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"Not everything is as it seems. Keep that in mind."

"You may actually learn something about a Beeman."

Written by @Doctor_Awesome

Inspector Detector
Vespula Sting
Wasp on the Wall
Creeper Bee Headpic.jpg
Player: @Doctor_Awesome
Super Group
Information and Control Specialist
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Real Name
_____ _____
________, __________
New Jersey, New Jersey
Detective, Information Broker
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
European African
Apparent Age
195 lbs.
Body Type
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Powers & Abilities
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Beerangs. Stealth Suit. Intelligence Linkup.
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Detective. Intelligent. Observationalist.

Accountancy's Finest

Vespula Sting has been sighted many times, starting from the winter of 2004. He openly talks with Public on his case matters, but never on personal points. The information we have on his beginnings is spotty at best, completely inaccurate at worst. The first confirmation or sighting of the Detective was in New Jersey, New Jersey. From this date onwards, his appearance in many drug ring busts and Organized Crime front raids became very commonplace to the New Jersey Police Department. Vespula's crimescene consulting for the New Jersey Police Department drew the eyes of several different sets of clients, some with losses in corporate crime.
The name is Reinhardt Schmitt. Born and raised in South Africa, Dual citizenship for the United Kingdom. I've always had a thing for puzzles and a thing for Bees. At the drive of my parents, I went to business school and enrolled in accountancy. I was the top of my grade and after, the top of my firm.
Vespula Sting became a name in more than New Jersey, having his various cases take him all over the eastern seaboard of the United States, solving petty and intricate Corporate and Stock market scandals with a high degree of success. Many of these crimes were related to unsavory business practices and organized crime fences. Having made a name for himself over the course of years, Vespula Sting had made strokes, once again to broaden his case files. No longer content with shady business transactions, his services are now on offer to P.R.I.M.U.S. and multinational conglomerates (save for the umbrella corperation known as ARGENT).
Number crunching. So tedious. Numbers, however, never lie. I got good putting everything into numbers. I got good at noticing the details, too. Soon, spying from the 42nd floor window on the City, solving mysteries in a novel wasn't enough. I needed a challenge or I'd be stale.
Since Vespula Sting has become a famed detective in the United States, the work that is offered to him (and quite normally accepted) ever teeters closer and closer to the criminal underbelly of supervillains. Still, when the 'Inspector Detector, Vespula Sting' takes up a case, all roads from there on in converge on the answer, however dangerous, misguided or ill-advised it is.
I have the mind to crack the unsolvable. I have the drive to turn over the rock that hides the murder weapon. "On the Case" isn't a phrase. It is a promise. I became more then an Accountant in a dead end job. I became a wasp on the wall.
And so, Vespula Sting's career has been rife with conflict, crossing paths with many a mastermind. But when Vespula Sting is on the case, he'll get the answer.
When Johnathan Armstrong is on the case, He'll get an answer.

Opportunity Knocked, Accountant Answered

Vespula Sting's recent escapades have been anything but normal (if they ever were normal). Being ousted into a world of Meta-humans, crusading for Justice, Liberty and/or a thrill has made his life all the more dangerous. Vespula Sting contends with scientifically enhanced minds, mutated powerhouses of muscle, magically imbued sorcerers of terrible power, and every other average human striving for greatness through hard work and dedication. Suffice to say, he has finally made his way into the Heroic Community established on Earth.

Superpowers. Powerarmor. *Pffft* Magic. Everyone has an in, and most didn't lift a finger to gain it. "Hard work beats talent with talent refuses to Work Hard". Oh, how far I'd be if I could shoot... eyebeams.

The transition was hard. The change in situation was worse. Being a capable hand to hand combatant among normal men is of zero comfort working along side those that can crush vehicles under a whim. Neither is arriving to the correct conclusion after much debate and thought as the super genius you have currently agreed to help arrived at it nine minutes ago. The reality of Vespula's normalcy is a deafening notion, and also his most driving.

The very thought of these... forces that be, not working to their upmost is nauseating. I won't stomach the thought of handing over all the responsibility of civilization to the 'well-endowed'. The mind is the human's greatest tool and in the age of information, knowledge is power.

Vespula Sting, however, was not without a reputation. A detective by trade, an inspector at work - Vespula Sting moved to use what got him to the top. Not his 'power'. Not his brains. His resolve and pursuit for the truth, and nothing but. Hand in hand with his reputation and staying true to the skillset he has, he's become a member of Colosso's Eternals, Inc., working as an intelligence agent on the side. With his late nights and hard work paying off, Vespula Sting has become what he has sought most. One of the highest profile Detectives in the United States, and possibly the planet. Weather or not he can handle it, is a totally different problem.

This is the 'Ever after' of my fairytale. I'm not going to let it slip. This detective streak of mine is going to run hot until retirement. Nighthawk, Mr.Blank, pah. I'll show them what a real inspector can do.

