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Vixen Caïssa
Player: @littlegirlrai
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Lorna Fox Mathias
Known Aliases: Vixen
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: N/A
Relatives: (father) Rufus Fox ; (Mother) Sandra 'Sandy' Fox; (Brother) Christopher “Kit” Fox(32); (Sister-in-law) Jeneve Fox (30); (Nephew) Todd Fox (5); (Niece)Bianca Fox (2); (Maternal-Aunt) Katherine Hobbes; (Maternal-cousin) Ellis Hobbes
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 143
Eyes: Natural - brown. Vixen - Yellow and green slit contacts
Hair: Natural - light blonde. Vixen wig - bright red. Long
Complexion: clear
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: (General) Needs either glasses or contacts; she dresses like a fox...

(Tattoos) - A Tiny Comedy and Tragedy masks on her right inner wrist, Mirror set of fox tracks going down her pelvic bone towards her groin.

(Piercings) Ears once in each lobe.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2011-present
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Unemployed/Hero
Education: Graduate from MCU
Marital Status: Married to John Mathias
Known Powers and Abilities
Varma Kalai, Kick Boxing, Acrobatics, Sprint, Parkour
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Her keen fashion scene (fox costume) and Sex appeal
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In The Beginning...

Both of Lorna’s parents were well on the way to be a theatrical power couple when she was born in February of 1987. The second child, but their first daughter they spoiled her as much as they could. Rufus and Sandy loved both of their children, but were always career minded. When they could organize shows in Detroit they would, but more likely than not they went where opportunity lead them. The theatrical couple bounced around between just about every major city in New England and the Midwest. However, they elected not to take their children with them.

When her parents were out of town working on this play or that project, Lorna and her brother, Kit, would stay with her mother’s sister. In Lorna’s young eyes, their Aunt Kathrine was just as much of a mother to her, if not more so, than her real one. It was an odd arrangement, but never one that Lorna really complained about.

She never doubted that her parents loved her and adored the time that she got to spend with them when they actually where around. From a young age her parents let to crawl around on the stage and made sure that she got to pursue just about any hobby she wanted. She aimed to take theater lessons in attempts to please them. She also loved and excelled at Gymnastics and swimming. Her father took time when he was home to teach her how to play chess. They played their first game when she was four and he never went easy on her. He explained things to her, but let her grow in strength by being challenged. Mr. Fox believed it was beneficial to his daughter’s neural development.

Living with her Aunt the majority of the time also gave Lorna her lifelong best friend, her cousin Ellis. She learn to crawl by chasing after his heals. No one else seemed to appreciate him or get how completely awesome he was besides her. It was something she never really understood. Ellis was smart and Creative. He was fun and kind. She never understood why other kids wanted to bully him. So he had a few extra pounds packed on, what should it matter?

When she hit school age it wasn’t unusual for her Aunt (or parents if they happened to be around) got called in do to her behavior. The girl had a bit of a violent streak, they said. It wasn’t the way she viewed the matter. How could she just stand by and watch Ellis, or other kids, be bullied? How could she just let that kind of abuse happen? She couldn’t and wasn’t afraid to get a little scrappy in defense of others. The fights were never ‘really’ her fault, but she suffered the punishment for them just the same. Often times she’d show off her scrapes and bruises to Ellis with pride.

Despite her behavior, that was viewed by others as pugnacious, her teachers had to admit that Lorna was bright. She often surpassed the other kids in her class and would become bored with school due to the lack of challenge. At the end of the 1st grade her teacher suggested that she should be tested to see if she could skip the 2nd grade. Not only did the testing show that she intelligent enough to skip the 2nd grade, but also the 3rd and 4th, too. At 7 years old she was the youngest girl in her 5th grade class. Adjusting wasn’t easy, but she did it. The other kids in her grade didn’t want to play with ‘the baby’. School became lonely for her, but looking back she doesn’t have any regrets. Not having friends to distract her let her catch up and do well in her studies. Besides, she had Ellis (and to some degree, Kit). She didn’t really feel like she ‘needed’ any more than that.

Love's Labor's Lost

Through middle school and high school her life stayed about the same. She continued to grow mentally and bloomed physically. Even as she got older she didn’t lose her tomboy behaviors. She would still stick up for anyone that did seem able of standing up for themselves. Yet, she was really never noticed. Though she was growing quite beautiful, she still had a bit of a rough exterior.

One day Lorna was taken by surprise. Lark Gamble was the stereotypical High School Jock. No matter mat sport he tried he excelled out it. He was also a terrible bully. More than one time he butt heads with Lorna over the way he treated Ellis. That is until the day that Lark was the hero. Ellis was being tormented by another Jock. Just as Lorna was about to step in to introduce the douche to her fist, Lark stepped in and beat her to the punch. Against Ellis’s advice this formed a friendship between Lorna and Lark.

Unexperienced in the love department, it wasn’t hard for Lark to get Lorna to start to date him. He made it feel so perfect. After a few weeks of dating him she was lulled into giving him her virginity. It wasn’t long before the snickering started behind his back. At first Lorna could ignore it. However, eventually she cornered someone to ask them what the hell was going on. Lark had filmed the loss of her virginity had had been showing it to others. He was boasting about how easily she spread her legs for him. It had gained her the reputation of being a bit of a slut. Enraged she confronted Lark. He just told her to lighten up and learn how to take a joke.

The episode turned her off from relationships for the next few years. Even though her legs were closed tighter then the vault at Fort Knox, she somehow maintained the reputation of being a whore. Rumors followed her and no one seemed to believe her no matter how much she denied them. Luckily for her she graduated at 16 and made her escape from the hell that is high school.

