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"You may have seen a huge hell of a fight here, but believe it or not i wish to solve all the problems of this world with words, knowledge and patience: This small planet has got many virtuose and brilliant minds, why we choose to use their ability to destroy when we can work toghether to create? We must find a better way to live and we so called "heroes" must be the first to do that" Isabelle Moroue on Tv after a fight against a Villain

Player: @Pollobastardo
"To be an example is the first rule of a hero"
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Isabelle Stone Moroue
Known Aliases: "Crash" - "The Cute Canadian" - "The Canadian Protector"
Gender: Female
Species: Meta Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada
Base of Operations: Classified
Relatives: Classified
Age: 37
Height: From 6'2 to 32'
Weight: From 150lbs to 776lbs
Eyes: Completely Blue Light, Glowing
Hair: Light Blonde
Complexion: Tanned, shining like a diamond
Physical Build: Tough/Muscled
Physical Features: N/A
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: from 8 August 2000
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Doctor and Surgeon
Education: Graduated cum Laude in Surgery - Genetic Researcher
Marital Status: Married with Joseph Stone
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strenght - Super Sight - Self Healing - Diamond-like Skin
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Chapter 1: Birth and childhood

Isabelle Moroue born the 21/9/1976, from Pierre Moroue, a carpenter, and Emanuelle Gathbeth Moroue, a math teacher. Her mother died giving the life of his brother, Richard, when Isabelle was 5 years old, but her childhood was happy even with such a sad loss. Pierre did an amazing job as a father, working hard every day and helping Isabelle every night with her homework while playing and taking care of the young Richard. Since her first day at school she showed a lot of interest in helping others and in learning new things: instead of dolls and toys she loved when her father bring her books and maps.

Years passed happily and Isabelle became a teenager: she was a real nerd, always the first one of her class, except for the gymnastics lessons... her friends used to joke of her, making her life at school really hard. When she was 18, at her first year at the University in the distant Cambridge, his father died in a car incident. Coming back home for the funeral she found under the bed of her brother the stops of Pierre's car: realizing that her father was dead for the hand of his brother whom tampered his car, she choosed to say nothing, believing that Richard did so only for his irrepressible desire to put things to see how they worked... she left him in a private College for gifted children, thanks for the Life Insurance of their father, and she return to the univeristy to end her study in order to became a doctor.

While she became the first of her class at the medicine faculty, specializing in surgery, her brother Richard showed a mind so brilliant to be smarter than many adults, for this reason, PRIMUS, assumed him granting an high specific teachment for such a gifted man.

Isabelle was gradueted cum laude some day before her 21 birthday, Richard, that was already been assumed indefinitely by PRIMUS even if only 16, suffered a brain problem taking hostages in his lab, and killing 7 scientist. Since during the arrive of the Spec Ops he had prepared a small nuclear bomb linked to his heartbeat, PRIMUS ask Isabelle to try talk to him waiting the good moment for stun Richard and grant his incarceration. Isabelle did has requested and then performed brain surgery to him to save his life, but the surgeon leaved him poor of mind.

Chapter 2: Raise of a hero

Since Isabelle showed nerves of steel, great intelligence and adaptability, not to mention her resolution, PRIMUS assumed her, granting a second specialization in cell biology and genetic research. At the age of 22 she was sent to the Southwestern Desert, to join a special Research Team called "Green Hunters": the goal of the scientist she joined was to study Grond's sample tissue, DNA and pheromones in order to find a cure for the mutations by radiation and, at the same time, trying to discover how isolate the super strenght and invulnerability of the huge green villain. One year after her arrive a VIPER commando blast in the base, killed all the soldiers and kidnapped Isabelle and all the other scientist.

Nobody knows exactly what they did and what they were looking for, Isabelle never talk about that with more than a few words, what we know is this: for two years, Isabelle and the other scientist, were tortured and mutated... the only survivor, thou, was Isabelle, that manage to escape killing several VIPERS soldiers on her way out. Isabelle was different. She was taller, muscled, with blue light-glowing eyes and, the most important thing: she was now a meta human.

Chapter 3: The Cute Canadian years

Cute canadian.jpg
During the Toronto Crisis, a young, strong girl appear flying in a red and white tight... her bravery and cuteness granted her the name of The Cute Canadian, Isabelle was 26.

With this hero identity she did all she can to help others, she even become a member of the Canadian Protectors and then of the New Mighty Canadians. She fought Kigatilik side by side with some of the most well known Canadian heroes and she slowly became one of the most loved hero of her country. Justicar used to patrol with her, taking the lovely girl as his sidekick, and rumors about his love for her are still on today.

