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Titania: You wish to see the distant realms? Very well. But know this first: the places you will visit, the places that you will see, do not exist. For there are only two worlds — your world, which is the real world, and the other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality, is not important. What is important is that they are there. These worlds provide an alternative. Provide escape. Provide a dream, and power, provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters.
Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic, Vol. 1, Issue 3 (1991)

The Man Behind the Mask (Kind Of)

I seem to always come back to this guy
Global: @CorethL
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Age: Older than I care to admit to
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Base of Operations: Washington DC area
  • Speculative Fiction novels
  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Comics (Duh)
  • MMORPGs (Another Duh)
  • Some programming/writing
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A Few of Coreth's Characters

Coreth started out messing around in the MMO world with Star Wars Galaxies in 2005, with his main character Coreth Landwalker, a Master Ranger/Master least, until the hated New Game "Enhancements" which removed his main profession entirely, trashed the game interface and combat system, and drove off a very large chunk of its playerbase-including him. He'd gone back a couple times after a year passed and having heard of design changes that made it tolerable...but the damage done to his friends lists and the continuing direction of the devs there finally permitted him to leave it behind forever.

Okay-that's enough with the third person.

In that bleak year, I spent my time in World of Warcraft using Coreth as a Protection Spec Warrior. I actually enjoyed my time there, but the raid-centric attitude of the game at maximum level and an inability to get into a guild that I felt comfortable in eventually led me to exit that game too. I bummed around a bit in Lord of the Rings Online as well, poked my head into EVE Online, but none of them really seemed to offer what I was looking for.

Enter City of Heroes. I'd started playing CoH sometime in '06, but hit the unofficial RP server there in mid '07. I had a blast there! But as all things begin, all things end; with CoH going dark, there was really only one other option for superheroic gaming. And there we are.

The Characters

40 Asteroid.jpg An alien would-be gladiator and all around brawler, Asteroid has come to Earth to beat up bad guys! Some people-even aliens-just have simple motives....
Silver medal T.png Freeform (Might)

40 Gunfighter.jpg A former Marine, and a former agent of PRIMUS, Gunfighter now operates as a hero in Millennium City, planning to demonstrate that the best way to deal with super villains is with superior firepower!
Silver medal T.png Freeform (Munitions)

40 Mindblade.jpg Mindblade used to be an agent for PRIMUS, specializing in information retrieval and infiltration, until Special Directive 31 gave her the chance to become more than human. Now granted telekinetic abilities, Mindblade hopes to make a difference for the country and the world.
Silver medal T.png Freeform (Telekinesis)

40 Runelord1.jpg Runelord was a young man content to be a surfer dude and live his life on the beach. But fate had other plans, and now he is an adept of ancient rune magic, ready to take his place amongst the world's great mages.
Paragons Logo.png Freeform (Sorcery)

40 Shadewalker.jpg Shadewalker - TBD
Silver medal T.png Freeform (Martial Arts)

40 SilverPaladin01.jpg An inventor with a fascination with tales of knights in shining armor and the cool precision of high technology, Silver Paladin constructed a suit of medieval armor packed with the latest in bleeding-edge technology to become a modern day knight!
Paragons Logo.png Freeform (Heavy Weapons/Power Armor)

40 Ultrawarrior.jpg Crippled while saving the lives of others, Ryan Sato finds a new lease on life in the Ultrawarrior Combat Chassis, determined to pit his own combat acumen against villainy.
Silver medal T.png Unleashed

The Nemesises...uh, nemesee... wh-what's the plural on that?

BlackBlade01.jpg The Black Blade is a thief with a special interest in the occult and the arcane. She has recently found that someone could steal several such things in Millennium City.
Alerts Icons Nemesis.png Nemesis

DoctorWhatsisface.jpg Some mad scientists get no respect. You get even less if you're Doctor Whatsisface, one on the verge of conquering the world until an alien buffoon not only wrecked the plan, but got the media to stick him with that idiotic nickname....
Alerts Icons Nemesis.png Nemesis

Fhtagath.jpg The murderer of the former Master of Runes, Fhtagath is a demon summoned to Earth to do the will of an unnamed master. Its command over lesser demons is the barest hint of its overall power.
Alerts Icons Nemesis.png Nemesis

MindRipper.jpg Mind Ripper was Gunfighter's first nemesis. A psychic with a sociopathic streak, she proved to be a terrific challenge for Gunfighter.
Alerts Icons Nemesis.png Nemesis

(That would be "Nemeses".) (I knew that.)


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