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On May 15th, 1955 three heroes from Detroit decided to form a loose coalition to help each other on hard-to-solve cases. They called the group the Global Defense Force; the founding members were Validus, Mister Turbo, Radioactoman, and Bombshell, the late-coming female titan. Over the next several months the team ups led to unrivaled success and so it was decided that since the loose partnership forged strong friendships, they should become a Super Group. Their first true test as a group was against The Exterminator. It took the group months to track him down and eventually win the day after a hard fought battle. This would herald only the first challenge the GDF would overcome during the rest of the decade as their group slowly grew in numbers.

The 60's

In 1961 the group saw its first expansion to New York with Radioactoman leaving to lead that chapter. The Detroit chapter, at its peak, had 45 members on the roster. They were at the forefront of equal rights and gender equality as long as the members obeyed the laws of the world. The group continued to grow while defeating the likes of Mad Mistress, White Hood, Soviet Star, and many more. In 1969 the group expanded again founding a chapter in Los Angeles right after the summer of love.

The 70's

In the 70s the group saw a new age of gritty heroes emerge. A slight rift started to from between the veterans and the young guns. The newer members were more prone to skirt the law and take matters into their own hands instead of just solve the crime and hand over the evidence and sometimes villain to the police. The old guard stood with their rules and following the laws that were established by the founders and the group managed to keep its reputation. By the late 70s there was a GDF chapter in Toronto, London, and Berlin.

The 80's

The ‘80s again saw a new wave of heroes and villains alike. Most of the veterans and old guard had long since retired, leaving the reins of the group on the shoulders of still largely untested heroes. There were some speed bumps along the way but the group survived and kept its recognition as well as a still outstanding reputation. Many more villains were apprehended by the GDF as well as making a few nemeses along the way. The end of the '80s saw the GDF on firm footing as a well established hero group with the community as its main focus.

The 90's

The '90s were supposed to be a decade of more prosperity but would turn out to be just the opposite. In 1990 the Tokyo chapter of the GDF was launched with lots of fanfare and promises of a bright future. In 1992 the face of GDF was forever changed as Dr. Destroyer set out to destroy the city of Detroit. With it all chapters of the GDF were called in to help most of the heroes from around the world and from chapters within the U.S. arrived to help. This proved to be a fatal error as most of the global roster of the GDF was wiped out that day, many more heroes in the GDF retired shortly after.

Since the Battle of Detroit...

The rest of the decade and the '00s saw the rebuilding of the GDF. Some heroes came and went but there wasn’t a foundation like before the attack on Detroit. A U.N. department named ANCILE sponsored and became the financial backer of the GDF, keeping the prestigious group afloat and still backing the group today. 2012 saw the leadership of Powered Omega who had to make a hard decision for the group at large. The Decision kept the universe from delving into chaos but left one of the co leaders dead.

Shortly thereafter, GDF’s other main backer, the Galactic Council, withdrew their support but ANCILE stayed. Powered Omega left to re-find the New York chapter of the GDF completing the chapters that had been all but destroyed in the attacks. The GDF, now with a new group of leaders and chapters all over the world, strive to uphold the memory of every Global Defense Force member before them while ushering yet another new age for the group. Now, with new villains more deadly than ever, like Zoroaster, the group will test its mettle and find a name for themselves, yet. The Global Defense Force has, and always will be, the shield to protect humanity.



The Global Defense Center is located in downtown Millennium City. At first, the Center appears to be a normal office building but upon closer inspection, one would notice the many additions over time to distinguish it as the GDF's main headquarters. It has all the room, space, and facilities any type of hero would ever need and be ready for the job. The building's resources are fully dedicated to the GDF; there are apartments, a cafeteria, gyms, and many more facilities. Built by ANCILE to meet all of the GDF’s needs, it is a state of the art super group headquarters.

Places of Note
  • GDF Meeting Room
  • Simulation Chamber
  • Lounge

The Sub-Levels

The basement of the Global Defense Force HQ is an immense space and primarily acts as a garage for heroes. Personal vehicles are encouraged to be parked there and there is an automotive bay to work on both personal and work-related vehicles. The garage is segmented into two large sections: one side for hero vehicles and tactical vehicles and the other side reserved for civilian vehicles. The only way to get into the garage is either with an ANCILE badge or a GDF communication device and there are areas where heroes in civilian attire can change discretely. The automotive bay is equipped with anything a hero may need to repair their vehicles or modify them to certain mission specifications. Even though security is tight in the garage there is still a certain amount anonymity to allow heroes to protect their secret identities.

The Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Defense Center houses the groups meeting rooms, offices, and administrative areas. It also houses the GDF’s Hall of Heroes: a place to remember past heroes of the GDF who impacted the group or died while serving in it. Statues immortalize each hero along with their personal effects and plaques. This part of the Defense tower is open to the public, as many come to pay their respects to the fallen heroes. The rest of the Center is closed to the public and only open to GDF recruits, members, and ANCILE agents.

Floors 2-12

The second floor houses the group’s state of the art infirmary it occupies the entire floor and has everything from emergency rooms to a rehabilitation center for wounded members. The third to the twelfth floors hold all of the GDF’s workstations, dedicated to any type of problem the GDF may need to solve. All fashions of labs from science to tech to robots to forensics populate this section. All of the facilities are staffed by ANCILE and are there to help any GDF member who may come in for an open case.

Floors 13-24

The thirteenth floor has the cafeteria, group gym, and the dorms for Recruits. There is also a lounge for all members nestled in, also complete with billiards room and a theater. From the fourteenth floor to the 24th floor are apartments for members, should they wish to occupy them. These apartments are a suitable living space for members, free of charge, and are often used after tough missions for those too tired or too injured to get to their home. There is an army of housekeepers ready to keep the members' homes away from home ready and clean.

Floors 25 and 26

All of the GDF’s databases, servers, and electronic side of the group are housed in a high security area on the 25th floor. This floor is also shared with the building's security force made up of ANCILE agents and the odd hero volunteering their time to protect the Global Defense Center. The armory is also stationed on this floor and is filled with an arsenal of non-lethal weapons and firing ranges. The 26th floor is the top of the tower, for now, and is enclosed, though it can open as a hangar to allow the Albatross to come and go. It can also protect any of the members' personal aircraft, provided it is a vertical takeoff vehicle. Finally, the top floor and hangar serves as a maintenance bay for the Albatross.




Name: Abraham Greenbaum
Designation: The Brains
Abilities: Super Science, Super Genius Intellect, Archery
Rank: Global Commander

The GDF's Global Commander spends most of his waking time sealed in his Lab working on various experiments and projects.




Name: Secret
Designation: The Rock
Abilities: Super Strength, Super Durability, Flight
Rank: Global Advocate

The American Legend, Independence Eagle. His smile inspires his fellow Heroes and strikes fear into the hearts of the wicked. **DING**




Name: Nebuleia
Designation: The Heart
Rank: Global Advocate

The Heroic Nebuleia, Fiance' to Zero Line and Intergalactic Traveler.




Name: The Elasticator
Designation: The Elastic Enigma
Abilities: Super Elasticity, Body Morphing, Enhanced Resistance, Enhanced Healing
Rank: Global Captain

After making some wrong decisions and ultimately losing everything he held dear, Joey Trovani was given a second chance. With the power to stretch his body beyond normal comprehension, to mold himself into any shape, and the goal to one day face the demons of his past. Joey Trovani became the elastic enigma....THE ELASTICATOR!




Name: Mirey / Shadowed Mirey
Designation: The Mystic
Abilities: Shadow Manipulation, Arcane Magics, Healing
Rank: Global Captain

A healer who works for both The GDF and at Mercy Hospital, she focuses on Cellular Regeneration, specializing in regrowing limbs and organs. Known for her compassion and enjoyment of life she keeps her private life quiet and hides behind her lack of a mask.




Name: Operative Shrike
Designation: The Soldier
Rank: Global Captain





Name: Rebel
Designation: The Cajun
Abilities: Luck Manipulation, Increased Agility and Aim
Rank: Global Captain

Hailing from Multifaria, this Cajun Bounty Hunter traveled to our Dimension to repay it for it's part in freeing his own. His training as a Resistance Soldier and time spent serving in the Great Harmon Wars back home prepared him for a life of heroics and duty. His tech skills are excellent and he uses armor and equipment primarily refurbished from fallen Destroids he's fashioned himself, including a pair of Blasters with multiple settings.




Name: John Cheeseman
Designation: The Wiseguy
Abilities: Heavy combat power armor, firearms, and razor wit
Rank: Global Defender

Colonel of The Professionals paramilitary unit, his love for combat is only surpassed by his love for terrible jokes and puns.




Name: Francisca Verdugo
Designation: The Shield
Abilities: Extensive Martial Arts training, Combat enhancing equipment, problem with authority figures and raw Latina sexiness.
Rank: Global Defender

Condor is a chilean heroine that follows the legacy of WWII chilean hero, "El Condor" wearing an updated version of the uniform representing the chilean flag, and taking the name of the national bird, she fits into the archetypical national and legacy hero.