She didn’t date again till she was 18 and in college. She met Rook Eratz. Their relationship started more slowly and evolved to the point where at a year of being a couple he asked her to marry him. For a short time they were engaged, but some of his behavior stuck her as odd. Investigating she found that he was playing her. Not only did he have another girlfriend, but he had TWO other girlfriends. Completely furious she talked the other two girls to let them know what was going on and arranged a mass dumping of Rook. She wasn’t going to let him continue his sham with her or the other two girls (that she thought were just as much victims as her).

Unlike before, she almost immediately rebounded into dating Hunter White. Unlike Rook, Hunter was loyal. A little two loyal. He seemed a little too eager to be with her. It gave her the creeps and after a few weeks she broke off the romantic relationship and asked to just be friends. Hunter didn’t want to take no for an answer. He was sure that they were soulmates and started to stalker her. It became apparent that she had to do something and filed for a restraining order. In retaliation he broke into her apartment and tried to rape her. He was pretty damn close to being successful. However, Lorna was lucky enough to get her hands on a wine bottle. Breaking it over his head she knocked him out and called the police. With him behind bars she felt a little more secure.

Again she fell back on devoting herself to her studies. She’d declared herself as a double major in both theater (with a concentration in costuming) and art (with a concentration in painting and drawing). She too time to begin lessons in various martial arts. Hunter had made her feel helpless and she never wanted to feel that way again. She also went out to buy herself a puppy that was guaranteed to grow into a rather large dog.

It was in one of her junior year painting classes that she met Damali Ilham. The girl was breathtakingly talented with a paintbrush. Lorna started to find herself attracted to the swarthy beauty. She decided that maybe her bad luck with relationships was because she wasn’t meant to be with males. Maybe she was supposed to be with a female. Gathering up her courage she asked Damali out on a date.

For a while it was great. The moved in with each other and it was like having a best friend that she could sleep with. It all seemed so natural to her. Neither of them had to force anything. The problems started when Damali started to grow more in love with her work and her own talent. She grew increasingly conceited and pompous. Damali was turning into someone that Lorna couldn’t stand to be around. On top of that Damali started to sleep around. It was an issue that they tried to smooth out, but when Lorna caught Damali in bed with Rook that was the last straw. Lorna packed her bags and moved out.

All her troubles finally caught up with her. Not even Ellis could console her any more. Seeking professional help she started to go to Dr. Mael Hugo. It seemed like she was making progress, but over time she started to have memory loss. She’d go in for an appointment and leave not really remembering what happened. Something was going on, but she was so confused that she thought that perhaps the problem had to do with her. She felt like she was losing her mind. Wanting to figure out what was going on she snuck a digital recorder into one of her sessions. Going back and listening to it she was horrified to find out that in the missing time she’d been carrying on a sexual relationship with the doctor.

Not sure what to do she stopped going to her appointments. As soon as she stopped seeing Dr. Hugo, she stopped having black outs. Her memory started to come back. Shaken and disillusioned with relationships she took a few steps back. Buried in herself she only really let family in. Ellis did what he could for her, but she was damaged in ways that he couldn’t help.

The summer she was 21 she went to go visit her brother. Kit had become a successful music video director. His project at that time was directing the MV for Kidnap Karren’s single ‘Ex-sex’. The lead singer, Wyatt, began to flirt with Lorna. She dodged his advances, but told him they could be friends if they wanted. He gave her space, while not giving up on getting her to go out with him. One night, after more than a few drinks, one thing lead to another. Waking up in his bed the next morning she finally decided to be his girl.

The relationship had its issues. Wyatt was more than a little famous for his love of indulging the groupies. He did his best to assure her, but the fact he was sleeping with others made her feel … lesser. Even with the issues they ended up getting along famously. Their personalities just seemed to fit well. He made her feel like a princess, without feeling helpless. They could make each other laugh, and he was easy to talk with.

They had been dating for just over a year when Wyatt had an accident while touring. He chose the wrong groupie and wound up in the hospital. All the press reported was that he’d been attacked by an over enthusiastic fan. In time Lorna learned there was more to it than that. The girl had asked for him to let her go. He hadn’t….and she had shifted. The security guards didn’t feel they had any choice but to shoot her. Lorna was furious with him. He’d been a letch and now a girl was dead. He tried to insist that he was being playful. She didn’t completely buy it.

After a few weeks she started to be able to stand to be in the same room with him and tried the best she could to help him through the changes he was going though. Even as angry and disgusted as she was with him, she couldn’t forget why she loved him. Their relationship was rocky and eventually they started to go their separate ways. The romance crumbled, but the friendship still remains. It wasn’t for lack of love that it didn’t work. Lorna just didn’t know how to deal with what he’d become.

A Vixen Is Born

Vixen by leroyswish-d6pxqts.png

Getting a job in Millinnium City as a wardrobe head and costume designer she settled down with her dog and decided to be happy without love in her life. She didn’t feel like it was something she needed. She wasn’t against sex, but really who needed love. Lorna became more of a friend’s with benefits kind of girl. No attachment, no pain.

She continued to be close to Ellis. He was the one constant in her life. It seemed to her that since the day she was born he’d always been there. She completely adored him. Many times she joked around telling him that if they weren’t related then she would platonically marry him. He was really the only person she could stand to be around. The one person who had never disappointed her or hurt her.

Behind the scenes Ellis had picked up the code name Manther and was trying to throw together a ragtag band of superheroes. None of them were really all that impressive, but they had heart and spirit. He asked her to use her Kick boxing and Varma Kalai to come part of the team and help other people. At first she wasn’t sure, but within a few hours she agreed, because ‘why not’. It sounded like it could be fun and she would get to help others. They started to brainstorm for her heroic alter ego and came up with the idea of her being a vixen. Fox…Pretty girl…why not Vixen worked. By the end of the week she had her costume designed, made, and ordered both her first set of contacts and a nice red wig.