Chapter 4: They call me Crash


The Qularr invasion arrive unexpectedly and Isabelle was one of those heroes who decided to answer the call and go help Millenium City even if it was not her country. The sight of such a destruction and the corpse of so many civilians all around the streets, with aliens taking control of the city left Isabelle shocked and brought her mind back to her years of tortures: something snapped in her head... she became extremely tall and angry, ripping her tights. She ran to the battle with immense strenght and rage, releasing such powerfull hits that she use to crush the street under her feet and the buildings where she was fighting. A reporter saw her and, since he diddn't knew that hero, he choosed to name her Crash.

Ashamed by the fact she was even taller than before and by the fact she was no more able to fly, she choosed to keep the new battle name the news gave her, hiding she was a famous Canadian hero. As Crash she gained some popularity due to her decision, during an interview, to reveal her real name: Isabelle Moroue.

The Platinum Guardians

Crash PG leader.jpg

Almost one year after the invasion, Crash found a recruiting post of the Platinum Guardians, a Super Hero group she once saw in action. After a call and a preliminar interview by Michael Pliskin, she was definitly hired by the man who stole her hearth: Joseph Stone, aka Shockwave. Inside the Guardians, Crash, found what she had lost many years before: a family.

The Icon


Today Isabelle is madly adored, loved and praised as one of the most known hero. Of course not because she is one of the most powerfull one(even if she is quiet known even for that), but because she revelead that she was The Cute Canadian and she use to appear on Tv, Comic Cons, radio shows and other public events quiet often. She basically stay on the spotlights, with the pourpouse of being an example.

There is a comic book inspired by her, with the name "Crash! -the giant beauty guardian-" and exist even a videogame of her, that got a pretty good review.

There are many rumors that a Television series based on her is on production, a Twitter from Isabelle revealed that Rebecca Romijn Stamos should play her role in this serial.






Friends and Allies

Heroes Inc.

Colosso friendbutton.jpg
"Not many heroes have his same charme and determination. Michael could seem a selfish and "full of himself" person, and maybe he (just a bit) is like that, but more than anything else he is a man with a heart of gold and guts of questionite. He have my respect and friendship."

Dom friendbutton.png
"I never met him in person, but i do like the idea of a redimeed mastermind, he quiet remember me of our Lyssa. He is the proof that anyone can change."

Moth friendbutton.png
Metro Moth
"A true hero. We all sadden for his lost. Westside and the entire Millennium City should remember him for generation to come."

Pulsar friendbutton.png
"That silly bubbling kid remember me of my first year as a hero, back at the Cute Canadian days... i believe she is more than meet the eye, but only time will prove if i am right or not."

Rhapsody2 friendbutton.png
"She passed trough a major a scandal and she have lead her group to succes in taking back Westside: the girl have a lot more than a pretty face and a wonderfull voice. Plus, Jerry keep telling that she is "intriguing"."

StopMotion friendbutton.jpg
"Never saw such a dedication to a dream before: Caio Silva had the goal to create a connection between heroes in order to grant more safety... he succeed. He is a man that deserve trust and respect, even if he loves so much to be on the cover magazine!"

IE friendbutton.jpg
Independence Eagle
"His smile and his motto tell a lot about him, but what impress me the most is that he believe in his ideals with all himself, never giving up. We have a lot in common and always like to talk with him."

Zero friendbutton.jpg
Zero Line
"Quiet the friendly person, very altruist and, i have to admit, a real genius. He is the main head behind the Guardian's new Moon Base. I will always be ready for helping him."


Gynoid AL-1
"Without Allie, there were no Guardians. She is the original one, the only one of the founder still with us... but first of all, she is a sister to me."

Jericho friend button.png
"Jericho is surely a charming man, but even if i value his skills and his heart, i cannot accept his Casanova mood... as heroes we have to be an example. But i know he is a good boy afterall, i mean, under his world-sized ego and the epic cocky smirk."

Mike RR EoSS byEWG 93013.jpg
Michael Pliskin
"Mike is like my borther, every time i needed him he was there... i know he is a bit cold or rusty at times, but i hope he will find peace and happiness one day."

Silly sally friendbutton.png
Silly Sally
"Our little indestructible clown! Sally and i have almost the same powers, but despite me, she have the strongest power ever: the smile. Sally is our heart and soul and, even if we do have to look at her back to fix her many little disasters, we love her dearly, she rapresent what i wish for our future."

Mind's Eye
"Probably the better friend i ever had and i will ever have. Despite her ego and her sillyness in being so much proud of herself, she is one of the most lovely and caring person i met in my entire life."

"I know she could not like what i am going to say but: Arisha is like my daughter. I am proud of her like only a mother could be... i believe that one day she will be the most powerfull hero of the world. I have nothing then fate and love for our little and precious Ari."




Morality and Philosophy

Combat and Skills


Background and Events

Character and Motivation





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