Its not who you know, its what you know of who

Just what can a man in a beesuit do?
Not a whole lot.
Vespula Sting is just an average man. He is also painfully aware of this. To combat his failings (at least in the versus meta-human sense), he employs many tricks and traits to gain the advantage.
A prepared hand never loses in poker. Call it cheating but I call it smarts.

Vespula Sting actively employs a suit, designed to look like a variety of bees and wasps, which also has the ability to refract light sources and become, for all intensive purposes, invisible to the naked eye. He calls it the Beesuit, which is aptly named. Currently, the Beesuit houses stealth systems, built in communications, a subdermal armor designed to stop fatal blows (up to a point), an intelligence system that guides the use of: Beerangs, in the field information requests, and vehicle control. Truly, if anything was to contribute to Vespula Sting the most, it would be his Beesuit.

The Beesuit. Possibly the tool I use the most. Built in intelligence, guiding my Beerangs, cataloging and taping conversations, in the field data-retrieval. I'd be behind the race if I didn't have the suit.
Vespula Sting isn't much inclined to frontal assaults but sometimes things just... happen. He is always equipped (when suited*) with sixteen 'Beerangs', boomerangs with an AI computer installed for 'Smart Flight' aiming on the fly. The link which is maintained by his suit's internal computer systems process targeting information and flightpaths for these accurate and highspeed weapons, giving them remarkable aim and astounding 'trick-like' pathways to their targets. They are also shaped like Bees, hence the name... Beerang.
The manufacturer of the Beerang. It cost a lot to get these pieced together. Perfect tool. No sound. No lethality. Multiple uses.
Vespula Sting has many tools of the trade. Several that he employs quite regularly, two being a webbing adhesive grenade that can also act as a mine, and a particle concussion devices, primed to activate on a frequency from Vespula Sting's suit. A man who likes to pack light though, he doesn't carry much else on his persons during covert operations.
Handy. Useful. Cumbersome. I don't know how Nighthawk packs, but he seems to carry everything in that belt of his. No idea how he does it.

Vespula Sting has access to several vehicles that he uses for a multitude of purposes. He currently has Three.

- Red Wasp.

Vespula Sting's hoverbike, the Red Wasp. A powerful jet-bike, capable of breaking 190 MPH in the air, and more importantly... giving the Beeman some much needed firepower with twinlinked particle projection cannons, dual laser repeaters and full stealth capability.

The best city transportation I have. Easily concealable on rooftops, stealth capable, good non-ammunition based firepower and still small enough to not startle the PD into action.
- Mud Dobber.

Vespula Sting's riot vehicle. It was a gift from an arms-manufacturer for solving a case regarding their rigged to plummet stocks. A double turret ground-based anti-riot tank, it barely sees the light of day because of its contrast to Vespula's usual stealth operations.

I don't drive the thing much. It's probably a good thing, though. Anti-riot or not, the thing is built to level a city block if it needed to. I doubt I will use it in live fire, but never say never.
- Emerald Wasp.

Vespula Sting's long range jet, his primary use for transportation. Built to take a punch, equipped with two machine-guns loaded with rubberized pellets and flashbang rounds, its secondary use is a decoy in dangerous situations where Vespula Sting is exposed outdoors.

Getting around for working mugs. Maybe one day I'll cake myself in radioactive honey and grow a set of wings, but until then - I don't think I could get a more reliable ride. Unless her name was Jenny. Jennys are wife material.

Numbers don't lie

Living as a man who dons a bee-themed suit to solve and fight crimes contributes to mental stress, or just takes an unique individual in the first place. Vespula Sting is a man of many diverse personality traits (while in the costume), that can be easily summed up.

•Vanity or Veiled Sarcasm.

Vespula Sting remarks on his self-image a lot. He regularly boasts about his good looks, intelligence, and overall superiority. This is intended as veiled sarcasm nearly all the time, however, Vespula Sting would have had to had the thought that either he is, or isn't, what he says in the first place for the thought to form.

Why punish flair and style? I know who I am and what I do. It is not like I -worked- to be one of the smartest detectives alive.
•Light Humor.

Quips and puns abound, Vespula Sting's fieldwork is nearly always followed by witty banter, or better referred to as 'No thoughts censored'. The Beeman can often be found mocking current foes, reciting important points in a case to himself, referencing internet or general humor (referring to 'Jesus' as 'Beesus' constantly) and acting as if mysterious people are watching him and his comrades.

You found this flavor text. I knew you'd be reading. I've seen you watch me run around, chucking Beerangs from your computer screen! DON'T DENY IT! ... I'm onto you.
•Dislike of Magick

As with every human, Vespula Sting dislikes what he cannot answer or put an explanation to. The thought of a force that cannot be quantified by any known means (or rather, known to him) disturbs him. That does not deter him from persuing cases that have hints of magical influence, however.