The early attempts of the group (later to become called The Misfits) were very trial and error, but in time they started to get the flow of things. Manther was the mastermind and the tech savvy one. Vixen was the beauty with a nice helping of brawn. With the other members they started to make a slow difference. Or at least they felt like they did.


Manther really wanted for Michael Gold to represent him. Shot down or put off time and time again, Ellis refused to give up. February of 2013 things changed. Due to threats on his life, Honey Huckabee took Michael to Mather for help. It was at this point that Michael dubbed them the misfits. Working together they got him out of the situation alive. Mather got a tech/security job at Gold Enterprises. Vixen got her first run in with Mr. Gold.

Not long after that Eternals Inc held membership tryouts. Vixen was reluctant to go, but Manther thought it would be the most awesome thing in the world if she made it onto the team. To humor him she went to the tryouts. She kicked ass, flirted, had some ‘fun time’ with Colosso, and surprisingly made the team. For the longest time she didn’t know why. Ellis was ecstatic for her, but she was worried that she only passed because she’d slept with ‘the boss’. Since then Michael has assured her that wasn’t the case. Yes, playing bed sheet tag with her was fun, but what really caught his eye was her fighting talent.

For a short time she dated Michael, but she decided that they were better as friends. She loves him dearly, but knows that she’s not the one that can make him happy. Part of loving someone is knowing when to let go. She’s since started trying to push him together with Honey. Lorna has never been a big fan of Eros and isn’t really too sure how well her attempts at playing cupid are going.

Another factor that weighed in to her relationship with Michael not working is Johnathan Mathias. She met him in Chicago just before she started her relationship with Michael. Things with John just went too smoothly. At first he seemed to be messing with her and playing games, but over times things just started to go too smoothly. She'd never met someone she could connect with so well. NO matter what subject she wanted to talk about he could keep up and often excel. They just seemed to click. It was almost like she didn't stand a chance.

The Crown of Caïssa

Strengths and Abilities

Csanda copy.png

Acrobatics and Athletics - Lorna was in Gymnastics as a child. Even though she never went professional with it she is still good at it. It has kept her pretty flexible. In addition she was on the track team in High School. She can run faster and longer than the normal person. Perhaps not at an Olympic level, but close.

Artistic - Lorna graduated from MCU with a double major in Theatrical Arts, with a focus in costume design, and Art, with a focus in painting and drawing. Though she is familiar and likes other aspects of the theater she prefers to be behind the scenes. She works for Adiar Theatre where she is one of the 'stars' in the wardrobe area. She doesn't design for all of their shows, but she's shown a talent for it. She is also a more than able seamstress. She's designed and made all of her own costumes. It isn't uncommon to see her at Museums or Galleries sketching in hopes to find ideas for her designs.

Vixen by chou roninx-d6ltkmr.jpg

Kick Boxing - The first fighting style that she's picked up was kickboxing. It seemed like a fun way to learn how to defend herself. All attacks with her hands and fists are aimed at pressure points to disable. All attacks with her legs and feet are aimed daze or defend.

Chin Na and Varma Kalai - She had learned these two very different styles of fighting (and healing) styles that use pressure points to be effective. She started practicing Chin Na first. She lucked out into having someone she met through her training being willing to teach her Varma Kalai. She hits pressure points to disable her opponents or knock them out. There is a way to kill through pressure points that she has learned, but it is not an attack she uses. Vixen has never killed and never wants to kill. It is just wise to learn all available aspects of a skill. In short, she can go all Ty Lee on people.

"I'll Take Random Trivia for 1000, Alex" - There is an interesting fact about being in the theatre. You need to do more research than most people realize. A good actor, director, or designer delves into to the facts, history, and theme they were working with. This has Lorna always learning new things. Over time she has learned random tidbits on an array of subjects. Go ahead, put her plethora of random trivia to the test.



Given Up on Love/Philophobia - Due to the epic failures of her past relationships she's given up on love. It isn't that she doesn't believe it exists; She knows that it does. There is a fine line she walks on between being very happy for her friends that have found it and thinking that the idea of falling in love is completely terrifying. It has never gone well for her and she has come to believe that love is not meant for her. For her it has always felt like a curse. Something that rips her up inside and leaves her feeling left for dead. She can still start to gain strong emotional attachment to others and still has a secret want for it, but as soon as the 'love' word pops into the equations she usually starts to distance herself from the situation. The only real exception to this is her relationship with Ellis. She says he doesn't count because he's family and it is a 100% platonic love. None of that mushy cupid crap.

Negative Reputation - Lorna has gotten the reputation of being at best a tease and at worst a slut because she is so down on love, but very flirtations and not always dismissive of sex. The reputation really is misleading. Compared to most people she knows she is actually rather chaste. There have been a few one night stands, but most of her sexual encounters are with people she trusts enough to elevate to the level of friend-with-benefits.

Ellis - Aka Manther has probably been her best friend since she understood the concept of best friends. He is the person who she 'loves' the most in the world and is probably one of the few she hasn't ever gotten pissed off with. She knows he's all heart and worries about him getting in over his head. If anything happened to him she'd be lost.

Only Human - She is only human and can get sick, be hurt, or killed just about as easily as any other human.

Lack of Faith in Herself and Her Abilities - Even with her training and skill, she still doesn't quite feel up to par with the other members of Eternals, Inc. There have been times where she feels all but useless. She doesn't have any super powers, she isn't super smart, or...well...she just doesn't know why she was accepted onto the team. There have been times when she's thought of resigning and other times she wonders if it has anything to do with something other than her fighting skill. In fact she is not nearly as weak or under skilled as she thinks, but having a lack of faith in herself does take its tole.

Friends and Allies


Those that still love her...

