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Player: @Ouroboros1988
Deadly when calm
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS/Tank Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Crimson, Lana Nielson
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Global (Earth)
Relatives: None
Age: 21
Height: 6'4
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Cool Blue
Hair: Black, often red hi-lights
Complexion: Light, flawless
Physical Build: Toned, lithe, fit
Physical Features: Tattoo on her right shoulder of the number 16
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: American/British under assumed names
Occupation: Mercenary, Contact
Education: Unknown but extensive
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Trained in warfare and conflict; power-armour training, ballistic weapons training, CQC training.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Crimson Breaker powered-armour
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About 16

"16 is a unique case. While all the world is a stage, one we play our parts on, 16 plays two. One calm, warm and approachable. The other cold, serious and just a little bit terrifying..." -- Report from Nest Psychiatric Evaluations Officer

Liath Music.png

Lana Nielson as she is known by most seems to be more or less, just an average office worker. She is self employed as the representative and liaison for a shadowy figure known only as Crimson. Her main role is to facilitate contracts between people and her agent.

Lana has a calm, approachable manner. She is always composed under most kinds of pressure, she acts the business woman very well. However, she is strictly none-combat. Given a physical threat, she will flee beyond anything else, she is not a fighter.

Physically Lana seems to be a fit, toned individual who always dresses smartly. Her casual clothes have a certain style to them that few expect when they meet her. Most of the time she wears smart business attire. Lana is rarely without a pair of reflective glasses, however she doesn't need them to correct her sight; when not wearing them she still seems to have 20/20 vision.

Crimson, as 16 is known personally by very few, yet by more on her reputation; is a calm calculating mercenary for hire. Taking jobs on more on their difficulty and based upon her own twisted moral core than the jobs financial merit (she loves a challenge, or rather, beating them). Crimson is often cold and a person of few words, when she does choose to speak she always speaks to the point and does not waste breath.

Wearing her powered armour suit, Crimson is a very effective field agent for a multitude of sortie types ranging from out-right destruction, protection and espionage. All of her gear; weapons, defences and power systems are self contained in this wondrous piece of technology. This suit also works as her in-sortie alias; unless possessing certain abilities, people cannot easily tell apart 16's identities.

Crimson imposes and personifies her own dominance over a cruel and heartless industry. The armour makes her a technological terror in any encounter; supported wholey by supreme natural talent and the mind-breaking training she has endured throughout her relatively short life.

In this way, 16 lives a double life. An often social, seemingly pleasant and business like existence with free time and friends-- and her other life. The extreme adrenaline of combat situations, hi-powered technology conflicts and destruction. It is unclear which she prefers.

For further information about Lana Nielson and Crimson, please go here.

The Back-Story

All 16 can remember is cold metal; training drills, artificial lighting and the hum of The Nest.

Like so many others inducted into the program, 16 was chosen when her parents were killed in a tragic accident resulting in an uncertain future for their child. Still only a new-born, she was collected and whisked away from a site of destruction that still begs questions as to just how and why.

She grew up within a secretive facility; The Ravens Nest. An underground base run and controlled by an unseen figure known only as Watcher One, a seemingly all seeing controller and master of the organisation. Growing up she learned her skills under his unwavering will; remembering most 'his' voice ringing in her ears for each expected accomplishment, and remembering 'him' taking away the others that could not keep up with the rigor of the program.

Those that failed were never seen again. Those that succeeded; those that found the strength to survive the extreme stress of constant training, of immense psychological pressure and the very real threat of 'disappearing' would come to know the out-side world finally. They would come to be out-fitted with personalised Powered Armour and let loose upon the world; no place they could not go and nothing they could not do... For a price.


"Something has changed in the little girl; she has created a shield of sorts, another personality to protect her and do the things she has been failing to. When she displays this 'other' her, nothing seems to phase her. My evaluation continues." -- Report from Nest Psychiatric Evaluations Officer

16 proved to be a model pupil. Embracing the psychological terror prevalent in the Nest, she soon became a very effective operative and saw active service for the organisation at the mere age of fourteen. Her original alias was 'Glimmer'; quickly working her way up the ranks of the Nests' arena, she was cold in showing her prowess.

Earning such recognition to be placed under the care of the then top Raven, Crimson, number 9. Number 9 had been the top-ranked Raven for as long as the arena has existed, his dominance had never been challenged in a real way before. 16 would later change that, as much as her relationship with 9 would change her.

She rose to the top of the arena, eventually forced to confront her mentor and perhaps, the only person she had ever had a connection with. 16 defeated 9 to the sounds of cheers and the feeling of her own tears; for this she became the top ranked Raven and dubbed 'Crimson Breaker' for the honour. She had broken number 9.