Magic. What the hell is Magic? I can pull a quarter from a kids ear. Does that make me Magic? Ghouls, ghosts, gods. Pah, everything has an answer. Calling something magic is an admittance of defeat.
•Can't avoid a Mystery.

Vespula Sting is inquisitive and curious down to his very core. Puzzles and mysteries greatly intrigue him. After all, that is why he has become a detective. However, this need of an tangled web of secrets borders on the obsessive compulsive. Without something for him to put his mind to, he becomes greatly agitated and hostile. Inactivity of the mind is something he has a great deal of trouble coping with.

I know what I like and I know what I want. Give me a web to dissect. Give me a coldcase murder to crack. Give me a international terrorist ring to sniff out. Just never, ever, give me basic cable television.
•Mockery Mime.

Vespula Sting tosses Barbs with the best of them, only if those around him start chucking insults first, most of which circle back to his affection for Bees.

•Selective Secret Identity.

Vespula Sting, dealing with the game of information against terrorist organizations and supervillains alike, takes his secret identity quite seriously, and won't expose himself to possible danger unless the circumstances demand it.

•Who? Why?

Vespula Sting, for all intensive purposes... isn't widely known. Of course he is known to agencies such as PRIMUS, the FBI, CIA, and such because of his freelance information trading with them, but beyond that - nearly everyone on the street will ask "Who" and "Bee-what?"

High stakes and Adders

Vespula Sting is in the Spy game, on top of being a detective. In a world of superheroes and super-villains with the power to punch down buildings, the best defense is to leave no target - or aptly, not let your opponent know there is a target at all.
Throw tanks, shoot rockets, eyelaser holes. I'll be in your kitchen drinking your milk and dulling your steak knives.

A Man's Letters > A Man's Wallet

Vespula Sting's Allies

I have a couple.

The Frontiersmen - Vespula Sting is the Informationa and Control agent for the Frontiersmen. - Currently, anyways.

What you know over why you know it

Trivial things. Why a Beeman does what a Beeman does.

A Beeman does because a Beeman can.

The Thing about Bees
...Yellowjackets, actually.

•Did you know... the word "Vespula" is a small social genus of northamerican wasps, commonly known as Yellowjackets? Therefore Vespula's name is technically incorrect as Yellowjackets do not own stingers but rather poisonious barbs, enabling repeated pierces or "stings".

•Did you know... assuming Yellowjackets consume nothing but nectar is silly? They actually adapted over the years to include powerful mandibles capable of tearing an insect apart to eat. This include honey-bees, which evolved to have a black and yellow coloring to mimic a Yellowjacket.

•Did you know... there is a Species of Wasp or Vespula in North America that reproduces by stinging a spider, paralyzing it, laying eggs in it's abdomen, flood it's neurons with a concoction that effectively mind controls said spider to weaving a egg with silk for it's parasites, is eaten from the inside out and has it's chitin act as an egg? Yes. Mind Control Bees are a real thing.

Rumor, Conjecture, Praise, Hate
...What people say, really.

•A place to comment on a Bee.
"Vespula is a mentor to me. He's trained me and contributed to the betterment of myself. I owe a lot of success to him. Whether he knows it or not...whether he likes it or not...he's a hero to me, and a personal inspiration to always use my brain and be better. Thanks, bee man." - Stitch
This guy is an idiot. Staple face. Tries to womanize. You are a monster. Look in a mirror.
"I met him three times, all of them i got impressed by his preparation on the matter we were to discuss or investigate... he even tossed completely useless info but he was sure that -nothing- was useless. Aside from his weirdness I believe he is one of the best I ever met, and i play this game from a long time." - Jericho
Break the walls down - toss useless info? Nothing is useless? What a dummy.
"Stingy don't like me, i know this. The reasons are many: my syllines, my powers he don't understand, my cat... i don't know why he refuse my help but i will never refuse his, i like his jokes and i am not even half of the hero he is" - Pulsar
Who brings a cat into a warzone? Why do children get superpowers and I get cucked? This kid is stupid.
"He does his job well." - Professor Smash
Yeah. Better then you.
"Sting-Motion." - Stopmotion
All time great wrestling tag team. Brains and the less than brawn.

"An... unusual man. He seems competent and I have to assume the fact that I don't see him too much is intentional." - Ultima King

"Beefriend is mysterious and I think he is still mad about my accidental slaying of the black robot ninja." - Starlancer

"Who?" - Prism

"To most, Vespula Sting appears to be a bloviating nuisance with a drug-induced ADHD-like personality. To others, he's actually a competent spy that knows how to play his part very well. Whatever the case may be, his skills and his resources are both very impressive, especially on a team like ours. I'd advise him to lay off the coffee, however." - Watchman

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