Name: Grizzly
Designation: The Bear
Abilities: Super Strength, Super Regeneration, Increased Durability and Stamina, Enhanced Senses (Smell in particular), Slight Size Manipulation and Metabolism Control
Rank: Global Defender

Contrary to popular belief, not all bears want to eat you once they see you. Grizzly is one of those bears. Coming from former Jugoslavija, he still serves the army and occasionaly does missions when called for. He is a loyal friend, and will fiercely protect anyone he cares about without hesitation.




Name: Lady Marrus
Designation: The Titan
Abilities: Super Strength, Durability and Agility. Extensive knowledge of hand to hand and armed combat and conflict strategies. Magic based pyro-kinesis.
Rank: Global Defender

Marrus is a Titan of Olympus. Forged an infant of Olympian ore and given life by the elder gods, her purpose was to be a weapon. After an age spent locked in bloody war, she exiled her self to Earth in the hopes of finding a better way to bring peace to her people. Now, among her cast warriors in the GDF, She fights for justice and the people of her adopted home.




Name: Lex
Designation: The Mighty
Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Super Strength, Invulnerability.
Rank: Global Defender

Half Human, Half Alien. Lex is what you get when you put a Super powered Hero, and a Mystical Alien together. Even though he has had a life without a family that cares about him. He tends to be very positive even when the stuff hits the fan. Being trained as a hero since the age of 13 he has gained numerous skills as well as combat expertise.




Name: Lyssa Desole
Designation: The Therapist
Abilities: Mind Over Matter, something of a Mad Scientist, very analytical when it comes to aesthetics.
Rank: Global Defender

Formerly a super villain, she hasn't lost some of the traits, such as her fashion sense. She learned to construct remarkable works of technology when trying to conquer the planet, learned to help others with her psionic abilities while in prison, and would likely say she's always known a thing or two about aesthetics, willing to offer her help in any and all of those fields.




Name: Amory
Designation: The Electrified
Abilities: Electricity Manipulation, Super speed
Rank: Global Defender

A self-taught genius, but completely unaware of the depth of her skill, Rika's life as a hero began when she won her powersuit from an essay contest sponsored by a cereal company. That event launched a personal journey of learning to maintain and upgrade the suit, eventually leading her to be the hero she is today. Her greatest stumbling block is that she cannot bring herself to recognize her own ability and skills, but she makes up for her lack of confidence with unswerving loyalty to her allies and cause.




Name: Warden
Designation: The Guardian
Abilities: Super strength, Flame dispersion, Flight, Mystic armor, Regeneration.
Rank: Global Defender

The Warden is a legacy hailing back to the old Greek empire. The current holder is less skilled than those of past but still holds a position as a defender of the innocent and a knight in shining armor to those who need it. He is an up and coming hero who is just now starting to learn his place, earning his spot in the legacy that he and his suit are a part of.





Name:King Quantus "Conquerer of Worlds "
Abilities:Enormous Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and Durability
Vendetta:Earth, The Global Defense Force
Criminal Patterns:The war-king is blinded by rage and wishes to avenge his grievances on the new generation of the Global Defense Force.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

He can absorb and project vast quantities of cosmic energy and is capable of telekinesis, telepathy, hypnosis, microscopic vision, X-ray vision, telescopic vision, enhanced senses, and a psychic awareness of imminent danger. The Interstellar Ruler possesses a detailed knowledge of military tactics, has legions of warriors and technology at his disposal.




Name:General Thomas Abernathy
Vendetta:Zero Line, The Global Defense Force
Criminal Patterns:Rogue General, formerly presiding over all R and D projects funded by the United States Army.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Seems to be a driven man sometimes reckless most of the time obssessive over the projects he runs and people he leads.




Name:Humans First Organization
Vendetta:MetaHumans, Aliens, Any Non-Human
Criminal Patterns:

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██




Criminal Patterns:

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██




The Global Defense Force is looking for superheroes who uphold the law and have the ability and desire to help protect Millennium City and the world abroad. If you have what it takes to put the defense of this World above all else, even your own life, you may find your place among the GDF's Membership. We are looking for the best and brightest Heroes out there and offer the resources to make you even better, providing you pass the Recruitment phase of Membership.

Interested in joining? Apply today! If you have any questions regarding The Global Defense Force, please visit our official site HERE.