In memory of him and, more simply, just in memory of her actions she took on the deep red colour and the moniker of Crimson.

The Schizophrenic Dichotomy

16 is first and foremost; a pilot, the skills endurance and knowledge required to effectively operate a powered armour have been taught to her from a very young age under brutal conditions.

In order to survive the demands of the program and please 'him'; her mind created two distinct personalities to deal with the stress that was placed upon her.

16 suffers from a range of mental disorders; mainly relatively controlled Schizophrenia and DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. These effect her life more keenly then several other personality and mental illnesses.

She appears to function however; living in the world and doing her 'job' because of her extremely high intelligence, able to deal with her unique set of circumstances. She seems to be aware she has two personalities, at least on some level. She runs them as a hero would run a dual identity life in order to carry out her life-style as a mercenary.

Crimson Breaker

The title 'Crimson Breaker' was earned by the champion of the Ravens' Nest arena, not an easy feat when she defeated the top Raven. Only the best Powered Armour pilot makes it to the top of the arena. At the time of the organisations dissruption the Powered Armour 'Crimson' was the champion, her current armour named for this exact reason.

Crimson zpsb1af2f53.png

"The change in her when she steps into her armour is remarkable. An effect of DID compounded by the alternate appearance, the 'new' personality seems to be bonding readily with the sense of wearing and being equipped with Power Armour. Indeed, it does help her to cope with the demands of missions while piloting." -- Report from Nest Psychiatric Evaluations Officer

The armour 'Crimson Breaker', as our main example of a Raven Powered Armour is a rather advanced piece of human built technology. Capable of almost any scenario, it is equipped with a multitude of weapons ranging from energy based to miniature versions of more rudimentary human weapon technology. A few examples are listed here:

The red flash is the last thing you will ever see. Beam emitters are embedded in the palms and chest of the Crimson Breaker armoured suit. The gauntlet mounted beam weaponry works on a form of plasma projection technology, creating a immensely hot beam of plasma matter with limited range. This plasma beam can function as both a short burst impact beam of energy and a maintained focused beam for armour penetration.

Survive this! The chest of the Crimson Breaker armour is fitted with an advanced magnetic lens focusing array; used to channel partical energy from the matter-antimatter annihilations within the core into a large beam of energy. This chest mounted beam cannon is an incredibly high out-put energy weapon, capable of destroying most targets even on a low setting. When focused and fully charged, this partical beam is capable of flooring Supers.

Chain-fed anger is remorseless. The Crimson Breaker armour contains multiple weapon systems based on more easily recognisable human weapons technology. The shoulder mounted mini-gun; with a supreme rate of fire and launching 5mm depleted Uranium rounds with laser-targetting, the mini-gun dispenses a lethal stream of bullets more than capable of taking out even armoured targets.

"16 was involved in an incident today with another student, 7, during training. While both on the same team; 16 incapacitated 7 by means of shooting him in the leg, then proceeded to use him as a distraction to bait the enemy team. Her plan succeeded, however her team-mate did not survive. When questioned about the incident later, the 'softer' personality of 16 claims to have no knowledge of the events rather easily. However I suspect she does recall her actions, but simply blames her 'other' self for them. It is a remarkable defense reflex this girl has developed." -- Report from Nest Psychiatric Evaluations Officer

You can't run, you can't hide. Embedded within the chest, arms and legs of the armour are miniature launch ports for missile munitions. These micro-munitions contain potent explosive warheads and are able to track targets using different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. For instance; they can be targeted upon a heat signature or by using laser guided technologies.

Dodge this! The Crimson Breaker armour also comes equipped with wrist mounted Tactical Missiles. These small missiles are capable of carrying multiple warhead payloads at high speed to the selected target. With smart-flight systems to avoid obstructions, they rarely miss a target and can deliver warheads ranging from micro-explosives, different forms of gas-dispersion warhead and even electrical tazer versions.

Three, two, one, destruction. For sturdier targets, the armour comes equipped with a fold-away shoulder mounted rocket launcher. With laser targeting and bunker-buster warheads, the high speed rockets are designed to decimate armoured or embedded targets at range. The rockets to have a pre-fire engine start-up time and target acquisition time, meaning they are difficult to use on the move and in close range.

Never forget their faces... The most powerful weapon in the Crimson Breaker's arsenal is a shoulder mounted rail-gun. This electromagnetic weapon is capable of launching a custom made Cobalt / Iridium pile or stake at a velocity of 4.70 miles per second or, close to 17,000 miles per hour. This weapon is capable of decimating most targets in one hit; the perfect assassins choice, it has a massive range only limited by the curvature of the Earth when used in combination with the suits targeting systems.

