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The Platinum Guardians
"For the greater good, we fight to the end."
Leader(s): Crash, Gynoid AL-1
Base of Operations: Millennium City (Headquarters currently being built)
Concept: Heroes of the world joined together to protect mankind from all threats.
Founded: December 6, 2011
Website: Guardian Database
Members: Michael Pliskin, Gynoid AL-1, Silly Sally, Crash, Jericho, Arisha, Mind's Eye, Joe Grizzly, Grubb, Tiffara Star and Gunnery-Sgt. Lottie L. Oxley


"To try may not bring success, but it will bring experience."
-Gynoid AL-1, concluding her thoughts on the team's goals.

The Platinum Guardians are a modern superhero team focused on protecting humanity from some of it's greatest threats. From fighting beings such as Therakiel himself, to preventing petty robberies, they do it all; serving as one of the nation's, and the world's most dedicated crime-fighters, and stopping at nothing to serve as a shield for the greater good. They are the Platinum Guardians; heroes of the world.

Although they averagely only keep a small number of members at a time in their ranks, they recruit widely, and indiscriminately, allowing truly unique heroes join them. And when they're needed, they're on the spot ready for any threats and any situations quickly, prepared with a plan, and a means of backup. Rarely do these heroes admit defeat, as they will fight even to their personal demise for the greater good of the world.

They are beacons in a light that may soon shine across the globe. Vanquishers of evil, defenders of peace, they are heroes. They are Guardians.


The Platinum Guardians are always on the lookout for new recruits to someday join their ranks. From mages, to robots, humans, to aliens, they will allow most heroes seeking them to become welcome members. And those who don't seek them specifically, may actually be sought. But, there are multiple guidelines and such that are to be followed when looking to join, as well as a few requirements.

Although they don't specifically enjoy the usage of requirements or such, the Platinum Guardians are careful on who to recruit. They will not allow any vigilantes (that refers to anyone who may use murder as a means to further their goals), demons, were-wolves, vampires, clones (there's a line between inspiration and plagiarism), or parody characters (we want unique (and mature to some extent) characters, not funny knock-offs).

As for guidelines, the Platinum Guardians so far recruit openly, but prefer (if they're being sought and not answered), that the person interested in joining their team contacts a leader via Mail first, as professionally as possible. The leaders, although are open to the occasional random confrontation about the superteam, prefer to have early notice to keep organized and scheduled. They will also announce if recruiting will be cut off for a while, or if a certain type of hero is specifically being sought (which is rare, but may happen).

Any questions about recruiting or who the Platinum Guardians are interested in should be directed towards Crash (@Pollobastardo) or Gynoid Al-1 (@Grimsock), as well as any other comments, or untouched subjects that may be important.

The Story So Far...


"I don't think that the day we became official was ever publicized. And who would want to publicize it? It was our personal nine-eleven. But looking at the other outcomes...we were lucky."
-Black Sigil, recording his memories for possible future usage.

On December 6th, 2011, the Platinum Guardians were officially called into creation. Five heroes stood by waiting to be formally established as a team, but only two survived. Just as the PRIMUS Registration Officer began filing paperwork for the newly instated Platinum Guardians, disaster stuck. Just outside of the Champions Headquarters, VIPER agents prepared a full scale attack, hoping to take down the legendary base. They struck with a force unheard of, and a fury unseen. Taken by complete and utter surprise, the completely new and mainly inexperienced team could barely react in time to survive even the first wave of soldiers.

With hardly any luck on their side, the five heroes eventually realized the exact situation, and began to maneuver themselves against the nearly-unopposed enemy. Almost immediately, ten of the attackers fell into defeat, but at the cost of a Platinum Guardian's life. Unable to properly grieve their loss, the team continued to fight valiantly, until yet another hero died. But as more and more bodies fell to the ground unconscious or dead, the battle raged on in Millennium City.

Finally, only two Platinum Guardians were left at the disastrous scene, with reinforcements of MCPD officers arriving, who quickly began to end the fight. The day the Platinum Guardians were born, they had ironically almost immediately died. But within the two remaining heroes, grew a spark. A spark of hope, that they could grow on past that day. A spark that has carried them through many more battles, and many more struggles, with hope of success, and with their inevitable rise. The day of Formation has never been forgotten, but the struggles and failures that it brought have only strengthened the Platinum Guardians, and brought them to fight harder for their fallen allies.

OOC Information

The Platinum Guardians are a heavy-roleplaying supergroup, focused a bit more to the Modern Age superheroes. Our concept comes from some of the smaller and closer knit superhero teams (as in 10- rather than 50+). Our main goal is actually to bring out all of the game's great roleplaying and storytelling qualities, and make our own of course. And finally, because we're a superhero team, our biggest in character rule and motto is not to kill.

We keep our own website (, in which we try to manage activity in-game and out, plan events, as well as multiple other things. In-game, we try to plan at least one event a week, varying depending on character events. We are also have our own chat channel, which will be accessible in-character for all roleplayers with a (good or new) relationship with our supergroup.

As far as timezones go, I can say that we operate a bit more towards the Eastern Standard Time, but are willing to recruit any people that can meet our times. Being focused more towards American timezones, all of our members speak English (although depending on the characters, some may use parts of another language, but always have an explanation or translation).

Thoughts And Opinions

(Feel free to drop off any comments, opinions, or perspectives in character about the superteam, good or bad.)

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