John friendbutton.jpg
John Mathias
"I don't even know if I could ever say enough about John. Not everyone will understand, but somehow he's broken through my defenses. He's clever, witty, often mysterious, and way too romantic for his own good. I've never met someone that I felt so strong a connection. I am in love and never thought that was something I'd ever want, but somehow he makes it a good thing."

"He is my cousin and my platonic life partner. At the moment there isn't anyone I'd rather have stick around forever. Mostly because he is the only one who knows how to make me smile. He's all heart."

Wyatt friendbutton.jpg
Wyatt Inverno
"No, Wyatt may not be perfect. He's lusty and has had his share of bad habits. Over all, though, he's a really good guy. We've had good times. Really good times. Our relationship didn't work out, but it wasn't for lack of love. He will always be one of my best friends, even if he does have a bit of a darker side. "

People who are probably pretty pissed at her...

Eternals, Inc.

Colosso friendbutton.jpg
"The man knows how to have a good time. Sometimes, I think that his ego is probably even larger than he can get. However, He really does have a heart of gold. Once you get past the showboat attitude he really is quite lovable."

DD2 friendbutton.png
Desecrated Dreams
"DD and I may not know each other really well, but as casual friends I think we are pretty cool. We've had some fun times together."

Dom friendbutton.png
"I am not sure what to make of him. He is a surprising little man. His Brain power is impressive; That is for sure."

Heatscreech friendbutton.png
Heat Screech
"Eddie is an okay dude. Sometimes he can get a headed. I've never really had a problem with him personally though."

LMG friendbutton.png
Little Miss Gunbunny
"She can be a bit of a ditz, but her aim is right on the mark. I don't think I've seen her miss a shot yet."

Moth friendbutton.png
Metro Moth
"He is so shy around me. I don't understand why. I actually do think he's a cool guy. His inventions are really fascinating and his fighting style is well formed. He actually makes me feel a little under skilled. "

Particleman friendbutton.jpg
Particle Man
"I've only gotten to meet him a few times, but he seems like a cool little player. Smart, too. Yes, I'd flirt with the little dude. He seems fun."

Pulsar friendbutton.png
"Amber is a bright spot of sunshine. I'm glad I've gotten to know her even if I am iffy about being considered a roll model. She shows great promise in costume design and can stitch like a pro."

Rhapsody2 friendbutton.png
"She is a talented musician, but as of yet I am still unsure why she is a member of Etenrals, Inc."

Shaman friendbutton.jpg
"The man can see into the spirit world that is some cool and crazy shit! Beyond that I am not sure what I think of him. He seemed a bit standoffish."

StopMotion friendbutton.jpg
"Saying that Stop and I butt heads is an understatement. I'm sure that he's a good guy, but really rubs me the wrong way. I hate feeling snubbed and he definitely makes me feel that way."

VS friendbutton.png
Vespula Sting
"Uhh...I am not sure what to think of him, either. He is very odd and the king of puns."

Heroes Inc.

Gynoid AL-1
"I really have no room to complain about anyone who gives me free wine."

Jericho friend button.png
"I've only met him once, at the benefit, but I can tell from that one meeting that he is a smooth, smooth operator. He has the whole James Bond swagger going for him."

Lady Legion
"I've never seen myself of anyone deserving a fan. That really goes for real heroes being a fan. I'm honored. I may not know her well, yet, but I should take her up on the offer for a girls' night out. "

Silly sally friendbutton.png
Silly Sally
"If I had to pick a word to describe her it would have to be...unique. I am not sure what I think about the cupcakes out of no where, but she is friendly, if not a little odd."


Stitch friendbutton.jpg
"I personally haven't had any problems with Adrian. He's always been sweet to me. Sure I've caught him staring at my boobs a few times, but he wouldn't be the first (or last) person to take a peek. I've heard stuff, but for now all of it is just hearsay."

Rogue Gallery

Croguegallery copy.png

Evil Exes

In Chronological Order...

#1) Lark Gambol (The Joker Jock)


Powers/Abilities: Athletic speed and strength. Mean right-hook.

Occupation: Hockey Player for the Red Wings

Likes: A 'good' laugh, pranks, sports, Getting his way

Hates: Losing

Info: Lark wasn't ever really Lorna's boyfriend, but for a month in High School she was lead to believe that she was. It was all a practical joke on her. He tricked her into giving him her virginity. Unbeknownst to her he filmed the whole thing. She didn't know until one of her friends heard a rumor he had a video of her he'd been showing to everyone who wanted to see it. When she confronted him about him he laughed at her and told her to learn how to take a joke. Extremely embarrassed Lorna managed to hold her head high. The incident earned her the reputation of being a slut.

Now that he's run into her again as an adult, he has to admit that she has turned into one hot girl. He wouldn't mind having another 'go' at her, but she refuses him. Lark counts himself lucky that he actually held onto that tape.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

#2) Rook Eratz (The Cheat)


Powers/Abilities: Luck and Probability (but sometimes they fails him)

Occupation: Copy Right Lawyer/ Professional Gambler

Likes: Money and Women, Having it ALL, getting what he wants

Hates: When his lies come to light, Rejection

Info: Lorna and Rook dated for just over a year in College. Everything seemed to be going really well. There was even times that they 'talked' about marriage and life together after graduation. However, Lorna didn't understand why he didn't want to live together or why he didn't like for her to show up to his apartment unannounced. Then things started to unravel. She found out that things weren't as 'good' as she thought they were. Not only was he pulling the 'lets talk about the future and stuff' routine with her, but with two other girls. His scam was exposed and all three girls blew up at him at once.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

#3) Hunter White (The Emo-Psycho)


Powers/Abilities: Darkness (gloom), has access to some small devices (smoke, sleep, gas grenades)

Occupation: Convict

Likes: Lorna, Getting his way, Writing bad Emo poetry

Hates: Prison, Rejection, Lorna

Info: Over all Hunter really isn't a threat to anyone other than Lorna (Vixen). He didn't take their break up well, nor does he appreciate that she had him thrown in jail for trying to 'show her that she was loved'. However, he's made his escape and is back to show her that he is still interested....and he won't take 'no' for an answer.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

#4) Damali Ilham (The Bombastic Beauty)

Screenshot 2013-05-13-13-52-18 1.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Life Imitates Art Imitates Life

Occupation: Starving Artist (on the way to being not quite so starving)

Likes: Art, Beauty, Getting her Way

Hates: Being Told 'No', 'Bad' Art, 'Lazy' Modern Art


Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

#5) Dr. Mael Hugo (The Smooth Operator)


Powers/Abilities: Master Manipulation

Occupation: Psychologist

Likes: ???

