Professor Smash

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Professor Smash
Player: @musketbawlz
Character Build
Class Focus: Heavy Weapon DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Scott Best, Ph.D
Known Aliases: Professor Smash, Doc
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Bend, Oregon
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Michigan
Relatives: George and Alicia Best(parents) ; Robert Best(brother) ; Oliver and Olivia Best(son and daughter)
Age: 33
Height: 6'1"
Weight: idk
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Cybernetic arm(right)
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: United States citizen
Occupation: Scientist extraordinare / crimefighter
Education: Ph.D in physics, Masters degree in Applied Science
Marital Status: Engaged to Time Tinker
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Goliath Mark V warhammer, laser pistol, tricorder, high tech goggles, bastionweave bodyglove
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Origins and History

After a birth defect left him with one arm, Scott Best received his first cybernetic limb at the age of three. Since then he has been endlessly fascinated with technology and the world of science as a whole, also in no small part due to the presence of his grandfather during his childhood, a renowned chemist in his hayday. As a result, Scott was valedictorian of every class he was ever a part of.

He graduated from the University of Oregon and instantly pursued his dream to be a scientist, migrating to the scientific mecca of the United States: Millenium City, Michigan. He started out in Harmon Labs as an intern and worked his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming one of their top researchers and using his inventions to outfit the superpowered community, as well as making significant discoveries in the fields of quantum physics and warp mechanics, earning him a respected status in the international scientific community. He also worked with UNTIL in some classified projects.

Since then, the Professor has conducted mostly independent research from his Millenium City laboratory, and has become a crimefighter himself under the alias of Professor Smash. His signature weapon is his power hammer, the Goliath Mark (I-V) Warhammer, along with an arsenal of other gadgets.


GOLIATH Mark V Warhammer -- The Professor's trademark weapon is currently in its fifth incarnation, the Mark V model. It is crafted out of an advanced alloy developed by former teammate Stinger, which absorbs the kinetic energy from an impact and uses it to bolster the weapon's durability or alter its shape. GOLIATH is an incredibly versatile tool that the Professor can use to generate force fields, focus energy projectiles for ranged combat, immobilize a target with a retroviral atom leash -- or he can just beat the hell out of things with it.

Cybernetic limb -- The Professor's state-of-the-art superarm is just as an important piece of his arsenal as his hammer is. With a smaller power core it can perform many of the same tasks that GOLIATH can, such as personal forcefield generation. Also installed in the fingers of the hand are novelty items including a toothbrush, comb, screwdriver, and a cascading laser pointer to blind enemies. More importantly, it allows him to wield the heavy 150 pound GOLIATH warhammer as a normal human.

Energy pistol -- A standard laser pistol that the Professor uses as a secondary weapon. It runs on two methods of ammunition: energy cells that hold a magazine of 25 shots, and a backup cell that collects solar energy and focuses it into projectile form. Installed on the underside of the barrel is a projectile launcher that can fire specialized objects such as tracking bugs.

'Wayfinder' type 7 visual enhancers -- Built in to the lenses of these high tech goggles are many useful features: magnification, thermal visioning, flashlights, video recording -- and they keep the bugs out, too. All of these features can be turned on or off with simple voice commands, and if those won't suffice they even recognize blinking patterns.



Disciples of Humanitatis --

Public Opinions

What do the Professor's fellow crimefighters think about him?

"Nerd's aren't usually good at fighting." - Inspector Detector, Vespula Sting.

"Smash? He's cool beans! One of the few people who don't want to ram me into a giant stake, cook me, and feed me to cannibalistic boars. He's got a pretty BA hammer, too." - Beast

"Scott is someone i can rely. He knows a lots about science and smashing stuff with equations and his Huge Maul ( i'm sure he knows a lot about Trekkies stuff ~) I'm glad to be part of his friends. Teleportation Scotty!" - Quintessence

"I like Smash, he's one of those guys who is really smart but doesn't lord it over others. Plus it's hilarious listening to him and Zeroline. Science!" - Change

"Smashy team, go! Smashy have a wonderfull brain and a super funny-friendly personality, he is the perfect scientist of the comic books... plus he smash! HAMMEEER TIIIIME!" - Pulsar

"The Professor's as good in a fight as he is in the lab. Having that kind of expertise in the field is invaluable." - Captain Adamant

"Professor Smash? Yeah, he's alright I guess. Sure I'm a bit envious that hes worked for Harmon Labs, but personally I don't think running in head first armed with a greathammer is a way to fight...But, whatever floats his boat." - Krow


  • Mainstream influences for the Professor include Sam from American television series Quantum Leap and Jayce from MOBA League of Legends. Quantum Leap was (and still is!) one of my favorite shows, and the main character is Dr. Sam Beckett, a quantum physicist who travels through time helping people out(albeit unintentionally at first) I took a handful of Sam's personality/biographical features and used them in the Professor. PS's ties to Jayce are pretty obvious -- they're both handsome scientists with hammers!


a smashing group of individuals
PS from a 'What If?' timeline as a baseball star