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Dr. Frankenstein: From that fateful day when stinking bits of slime first crawled from the sea and shouted to the cold stars, "I am man!", our greatest dread has always been the knowledge of our mortality. But tonight, we shall hurl the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself. Tonight, we shall ascend into the heavens. We shall mock the earthquake. We shall command the thunders, and penetrate into the very womb of impervious nature herself.
Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder, Young Frankenstein (1974)

Doctor Whatsisface is a mad scientist who just didn't get any respect. Probably has to do with his single-minded hate of the alien buffoon who screwed up his grand plan to conquer the planet. And worse of all, the alien didn't even call him by his real name-he told the media that Kreig was "Doctor Whatsisface"! And the name stuck!!! Conquering the world is now a secondary goal....

Doctor Whatsisface
Nothing is more dangerous than a cranky mad scientist.
Nemesis of Asteroid
Player: @Coreth.png
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Real Name
Lukas Kreig (that's DOCTOR Lukas Kreig)
Don't ask him. Just...don't.
Wellington, MA
Citizen of the United States
Undoubtedly a secret lab somewhere with manufacturing facilities
Mad Scientist and would-be world conqueror
Legal Status
At Large
Marital Status
Single-get him while he's hot, ladies!
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Who would admit to it?
Physical Traits
American (?)
Apparent Age
Early Fifties
145 lbs
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He's a genius. A GENIUS! (Especially in engineering, mechanical and genetic)


"They called me mad! MAD!!!" That sort of sentence is a common one shouted by mad scientists, and it sums up Kreig pretty nicely. He's the sort who says, "If combining Qularr and praying mantis DNA into unstoppable engines of destructions and equipping them with ultra-tech weapons is wrong, I don't want to be right!" Of course, he's also the sort of guy who would say, "Who would have thought that combining Qularr and praying mantis DNA into unstoppable engines of destructions and equipping them with ultra-tech weapons would lead to my ruin?" Really, if a mad scientist could learn from his mistakes, would he still be mad?

Of course, he's also got the attitude of "well, everything would run so much better if I ran it", especially as he's applied it to the world itself. Why should he pay taxes when his work is so much more important? And building codes forbidding nuclear accelerators within the environs-what's up with that? Clearly, the way to deal with all these irritations is to take over the world so they stop bothering him.

Lately, though, he has a pure, burning hate for the being who gave him that idiotic nickname. That hate has overwhelmed him to the point where he can't see taking over the world until that imbecile with the brains of a peanut is put down for good! Everything he plans now includes a "step one: kill Asteroid".


Kreig has a number of devices to assist his quest to conquer the world/kill Asteroid. At the very least, he's shown up with a handheld sonic disruptor capable of nerve-shocking cellular structure, and a molecular disassembly ray that does exactly what it says on the tin (with a safety label, too; important not to point the wrong end at the target, after all!). Kreig is capable of developing more technology as he needs it; he's already constructed a moon base (now inhabited by Asteroid) and space-to-air bombers (currently destroyed by Asteroid). He may maintain a secret lab somewhere in the United States where he can continue to manufacture his technology, and grow his insectoid servitors.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Kreig is nuts. Really, he's the stereotypical mad scientist. He's got blind spots galore that can be taken advantage of.

Plus, his single-minded need to kill Asteroid can be used against him, too. Give him a free shot at the alien hero, and he'll take it-putting just about everything else on the back burner.


Kreig has created a number of genetically engineered insectoid creatures to do his bidding; feeling that this wasn't enough, he equipped them with powered armor, because, you know, mad scientist.

Character History

Lukas Kreig has never been what you'd call "stable". Even in his youth, he would engage in doing things in science classes that tended to...disturb his classmates, to put it mildly. ("I don't see what is wrong with splicing rodent limbs to frogs!" "No, I'm not using the chem-lab to create drugs-I'm busy using it to incubate new insect life-forms!") Yes, Kreig was always somewhat unbalanced. But he was brilliant-that couldn't be denied. His instructors were flabbergasted at his leaps in scientific inquiry. Sure, he was a bit excitable, but he had a knack. That got him to college level courses quickly, and he had no problems gaining a Ph.D or two in his chosen fields.

But that didn't matter; the human resources departments of all sorts of companies and institutions thought that his ideas were outlandish, and borderline insane. (They were being kind.) Even ARGENT couldn't bring themselves to hire him on (not controllable enough, one report said). Frustrated at this failure for anyone to recognize his genius, he decided that if the planet couldn't work with him, they'd work for him. So he worked to blend animal and insect DNA along with some purloined Qularr genetic samples, and succeeded in creating servitors; from there, he managed to acquire an abandoned super-villain's base on the moon so that he could continue his work. His plan was to construct bombers manned by his insectoid servitors, and assault the capitals of the world in a demonstration of power. Then he would present his long list of demands, targeting every company and institution that slighted him-a long list. He was, he believed, merely days away from carrying out his sudden and unexpected attack.

Then "sudden and unexpected" turned right around and hit him; the alien Asteroid arrived on the moon, saw the bombers, figured out what was likely to happen, and proceeded to trash bombers, insectoids, and Kreig himself. Kreig was dragged back to Earth and dropped off to the Millennium City PD. As he was hauled away, he heard the alien tell the media, "He wasn't really much of a fighter. He's some Doctor Whatsisface. He wouldn't last long in an arena."

Kreig was furious-again, he was being simply dismissed! Worse still: the media latched onto that name, referring to him as "the villain Doctor Whatsisface". Rumor had it that the first time Kreig heard himself referred to that name on the television, he destroyed it with his fist (the nurses at the prison assure humanitarian groups that the electrical damage was minor). Kreig vowed to repay Asteroid for ruining his plans and ruining his name! His escape came only weeks after Asteroid's debut, and while he cannot set up camp on the moon anymore, he has managed to rebuild a power base so that he can strike at the alien no matter where on Earth he may be.

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