Hates: ???


Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

#6) Janeane "Jenie" Cruet (The B!tch)


Powers/Abilities: Subduction, Supreme Bitchiness, Claw attacks, Slap Attacks

Occupation: Actress (Stage)

Likes: Getting her way, Being the center of Attention

Hates: Rejection, Not getting her way

Info: Jenie isn't so much of an Ex as a current thing. She doesn't even really qualify as a 'girlfriend'. They really aren't a couple, just friends with a few perks on the side. The problem is that Jenie is completely self absorbed and is unable to love anyone other than herself. One of her favorite 'games' she plays when Lorna is around is 'can I make her jealous?'. She loves to try and strike up the green-eyed monster in Lorna. It usually doesn't work. For Lorna to be jealous there would have to be some really emotional attachment to the relationship. There isn't. This tends to rub Jenie the wrong way. It isn't that she herself wants the relationship to be more, but she wants for Lorna to want it to be more. Confused? It is okay, girl stuff can be a little tricky at times.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Power Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Other Villains

The Checkmate Society

CMsplash zps3518e4a7.png

Powers/Abilities: CLASSIFIED

Occupation: CLASSIFIED




Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██




1. "Foxy Lady" - Jimi Hendrix

2. "Purify" - Placebo

3. "Sea of Sin (Tonal Remix)" - Depeche Mode

4. "Animal" - Neon Trees

5. "Howl" - Florence + The Machine

6. "Flirt with me" - Zeromancer

7. "Love to Blame" - Apoptygma Berzerk

8. "Black Swan" - Thom Yorke

9. "20th Century Fox" - The Doors

10. "Chica Bomb" - Crazy Loop

Black queen 1.jpg

11. "Need You Tonight" - INXS

12. "S&M" - Rihanna (content warning)

13. "F***ing Perfect" - P!nk

14. "Sex and Candy" - Marcy Playground

15. "Inertia Creeps" - Massive Attack

16. "Galileo" - Indigo Girls

17. "Counting Back to 1" - Beautiful Small Machines

18. "Closer" -NIN (content warning)

19. "Broken" - Depeche Mode

20. "The Brides" - Wojciech Kilar





Impossibly Low Neckline, Absolute Cleavage - Vixen has one of those outfits that makes you cock your head to the side and ask 'How exactly is she staying in there? I mean, shouldn't gravity be making those suckers pop out?'. Normally, the answer would be yes...yes they should be trying to escape. However, Lorna uses her theater secrets to make sure to avoid most wardrobe malfunctions while pushing up her bust to give as glimpse of her cleavage that leaves little to the imagination. In her mind it helps sell her roll as a 'vixen'. She doesn't really mind being oogled. In fact most of the time she can find ways to use the way her costume fits her to her advantage.


Combat Stilettos - It isn't easy to keep up speed and run long distances. It is even harder to do so with ease and grace in heels. It isn't a skill that came naturally to the foxy hero; it is one that she has developed with practice and patience. Why go to the effort? Lorna feels that the heels enhance her figure and pasture to give her just a little extra dash of sex appeal. On top of that she finds that the heal itself can be useful as a back up weapon if a fight isn't going as well as planned.

Animal Eyes - Vixen sports an exotic set of eyes. The are Golden brown and gold with black slits down the middle. No, the are obviusly not real, but Lorna felt that the contacts added a nice vulpine flair to her look.

Caïssa = White Queen/ Black Queen

Coming as the story progresses...


Beautiful All Along - Truth be told, Lorna is a pretty girl, maybe even beautiful. However, she tends to not emphasize any of her features unless she is in costume or going out for the night. Even though she knows she can put on make up to 'be' pretty, she doesn't really see it. Others around her usually do. She doesn't get it.


Good Bad Girl, The Tease, My Girl Is Not A Slut - As Vixen, Lorna portrays herself as being very sexual. She is flirty in a way that often has her seem like a tease and a slut. While she can be a tease, she really isn't a slut. No, she isn't a virgin, but she also doesn't just fall into bed with anyone. Though she has had a few one night stands, they are far and few between. She is a good girl that is very skilled as playing off the role of a bad one.

Cunning Like A Fox -Lorna is quick, clever, and cunning. All qualities she uses to her asset. She doesn't believe that strength or training without wit are of any use to anyone. Brute force and blind luck can only take you so far.

Silly Rabbit, Romance is for Kids!All Love is Unrequited, The First Cut is the Deepest - Even though she is still young, Lorna has come to believe that all thoughts of Romance are flawed. It isn't that she doesn't believe that love exists, she just doesn't really believe that it exists for her. From her terrible past experiences with her Exes she has learned that 'love' opens you up to be vulnerable, and most likely hurt. It is terrible, painful, and always leaves to her suffering from emotional damage. At times she wonders if there is something wrong with her that makes her so worthless to other and unlovable. It has all added up to a fear of love and romance. It isn't that part of her doesn't still want that, but no part of her wants to suffer the way she has till this point ever again. Thus, Love is something she will probably tend to run away form in order to protect herself.

