into the typical vampire at will and take no damage from the sun, or anything else the undead are thought to be troubled by. She still needs to feed on blood, but thankfully UNTIL are a crafty bunch and have packs of cloned blood cells for vampirized heroes, perhaps as preventive measure of former champions going feral on civillians to sate their thirst.

Mummy's Curse: Looking at an ancient egyptian tablet Gynoid AL-1 brought back to the penthouse for study, (She works with enchanted items) Sally caught sight of some words written in the english alphabet on the side. Thinking these words had a humorous ring to them, she merrily chanted them aloud several times, activated the magic in the tablet, and ended up cursed. Ordinarily, she would have become a walking corpse covered in scarabs, but already being a vampire and mutated, Sally gained a new supernatural affliction; the ability to turn into a swarm of beetles wielding what she calls "Old Black Magic" in combat.

Needle trouble: Sally has very tough skin, so when she needs a medical injection, say, to treat radiation as a result of time spent in the Burning Sands, the doctors must use a needle that could pierce the skin of a rhinocerous. As painful as this would be by itself, it is often her backside that recieves the shot on account of her having such a tiny body that it would be difficult to conduct the injection without error, given the size of the needle, on her tiny arms and legs. Worse yet, her vampirism has warped her stomach acid to the point that ingesting medicine normally is usually not possible, leaving few alternatives. As such, Sally has come to fear visiting a doctor for any reason.

Mother's Mark: Sally's mother, Mrs. Bubble, was a very strange woman some thought to be a witch, but mostly dismissed as a threat due to her hilarious tendancy to be dancing at almost all hours of the day. Some thought it was part of an incantation, some thought she had ants in her pants. Sometimes it was both. Given that, Sally didn't know what it meant when her mother told her that she had drawn a special mark on Sally's body when she was an infant, usually invisible, that would mostly protect her from harm. Mrs. Bubble told Sally;

"If you're ever in trouble, turn and run, and the mark will protect you. I don't know how to make a perfect sheild anymore than a perfect lawnmower, but this is all I can do. It may be more painful, but it will always do less damage!"

It might have been the most seriously Sally had ever heard her mother speak, and without standing on one foot, but she didn't understand until years later. When she did, she wasn't sure whether to be angry, embarrassed, or grateful for the spell that had been placed on her. So she remains undecided on the matter, mostly unwilling to speak of it.

Fairy Remedy: The egyptian curse was beginning to break down Sally's body and there was little she could do. As it happened, there was a genie that owed Sally 2 wishes. One of them was to cure the curse, or at least stop it from permanently leaving her a swarm of beetles. The genie was stumped, he could only think of one thing that would stop the curse's ravages; harmonious fairy magic. So he turned her into a fairy, granting peace and unity to Sally's many afflictions. While no longer in danger of falling apart, Sally can now shrink and instantly don typical fairy attire; a short skirt and wings. This is perhaps her favorite transformation so far! (and the end of my span for ridiculousness on this character)