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Silver medal T.png Freeform

This is a template I put together for a more concise listing of my characters on my user page. To use for your user pages, use the format below:

  • Level allows you to display the character level.
  • The Image does not require brackets or the word image. Instead of using [[File:Primusdatabase300.jpg]], use Primusdatabase300.jpg. That image, conveniently, is the default if you remove this line.
  • The Desc field should have a link to the character name.
  • Icon is just a small image that appears on the left side of the bottom bar. It defaults to a silver medal, but can be used if you have, say, a supergroup icon/logo for the character. Enter it in the same way you entered in an Image option.
  • The Archetype field allows you to change the Archetype displayed from Freeform to whatever you choose.
  • The Color field allows you to change the color of the bottom bar from its default.
  • The Fontcolor field will change the color of the font of the bottom bar, which in some cases may make it more readable.

Here is an example:

99 Asteroid.jpg If I had a Name, I'd be here was an innocent bit of text until a mean and crafty wiki editor trapped him into an infobox. Now he is exposed for the whole world to see, and he longs for the days of freedom again!
Paragons Logo.png Grimoire