Broken Bird - Her failed relationships haven't just left her with a broken-heart and Philophobia. She can also be a bit jaded at times. Lorna is nice and wants to be able to see the best in others, but often can't. She often worries that new friends are going to take the path of old. She is worried that a seemingly nice person will turn out to be a real asshat. She really desperately wants to trust, but it isn't an easy thing for her. She also has a wounded ego and low view of her self worth. This leads her to tolerate being treated in ways that she would never allow anyone else to be treated. She will suffer some minor abuse just to not feel nearly alone as she feels like she is. However, she isn't stupid and has her limits. At a certain point she will tell anyone who is being rude to her to go get bent.

Morality and Philosophy

Though Shalt Not Kill - Lorna has never killed and never wants to kill. It is something that she isn't sure she could live with. Her whole fighting style is built around taking down her opponents in non-lethal ways. In a situation where she had to kill or watch someone she loved be killed, she would most likely try to put herself in the middle to take the blow for them. She, after all, doesn't see herself as anything or anyone too special.

Neutral Good - She is more or less a 'good' girl. She tries to do the 'right' thing and doesn't like to see others around her unhappy. However that being said, she doesn't always feel that what is the legal way is always the right way. Laws are an ever changing area of human culture. They are bound to have their flaws in them. She tends to weigh the issues for herself and try to find what is right and what is wrong based on what her heart tells her.

Martial Pacifist - it isn't so much that she is a 'picky eater' as she has personal diet morals. Lorna considers herself a pescetarian (no that isn't a religion). While she will eat dairy, eggs, and Seafood, she doesn't eat any other kind of meats. Lorna loves Veggies and fruit. In the past she been accused of eating like a 'rabbit'. She just laughs it off. She also laughs off people that tell her that she doesn't 'need' to diet. It isn't about the weight of her body, it is about the weight of her conscience.

Combat and Skills

VixenEWG copy.jpg

Mixed martial Arts - While others may have more fighting styles than she does, she really does have a nice little mixture of martial arts and is always up to learn more. She's a quick learner, but is otherwise limited to human limits. Beyond that she is quick and agile; this allows her to bounce around quickly between her targets and strike swiftly before moving out of harms way.

Le Parkour - It is common knowledge that the fastest way between any two points is a straight line; As the crow flies. Unfortunately for Lorna she doesn't have flight as a super power and doesn't have the money to afford any type of air craft. Parkour works for her though. While she can't leap and flip her way over everything, the skill does make travel time quicker for her. It has also had the benefit of improving her dexterity, reaction time, and endurance. Plus, it is wicked fun!

Smart People Play Chess - Lorna's father taught her the game at the age of three. Mr. Fox pushed her and never let her win because of age or skill level. Eager to please her father she pushed herself until she could eventual beat him. In high school she was on the chess team. To date she is the only person, living or dead, that can (and always does) beat John Mathias at the game.


942108 379104068861804 422493089 n.png

Not a Morning Person - Nope, not at all. It isn't unusual to find her sleeping in till around 11am. She can do earlier, but begrudgingly and with ample amounts of coffee in hand. This isn't because she's overly lazy, but she's a night owl and tends to keep late hours.

Sexier Alter Ego - Lorna is pretty, but she's shaped Vixen to be quite a vamp. In the beginning it was just because the 'misfits' wanted to use her to the team's advantage as rape bait, but now she keeps the image because she knows sex sells.

Background and Events

Bully Hunter - From a young age Lorna was very anti-bullying. This was due to her attachment to Ellis and his ability to attract them. Ever since she could make a sloppy fist and strike out at 'evil' she has been putting in the effort to protect the weak. This doesn't stop at Ellis; she generally doesn't like to see anyone get pushed around or abused.

Prank Date, The First Cut is the Deepest - For Lorna what took place with Lark was a step beyond a prank date. It was a prank relationship that broke her. Very few people know exactly how wounded Lorna was by this affair. It set her up to be a little paranoid with the people she was with. It also earned her the reputation in High School for being a slut; Which is odd, because Lark was the first and last person she had sex with until her college years.

The Casanova - Rook was charming. Perhaps too charming. His suave act pulled Lorna in, but it blew up in his face once she found out that he was pulling the same routine with other girls. Not only was she going to let herself be taken in as a fool any more, she also wasn't going to let him do the same to the other girls.

The Peeping Tom, Stalker With Crush, Attempted Rape - Lorna's relationship with Hunter was a complicated one. She rebounded into him after things went to hell with Rook. It wasn't really a long relationship and she never had sex with him. After a few weeks Hunter started to get possessive and clingy. Lorna felt like he was reading her emails and texts and couldn't shake the feeling that he was following her. Feeling freaked out by his behavior she ended the relationship. Only he didn't want it to end. He continued his odd behavior claiming that he loved her and they were meant to be together. In some ways she felt bad for him so she humored him and allowed him to remain her friend. Her mistake. One night he walked her home from a party to try and force himself on her once he got her inside her apartment. Things where looking bad till she grabbed a wine bottle and broke it over his head. With him knocked out she called the police and Hunter was arrested and sent to prison for attempted rape.

Boxing Lesson - The episode with hunter put her on edge and not without reason. Feeling jumpy and afraid she decided she wanted to be able to take care of herself. She sighed up for kick boxing lessons that lead dominoed into her learning other fighting styles and eventually becoming a hero.

Hipster,Attention Whore,True art is Angsty - Fed up with Males in general, Lorna decide to try her luck with the ladies. It turns out that it went just about as well as all her other relationships today. Demali lured her in and got her hooks into her, but it was a very emotional relationship. The other woman was selfish, pretentious, and often over dramatic. Lorna would end the relationship only to be pulled back in again. It was a wild yo-yo back and forth till she found Demali in bed with Rook. At at about that point she decided to walk away for good. Lorna has kept in mild contact, but only enough to not be considered a bitch.

