Teen Dream

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Teen Dream
Player: @Lord_Doomsday
Teen Dream profile.jpg
Combat Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 40
Meta Focus: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Katherine Speers
Known Aliases: Teen Dream
Species: Cloned Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 16 (presumed)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Popstar
Place of Birth: Teleios Tower, Canada
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Brian Speers ("father")
Known Meta Abilities
Known Skills and Training
Known Assets
Idol of Millions, Filthy Rich

PRIMUS Heading.png

SUBJECT: Teen Dream


Designed as the perfect girl, she is part of Teleios Masterplan to take over the world. Teen Dream doesn’t know she’s a clone; she thinks Teleios (whom she knows as Brian Speers) found her as an orphan and raised her. He’s implanted false memories in her brain so she recalls enough formative childhood events to make it through an interview. Her memories would never hold up to any careful consideration on her part — not that she’s one for introspection — or to intensive Telepathy (or any other psionic power that involves delving deeply into her memories). Even worse, he’s built genetic hooks into the Teen Dream that make it impossible for her to disobey him. The hooks are subtle; she can protest his decisions and complain about them, but in the end she always comes around.

All of the people in the Teen Dream’s large entourage, from her manager to her gopher, are bio-engineered creations of Teleios; all of them are ultimately loyal to him. If the Teen Dream finds anything about her life dismaying, it’s that she doesn’t have any friends she can trust not to tell Teleios anything and everything. She’s tried to bring friends she’s made since becoming famous into her entourage, but they all end up loyal to Teleios (in other words, he kidnaps them and replaces them with cloned versions he creates). She also doesn’t understand why every boy she likes disappears so suddenly, and it’s becoming an Achilles heel in her unflappable confidence. Little does she know Teleios already has a mate for the Teen Dream in the cloning tanks and doesn’t want her to mingle with those of lesser genetic heritage.

The Teen Dream’s music is an afterthought — she is, first and foremost, a performer who makes far more money from licensing her name and image than from record sales. Typically her songs are light, sentimental, and saccharine with a slightly disturbing sexual undercurrent. The beats are unoriginal and insipid, engineered to offend the least number of people possible. But given her looks and figure, most people never stop watching the Teen Dream dance long enough to listen to the music anyway.

Known Informations

Personal Data

  • realname - Katherine Speers
  • aliases - Teen Dream, Kristina Speers
  • species - Cloned Human / Artificial Person
  • ethnicity - Caucasian
  • age - 16 (presumed), left cloning vat 3 years ago.
  • height - 5'5" (1.67 m)
  • weight - 125 lbs (56 Kg)
  • eyes - Deep Blue
  • hair - Blonde. although the color has been known to change, and when it does, a million girls change the color of their hair too.

Biographical Data

  • nationality - Canadian
  • occupation - Popstar, Singer, Dancer
  • birthplace - Teleios Tower, Canada
  • known realestate - Penthouse in Millenium City, Villa north of Vibora Bay, Apartment in Tokyo, Penthouse in Houston, Villa in Quebec, Canada
  • marital - Single (although there are rumors about several partners and even hidden marriages.)
  • relatives - Brian Speers a.k.a. Teleios (creator)


  • powers - Brick, Flight, Wind control
  • abilities
  • assets - Idol of Millions, Filthy Rich, Famous Popstar
  • disadvantages - Hunted: Millions Of Adoring Fans, Physical Limitation: Cannot Disobey Teleios, Psychological Limitation: Loves And Seeks Publicity And Adulation, Reputation: manufactured pop star, manufactured superhero, Social Limitation: Minor (under 18), Social Limitation: Public Identity

Public Data

Press Comments

  • "Welcome back to Superstars, SSN's show dedicated to music and superheroes. Our next segment is about a fresh face who smashed her way to the top of the charts six months ago with the album Baby, Do It To Me Again."
  • "Overnight the Teen Dream has become the idol of millions, displacing the pop stars that came before her like yesterday's fashions shoved to the back of the closet. Her first album has broken all previous sales records, and early reports indicate her new tour will do the same."
  • "But not all is well with the Teen Dream and her success. She's quickly become an object of controversy among concerned parents for her explicit lyrics and titillating attire. The Teen Dream's PR people released a statement indicating that there's no innuendo, sexual or otherwise, in her lyrics, and that Ms. Dream, following in the steps of modern feminism, is simply proud of her body - but few were appeased or even convinced."
  • "But why discuss the Teen Dream here on Superstars? Because the Teen Dream is also a superhero, and controversy has followed her into the realm of crimefighting. Just yesterday, in the hours before her tour kicked off in Buffalo, New York, a gigantic lizard-like creature rose up from the depths of Lake Erie. The Teen Dream broke off from her sound check to battle the monster and drive it back to the depths, saving countless lives and earning the praise of everyone in Buffalo."
  • "But an attack in the hours before a concert? In Buffalo, a city noted for its absolute lack of superhuman menaces? Heroic deed or shameless publicity stunt? The manufactured pop star has been around for decades, but could we be seeing a manufactured superhero? And if so, does that make the Teen Dream doubly false, or just the first in a new postmodern society - a new thing for a new world?"
  • "That's what we're going to find out after these messages...."


  • “Superhero... mega-popstar... I don’t like defining myself. I just am.”


Teen Dream doesn’t dress in style — she sets the style for millions of girls across the country and around the world. Her clothes change from outing to outing and adventure to adventure, but lately she’s taken to wearing knee high boots, hot shorts (or a miniskirt) made from satin, and a bikini top (usually studded with sequins).

Known Styles

Civilian Clothes

Teen Dream 001.jpg Teen Dream 004.jpg Teen Dream 003.jpg
Teen Dream 015.jpg Teen Dream 016.jpg Teen Dream 017.jpg

Party Clothes

Teen Dream 002.jpg Teen Dream 013.jpg Teen Dream 014.jpg

Stage Outfits

Teen Dream 005.jpg Teen Dream 006.jpg Teen Dream 007.jpg
Teen Dream 008.jpg Teen Dream 009.jpg Teen Dream 010.jpg
Teen Dream 011.jpg Teen Dream 012.jpg

Inside Teleios Lab

Under great risk, a PRIMUS Agent was able to take a picture of Teen Dream while she was still inside of the cloning vat.

Teen Dream unfinished classified.jpg

She was trained inside his lab.

Teen Dream training classified.jpg

Past Events

Kidnapped by Gravitar

Gravitar set a trap for Teen Dream after a concert. Her Henchmen were able to grab Teen Dream. With the help of PSI they were able to supress Teen Dream's powers. She was thrown into a deep, dark dungeon and tortured for days.

Teen Dream 020.jpg

After she managed to escape, she went back to Canada. Teleios created a "Regeneration Suit" for her to heal her wounds

Teen Dream regeneration classified.jpg