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"We Are Stronger Together Than We Are Apart"
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founded: September 9, 2012
base of Operations
Millennium City, MI
Classic Superheroism
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The Paragons of Virtue is an RP Supergroup in the MMORPG Champions Online. The general theme of the group is "Classic Superheroism". By this term, we mean that our members are creating characters who adhere to the traditional "do-gooders" of the genre who fight the bad guys and haul them off to the Stronghold for imprisonment, as opposed to just killing them. We are avoiding characters who seem like they hail from the Dark Age of Comics, and are more interested in Silver or Modern Age. We have characters who are both simple in their motivations to complex-there's room for the entire range in the Paragons of Virtue!

Paragons-Current-Roster.pngCurrent Roster

Current Roll of the group, as of January 23, 2013


The Paragons of Virtue's origins can be traced back to a sorceress calling herself the Master of Runes. The Master of Runes had been having premonitions for years how she would die, and she took that time to pass on her knowledge and skills-as best she could in such a short time-to a new student. On August 31, 2012, that premonition came to pass-as she was murdered by an unseen assailant.

Upon her mysterious death, her student discovered sketches of people in her effects-named sketches of heroes! Upon each page, under the name of each hero, was the phrase "Paragon of Virtue". Determined to discover these heroes, to learn the significance of the sketches, and to officially make his debut, he traveled to Millennium City. Once there, he began to encounter some of the heroes in the sketches. He convinced them to join together with him as the Paragons of Virtue!


There are four ranks in the Paragons of Virtue.

Leader. This is where the buck stops. The Leader is ultimately responsible for everything in the Paragons of Virtue, and is-for better or for worse-the final arbiter of disputes. The leader is an active member of the game, and is a contant presence on the group forums as well.

Officer. These individuals are the custodians of the supergroup’s business, health, and affairs, in both in-character and out-of-character aspects. They set and enforce policy in accordance with the supergroup charter, but are also responsible for ensuring that the supergroup is an active one by maintaining high availability in-game and on the supergroup forums, initiating and assisting role-playing efforts, and facilitating the needs of the membership. These Officers wield the entire range of in-game supergroup rights, including the ability to promote membership.

Member. These characters are the "core" membership of the supergroup. Members are expected to participate in the supergroup in an RP and in a gaming capacity. You only get out of the group what you put into it, and the Officers can't do it alone. Members should always remember to treat other Members with respect and courtesy: we're all in this together.

Recruit. New members of the supergroup are put into this rank upon contact, which allows prospective members the ability to interact and play with the supergroup prior to official approval. At this level, most permissions are set to minimal, with no access to the supergroup's vault. This status lasts until the first RP night the character attends (which will be at a mimimum of a weekly basis). After the in-game interview with the officers, the Recruit is promoted to Member status.

There are also two "Alt" ranks, one for Officers and one for Members. These ranks have identical permissions as their "main" ranks, and are divided so that Members online can readily identify when an Officer is playing-whether on their primary or alt character.

Paragons-Additional-Info.pngAdditional Notes

  • Members may add at the end of their pages the template {{Paragons of Virtue}}, which offers fast links to other members. See below.
  • This group is presently inactive.

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Officers: Champion MaidenGalateaRunelord
Members: Arrow MaxArtixelBlitzThe DeputyHotshotMillennium GuardianNimbleSparrowVictor von Dresdin

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