Manipulative Bastard,Psycho Psychologist - In attempts to work out all her issues Lorna started to see Dr. Hugo. She felt like she may have been making progress, but after a few months of therapy she somehow let him talk her into bed with him. It wasn't something she was proud of and she kept it to herself with a vow that it wouldn't happen again. She kept seeing him in order to work out her issues, but the 'affair' kept happening and she couldn't explain why. Normally she had more will power to resist than that. Feeling uneasy about the whole ordeal she started skipping her appointments with him and finally stopped making them at all.

The Rock Star, Groupie Brigade, Amicable Exes, You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry - Strangely, her relationship with Wyatt started out to be even more therapeutic than her stressful therapy. Resisting him at first she was taken in by his charm and laid back attitude. They actually worked really well together romantically. However, Wyatt was on the road often with kidnap Karren and didn't seem to want to quit his habit of enduing the groupies. This started to wear down on her self-esteem even though he swore up and down to her that they meant nothing and she meant everything. Then he picked the wrong groupie and things kind of went to hell for him. Lorna tried to stick by his side, but couldn't cope with how odd the situation had become. Breaking up with him they have stayed good friends. She just couldn't be in a relationship with someone that could be so volatile and dangerous.

Character and Motivations

It Amused Me - Her reasons for learning to fight were stated as above. Her reasons for becoming a hero, at first, were a little more simple than that. Ellis was putting together a rag-tag band of heroes and asked Lorna to join them. With a shrug she pretty much said "Sure, why not? Anything for you, Ellis." That is how it all started. After that, in the beginning, she kept at it partly because it amused her and partly because she knew being a real 'hero' brightened Ellis' life.

Never Be Hurt Again - Then there was the part about seeing people hurt. She could related to the pain that the people she was helping where going through. Maybe not exactly, but she knew what it felt like to have others try to take advantage of you and cause pain. After he trials with Hunter she'd made a vow to herself (one that she hasn't always managed to keep) that she would never let anyone hurt her again (emotionally or physically). After she took up the mantle as Vixen she vowed to try not to let others be hurt again either.


Friends with Benefits - While she prefers not to have Romantic Relationships, she does have a few sexual ones. It is usually people that she trusts and that she knows won't mind if she can't fully commit to them. At the moment she only has two, with a few that are off and on.

Manther/Ellis Hobbes

Childhood Friends, Like Brother and Sister, Platonic Life Partners, Fat Best Friends, You Are Not Alone - Lorna really couldn't say enough in praise of Ellis. He has been her best friend probably since she could push herself to crawl after his heels. Some people may think it is sad that the only person she considers a 'real' friend is her cousin, but she thinks it is special. Not everyone gets to have a best friend built into their life from the beginning. All her feelings for him are platonic, but she really thinks that he is the only person she would ever think of marrying (if it were legal). There are no romantic or sexual feelings, but he really is the only person who can continuously make her smile. Neither of them had school days that were free of harassment from other children, but Lorna made out better than Ellis did. This lead to her being rather protective of him. She has never been afraid to fight for him. Growing up together he was more of a brother to her than her real brother was. Mostly because there is less of an age difference. Lorna has never judge Ellis, but she is super proud that he is working so hard at self improvement and finally shedding his 'baby pounds'.


Friends with Benefits - Formerly; The sex was amazing enough that this relationship evolved into Michael's first real romantic relationship. However, it wasn't soon that she learned that they would be...

Better as Friends - While the sex was good and they got along great, they didn't really have 'that' much in common. Lorna still adores Colosso and wants him to be happy, but she knows that nothing romantic between them would work. At the moment she's trying to push him to ask out his assistant, Honey Huckabee.

Metro Moth

Courtly Love, Lady and Knight - Since she's in another relationship at the moment she's asked him to be her 'knight'. The person who she could trust to defend her honor and keep her safe from making bad romantic decisions.

Unresolved Sexual Tension - It could be a one way pull, but Lorna does feel dawn to Alex. It makes her feel kind of twitchy. Despite her reputation she really doesn't sleep around much, but she will admit to having fantasied about him before and really wanting to know what it would be like to spend a night or two with him.

Billy Needs an Organ - Life is complicated. A Heroes life is dangerous. When Metro Moth was tortured and almost beaten to death she made sure he made it out alive (with help of course). However, when the knowledge that he only had one kidney and it was failing, Lorna didn't hesitate to volunteer her parts. She'd give up anything she could to save his life. Now he has part of her with him till the day he dies. If that isn't love, then what is?

John Mathias

Lorna John chess.jpg

Red String of Fate - Lorna isn't sure if it is something either of them has control of, but when she's with him she just feels like it is the most natural fit in the world. It seems like it was just 'meant to be'. The question still remains if this is the case or if he is actually a False Soulmate?

Love at First Sight - Most people are surprised to learn that Lorna didn't actual meet John in Millennium City, but rather on a trip to Chicago. She'd been sitting in the Art Institute sketching out a picture of Cupid and Psyche when he came up to her and told her she was going to allow him to buy her a cup of coffee. There was a strange mixture of charm and disgust that she couldn't mistake for anything else but love. However, she let him in and allowed him to buy her that cup of coffee. She really never expected to see him ever again. As far as she was concerned having a talk and a mocha couldn't get her and her foolish heart into 'too' much trouble.

John and Lorna 2.jpg

Dance of Romance - The second time they met they did share a dance. He was so charming that she couldn't help but be swept away by him. He is sharp, focused, and graceful. After they talked a bit they leaned that both of them were taught to dance by their mothers as a relatively young age.