These weapons systems work in tandem with the suits on-board computer and targeting technologies. Though Crimson Breaker has a fairly complex computer system, it is designed only to support the pilot in information and suit management. Using basic AI software, the suit is capable of adapting to a pilots needs and situations such as different environments and objectives. The targeting system within the helmet of the suit uses advanced electronic recognition software and "quantum lenses" to achieve target lock over impressive distances. Able to achieve magnification and focus of an image much greater than would be possible with rudimentary physical lenses; Crimson can target something over ten miles away, often only restricted by the curvature of the Earth and obstacles.

The suits exterior is a hardened Iridium / Titanium alloy which is extremely resistant to many forms of physical and energy damage. It is also none-magnetic and very conductive, creating an almost perfect Faraday-cage effect. The suits defensive design is a mix of hard armour and manoeuvrability; the hard-alloy outer plating capable of easily withstanding anti-personnel weapons and larger caliber portable munitions, it takes a larger armour piercing round to damage the outer skin. Using miniature power thrusters embedded within the frame of the suit, the Crimson Breaker armour is capable of high-speed short range dashes to avoid attacks or close ground on opponents.

Powered by a Gibral anti-matter sphere, the suits core is magnetically suspended and shielded to prevent unwanted anti-matter matter interactions. Using specialised matter injectors, the core is exposed to minute amounts of matter to create anti-matter matter annihilations in a very controlled way. The energy; thermal, electromagnetic and kinetic is almost completely utilised by the cores advanced energy absorption panels. This massive potential energy does not come without risks; though designed to prevent core exposure at all costs, it is possible for the magnetic suspension of the anti-matter to fail.

In the event of a core containment failure, a fully charged Gibral anti-matter sphere power core is capable of detonation and utter destruction equal to an estimated 21.5 Teratons (21.5 trillion tons of TNT).

Using the harnessed potential energy of only one gram of anti-matter, the suits power systems are virtually limitless in regards to life expectancy. They do however have peak safe out-put ranges which can be over-loaded, representing the danger of containment failure.

This suit; piloted by our dear 16, becomes the ultimate powered-armoured mercenary Crimson. Through the obstruction of her features and use of a vocal modifier in the suits helmet, she is almost impossible to spot as 16, or recognise as her other identity Lana Nielson.

Something More

At one time, 16 was comfortable living her double life. Resigned to the intangible cage of the Nest; she lived, worked and fought all for the good of 'him' and simple monitory gain. Though able to pick her targets, her missions, she had nothing more to live for.

That is, until she met someone that changed her world forever. Working on an UNTIL contract to aid a group known then as the Platinum Guardians, 16 met one Samantha Winters.
Using her identity Lana, 16 quickly worked her way into the group as the liaison for the mercenary Crimson and earned Samantha's trust. Somewhere along the line, before she even knew her fully, 16 began to care about Samantha; care what happened to her and her well-being.

Through many close and even difficult moments, including one near death, 16 and Samantha became closer. When 16's true identity came to light and all those difficult moments made sense, they fell for one-another. Learning their seperate histories frighteningly similar, they each found someone they could trust and even, relate to.

Crimson.JPGCrimsonAndAzure1.jpgAzure Blue.JPG

Out-fitting the armour collecting Samantha with a copy of her Crimson Breaker armour; Sam edged into the the role of Azure
They still fight the world together.


The character 16 conforms to a few tropes in popular culture, a few of them are listed here regarding her individual personas for ease:

Lana Nielson


Powered Armor- Crimson operates solely wearing her Power Armour Crimson Breaker. This form-fitting bullet deflecting piece of human hardware turns her into a technological terror. Easily able to wreak havoc upon any battle-field.

Swiss Army Weapon- Crimson has weapons. Lots and lots of weapons. A weapon for every occasion, all build into one device, the Crimson Breaker armour.

Shoulder Cannon- I did mention Crimson had weapons, right?

Immune to Bullets- Crimson's power armour makes her very tough. Immune to small arms fire and many forms of portable munitions, you'll have to bring something bigger if you want to achieve penetration.

Azure Twilight and Crimson Screams

Double sided the fight continues,

Crimson staining those vicious sinews.

Passionate azure curiosity peeks,

Ragged red destruction speaks.

Whispering twilight of offered dreams,

Shouting over those dreaded screams.

Targeted red filled with memories and hate,

Yet Cyan care sets the rate.

A beep blue future waits for us,

Cannot forget the crimson hush.