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My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, or the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...
Major General William H. Rupertus, The Rifleman's Creed (Approx. 1941)

Gunfighter is exactly what he sounds like. I had a desire to make a character who had a feel like a modern day cowboy, but with a substantial upgrade in firearms skills. Accordingly, his backstory involves a military background-and what happens after one leaves the military.

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Cold Iron
"I don't miss. Count on it."
Freeform (Munitions)
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Super Group
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Real Name
Alexander J. Mercer
Citizen of the United States
Millennium City
Former PRIMUS operative (Officially)
Legal Status
No criminal record
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Late Twenties
180 lbs.
Body Type
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Powers & Abilities
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Multiple firearms, hover disk
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Expert marksman


Gunfighter tends to have a laid-back personality at most times. Despite his moniker, he doesn't particulary affect the mannerisms of cowboys, or have a particularly pronounced accent. Free of the restrictions placed upon him as a Marine and as a PRIMUS agent, he's more free to say what he thinks, and doesn't particulary feel compelled to sugarcoat it for more sensitive ears.

That makes it somewhat ironic that he has a bit of a temper. It's closer to the surface now that he's out of the military, after spending years repressed. The good news is that as quick as he may be to anger, he's also quick to forgive; life's too short to stay angry for long at anyone.

Gunfighter does maintain a high level of respect for lawful authority; while he has come to enjoy operating outside their command structures, he knows the kind of things that soldiers and lawmen have to put up with all the time, and he's determined not to make their lives any rougher than they already are. When one of these requests help from him, Gunfighter has no problem dropping what he's doing to assist-providing, of course, that things aren't going right to hell because of something else.


Gunfighter possesses no special powers.


As can be implied by the name, Gunfighter is an expert at the use of assorted firearms. A classified file dossier indicates that he has multiple consecutive USMC Expert Marksman qualification badges at both pistol and rifle categories, earned gold Excellence-in-Competition badges for the USMC in both pistol and rifle categories, and earned the President's Hundred tab.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Gunfighter is an ordinary human without his equipment.


Gunfighter uses a variety of firearms in order to deal with threats. Most of his weapons are heavily modified versions of existing weaponry; he has been observed utilizing variants of M16A4 assault rifles and MP5A3 submachine guns. However, he is not adverse to using more exotic technologies: he has used a Gadroon sniper rifle for long range shots, and uses a pair of custom designed pistols that mimic the appearance of Colt Anaconda. The modifications made to each of the firearms involves the ammunition storage; instead of using standard cartridges or rounds, the weapons access a storage facility that effectively gives Gunfighter an unlimited amount of ammunition. The precise method of how the ammunition gets from the facility to the firearms remains unknown. Additionally, Gunfighter usually restricts himself to what he calls "mercy rounds" against unarmored opponents-but has also demonstrated that he has access to armor piercing rounds when needed against hard targets.

He carries the sniper rifle on his back and the pistols in holsters. However, his assault rifle and SMG are not carried on his person, but appear at need. It is theorized that they are accessed in a similar fashion as the ammunition rounds, but this also remains unknown.

Gunfighter utilizes a "hover disk" for transportation, which allows him access to vertical movement at need. This disk is accessed in a similar manner as his assault rifle and SMG.

Finally, Gunfighter wears lightweight personal armor (theorized to be an alloy of questionite). This does not offer overly great protection to Gunfighter, and it is likely that it is instead to protect his method of accessing his specialized equipment.

Character History

Excerpt from PRIMUS Evaluation Briefing #C0H120112

...Alexander Mercer joined the United States Marine Corps in 2003. Served with distinction for several years, attaining the rank of Captain. Resigned from the USMC in 2009. The reasons given for his resignation involved [REDACTED].

Mercer's tours of duty included assignments to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. After the [REDACTED] affair, Mercer served at the USMC School of Infantry. This transfer seems to have been involuntary, which helped prompt his resignation.

Mercer's personality profile indicates that he would prefer to return to combat duty. Given the recent incident in Millennium City and a rise in the superhuman population there, there is a need for an increase in PRIMUS personnel as well. Accordingly, authorization is given to recruit Mercer and expedite his assignment to Millennium City. It would be far preferred than to let one of the private military contractor groups snap him up...

Excerpt from the Special Projects Directives

...Special Projects Directive #31 authorizes the equipping of special operatives for deployment beyond the United States as well as within its borders. UNTIL has superior jurisdiction outside of the United States, but where the country's interests are concerned, PRIMUS can and should have operatives capable of pursuing threats beyond the borders of the United States. SPD-31 limits the number of these operatives to twelve, to allay concerns that PRIMUS is attempting to push UNTIL aside.

The twelve operatives will operate outside of the Silver Avengers areas of control, but should defer to the Silver Avengers as needed. These operatives are agents who have proven to be exceptional, but have been diagnosed with allergic reactions to the enhancement serum. This requires the operatives to rely more heavily on traditional weaponry and high technology.

The operatives are as follows: Agent Tyson, Agent Channing, Agent Riley, Agent Mercer...

Excerpt from DOSPA Memorandum to PRIMUS, Dated 8/15/2012

...SPD-31 is a thinly veiled attempt to extend your jurisdiction in incremental parts. I'm not interested in excuses. I realize that you had good intentions with that directive, but we cannot sanction any attempts to step on UNTIL's authority beyond our borders. It robs us-and more specifically, PRIMUS-of the moral high ground when UNTIL sticks its nose in United States business. We manage to cooperate with each other just fine, in spite of the occasional dust ups, and there's no sense in senselessly increasing tension between your organizations.

You are to revoke SPD-31 immediately. This is not a request; if I have to, I will kick this up to the President. I don't think he'll look kindly upon SPD-31; count on it...

Transcribed from a meeting at the PRIMUS Special Projects Division

...I know you were hoping to serve your country in a new capacity. I share the regret you must feel after having trained hard for your new duties. But it is what it is. Fortunately, there is an alternative we can fall back on that will still allow you to follow the spirit of SPD-31, even if it has been revoked.

If you so choose, you may, effective upon request, resign from PRIMUS. Your severance package will include the rather specialized equipment you have used for the last several months. I would further recommend registering immediately with the ATF in accordance with ASPRA as individuals capable of superhuman activity. After registering, you can expect cooperation with PRIMUS in the maintenance and resupply of your equipment. This will allow you to operate outside of our borders-admittedly with UNTIL's blessings-and protect the interests of the United States against superhuman threats.

Yes, Agent Riley, you may choose your "super-hero name". If that's really important.

No, Agent Mercer, you cannot call yourself "Captain Carnage". Please show some modicum of dignity so it reflects well on who you are, and on your training...

Excerpt from the ASPRA database, dated 9/1/2012

...Real Name: Alexander Mercer. Codename: "Gunfighter"...


Gunfighter has past experience with the United States Marine Corps (although the exact reasons behind his resignation remain untold) and is on very good terms with PRIMUS.



Mind Ripper

Real Name: Rachel Asner
Powers/Abilities: Telepathy
Henchmen: Thugs (telepathy)

Details: Mind Ripper was Gunfighter's first nemesis. A psychic with a sociopathic streak, she proved to be a terrific challenge for Gunfighter.

Current Status: At Large

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