Pair the Smart Ones - The thing that hooked Lorna was that for the first time she felt that she could open up and talk to someone about any subject. It isn't that she thinks other people are 'dumb', it is just that it is rare for her to feel comfortable letting on to the truth of her genius level intelligence. In their talks about everything from art to science, religion to world events to whatever she's found it very easy to feel a connection to him and work past her love phobias.


Leonberger by L.A. Shepard

Big Friendly Dog - Lorna's Dog Oberon is a Leonberger. At 164 pounds he out weighs his mistress by 20 pounds. He is a BIG dog with a mean bark. However, he is really super friendly as long as he doesn't feel that Lorna is being threatened. He is laid back, most of the time letting others do as they will around him. This huge dog has earned a few nicknames. She sometimes calls him Obi for short, This has lead to her cousin calling him Obi Wan, and on top of that Lorna's Aunt calls him 'Ronnie'. Most of the time he can be a lazy dog, but he does love to run and play. His favorite game is soccer. He will tap the ball around with his paws, play keep away from others, and try to get it to the goal. She feels bad for keeping him cooped up in a little apartment, but she wanted a big dog to help make her feel safe and to help with the loneliness. Taking some pity on him when she will be gone for more then a few hours at a time she has made arrangements to let him stay with her Aunt.

Really by Marco Mazzoni

Significant Sketchbook - It isn't really one significant sketch book, but rather a series of them. When she can she likes to carry a sketch book with her because she never knows when something will catch her eye or she will be hit by a wave of inspiration. Lorna fills the books from back to front usually with multiple sketches on each page. Old books never get thrown away when she's done with them. They get indexes of what is in them put in the front and shelved in her apartment. Art is a way of escaping for her and it can calm her down or give her needed time to think. Unfortunately, she has not yet discovered a way to carry a sketch book with her fox costume. There is just no where to put one.


Drama Club - Lorna was raised in the theatre. Some of the first steps she ever took were on a stage. It is a part of her life she never grew out of or moved away from. She has either been on or behind the stage since she could remember. She did acting classes as a kid In High Schools he was in drama club and involved in some way with all the plays the High School put on while she was a student there. In College it only seemed natural that she should major in Theatre. Over all her time she has experienced different aspects of the Theatre...her favorite two have always been costume design and acting.

Textile Work is Feminine, Impossibly Cool Clothes - Though she loved the way it felt to be on stage, in the end she elected to go into wardrobe and costuming instead. It just came easily for her. She can design, make patterns, and sew costumes (and outfits) with ease. It is the way it feels to create something. It gives her a feeling like she is creating art. Her talent gives her a bonus. It allows her to keep her job even with her knack for missing work on short notice. She is in demand. She may not be the best costume designer in town, but she is one of the bests.

Do It For the Art, Starving Artist - Lorna isn't exactly starving. She makes enough money to get by, but not really much more. After rent, utilities, food, and pet care costs she really has almost nothing left. There is rarely more than an extra $200 in her bank account at any one time. Despite how painful her bank balance is, she wouldn't give up on her 'art'. It makes her feel more complete than any amount of money would.

RP Hooks


  • She worked for Adiar Theatre. Perhaps you saw her there?
  • She has gone to school all her life in Detroit/Millennium City and is a Graduate from MCU. Did you go to school with her?
  • Do you like Museums or Galleries? She can often been seen at them around the City with her sketch book out.




  • Vixen is relatively new to hero work. Her cousin, Ellis, talked her into it and she thought it might be kind of fun.
  • At the moment she isn't quite sure how she made it past her try outs for Eternals, Inc.
  • Her tail isn't real. It is motorized with sensors to pick up on her moods through skin temperature and pulse rate.
  • Vixen has three different fox costumes. The one she wears the most is modeled after the red fox. However she also has one for snowy climates that is modeled after the arctic fox and one for desert climates modeled after the Fennec Fox.

Caïssa = White Queen/ Black Queen

  • Caïssa refers to a literary nymph/goddess of chess. It is common for chess players to invoke her name before a game.
  • More will come as the story unfolds...

Lorna Fox

  • The name Lorna means 'Fox', so her name means Fox Fox.
    • On a side note her middle name is Bethari which means Goddess.
Eternals feb 2014.jpg
  • She graduated from MCU with a double major in Theatre (focus on Costume) and Art (focus on painting and drawing).
  • Normally she comes across as being extroverted. She really isn't. Lorna is introverted by nature, but has learned how to push herself to appear as if being sociable is smooth and easy for her.
  • Though she is often told she is pretty (or beautiful), she doesn't really believe or feel like she is anything more than normal.
  • She has always hated bullies and will call people out on being asshats.
  • All her 'romantic' relationships ended really badly in one way or another. Even though it terrifies her she is finding herself falling for John Mathias.
  • Despite her reputation as being a slut she's actually only had sex with 11 people in her whole life and is currently only sexual involved with Mr. Mathias.
    • Romantic Relationships (Lark Gambol, Rook Eratz, Damali Ilham, Wyatt Inverno, Michael Gold, John Mathias)
    • Friends with Benifits (Damian Weller, Leah Juliano, Jenie Cruet)
    • One night stand (Tyler {doens't remember his last name})
    • Mind-fucked into sex (Dr. Mael Hugo)
  • Lorna is undecided if she ever wants to have kids or not.
  • She is bisexual.


  • Real life casting choice: Abbie Cornish

Abbie Cornish as Vixen.jpg Abbie Cornish as Vixen2.jpg

  • The Caïssa/White Queen/Black Queen concept is very, very loosely based on Emma Frost



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"Vixy Foxy is my friend, dunno what brought her to act like she did, but that don't change the fact i love her and i want her in my life... i will bring her back, no matter what." - Pulsar